KEGELS are Core to your CORE!!

Kegel muscles are the most important muscle group in a woman’s body–because Kegels are key to good posture…and our sense of self. Without a strong pelvic floor, our core is weak and we slouch. Our lower back aches and we look heavy and frumpy. Metaphysically, when our kegels are weak “our vibe” seeps out of our body diluting our power and dulling our radiance.

Center into your True Self

When we contract our Kegels we feel an immediate energy ripple up our spine. Try it now. Contract your Kegels a few times and notice how it helps you sit taller. Pause a moment and just feel? You may begin to feel energized and even a bit sexy. Our Kegels are the muscles involved in sexual intercourse and they help the energy of our orgasm move through our body. This energy fills us with a sense of passion.

This energy is vital to who we are because our passion ignites our personal power–to create our life in alignment with our soul mission. It starts in our root chakra, located in our pelvic floor, and helps us feel grounded and connected to Earth—awakening our sense of survival, of being alive. Then the energy moves into pelvis activating our sacral chakra—our emotions of being connected to this world and to others. This begins to awaken the feminine vibrations of the Universe within our body and this is the initiation of manifestation. We feel a sense of “presence” and become calm–more attentive to what is happening in this moment. We begin to realize that we matter…we matter because we are here and have the power to create this moment.

Not only do our Kegels initiate this energy up our spine, our Kegels also help contain the energies of Earth and Cosmos in our body. Our pelvis is the bowl of the sacred vessel that is our body. As the energies of Earth and Cosmos flow through us we use our Kegels to capture these energies in our pelvis. They blend into the unique vibration that we are. Then with our breath and Kegels/ABS contraction we move this energy up our spine, through our chakra centers raising our consciousness about who we are, about our soul purpose, and what we are meant to do in this lifetime.

As the energy moves up into our Second Chakra (located in our pelvis/belly) it activates our emotional center–our passion, lust and desire for life. The energy moves further up through our Solar Plexus–personal will, Heart Chakra–compassion, Throat Chakra–truth, Third Eye–Intuition, Crown Chakra–spiritual consciousness and we feel a sensation of communing…a communing not just with another person yet a communing between ourself and the Cosmos. We are filled with the sensation of our unique vibe and personal power, the power to fulfill our life purpose and we feel sensual.

Sensuality is the essence of a woman’s beauty and magnetism, of our creativity, of our feminine power and wisdom. Our sensuality is our lust for life tempered with a love for all and a wisdom of what generates a healthy world and planet. To create and to be able to express ourselves fully we need to feel this strongly, we need to be grounded and willing to feel our sexual desire.

The Sensuality Crisis: Many of us are suppressed personas…because we are rather uncertain of how to feel sexually, sensually. We are disconnected from our body, from our hips, and find it hard to move them easily, like in dancing. Yet it is so important that a woman know how to engage her hips…they affect how she moves and how she feels, especially about herself. Engaged and grounded in your hips affects whether you feel sexy or not, confident or not, creative or not, empowered or not.

Most of us have become disconnected from our hips because we have grown up in a society that frowns on sexual freedom and feminine expression (sensuality). We believe this improper, dirty, unchaste. The crisis is that this has resulted in an unbalanced society and unhealthy planet. As a result, we have lost our confidence and ability to connect intimately. Yet intimacy is what makes the world go round. To regain our power of intimacy we need to become intimate with our own body. Do a Kegel contraction and you are engaged.

“a strong kegel contraction makes you stand tall, feel sexy, and smile, BIG!”

Squeeze your pelvic floor as if to close the openings of your urethra, vagina and anus. Continue this contracting sensation up through your pelvis toward your navel.

The Kegel Contraction and Good Posture: Our Kegels are also the most important muscle group to good posture. They are the base or root muscle group that gives us the foundation to build strong ABS and stabilize our hips in order to lengthen and align our spine…they are the core muscle group of our CORE. Our Kegels, or pubococcygeus muscles, act like a hammock or sling for our pelvic organs–when strong they support our organs and help lift them up into our torso. Contracting our Kegels and so helps us contract and flatten our ABS Wall which helps us stand taller…and look thinner.

The Kegel Contraction and Good Health: Kegels are also very important to preventing low back pain. When our pelvic floor muscles are strong they help to hold our pelvis upright–preventing our lower back from over arching. Because we sit all day our hip flexors become tight and want to tip our hips forward arching our low back. Yet strong Kegels and ABS work to keep our hips upright and stable when we stand. Strong Kegels also prevent incontinence.

The Kegel Contraction: Squeeze your pelvic floor as if to close the openings of your urethra, vagina and anus…as if you were starting and stopping the flow of urine. When you contract your Kegels try to continue this contracting sensation up through your pelvis toward your navel feeling it pull inward on your ABS.

One of the best things you can do to activate your personal power, especially in times of self-doubt, is do Kegel contractions. Try it at your next meeting with your boss or giving a presentation to a large group or having an argument with your partner.


This is a very simple exercise–and the best thing about Kegel exercises is that you can do them anywhere–and it is highly recommend that you do. It may be helpful to mention that because most of us don’t really think about nor engage our Kegels during the day these muscles are weak. And thus when you start to do these exercises you may find it difficult to feel the sensations strongly and as a result think that the exercises are not doing any good. Rest assured that if you commit to do Kegel contractions frequently, over a relatively short period of time your pelvic floor muscles will become stronger and thus the sensation of the contraction becomes stronger. And then the magic happens, strong Kegels, strong ABS, strong Core, better posture. And especially, you’ll feel more sensual and confident.

