YOU are VIBRATION!…a unique, feminine vibration of Earth and Cosmos. This is your signature vibe. And how you stand, your gestures and facial expressions influence what you are vibing.
How do you want to vibe?

There are 4 Practicals;

  2. Your SMILE!
  3. The GATEWAY to Discovering Your Life-Purpose and Who You Truly Are
  4. RAISE YOUR VIBE! –Getting Back In Your Body
The Power of Your Vibe

You are created from cosmic and earthly energies…your body is a denser version of the vibrational matrix of the Universe. Each moment your body is re-creating itself, new cells generated every few minutes. Your body resonates with frequencies and vibrations…just turn on some music and you can feel it. Your body will resonate with easy, relaxed rhythms and vibes or with tense, choppy vibes. And what is most important is these vibes influence what we feel and think…and what we feel and think reciprocates and influences how our body vibes (Reciprocating Influences: The 6Bs of Transformation).

Dr. Emoto, Messages in Water, has demonstrated evidence of this truth in his research and photography of water crystals. His photography shows how water absorbs vibration evidenced by how the crystalline patterns changed when the wager is exposed to different types of music–symmetrical patterns when exposed to softer, regular metric melodies and irregular when exposed to hard rock music for example. He has also shown photographs that have been “thought-over” by groups of people–a group praying and a group with angry intentions. The crystals were symmetrical and asymmetrical, respectfully. We are close to 75% water so this is very important evidence that our body is influenced by vibrations, whether those be vibrations in music or vibrations in thought.

This research combined with your own personal experience is huge in your understanding of how you function as a human being. And this gives you immediate power over your experience because you can chose the vibes that you want to vibe…you can have direct influence over your mental and emotional well-being which is direct influence over who you want to become which is direct influence over the quality and outcomes of your life,

Think about it…what you allow yourself to be exposed to all the time affects your vibe. What you allow yourself to think about all the time affects your vibe.

Personal Power

Your body reads the world vibrationally–you sense in your body before you comprehend in your mind what is happening around you…this is your 6th sense. This is very powerful because it gives you a moment to become aware of how you feel and what you think before responding. This is personal power. More profoundly, your body also has an innate consciousness. As a unique, blended vibration of earth and cosmic energies your body is intimately aware of the laws of the Universe, of the Sacred. In other words, you are the vibration of your soul. When your body’s channels are open to your soul-vibe, you experience a soothing, sensual, enlivening frequencies flowing through your body–those vibes that you experience when you are deeply relaxed. As such your body is filled with powerful messages to help you navigate your life according to your life-purpose and soul-mission. This is personal power.

You feel calm and deeply content physically and mentally when you allow yourself to be aware of these soul-sensations. They are always present yet they often become over-shadowed by your ego-mind which is always working on strategizing your life and judging you for how much you are progressing, succeeding and accomplishing. For most of us our ego has been forged by the external world trying to tell us what our purpose is, what we should be feeling and thinking, what we should be valuing and disregarding as valuable…we let the world tell us what to do and who we are to the point of overriding our own truth. Continuing to allow this we will forever be unhappy, discontent and resentful. If we continue to dismiss the power of our body, we will continue to dismiss the power of our body-mind-soul consciousness and therefore miss every opportunity to create this moment the way we deeply desire it to be.

The Practicals

These Practicals help you to master the skills you need to tap into the vibes of your sacred, inner knowing, into the vibes of your soul-connection. You will learn to cultivate a soft and vigilant attention on yourself, you become a witness to what your body is feeling during the day and you learn how to shift it if you want. You will learn how to let your inner knowing inform your ego rather than have your ego dominate. You will experience and learn that when you feel your body become tense, meaning your vibration or the flow of energy through your body is irratic and disharmonious, this is evidence that you are disconnected from your body and thus from your soul, from your true self. When your body’s vibe is soothing and sensual, you will know you are connected to your sacred self…and this gives you access to your inner knowing about how to precede into your next moment.

Conscious connection to your soul is the yummy sensation of love and faith flowing through your body and you feel good.

These Practicals help you become more aware of your body’s vibrations and to listen carefully to what these messages share with you about your life purpose and journey. Being aware of your vibrations you have the opportunity to embrace your positive, loving vibes and use them to expand your power. And you will learn how to shift negative vibrations that are depleting your energy and confidence. This awareness helps you learn how to pause and to take a moment before you respond…checking in with your inner knowing to see if what you have chosen to say or do will create the best possible outcome. In a moment of pause you instantly become the best, most wise, version of your self and the woman you want to be. So often we throw this away by letting our ego take over and often we regret it.

