QisYou Products are designed to help you sustain your good posture and empress-vibe throughout the day…at your computer, in your office, in the classroom, in the car, and even in the grocery!

Products include:

  • Posture Band band for work at the computer
  • Meditation Posturepillows™ before bed
  • Body-Bolos™ that are fashion-forward accessories for work or partying
  • Q(cue)Cards™ for your desk at home or work

Posture Band ™ (Pat.Pend.)

A soft stretchy band that gently draws your shoulders back. Reminds you to hold good posture and helps to set your keyboard for good ergonomics of your computer workstation. (pat.pend.)

This band has two optimal uses. Sitting at your computer at home or work, it becomes a training tool to remind you to hold your body in good posture. In the gym, wearing it while you workout it becomes a training tool to guide proper alignment.


Meditation Posturepillows™(pat.pend.)

These pillows are designed to provide you gentle-traction for your evening meditation. They are sized to provide traction to just the upper thoracic spine and are placed just behind the sternum. They also provide excellent traction while doing Chest Stretch exercises.

These pillows allow your chest and the inner rotation muscles of the shoulder/arms to stretch and release. Particularly, they support the spine with gentle pressure to help the anterior ligaments lengthen.

Body-Bolos™ (pat. pend.)

These bolos are a fun, fashion-forward accessory that help remind us to maintain good posture wherever we are…and look sexy too! The bolos are made of very high-grade American leather with sterling silver clasps. They come with decorative “bling” of silver rings, keys, and hearts. You can add your personal charms.

Once you hang the bolo on your body it will move easily and yet have a gentle tug like a belt to remind you to ground your hips, pull in your Abs, lengthen your spine, open your chest. Smiling in a big way is a crown jewel of this accessory.

IMG_4514Q Cards (cue-cards)© 

These cards can be placed on your desk at work or home, in the kitchen or on your dresser. They provide a quick reminder about how important good posture is as well as give you a “Q” for the day. The Qs are postural exercises, brief body-meditations or inspirational phrases that help us stay centered in our true self throughout the day.


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