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Three powerful beliefs

BELIEF ONE; A woman’s relationship with her body is the most important in her life. OUR BODIES OUR SELVES. Connecting with your body and inner voice you become instantly beautiful.

Wouldn’t you like to leave your home feeling confident and beautiful always…no matter what you’re wearing, your shape, your size or your age? We all would. The answer is that we need to learn to love our body and our self.



The negative feelings we have about ourselves is a choice…they come from ideas and thoughts that we choose to believe in. Yet the truth is these thoughts are wrong. If we continue to listen to the old, negative, false, self-critical (self-hate) chatter that plays incessantly in the back of our minds we will never feel good no matter what we are wearing…even if we are physically the most beautiful woman in the world. It can be hugely difficult to change these thoughts if we don’t know what to do…yet they can be changed and easily and quickly. And the key is not to try to change what we are thinking but rather change what we are feeling vibrationally in our body…and let our body reveal the truth.

you and your body

you and your body

It can be quite hard to try to like our body, to accept it when it is not the shape or weight we desire, to be patient with it when it is sick, to respect it as it ages. Our dissatisfaction with our body is the result of two things: one we have been conditioned to aspire to a “feminine beauty” that is not reflective of the divine feminine but rather of a worldly, egoistic, masculine-defined version of it; and two, we have let ourselves believe in this standard because we have disconnected from our spiritual selves. These go hand in hand meaning that disrespecting our body is dismissing our sacred, sovereign nature and dismissing this, our feminine spirit, we are disrespecting our body…disrespecting our selves and dimming our vibration as a result. We have put ourselves in a downward spiral of self-ridicule, self-doubt and dissatisfaction in life–we blame our body and our selves for our disappointments. The pain is difficult to bear alone and we start to blame others and life becomes miserable. Yet the truth is that our body is the sacred, is the divine for it was created by the Cosmos in its likeness–our body holds the creative vibrations resonant with the Universe…we are merely an extension and more condensed version of these patterns in the Cosmos. This vibration within us is our sacred life-force, our power to create, our unique light…and it is quite “yummy-feeling.”

As we all know it can be very hard to change a life-time of conditioning. Trying to transform our beliefs and look at ourselves and life differently can be very difficult. Yet QisYOU offers the gift that there is an easy way and one that makes you feel wonderful and look beautiful immediately…it is to come back to your body. And the moment to start is right now and the only way to begin is to choose to interrupt the false chatter by connecting with our body…place your hand on your heart…and let your yummy, soothing, sensual, sacred vibe emanate from your heart and flow through you. Taking a few slow, smooth, deep breathes to ground, uplift and center your body will awaken your chakras making your vibe more powerful and your radiance bright.

Hand on heart and belly, feel the flow of your empress-vibe.

the most important choice in life

Consciously offering your body your attention, respect, affection, appreciation, acceptance, support and comfort wherever you are is an act of self-love and will instantly open your channels to your inner sovereign-self and wisdom. This is the most important choice you will make in your life–through your action you are admitting to yourself that you really don’t believe these negative thoughts and have decided to do what you need to do to discover the truth–that you are innately beautiful and lovable. Conscious of your body’s yummy, sacred vibe you hear your Divine Truth and become empowered and beautiful instantly…most especially you feel connected to something magnanimous and feel deeply loved and cared for. You realize the truth is that you are exquisite and lovable…it is all in your vibe. Awake you allow yourself to feel and experience your own signature vibration becoming more conscious of the truth of who you are…letting your good-feeling vibrations, sensations and emotions guide your way. This is self-love

BELIEF TWO: Life is good with good posture. It takes fitness of body and mind to maintain good posture and a healthy outlook on life. It takes exercise  and body-meditation to have good posture. And the only kind of fitness that truly lasts and is most effective is when you exercise regularly…meaning to integrate exercises into your every day activities! And you don’t have to go to the gym!

Fitness is easy–if you know what to do and how to integrate it easily into your lifestyle…you don’t need to go to the gym to be fit so there is really no excuse not to exercise. Every moment of your day is an opportunity to do some exercise or quick meditations to condition your body, awake your yummy vibes and focus your mind. You feel good, look great and get an immunity boost.