These practicals use brief journaling exercises to help you become very conscious of your body and its sensations. In other words the goal is for you to establish a reference point of how being connected to your soul and inner knowing feels in your body so that you can get back to it whenever you are thrown off course. With this greater awareness on your physical experience in any given moment you can more easily and quickly reconnect with your true self because you know the experience in your body you are looking for.

These practicals help you experience for yourself the power of Reciprocating Influences–how your body feels, its vibration, influences your feelings, your moods, your thoughts, your actions and your look…and these in turn reciprocate and influence how your body feels. Understanding the dynamics of reciprocating influences is how you gain access to interrupt a negative cycle of low self-esteem, bad posture and low self-esteem. Realizing your are in bad posture, you realize you are probably activating low self-esteem and diminishing your personal power. Shifting to good posture your body feels better activating hormones and neurotransmitters that make you feel and think better. This is how you gain access to your sacred nature and keep “the connection” to your true self.

These practicals ask you to journal–to write down what you are feeling emotionally and physically, what you are thinking. And you are to write it down by hand, not on the computer. Writing things down by hand is a more intimate process and helps to create a very strong connection between your body-mind-soul consciousness. Also, writing it down helps you experience many more “aha” moments that by just thinking about your experience. Writing things down helps get thoughts out of your head literally creating more space for more aha thoughts and insights.

use your body to shape who you are. Whenever you are tense and doubting yourself, you can stop, ground, uplift, open and center your self…stand tall, open your heart and smile BIG and FEEL THE YUMMY, SOOTHING, SENSUAL, SACRED VIBES FLOWING THROUGH YOUR BODY. It works every time.


“How a woman feels is how she looks…and how she looks is how she feels. Mirror, mirror on the wall…”

She is shy, insecure, unintelligent

She is shy, insecure, unintelligent

How a woman feels directly affects how she looks. A woman cannot hide how she feels…and she cannot “fake it” for long. Her vibration always reveals the truth. She wears her emotions on her face and in her posture. In any given moment, especially stressful ones, we may not feel genuinely beautiful, vibrant and loving. Actually this is the way we feel most of the time. Yet we have the power and tools to change this…we merely need to decide we want to shift our negative vibration to a positive one and then do it…improve our posture and smile. This exercise will help you experience the truth of your body’s power to change who you are and how you look. As well it will give you the opportunity to explore why you tend to default to negativity so much and how quickly you can change that if you want to. Unlike what many of us believe we can be authentically beautiful, vibrant and loving right now.

The Practical: You will need a full-length mirror and your journal. Close your eyes and stand in bad posture with a big frown on your face. Notice what you feel in your body–take your time to scan your body. Notice the overall vibration you feel in your body. Begin to notice what you are starting to feel and think. Notice where in your body you feel the most intense sensations and how these are affecting/shaping your emotions and thoughts. Open your eyes and write these down.

Now stand the same way and look at yourself in the mirror…notice what you see. What does this woman’s posture look like? What does her posture tell others about this woman? Does this woman really look like you…does she express who you think you are? Is there anything attractive, anything sexy, about her? Write this down. Now notice if you can see her vibration, how does she look…perhaps her coloring looks dull, there is a pallor over her face, her aura is subdued. Write this down.

Now close your eyes again and take a deep breath and imagine you can put this experience in a golden bubble you have created out in front of you. Let this bubble float away and eventually pop out in space. As you do this notice what you feel in your body…perhaps relief, lightness, ease. You are now a blank canvas.

She is confident, smart, kind

She is confident, smart, kind

Your Transformation: Take 3 deep breathes, root your feet and lengthen your body and pull your shoulders back and down, your Kegels in and up and your navel in…stand tall, open your heart and smile Big. Feel your sensations. How would you describe the vibrations beginning to flow through your body. How does this affect your emotions, your mood, your thinking, your beliefs…make note so you can write these down once you have opened your eyes.

NOW OPEN YOUR EYES and look in the mirror…who stands before you? Is she more attractive? What is attractive about her? What is sexy about her? Can you see her vibe…describe it. Her face may be lit up, her body looking more alive. Describe her in detail. Write this down. Note the difference between her and the  woman standing in bad posture…describe this energetically, then physically, then visually. Describe how looking at her makes you feel–vibrationally, emotionally, mentally. Write down any thoughts and all “ahas.” Which of the two women do you believe is a more common expression of yourself. Be honest. If it is the woman in bad posture, don’t worry. This is just your habitual posture. You can change–if you keep practicing good posture it soon will become your natural posture. And while you keep practicing good posture you will keep interrupting your stressful, negative mood and thought-pattern and eventually you will become authentically more relaxed, more positive, and happier.

