The Magic Formula for Good Posture & Personal Power

Good Posture is a feel-good sensation! You know when you are in it and when you are not…by how you feel emotionally as well as physically.
sensations: Grounded into Earth.Uplifted into Cosmos.Opened into Love.Centered into Self

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Yoga Pose of Power: Tadasana

“My mind can drive me crazy with incessant negative thoughts…worries and self-doubts fill me and I slouch. Realizing the power of my body, I shift and stand in good posture. Standing tall, opening my heart, smiling big, and breathing full, I begin to feel so much better. I feel both relaxed and energized by wonderful sensations, like “love messages,” that begin to flow into my consciousness. Magically, worries begin to dissolve and I begin to feel happier. I feel more powerful and I like who I am. I instantly change from this very insecure, frumpy woman to a more confident, kind, smart, and beautiful woman. It’s magic.”

Being your best self in this moment creates a happy life.


The Magic Formula is learning how to use your body to create sensations that make you feel powerful. The magic of this formula is that it helps us experience our sacred self and engage our personal power. It is a very sensational experience, meaning both a physical and psychological experience. And it helps us feel just great. Practicing standing in good posture and focusing on how that feels–strong and powerful–helps you realize just how powerful your good posture is in changing your mood and outlook, just how powerful good posture is in changing your mind (Reciprocating Influences:The 6Bs of Transformation).The yummy sensations transform and empower you to be your best in the matter of seconds.

You will learn how to activate your power instantly through The Magic Formula for Good Posture & Personal Power. The Formula is designed to help us experience that good posture is more about sensation than simply learning how to align your body to stand tall. You will learn that there are 3 sensations: grounding , uplifting & opening, and centering and that centering is the The Secret to Good Posture. The Secret, or centering, is the sensation of activating your Core, the center of your true self, and you will experience that your Kegels are the core of your Core.

The Magic Formula is essentially a body-meditation–taking a moment for a slow, smooth, full  breath, standing tall in good posture and paying attention to the sensations in your body. This awakens your inner wisdom and renews your spirit. In the matter of a moment you become the conduit of energy between the Earth and Cosmos and awake to your inner wisdom. You experience the good-feeling sensations of Grounding Self into Earth, Uplifting Self into Cosmos, Opening Self into Love and Centering Self into Body. Grounding, you release stress and doubt. Uplifting, you feel inspired and confident. Opening, you feel infused with yummy vibes and awaken to love. Centering, you feel a melding of your mind and heart…feeling confident and happy. You know who you are, your True Self, and can hear your inner knowing. Your body becomes calm and thus your mind becomes calm. You will feel renewed and become clear-minded. You will remember the remarkable, amazing and important woman that you are…filled with courage, confidence and compassion to make this moment your best.

The crown jewel of The Magic Formula is your SMILE!

So let’s walk ourselves through the formula…and learn How to go from slouching to good posture and transform “resting bitch face and resting schlump body” to “resting smiley face and resting power posture.



GROUNDING: Grounding your body, you release stress and doubt and become calm. Standing tall feel the soles of your feet connected to the Earth. Imagine a cord from your tailbone anchoring you into the center of the Earth lengthening your lower back. Let any stress, aches and fatigue, and any negative thoughts or emotions, flow down the cord and into the Earth. This sensation feels calming and supportive…“you are here and you matter.”

UPLIFTING: Uplifting your body, you feel inspired and confident, uplifted mentally and emotionally. As your feet and body are anchoring into the center of Earth, lengthen your spine and lift your head into Cosmos. Keep your neck long by holding your chin tucked in and horizontal to the ground…don’t let your crown fall off. Kegels are key to this sensation of “uplifting.” Contract your Kegels (pelvic floor) and pull in your lower Abs creating a lift to your torso. Use Newton’s Law of Physics: as you press down lift up…as you root your lower body uplift through your body and out the top of your head. This sensation feels energizing and light.

OPENING: Opening your chest, opens your heart. You feel infused with yummy vibes of love. As you uplift your torso, squeeze your scapula (the wings on your back) toward your spine. Then draw the scapula down your back and feel this create a counter-lift to your sternum…feel your chest and heart open. Sensations begin to feel energizing and loving and light-hearted…and you begin to feel good. Feel or imagine your chakras are aligned and becoming activated by Earth and Cosmic energies flowing up and down your body.

CENTERING: Centering, you feel a melding of your mind and heart. You know who you are, your True Self. Having grounded, uplifted and opened, imagine  the life-force energy of Earth and the sacred energy of Cosmos merging in the center of your body or in your Solar-Plexus. These are the same energies that created you and that are always available to remind you of your personal power and your true self. “Centering” helps us re-activate and renew these energies…a renewal of yourself. THIS IS YOUR VIBE.