For example, sitting in good posture and a few minutes of full breathing and smiling while commuting to work helps you start your day relaxed and with a positive outlook (repeat going home); sitting at your desk in good posture and a big smile helps you condition to good posture yet more importantly feel happy; a walk around the block in good posture during work conditions the body and releases stress–realigning your body and resetting your perspective; getting up from your desk, stretching your hip flexors and taking 3 slow, smooth, deep breathes for one minute calms your body and resets your attitude; doing Abs compressions and Kegel contractions or upper back strengthening extension exercises while standing in line at the grocery store conditions good posture and helps you practice bringing your attention into the moment. You feel good. This yummy-vibe in your body helps you smile spontaneously and you look radiant. You never know who is in the grocery store :).

QisYOU offers you a series of simple, easy postural exercises and short body-meditations that you can do throughout your day.

“Our fit body is our greatest inspiration in life.”

BELIEF THREE: Living your greatest life comes down to how you respond. Your best responses come from your inner knowing and spiritual creativity. Only when you make the choice to slow down and sit quietly and breathe deeply do you begin to become more conscious of your sacred voice…our body calms down and helps your mind calm down and now you can hear your inner voice.
be still, breathe and listen

be still, breathe and listen

QisYou wants to share the belief that our best responses come from the sacred vibrations within our body rather than the ideas of our ego-mind. Or better said, when we are open and our sacred, sovereign vibrations are flowing through us they temper our thinking, our ego, and we make wiser choices as a result. We all have experienced that our most authentic, truthful, and caring responses come when we are calm. We are calm when we are open to the messages of our body and listen to our inner knowing (of the Cosmos)…we feel aligned with the truth and therefore feel calm. Conscious of our inner voice we awake to our unique creativity and feel confident and excited to express ourselves fully and genuinely, intelligently and compassionately. We respect our own sacred nature and like who we are. Feeling more comfortable in ourselves we respond to others from our authentic, unconditional, loving selves rather than from our fearful, conditional, egoistic selves. We lose our need to control situations and others–becoming much more accepting and allowing of life. Responding graciously and with love, in both what we say and do, creates the chance to experience exciting opportunities and to generate the best possible outcomes. We remain humble in order to keep learning something more about ourselves.

Centered in our true selves, we radiate a great vibe that attracts wonderful relationships and extraordinary experiences.”


QisYou believes our mind has a limited view of love and life where our body knows the wisdom of the cosmos. Women instinctively tap into the mystical and innately feel rather than think our way through life. However, women have lost connection with our body and thus with our inner knowing and creativity. In today’s world, we are encouraged to live from a masculine perspective-to stifle our emotions and think rather than feel. Disconnected from our sovereign selves, our feminine creativity, we feel insecure most of the time–because we don’t feel like our authentic selves. Disconnected from our authentic power we feel afraid of life. We feel alone and unloved and thus are forever trying to control others and situations so we feel safe. Disconnected from our inner spirit we feel like a victim rather than creator. We find it impossible to be content in the present moment and enjoy life. We find it difficult to make decisions about how to change our lives and get frustrated wondering why life feels so difficult. We don’t sleep because of worry. We are not our best self and life does not feel good.

false, negative beliefs darken our aura, lower our vibe and dim our light

false, negative beliefs darken our aura, lower our vibe and dim our light

The reason we are in such a struggle is that we are ignoring our most wise counsel, our body. We believe that the way to change our lives is to change our minds. Yet it is rather impossible to change our mind using our mind…our mind only knows what it has learned from life experience…it alone cannot tap into the “unknown realm of possibility” like our body can. Therefore, our choices about how to change our life, how to change our body, come from the perspective of “what we know” and despite it not working in the past we think that just means we were too weak and have to be stronger. Hard on ourselves we choose a victimized approach which it to “criticize ourselves for being imperfect and then deny or ‘should’ ourselves toward a goal, toward perfection (which doesn’t exist in that only imperfection is perfect).” Rather it is much more effective to come from a creative and empowered approach which would focus more on “accepting where we are, appreciating ourselves for wanting to change and looking at how to support and re-create ourselves.” Denial only leads to an obsession about the things that are wrong or that we are denying ourself making it impossible to find the answers we seek. We need to awake and realize that though our mind is sacred in its own power it can become stubbornly conditioned and see ourselves and life in this more masculine, punitive way—causing us to feel dissatisfied, afraid and thus keeping us from manifesting our potential. We respond to life and others as a victim rather than a creator. We keep looking for what is wrong and trying to change it…yet the divine feminine would simply look at what is not working and begin to create a whole new way altogether…this can only come from the vibration of LOVE.