Supine Kegel Contraction Exercise

The best way to learn to engage and feel the sensation of your Kegel muscles is to lie on the floor and practice pelvic tilts.

Slide5 cropYour Position: Lie down and bend your knees placing your feet on the floor. First adjust and lengthen your spine: lift your hips off the floor and lengthen your low back and then put your hips back down. Lift your right shoulder and rotate your shoulder/arm outward while gliding your right shoulder blade in toward your spine and down your back and place your shoulder back down on the floor. Repeat with the left shoulder. Also, make sure your neck is long and relaxed–watch you don’t poke your chin to the ceiling. These adjustments help open your chest and shoulders and align your spine. Feel the floor align your full spine. Use the bungee cord of The Secret for Good Posture.

KegelKegel Contractions: Now bring your attention to your pelvic floor and focus on the sensations there. Does it feel open, does it feel tight…can you feel them? Now contract or squeeze your pelvic floor muscles–create a tightening sensation imagining that you are closing the openings of your urethra, vagina and anus. Try this a few times. Now try a series of contracts–pulse for 8 contractions and rest. Then pulse for 8 contracts and hold the last one. Then try a series of contractions that you contract your Kegels slowly to the count of 8, then hold for a count of 8 and then slowly release for a count of 8.

Pelvic Tilts: Now contract your Kegels and at the same time also contract your lower ABS.  Your pubic bone draws slightly toward your navel and your lower back lengthens. Now contract your whole ABS Wall and feel everything in your torso becoming more taught and stable–and your spine lengthening. Contracting your Kegels and ABS a bit more your tailbone lifts off the floor…yet do not lift your hips off the floor. This is a pelvic tilt. Now release this contraction, let your tailbone drop toward the floor again and then repeat the movement. Do this several times. Pressing your feet and palms into the floor while you do these contractions will give you leverage to make your contractions stronger. Do a series of 8 tilts. The goal is not so much how far you tilt your hips but rather how much you contract your muscles. Then do a series of exercises where you do a pelvic tilt and hold the tilt while you do a series of 8 pulsing Kegel contractions. Then try a series where you do a pelvic tilt and hold the tilt while you do a Kegel contraction to a count of 8 and slowly release it to a count of 8.

Pelvic Rocks: Now let’s loosen up our hips a bit and raise your sexy vibes. These exercises are a great way to release lower back tension while strengthening your Kegels. They also are superb to “get you into your hips” which helps to stir your sensual, passionate juices. You are simply going to get into a rocking motion with your hips…be sure to initiate the rocking backward or pelvic tilt by contracting your Kegels/ABS. Focus on the rocking motion and feel your hips free up…

 Compress ABS Wall (navel) toward spine

Compress ABS Wall (navel) toward spine

Your CORE: Now that you can do the Kegel contraction, begin to move the sensation of the contraction of your pelvic floor up through your torso to help feel your whole ABS Wall compress and flatten toward your spine. Flattening your ABS Wall is what we call “activated position.” It is when you feel your lower ribs compressing toward your navel and your lower ABS from your pubic bone compressing up toward your navel and your navel compressing toward your spine …feeling your whole ABS Wall engaged and  supporting the natural curves of your spine. A good metaphor for this part of the exercise is to imagine that as you contract the muscles of your pelvic floor you are closing a zipper that is located at the opening of your vagina and you are zipping it up the center of your torso. As you zip up feel your ABS Wall tighten like a jacket around your torso.

Your Sensual Vibe: What is key to all of these exercises it to pay attention to the sensations of the contractions and the energy that this helps flow through your body. Notice the related sensations to an orgasm and move this energy up through your torso. Take a few minutes to feel or imagine this energy activating each chakra and feel a general experience of being energized. Let your sensual vibe become strong and notice how this raises your self-esteem.

Kegels help you stand tall, open your heart and smile BIG!

BP-GP copyStanding Tall: Now stand up. Stand tall and contract and release your Kegels. Take a moment to pay attention to how different your body and you feel when your Kegel muscles are relaxed and when they are contracted and supporting your torso. Imagine the hammock-like nature of your pelvic floor becoming taught and feel all the organs of your pelvis being lifted and supported. Notice how this makes you feel emotionally and mentally. Notice how when you contract and lift your pelvic floor it starts a ripple effect up your spine–your tailbone drops, your spine lengthens, your chest opens and you lift the crown of your head toward Heaven. Imagine Earth and Cosmic energies flowing into your body and capturing them with your Kegels. Contract your Kegels to help blend these energies into the unique, signature vibe that is you and move them up through your torso and out the crown of your head–as an offering to the Universe of your soul mission and life purpose.  How does this make you feel–like a sensual, gracious, powerful Queen perhaps?

Exercise Recommendation: Do Kegels all during your day. You can contract your Kegels while standing, sitting or laying down, anywhere…at your desk, in the car, in line at the grocery, in a board meeting, out at dinner…and of course at the gym: be sure to engage your Kegels to help stabilize your torso in every exercise for optimal conditioning.

Awake your sensual self…do a Kegel contraction!!

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