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A WOMAN’S BODY: Her Divine Truth

A Woman’s Body: Her Divine Truth focuses on the intimate, loving relationship between a woman and her body. It explores the idea of your body as the Holy Grail and how to create a healthy, loving relationship with yourself.

Her body is the Holy Grail and thus the gateway to her spiritual path. This book inspires us with new insights about the sacred nature of our body. It shows us how to experience our Feminine Power and magnetize to us the relationships and opportunities for our greatest life.

The power we have to create the life we desire is how we chose to respond to what is happening—is who we choose to be. When we are connected with our inner knowing we respond from our best self. Living in a patriarchal world, we women feel rather disconnected from our feminine nature and thus from our sacred guidance. A healthy, loving relationship with our body is the gateway to embodying our true self and awakening to our life purpose. Feeling the sensual, soothing, sacred vibration within, our Divine Feminine Vibration, we become confident of our choices and content with who we are and how we are living.

A woman’s relationship with her body is most important in life.


ebook coming soon!

ebook coming soon!

This exercise guide offers us a simple, easy series of postural exercises and Body-Meditations™ that help us reconnect with our Divine Feminine Vibration. It teaches us how to be more present by reconnecting with our body—we gain a richer experience of ourselves and of life. Through “Reciprocating Influences™”, we learn about the power of mind/body/spirit connection and awaken to the power of our body’s wisdom. Awake to our Feminine Power we embody our truth and become the women we want to be.

This book explores the beliefs and behaviors that help us live happier, healthier, and more fun, fit and loving lives–to live the life we were meant to.

The author’s belief: “Our fit body is our greatest inspiration in life. Good posture connects us to our inner knowing. It takes fitness to have good posture. Fitness is easy if you know exactly what to do. We feel good and look wonderful!”

This book is complementary guide to A Woman’s Body: Her Divine Truth


ebook coming soon!

ebook coming soon!


“She surrendered all that she thought she knew to become the woman she was truly meant to be.”

A woman’s sense of self and her spiritual power are deeply connected to her sensuality. Her sensuality resides within her sexual vibration. In today’s world, women have been taught to suppress our sexual, sensual nature. We have been taught to hide our feminine wisdom of life, our power of creativity, compassion and unconditional caring. As a result we have felt suppressed, frustrated, disappointed, devalued and unfulfilled. This is the story of one woman who explored and learned to embody her sexy, sensual, sacred self and thus reclaimed her spiritual destiny. She risked surrendering her old ideas and beliefs about sex and sensuality and experienced a release of her anger and resentment. Awake to the Divine Truth, she opened to a new way of living and loving.



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