Some part of us knows that the life we deeply desire is within our grasp. We have felt this in our body at one time or another, however we doubt and dismiss it. Our body, that which is the manifestation of the Cosmos, the Holy Grail of our true nature, is connected to the realm of unknown, the realm of creation. We must begin to understand that our body is our only access to inspiration, access to new ideas and new possibilities. When we learn to love our bodies by acknowledging them as our sovereign guide we have access to this wisdom.

To trust our inner knowing and live from it, we need to find ways to return to our authentic feminine nature and feel our “yummy, empress-vibrations”–vibes of creativity, passion, love, sensuality, generosity, and motivation. We need to find ways to awake to our true self during the day as much as we can so we condition to a new way of thinking…that then becomes are default pattern–positive vibrations rather than negative vibrations. Our desires then become generated from our true Self rather than our egoistic nature and thus we make wise choices and set intentions for our day that come from our soul. We need to let these sacred vibes infuse and inform our beliefs and behaviors. These feel so natural making us happy and we become inspired to move forward into the positive future rather than keep thinking about how to overcome our negative past–which rarely works. And our positive future is this moment right now.

BBBBBB Cycle of Transformation

BBBBBB Cycle of Transformation

QisYOU offers the philosophy that the process of transformation becomes “body-centric” rather than a mind-centric one. Because of a mind/body/spirit concept we call “reciprocating influences™”—what happens in our mind happens in our body and what happens in our body happens in our mind. The power behind this empirical truth is that we can shift the way we think by accessing the vibrations of our divine self. This shifts any negative vibrations in our body to soothing, sensual, sacred sensations. These sensations are of an innate loving, intelligent vibration–our inner wisdom. Feeling relaxed we allow these to flow freely through our body and into our consciousness–tempering what we are feeling and how we are thinking. Our ego becomes informed with more compassion, faith and love. We remember we are Love and respond with Love and this reciprocates keeping the love-vibe flowing strongly through our body. This flow empowers us and also flows out into our aura and our environment. It influences others around us and often they become transformed. They often reciprocate in kind influencing our vibe–“reciprocating influences.”

BE the change you wish to see in the world…it takes very few words to make an impression.

KEYS to QThe Key to Q’s message. When we find ourselves lost, hurt, confused and disappointed, worrying obsessively, any negative emotion, this indicates we are disconnected from our inner guidance. Aware, we are empowered and can interrupt this ego-centric generated stress and shift our experience by shifting our vibration. Relaxing our body and re-aligning our posture through stretches and exercises we become conscious of good-feeling sacred-sensual vibes flowing through us…remembering The Secret to Good Posture and Kegels are Key! As a result our soul now has the opportunity to re-wire the circuits in our brain. As we relax into a quick body-meditation and feel these vibes our mood changes, we feel happy and begin to think differently. This moment is the genesis of a new life–continuing to interrupt our stressful patterns with relaxation one moment leads to the next relaxing, awakening moment and over time our beliefs and thus our behavior change easily. Intentions and affirmations arise from within rather than being things “we think we should think and do” as a way of trying to changing our life. Repeating verbal affirmations over and over to convince ourselves to believe something different does not work very well for women in changing how we think. Our path to success in changing and improving the quality and course of our life is by connecting with our body and going within. Our intentions and affirmations then are truly personal and aligned with our soul. They serve us as natural reminders of who we truly are rather than who we “should” be—and therefore feel much easier to achieve…we are inspired to create.

at the heart and head of QisYOU

at the heart and head of QisYOU

At the Heart and Head of QisYOU – we have an innate body/mind/spirit connection. Taking time to acknowledge and awake to our body-consciousness helps us activate our personal power and creative nature. Our spirit informs our mind. We become creators of our lives rather than the victim of circumstance. We may not be able to change the course of events yet we can choose how we respond to it and thus profoundly positively influence the quality of the experience and possibly then the outcome. Yet it is how we respond rather than the outcome that is at the heart of a great life. Are we responding with love or fear?

Reciprocating Influences™

GOOD POSTURE    leads to    LOVING VIBES    leads to    GREAT LIFE !


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