Your fit body is your greatest inspiration in life!  You feel wonderful and look great!
It takes fitness to have good posture and the fitness is easy…when you know exactly what to do…and you don’t have to go to the gym.

Use your body to shape who you are–stand tall, open your heart and smile. BIG!

This PROGRAM includes exercises for postural conditioning complemented with myofascial release rolling techniques and gentle-traction relaxation  techniques. Myo-fascial release techniques are simply massaging or “rolling” your muscles so that your body releases toxins and tension that inhibits the way we stand and move. Gentle-Traction Relaxation technique is unique to this program. Rolling techniques for the upper back combined with traction techniques (placing your upper spine in extension for a period of time) help lengthen the ligaments of your upper or thoracic spine. This is critical for more effective range of motion for conditioning.

In addition to these exercises,  you will work with simple, short journaling exercises so you become conscious of the various vibrations and sensations of your body and learn how to work with them to improve your mood and experience in this moment.

The FOUR Areas of Bad Posture and The Exercises that Correct Them

4 areas1The Postural Exercises in this series focus on conditioning the 4 primary areas of your body that cause bad posture: tight chest, tight hip flexors/quads, weak ABS/Kegels, and weak upper back/shoulder.

The exercises that stretch and strengthen these areas and align your posture are:

  1. Myofascial Release Techniques
  2. Chest and Shoulder Stretches
  3. Hip Flexor/Quad Stretches
  4. Gentle-Traction Relaxation Technique
  5. The Key to Firm, Flat Abs–Kegels are Key!
  6. Upper Back and Shoulder Strengtheners
  7. The SECRET to Good Posture–Your CORE
FOUR Journal Exercises: Awakening to YOUR VIBE!

The practicals help you experience and become more skilled at working with the vibrations of your body…Your VIBE!. You experience the difference between when you  are connected with your true self and when you are not…when you feel grounded and centered and when you do not. They help you begin to look at and understand your life purpose and feel more confident about who you are…your body is your guide.

  1. The Transformation Mirror
  2. Your Smile
  3. The Gateway of Discovering Your Life-Purpose and Who You Truly Are
  4. Raise Your vibration –Getting Back In Your Body

THE Exercises

Most of the exercises for this program are shown here, yet the full description and instruction for each is shared in “The Exercises”. Coaching and nuances about the exercises will also be shared in posts and videos. You may use the archives to find them.

This series of exercises conditions your body for Good Posture. These take about 20 minutes to work through. Yet the conditioning is even more effective if you do these exercises throughout your day. The exercises that are taught lying down can be done while standing.

Conditioning for The Magic Formula

Since our posture is conditioned throughout our day, it is important to practice good posture all day in order to counteract slouching and relieve our back and neck of pain. For example, it is always good take a moment to stand up at work and do chest and hip flexor stretches to help you sit taller and relieve stress. While sitting at your computer you can practice Kegel and ABS contractions. Walking down the stress you can practice Kegels and upper back strengtheners.  All these exercises can be done anywhere. Most importantly you can focus on holding your CORE or practicing The Secret to Good Posture always…your Kegels in and up toward your navel, your shoulder blades in and down toward your navel, and your navel in.

Five Mind/Body/Soul Techniques of Exercise

Good posture is the quintessential body/mind experience. And to take advantage of the positive vibes in good posture to help shape our mood and how we are thinking we need to develop greater consciousness of our body. This will help us to become better skilled at readily connecting with our inner wisdom during the day—a soft, easy awareness gives you the power to know when you feel open and centered in your true self or when you are disconnected and off-balance emotionally—and to shift so you are your best each moment.

Using these 4 techniques while exercising will help train your mind to pay attention to the different sensations in your body as a result of doing different movements. These techniques are based on the concept of “reciprocating influences”: your mind and body are one–what goes on in your mind goes on in your body and what goes on in your body goes on in your mind. Using this concept while doing exercises can help you learn that moving your body in certain ways can change how you are feeling and what you are thinking in any given moment—for example stretching helps you physically relax and feel more open-minded, while strengthening a muscle helps you feel physically stronger and emotionally more confident. Also, not to mention that paying attention to how you are exercising makes the exercises more effective.

