A woman is both human and divine.
She offers the world her magnetic vitality, earthly elegance, and adventurous heart. The world is waiting and wanting her yummy intensity.
Good posture, positive behaviors and body-meditations™ help her be consciously connected with her body–gaining access to her inner wisdom–informing and guiding her to become her most gracious and beautiful self. 

Raise Your Vibe! Posture for Performance and Personal Power

Raise Your Vibe! is an unprecedented program that includes postural exercises, body-meditations and short-journaling exercises to strengthen your body-mind-soul connection and activate your personal power…through good posture. 

This program is designed to help you feel good, confident and beautiful…whenever you want. You will awaken to the power of your body’s consciousness and learn how to tap into it for guidance by learning how to use “reciprocating influences”, the energetic exchange of your body, your mind and your soul. You will connect with your body’s vibration and sensations and experience that your body knows best in all things. You will learn how to use good posture and positive body language to become the woman you want to be and change an uncertain, stressful, disappointing moment into one of opportunity. You will become inspired with a deeper understanding about who you truly are and become intrinsically motivated to change your behaviors and live a healthier, happier life.

This program is designed to “raise your vibe” and learn how to trust your body, the holy grail of your inner knowing, as your guide.Use your body to shape who you want to become

THE magic formula of good posture & Personal Power

Staying calm helps you be clear-minded and emotionally balance. You will learn how to pay attention to when you are stressed and take a moment to use The Magic Formula of Good Posture & Personal Power to ground, uplift & open and center your body so that you instantly calm down and activate your power. The Formula is designed to help us experience that good posture is more about sensation than simply learning how to align your body to stand tall. You will learn that there are 3 sensations: grounding , uplifting & opening, and centering and that centering is the The Secret to Good Posture. The Secret, or centering, is the sensation of activating your Core, the center of your true self, and you will experience that your Kegels are the core of your Core.


First, ground and feel your feet upon the Earth. Then, breathe, uplift and open and feel your energy rise and your heart open. Finally, center and feel the calm within you with your hands on your heart and belly.

The  MAGIC FORMULA for GOOD POSTURE & PERSONAL POWER shows you how improving your posture changes the energy flows in your body and helps raise your vibe and activate your personal power.



You will learn corrective exercises for the  4 areas of your body that cause bad posture: tight chest, tight hip flexors, weak upper back, and weak abdominals.  Through performing these exercises you will learn how to use the concept of “reciprocating influences,” the consciousness between your body and mind and begin to experience how to shift your body’s energy and thus improve your mood.

You will learn how to stretch your hip flexors and chest and strengthen your Abs/Kegels and upper back/shoulders. Unique “Gentle-Traction Relaxation Techniques” will help you align the upper spine and lengthen the spinal ligaments that cause your upper back to round (kyphosis). This traction is critical to insuring that your chest muscles are stretched and your spine aligned so that the strengthening exercises for your upper back can go through a full range of motion and thus are most effective. You will do some of the best exercises to strengthen your core and experience how critical Kegels are to firm flat ABS–Kegels are the core muscle group to your Core. Most especially, you will experience how Kegels activate your sensuality and confidence making them a woman’s most powerful muscle group to activate her power.


Unique aspects of the program are

  • Gentle-Traction Relaxation Techniques. This technique uses myo-fascial release or foam rolling to lengthen your spine and help open your chest. A bit of “gentle-traction” is critical to lengthening the anterior ligaments of your spine that are responsible for the forward rounding.
  • The SECRET to GOOD POSTURE ™ – a technique that helps you understand that your core is more than your ABS. It is creating an energetic connection from your shoulder blades down to your pubic bone and supporting this with your ABS Wall.
  • Kegel Exercises: learning about the importance of your Kegels muscles to firm, flat ABS and good posture–something that most Abs-conditioning programs miss. Your Kegels are core to your Core, the foundation of The Secret.
  • IMPORTANT! Many of these exercises are designed so that you can do them anywhere – at home, at work, at your computer, while driving/commuting, or standing in line at the grocery store! And this is significant to your success! You don’t need to go to the gym to get fit. And the workouts that you do in the gym are not enough to condition your posture.

BM Just This BreathIn complement to good posture conditioning, you will learn easy, short body-meditations that will help you experience how to move your body’s energy and vibrations and experience the power of your inner wisdom. The body-meditations help you learn how to cultivate a gentle attention on yourself so that in the middle of a stressful day you will know how to regain “your calm.” You will become pretty good at noticing when you are not in a great mood and wearing “bitch face and schlump body” and use these one-minute meditations to help yourself feel more queen-like (rather than grumpy and frumpy). One-minute body-meditations include Empress Rising, Empress Mid-Day Refresher, and Empress Renewal, all of which use good posture as the basis for calming the body. When we calm our body our mind calms down.

calm the body calm the mind

Body-Meditation is a very unique meditation technique that focuses on the sensations in your body. More traditional practices often focus more on your mind. Giving gentle attention to how your body feels empowers you to change it. Using the breath helps to relax tension, standing or sitting tall helps you feel more confident, placing your hand on your heart helps you feel more compassionate.  Learning to cultivate a gentle attention on your body helps you realize when you are stressed during your day and take a moment to reconnect with your sensual “empress-vibe”–your creative, confident, elegant, soothing, sexual, sacred vibration of inner knowing.

“it’s simple, when you relax your body you relax your mind…and surrender into your true self.”
Journaling Exercises
writing it down makes it more real

writing it down makes it more real

The journaling exercise is a practical in which you learn to feel and understand the energy flowing through your body. This is your body’s consciousness and it has powerful messages to share about yourself and your life journey. You explore your chakra vibrations and body sensations and experience the associated emotions. Journaling helps you learn how to take the time to stop what you are doing and be aware of yourself  in the middle of your day. This is key to be able to activate your personal power.

Even more profound, you will connect with your body in such a way as to discover ‘ahas’ that awaken you to your Divine Truth, to your true core beliefs and to the essence of your life-purpose–by discovering the message of your favorite body part. Believe it or not there is a part of your body you like; and it is the gateway to understanding your truths about yourself and thus about your gifts to fulfilling your destiny.

This journaling will help to encourage intentions and affirmations that are natural rather than “shoulds” that feel punitive–and feeling inspired as a result you will feel more powerfully motivated to begin new behaviors and to stick with them.


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