Remember “faking it till you make it” is a powerful technique because it helps you take the first step to opening the doorway and begin to become aware of your true self. As you make note of all your observations in your journal you are creating a new, good-feeling experience of yourself and cultivating a innate desire to be this way more often…and eventually most of the time. And your greatest “aha” will be that this is who you truly are meant to be, even despite all the hardships and challenges in life that want to make you think otherwise about yourself. Let your body help you remember your divine truth that you are priceless and deserving.This beautiful, vibrant and radiant woman you see is your True Self.

2. Your SMILE!

The science of smiling: A smile stimulates brain levels, boosts your immune system, reduces your stress and lifts your mood. You feel more confident, competent, and intelligent. You look beautiful…and you are! You feel sensual and sexy…and you are! In other words, a smile instantly opens your body’s channels and you become instantly aware of the vibrations of your true sacred nature, your true self.

Your smile instantly and dramatically improves the quality of your life.

IMG_4335.JPGYour smile activates about 35 muscles in your face. It is great for face toning–that should bring a smile to your face. Much more importantly, a smile activates a cascade series of hormones in your body that opens your chakras. You become aware of a rush of really good-feeling vibrations. They awaken your unique, feminine-vibe emanating from your solar plexus—the center of who you innately are. Take a moment and feel the connection of your smile with the sensation in the center of your torso just below your heart. Feeling enlivened you feel more confident and trusting…because you feel like your true self. These vibes are the energies of Divine Love…you feel soft, open, kind, generous, loving, compassionate, wise…you smile bigger.

Sometimes it is hard to smile and everyone can tell a fake smile. Yet faking a smile is just enough to activate the vibrations of your true self and your smile becomes authentic…you become genuinely happier.

mirror frownThe Practical: Stand before a mirror and frown–notice what you see. Can you see more wrinkles in your face? Is there anything attractive or sexy about a frown?  What is the color of your face? Can you see your vibration, your aura…is it light or dark? Close your eyes–still frowning notice what you feel…what sensations and vibrations are flowing through your body? How do these feel physically, how do these sensations make make you feel emotionally, what kinds of things are you beginning to think about and what kinds of thoughts are you having? Open your eyes again. Do you like the woman that you see in the mirror? Does she make you feel good? Write these answers down.

Stand for a minute or few longer and let these sensations become strong so you become fully aware of the negative impact of frowning. Frowning suppresses your immune system, dulls your thinking, encourages bad posture and looks very unattractive, let alone unsexy.

The Transformation of your Smile. Close your eyes and frown Now smile, a big broad friendly smile. Notice what just happened in your body–what sensations did you feel and where in your body did you feel these vibrations? Notice the overall sensation in your body. Notice how quickly your vibe transformed. Did your body just relax and feel energized all at once? Did you feel “yummy” vibes in your core–solar plexus and/or soft vibes in your heart? Do you feel happier? Notice how this influences how you feel emotionally. Notice what thoughts might be beginning to arise and from where. If negative thoughts flow in…allow them. Then take a few more slow, smooth, deep breathes, smile bigger, and focus on the sensations of your smile in your body Keep in mind that negative thoughts are coming from your mind. Positive thoughts are generated from the good-vibes your body. Focus on your body and eventually the good vibrations will generate positive thoughts. Take a moment now to write down your thoughts.

mirror smileClose your eyes again. Now that you have activated “your vibe”, keep smiling and taking 3 deep breaths and see if you can expand this positive vibration–try to feel it flow through your whole body, down your legs and arms, through your torso and then up through the crown of your head and out from your heart into the space around you. Now open your eyes and look in the mirror. What do you see? Who do you see? if you look closely enough you will see your aura and how it has not only changed you but the atmosphere in the room. Write down your insights and observations.

Finally, keep smiling and now look yourself in the eyes–really look deeply into your eyes. Who is this woman? Her eyes are the windows to her soul? What is her Truth? As you look at her, consider she is an Empress–you are an Empress. Allow your soothing, sacred, sensual, yummy vibration of your inner Empress to flow through you…feel love and compassion for yourself, feel inspired by your true self. You may begin to feel and awaken to your Divine Truth. As you smile you are radiating the rays of the Cosmic Sun. What does your vibe, your aura look like now? You and everyone around you feels great! Write down your experience. This is a great moment to allow insights about your soul mission and life purpose to come through and write them down.