SMILINGIT RAISES YOUR VIBE!…instantly. You are excited and delighted! You have to admit that smiling creates a great sensation in your body. Research tells us that smiling activates feel-good hormones like serotonin and endorphins triggering our parasympathetic nervous system. Our calm, happy feelings is our own proof. We feel good. Many of us resist forcing a smile because we feel it is fake. Yet because of this real positive body experience we now know that if we smile long enough “we will make it”…we will actually begin to “genuinely feel good and our smile becomes genuine.” In metaphysical terms, our smile is our most wonderful expression of our unique self.

QUick ways to remember the Magic formula

One way: it’s more sensational–think of the sensations of grounding, uplifting, opening and centering your body grounds, uplifts, opens and centers you. And SMILE!

Another way: it’s more physical–think of pulling your Kegels in and up and your shoulder blades in and down, and pressing your navel toward your spine. And SMILE!

personal power and Your Natural Beauty

The Magic Formula activates your personal power. It is helpful to understand 6 things about life that help you realize where your power comes from.

First, this moment right now is the most important of your life. Whatever you do right now sets the next moment in motion. This moment right now is your intention for your future. Second, your posture is a reflection of who you are–of your personality. Research tells you that your body shapes your thoughts and feelings…you become your posture. This is the magic. Third, who you are and how you stand influences those around you and the quality of your interactions. Your posture and your vibe directly affects theirs. They will mimic you. This affects the outcomes of your life. Fourth, your smile is your crown jewel of good posture. It is your beauty. And your smile will make you happy, and those around you will smile too! Fifth, you can become the woman you want to be and create the wonderful quality of life you desire and be a positive influence in the world right now…by improving your posture! And sixth, you need to practice good posture and smiling to have good posture–meaning you need to cultivate a gentle, constant attention on yourself and thus shift to good posture and a confident, happy attitude when stressed if you want to become a confident, happy woman.

THE MAGIC FORMULA IN ACTION! Good posture becoming a lifestyle

To take advantage of this simple, magic formula it requires you to cultivate a gentle, constant attention to yourself–on your posture and on your frame of mind. The best ways to do this is to learn to remember to take slow, smooth, deep breathes and walk more slowly as often as you can. These are calming body sensations and will help to keep you more “grounded” and inward-focused…keep you calm. This then helps to keep you present-minded, fully alert and attentive. Literally rushing around keeps you distracted from this moment. The rushing sensations in your body forces your mind to keep thinking ahead…distracting you from fully taking in the here and now. Rushing is not good for your health–it elevates your heart rate, blood pressure and cortisol. Also, rushing never looks really attractive. Another good practice of gentle attention is to try to catch your reflection in storefront windows and watch for “resting bitch face and resting schlump body.” And finally, be aware that when you are in a bad mood it is evidence that you are most likely in bad posture. Aware of your bad posture and shifting to good posture and a big smile will instantly help you become aware of your experience in this moment, aware of your negative self-talk and tension, and thus create the opportunity for transformation–for gaining back control.

our unique feminine-vibe

our unique feminine-vibe

Practice walking down the street in good posture, smiling and greeting others, strangers, and notice how this helps you will feel uplifted, happier. Next time you are at a party, where most of us feel uncomfortable, stand tall, open your heart and smile big! You become beautiful and contagious and thus often others will smile in return. Pay attention to this reciprocating energy and try to see if you can feel this good energy coming into your body. Yet keep in mind that whether others respond in kind or not, doing it yourself you feel good. Practicing these behaviors creates great momentum for cultivating good posture and good attitude…and thus you have greater access to your personal power to help you fulfill your dreams and and destiny.

“how a woman carries herself influences how she feels about herself and what she tells the world about who she is.”


We know this magic formula works not so much because research is beginning to provide evidence but by our own personal experience. If someone were to ask you to stand in a way that reflects your true self…you would naturally stand in good posture, open your heart and smile…big! Try it for yourself right now and then read the research.

Stand Tall and feel your feet rooted into Earth and let this calm you. Reach the crown of your head to the sky and let this energize you. Take slow, smooth, deep breathes and feel strong and competent.

Open Your Heart and feel the yummy merging vibrations of Earth and Cosmos in your heart and solar plexus–this vibration is uniquely you. Take slow, smooth, deep breathes and feel confident and compassionate.

Smile BIG! and feel the immediate rush of good-feeling vibrations of happiness flow through your body and out into the world. Take slow, smooth, deep breathes and awake to your inner wisdom and innate joy.

…breathe, Queen Is YOU.

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