SMILE: The CROWN JEWEL of Good Posture

YOUR SMILE makes you look beautiful and activates your personal power! It is the crown jewel of good posture!

The value of your smile cannot be measured–it is priceless. Smiling is quite possibly the most powerful thing you can do in life…to bring more happiness into the world. The body-mind-soul reciprocating influences that happen when you smile are astounding. Smile and you are happy, powerful, and beautiful. You feel more confident, competent, and intelligent. You feel sensual and sexy…and you are! In other words, a smile instantly opens your body’s channels and you become instantly aware of the vibrations of your true sacred nature, your true self. And if you don’t feel this instantly wait a minute or two and you will. Go ahead and fake it because you will make it.

Your smile instantly and dramatically improves the quality of your life.

 The Research–The Proof is YOU!

10477954_679239898824478_3938295856288313672_nResearch abounds about the positive effects of smiling. It is a huge boost to the quality of our life. Put simply, we are healthier and happier if we smile and so are those around us. Our own experience is our proof yet now we are learning from research that smiling activates hormones that trigger good feelings in our body. As a result, smiling stimulates brain levels, boosts our immune system and reduces our stress– activates our parasympathetic nervous system. We relax and feel more confident, and more outgoing too! Research tells us that if we smile a lot we even live longer.

A smile is contagious and not just because people see you smiling but because they can feel you smiling. Your vibe shifts and just like when feel tension in the air from people who are in bad moods we can feel the happiness in the air from people who are in good moods…and we smile. We all feel more relaxed and happy to be with each other–which opens up our hearts and we are more trusting and intimately connected.

Our relationships and careers are more successful when we smile a lot. You can google Ron Gutman, The Hidden Power of Smiling, or you can simply close your eyes and smile and feel the evidence yourself as yummy, uplifting vibes flow through your body. Open your eyes and smile while looking at yourself in the mirror. You have to admit that the difference in how you look not smiling and smiling is huge. You have to admit you look gorgeous when you smile.

MOST ESPECIALLY, we usually improve our posture when we smile…and our vibe is great!

Resting Bitch Face or Resting Smiley Face? It’s Your Choice

Smiling Big activates your personal power. The point being that you have power, great personal power and you can use your body to activate it right now and dramatically change this moment.

It is worth pointing out that some of us think that forcing a smile and good posture is a “fake makeover” and thus not valuable to do. Yet, it actually is more genuine, and much quicker, than if you were to  try to “examine why you feel down and trying to talk yourself into feeling happy.” When you shift your body in a positive way and smile you actually experience a true, genuine good-feeling in your body that flows into your consciousness and you begin to experience the genuine energy of true happiness. The truth is is that your body is the Holy Grail of the vibrations of your true self who is innately happy.

Try this, next when you are not in a great mood, smile and pay attention to the shift in your body’s vibe–you will literally feel your body get energized. A yummy vibration flows through your whole body and you feel better. Your mood lightens and you even begin to think better–more positive, creative, and solution-oriented thoughts. Your heart opens and you regain positive perspective…you remember who you truly are and that you have the power to face whatever challenges are before you. This makes you genuinely happy because you feel good about you. Now of course you can choose to stay in your bad mood because you think it is more authentic but then you have to ask yourself…why?

To see how smiling impacts your quality of life and relationships just walk down the street and smile at everyone you meet and notice how this changes your experience…seems when we smile the whole world smiles with us and we all feel better. Or notice when talking with someone you care about or having a business meeting, how the vibration of your interaction positively changes when you smile. Notice how the vibe of a room changes when you walk in smiling.

Why Smiling is So Important for Women.

It is so important to a woman’s confidence and power  that she feel beautiful. When she smiles she looks and feels absolutely gorgeous…no question. Smiling activates the vibes of a woman’s innate beauty and personal power. It is not what we are wearing or how our body looks that is a woman’s authentic beauty. It is her sensual radiance. It is all in her vibe. A woman’s greatest power is to magnetize people and opportunities to her. When we learn how to use our magnetism in healthy ways we to draw to us the best partners and opportunities for our happiness and success. We also use this power to change the dynamics of interactions that are becoming confrontational and shift them toward collaboration and cooperation. Women bring the gifts of connection, of relating. .

All women are beautiful. How can this be true? Because beauty is an energy, a vibration, an aura. Experiment with this concept a minute. Think about how you feel when you look at something that glows or sparkle. You become happy, attracted to it and begin to think it is beautiful. This is what happens when a woman smiles…she becomes more vibrant. Her energy is up and she begins to feel happier…and she literally starts to glow and sparkle. We are not only attracted to this beauty we see her smiling face but we also begin to feel good vibes within our own body. 

Men say they like confident women. What they really mean is they like calm, easy going women. Women who will laugh at their humor and can be spontaneous. Women who can communicate in calm ways about what they are thinking and feeling. Women who support them and accept them as they are and not trying to change them. These women are women who like themselves and thus smile a lot. In this day and age women tend to be a bit pensive and cranky because it is a man’s world after all and women are trying to make a living. Yet this cranky fearful self is not who we really are and it really doesn’t make anything better. What makes us feel better is being our true selves. When we smile and have good posture you activate your authentic, easy-going vibrations and feminine qualities.

Women are “the tickle, the delight, the playful, the beautiful, and the affectionate, creative, and nurturing” vibration of the sexes. Therefore when we are down, subdued, irritated, cranky, critical, unhappy and frowning, this has a heavy impact on those around us and on society–and this is significant. Women are the connectors in society and when our energy is dull the world is less unified, the world is dull. The divine feminine needs to become vibrant enough to balance and complement the sacred masculine…the feminine virtue of compassion balances the masculine virtue of logic, the passionate tempering objective, heart balancing mind. Put simply, men rely on women to bring a more heart-felt perspective…yet it is vital we women learn to express it in a way that is light, non-threatening and calm. The masculine innately look to the feminine to provide temperance or rather balance to their more logical perspective and to admire men’s efforts of “protecting and providing and fixing and solving,” of having to be logical, strategic, organized and systematic.

And men need to trust the vibe of a woman….her smile fills his world with color and offers a trusting connection. So do yourself, your partner, and the world some good and smile, BIG!!!!

Smile and with good posture you are a knockout–a powerful, positive, loving, sexy force in the world!

Be the smile you want to see in the world!

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