3. Your Body: The GATEWAY to Discovering Your Life Purpose and Who You Truly Are and Activating your Personal power

The only way to activate your power is to learn to love your body. This may sound hard yet it really isn’t because we have an innate love we just need to find it and activate it. This may sound strange but the gateway may be to take a look at your favorite body part. Whether you are willing to admit it right now or not, there is some part of your body that you like, and what you like about this part of your body or body part speaks to you about your strengths, talents and personality. Considering these helps to reveal from your sub-conscious what you are meant to do in life and who you are.

This practical may not work as profoundly for some as for others. Yet what it will do for sure is at least consider that you can begin to like and love your body. Whether you find a part of your body you like or not, you can begin to list the things that you appreciate about your body because of the remarkable things it is capable of–like breathing, pumping blood, moving. These may sound basic yet they are the miracle of life made manifest and this body is you. These steps of giving your body attention and appreciation will ultimately lead to an acceptance and ultimately a powerful bodylove. And bodylove is selflove.

bodylove, selflove, otherlove, planetlove

We start with a body part because is it usually easier to appreciate a part rather than our whole body. Yet keep in mind that each part of our body is part of the whole, using the same blood and breath to live and as such is the same as our whole body–they are one. So sit tall, become still and begin to take slow, smooth, full breaths. Relax into your body, feel its sensations. Begin to scan your body–without judgement but rather with acceptance: sprinkled with appreciation if you can manage it. As you begin the scan you may first feel disappointment as things about your body that you do not like come to mind. Breathe and let them go. Know these do not need to be true and always come from a core belief most women have–“I am not good enough–the way I am.” This belief is the filter through which we see our self and our life…and it is completely and utterly false. Breathe and let these negative thoughts go. Instead take a moment to consider the truth–that you and your body are priceless to this world and to the Universe. Breathe this thought into your body and your favorite body part or part of your body that you like will come to mind. And if nothing does then just make it up. Remember if you fake it you will make it.

Liking this part of your body you are admitting that at least this part is good enough…and that is the initial peel back to revealing the whole truth. The truth is we do like and even love our body and it is time to let that shine through into our consciousness. Loving your body is the the only way to become conscious of your true gifts in life and to activate your personal power. Becoming aware of the part of your body you like and exploring what it is you like begins to help you get to know your true self more. For example, you may have the courage to admit that you like your feet…as you focus on why you may realize that you appreciate them because they support you and help you walk to all kinds of adventures in life. If you like pedicures you like your feet–something in you wants to make them express their beauty and power. Now that you have found out that you like your feet because of their strength and beauty can you begin to bring this same thought process to your whole body? Can you consider that you like your whole body because is it strong and beautiful? Now can you bring this into your personality–that  you are strong and beautiful and like to adventure and journey in life. You may like your arms because they hold and carry things, because they hug others and help you express love. Going deeper into this you may begin to peel back the layers of awareness and understanding about your life purpose–that you love to care for others and thus you choose a profession such as nursing or love being a mother.

Loving you body is the the only way to become conscious of your true gifts in life and to activate your personal power.

The Practical: Sit quietly in good posture, close your eyes and take 10 slow, smooth, deep breathes. Take your time and scan your whole body–holding an attitude of compassion, loving-kindness and acceptance. Notice how your body feels as you scan. Paying careful attention you may feel that your vibration shifts as you focus on various areas of your body–feeling tension when considering some parts while relaxed with others. Keep watch for the area that makes you feel calm, relaxed, yet strong and confident and may even bring a soft smile to your face. Stay focused here and let this vibration become more powerful. Take several more deep breathes and then begin to describe in your mind what you feel, physically and emotionally. Breathe and then become aware of what things you might be starting to think about.

Now slowly open your eyes and write down your experience and thoughts. Be attentive to the words you are choosing to describe this part of your body and why you like it. Answer the following: “I like my feet because they make me feel strong and grounded. When I feel them connect with the Earth–I feel supported.” Focused on your feelings now describe the features about your feet that you appreciate. “I appreciate my feet because they look sexy after a pedicure.” As you feel appreciation grow within you describe what positive things your feet help you do. “I appreciate my feet because they help me get around, hike mountains, dance–takes me on journeys and adventures.”

Now focusing on all these answers, replace the noun, “my feet” with the noun “my body.” Re-read these answers with the subject “my body” and close your eyes and pay attention to how you feel–take 10 slow, smooth, deep breathes. Open your eyes and bring your attention to the adjectives you used to describe your feet and create one sentence about your body with them. “I like and appreciate my body because it makes me feel strong, grounded and sexy and takes me on journeys and adventures.” And finally, take a moment to see if you can construct a new core belief about who you are. Instead of “I am not good enough” perhaps you can now start to consider “I am a strong, grounded, sexy, adventurous woman.”

