THE SECRET to GOOD POSTURE is a strong core.

And most think this means strong ABS…yet that is only part of it.

THE SECRET is–the core of your body is the cup of your sacred self, the Holy Grail. In good posture, we strengthen this core so we are open to all the Earth and Cosmos have to offer. We feel good and look great and become empowered to create the life we deeply desire.



Good posture is about “core-lengthening, core-strengthening, and core-centering.” You establish your best posture by consciously grounding your feet into the Earth, lengthening up into the Cosmos, opening your heart in Love and most importantly, centering into your Body.

The Secret to Good Posture is to feel a connection between your shoulder blades and your pubic bone. In more detail, the sensation of a strong core is feeling your shoulder blades drawing in and down your spine toward your navel; and your lower ABS/Kegels drawing in and up toward your navel; and compressing your navel (HUB) toward your spine–this is your CORE. While you feel your tailbone reach toward Earth and your lower back lengthen, feel your shoulder blades press forward to open your chest and lift your sternum. Activating your Core is what activates the energy of how a woman carries herself…and becomes radiant.

We refer to this experience more anatomically as the Pubic-Apex-Navel Connection–see the 4th picture below. Imagine a stiff bungee cord connecting from your pubic bone and transversing through your body to the apex of your scapula–the apex are the bottom corners of your scapula or shoulder blades. While feeling this sensation compress your navel or your Abs wall toward your spine to create strength and stability to your torso. Most importantly as you do this, pay attention to the sensations in your body–feel your feet, legs, and hips grounded, feel your spine, chest, neck and head lengthen, feel your chest lift and open, and feel your torso stabilize. Focus on how these physical sensations make you feel emotionally and mentally–you feel connected, present.

Pubic-Apex-Navel Connection Concept

Exercise Recommendation: Practicing this technique as much as you can during the day-sitting at your desk, walking down the street, in line at the grocery or at the health club working out is the key. You will learn to this exercise first lying on the floor so that you can best feel the sensations of your Core.

Pubic-Apex-Navel Floor Exercise: This floor exercise is a very effective way to feel The SECRET to Good Posture. The floor provides a prop for aligning your spine as well resistance for strong contractions.

  • PNF bungeeLie down on your back on the floor. An option is to put a small towel roll–about 8 inches long–along your spine right behind your sternum. This helps put a bit of lengthening traction on your spine.
  • Bend your knees and put your feet flat on the floor.
  • Lift your hips up off the floor to allow you to tuck your tailbone under and lengthen your low back. Then put your hips back down.
  • Next, lift your right shoulder off the floor and rotate it outward by gliding your right shoulder blade in toward spine and down and put your should back down in a way that feels more open. Do the same with your left shoulder.
  • IMG_4004.JPGSlowly straighten your legs.
  • Feel the floor helping you to lengthen your spine. This helps to flatten out your over-arched low back and your over-rounded upper back. Yet your back will still have your normal curves.
  • Make sure your chin is slightly tucked toward your chest so your neck is long and natural. It should feel relaxed.
  • Keeping your arms on the ground, rotate your arms and shoulders outward–your thumbs rotating away from your body. Most importantly, use your shoulder blades, upper back and shoulder muscles to do the rotation–draw the shoulder blades toward your spine (toward the towel roll) and down your back. Feel your chest and shoulders open.
  • Now while doing this external rotation also press your arms and shoulders into the floor. This will cause you to press your shoulder blades toward your spine as well as forward into your ribs and as a result arch your upper back slightly. Your your sternum will purposely lift toward the sky.
  • You will notice now that your lower back wants to arch. While pressing your arms into the floor and feeling your chest open, contract your Kegels in and up toward your navel. Feel your lower ABS compress toward your spine. Then compress your navel and ABS Wall (see diagram above) toward your spine. You will feel your pelvic floor lift up into your pelvis and your ABS wall become firm and strong. You will feel your lower back lengthen. Your goal is not to flatten your lower back to the floor but rather keep your lower back from over arching.
  • Holding these sensations in your torso: your ABS Wall firm, your low back long, your chest and shoulders open and sternum lifted, your chin tucked in. Fee the strength and stability of your Core. Feel the confidence this sends into your consciousness.
  • Imagine a bungee cord connected to your pubic bone transversing your torso and hooking onto the lower inner corners of your shoulder blades to keep your ABS firm and your chest open. See the picture above–THE SECRET.
The Secret-standing

The Secret-standing


IMG_4004 copy

The Secret–supine

Feel the Secret of Good Posture–Your CORE.Focus on the sensation of your body so that you can repeat the same thing standing.


And of course SMILE BIG!



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