Your mind tends to control your life (ego), yet your body is the pure experience of life. You will experience the difference between the vibrations of Love and Fear by how your body feels. This gives you the power then to realize when you are tempted to make decisions and choices from your ego (from Fear) versus from you inner wisdom (Love). In other words, you learn how to use your body to help temper your egoistic thinking and thus make sure you are living your life with more truth, with more heart…in resonance with your soul mission and life purpose—making healthier and happier decisions.

Feel the flow of your empress-vibe.

Using these techniques, you will begin to learn how to activate your “good-feeling” vibes, the positive sensations of your sacred self, and “raise your vibe” so you hear the voice of your inner knowing—shifting fear to faith, crankiness to patience, insecurity to confidence.

Standing tall with your hand on your heart, you now have power to release stress and to go within when you are looking for some insight. And simply touching your heart activates loving-kindness and compassion…for you–bodylove, selflove.


Using these techniques you will begin to learn how to activate your “good-feeling” vibes, the positive sensations of your sacred self and “raise your vibe” so you hear the voice of your inner knowing. You now have power to shift stress or to go within when you are looking for some insight.

For example, feel the power of this spiritual experience right now. Stand in good posture (use The Secret) and put one hand on your chest and one on your belly. Soften your face, breathe deeply and notice what you feel in your body…notice the yummy, smooth, soothing, calm vibration flowing through your body. Standing this way a bit longer…begin to notice the type of feelings you are having and the thoughts you are starting to have–this is body-mind-soul consciousness.

The Body/Mind Concepts and exercise Techniques

1. Mind in the Muscle: This is simply putting your “mind in the muscle”, or in other words focusing on what you are doing and feeling as you do it. Many of us are distracted most to the time from what we are doing because we are thinking about what we need to do later or what just happened a moment ago. When exercising it is critical to be present-minded, focused.

When you do an exercise pay attention to the feeling in your body and what you are asking it to do. For example when you are exercising a particular muscle, focus on the muscle and try to contract it more. Sounds obvious yet many of us only go through the motions of an exercise and miss full engagement of the muscle and thus our conditioning is not as effective. This technique begins a very important process for your emotional well-being and self-esteem. It begins to cultivate a very intimate relationship with your body. When working with a particular muscle first notice what is does–each muscle carries a particular purpose and thus an emotional sensation. For example our heart muscle pumps blood and carries love, our upper back muscles hold us erect and carry confidence, our Kegels contract in intercourse and carry desire. As you exercise and contract a muscle (group) notice the sensation in your body, and particularly notice how it makes you feel and what it makes you think. Put “your mind in the muscles” you use to hold good posture and what does the pose of good posture tell you about yourself?

2. Form and Technique: The most important thing to effective exercise is proper form and technique. Basically, you want to hold healthy body alignment, or in other words hold good posture, while doing the exercises…and particularly while walking around between exercises. Don’t slouch going from one exercise to the other—that defeats the whole purpose of exercise. With proper form and good technique you are moving your muscles in a healthy and safe way. It is important to understand that proper form and technique are much more important than how many reps of an exercise you can do. When your muscles feel tired stop the exercise or you will lose your form.

Proper form helps keep your body’s vibrations flowing strongly so you are feeling good while exercising. Focused on this positive feeling helps you become more aware of how exercising can make you feel energized, more confident, more open-hearted and happy because you are raising your heart rate and building strength—“raising your vibe.” This is the most positive influence in keeping you motivated about exercising. If you don’t feel good while exercising you will struggle to keep up a regular fitness routine. Of particular note, proper form and technique include smiling, BIG…this will be the biggest influence in enjoying your workout.

3. Stretch and StrengthenDoing a few rhythmic, warm up stretches and some gentle myo-fascial release techniques before you do strengthening exercises is very important to making sure you are getting the most out of your exercise and that you are avoiding injury. Easy stretching helps to release muscle tightness. Particularly these techniques help increase the range of motion in your muscles (and therefore around your joints) so you are more effectively strengthen them.

4.Breathe and Smile: Though this may seem silly to mention the obvious but the reality is 99% of the time we don’t breathe well or smile when exercising. Yet it is important that you breathe fully and smile because this hugely affects your success and enjoyment. The breath gives you a healthy supply of oxygen and helps to keep you consciously connected to your body. You focus more on what you are doing. This helps with form and technique as well as helps to keep you relaxed—keeping your channels open so that your energy flows smoothly and freely. Smiling solidifies a positive frame of mind helping you feel good and happy while you are exercising.



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