Keep in mind there are no right or wrong answers and your answers may change over time. This exercise is merely a gateway to begin to cultivate a very intimate relationship with your body so that you enter the sacred realm of your inner wisdom and begin to awaken to your life-purpose and who you truly are.

4. RAISE YOUR VIBRATION ! Getting Back In Your Body

Now that you have done the Transformation, Mirror and Gateway practicals, it will be easier to begin to sense the other vibrations in your body. You will use the Good Posture Vibration Chart2 to help you experience the vibrations in your body. You will ‘get back in your body” and will walk away from this exercise awake to the undeniable truth that your body is a creation of the vibrations of Earth and Cosmos and knows the mysteries of the Universe–that your body is the Holy Grail of your inner wisdom…and has the answers you seek.

The focus of this particular practical is to help you reconnect or in other words “get back in your body”. Like most of us, you are disconnected from your body most of your day–meaning you rarely pay attention to it. And your attention to your body is more objectified than feeling a sense of partnership or actually even “oneness” with your body. Most of us walk around feeling like we are made up of separate aspects; a body and a mind and a soul. We have forgotten that we are in essence spiritual beings that decided to come to Earth to experience life.

The reason we have forgotten is because we have been conditioned through our world values and culture to pay more attention to our mind…a more masculine perspective of life. As a species we have forgotten the experience of the “divine feminine” and as a result of becoming unconscious to a part of ourselves, we have lost connection, lost full consciousness, of the Cosmos. We dismiss our own divinity as a result and thus think that we are a body and a mind, that is separate from spirit. Yet the truth is these are all the same aspects of you–you are a body-mind-spirit being. This practical helps you to re-awaken to your body and its spiritual wisdom which is communicated through its vibrations which become feelings/emotions which become thoughts–this process helps you begin to remember who you truly are. You will begin to feel that there is no separation between body, mind and spirit yet rather they are one and the same–influencing and reciprocating with one another to generate your feelings, thoughts, behaviors, your expression of yourself in life. Our power then lies in becoming as fully conscious of this experience, of our true self, as we can.

we are spiritual beings walking the path of life.

There are only two emotions in life—Faith and Fear or in other words Love and Hate. All other emotions are some variation of one or the other. Love is basically faith in the Universe and in the goodness of life, while hate basically is fear because you doubt. This practical helps you feel the difference in your body between these…thus giving you the power to decide which you want to become, the power to change when you are feeling hate/fear into instead feeling love/faith.

I page of GP Vibration Chart Fear copy

Essentially, love feels yummy and light, enlivening–flowing smoothly through your body you feel confident of who you are and energized about what you want to create in life while also feeling content and peaceful with what is. Hate is just the opposite, it feels dull and heavy in your body–you feel suffocated into holding back and don’t believe in anything of positive importance. You feel disappointed, bitter and afraid of life. Fear feels stress, agitating and alarming in your body. Once you become conscious of how these emotions feel in your body you become more aware of when you are feeling them in the course of your day. With this knowledge you have the power to change your body’s from tense and lethargic to relaxed and alive and as a result change your sensations and emotions from hate and fear to love and faith. Relaxing your body opens the channels so that your inner knowing flows more freely through you and this vibe flows up into your consciousness…raising your vibe. As  these vibrations fill your consciousness you will regain perspective and feel more trusting because this yummy sensation in your body reminds you that you are connected to something more powerful and benevolent…and therefore you are powerful and benevolent.

Through this practical you will become more skilled at identifying your chakra centers and experience the associated emotions and  their vibrations. This gives you more insight into what may be consciously or subconsciously affecting your vibe and thus holding you back from expressing yourself fully and authentically. For example, if you are not feeling confident about yourself you will most likely feel this in your body as a tension or queeziness in your solar plexus and chest. You are about to give a presentation and are doubting that you will do well. You can shift this anxious low vibration immediately into a more easy, higher-consciousness vibe by aligning your body in good posture, opening your chest and taking a few slow, smooth, deep breathes into your solar plexus—and smiling big. You will begin to feel this part of your body expand–releasing tension. The vibration in your body begins to flow more easily, you begin to feel your energy and your vibe rise and overall you relax and feel calmer physically. Gradually and fairly quickly as these sensations fill your mind your mood lifts and you feel more confident.

In Summary

These practicals are focused on the same result: helping you to learn how to feel your body’s vibrations and gleaning what they are telling you about this moment giving you  the power to shift your vibrations to good-feeling sensations and thus improve the quality of this moment…affecting your connections with others and thus outcomes of your life.


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