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A woman’s body is the most important relationship in life. It is the gateway to her inner wisdom and the guide to her happiness and fulfillment of her destiny.

  • Every woman is a sovereign–a Queen.
  • Life is good with good posture.
  • Our relationship with our body is the most important in life!
  • Living our greatest life is the result of how we respond..right now.
  • Our smile is our crown jewel, our sex appeal
  • Body-Meditation is essential in activating our personal power.

Every woman is a sovereign–a Queen.

our unique feminine-vibe

our unique feminine-vibe

Every woman is a creation of cosmic and earthly vibrations that have come together in a unique and beautiful matrix to create the special woman that we are–we are sacred. There is no other human being like each one of us and no one except us who can shine our signature light and offer our talented gifts. What is very important for each of us to remember is that unlike what we have believed, “I am not good enough”, the truth is we are more than enough–we are each powerfully essential to the mystical, magical fabric of the world. Living in a rather masculine world, it is often hard to remember how special and important we are. We tend to hide our brightness because of trying to fit in. Yet it is vital we beam bright!

Life is good with good posture.

When we are in good posture we feel confident and beautiful. Our body is balanced, our channels open, and we feel a yummy—soothing, sensual, sacred—vibration flowing through us. We recognize our True Self and are awake to our inner knowing and inspiration. We feel good. It takes fitness of body and mind to have good posture…and fitness is easy if you know what to do and how to integrate it easily into your lifestyle. We look great and our good-vibes draw more good-vibes to us…and through this we manifest the life we desire.

Our relationship with our body is the most important in life!

A Woman's Body: Her Divine Truth

A Woman’s Body:
Her Divine Truth

Our relationship with our body is the key to our happiness and success–it holds the sensations and vibrations of our inner knowing and life-purpose. These vibrations create our unique, feminine-magnetism and our authentic beauty. As such, our body is the touchstone for all our relationships and experiences in life. Our body, whether we realize it or not, is our best friend.

Our body essentially knows two kinds of experiences–relaxed in faith or tensed in fear. And depending upon how our body is “vibrating”, we will experience emotions of either love or hate. And these will influence our thoughts of acceptance or judgment which will influence that we feel either grateful or resentful of life and this will influence whether we are kind or mean to ourselves or to others…and this will create the quality of our life and influence outcomes. And the quality of our life will reciprocate and influence how we feel and think and thus how our body vibrates…we are in a cycle. Therefore, knowing this we gain so much power over our life experience and how to create the quality of life we deeply desire when we realize that our body shapes who we are…and thus when we help our body relax and be healthy and fit…we are empowered. The key to a good, happy life is to love our body first so that we can love all of our self and thus offer authentic love to others.

When we begin to pay compassionate attention to the messages that flow naturally within our body, meaning when we are fully at ease and comfortable, we realize there are innate vibes of love and harmony that are the vibrations of who we truly are. We awaken to the truth that we are both human and divine. We begin to understand how false the belief that “I am not good enough” is and begin to awaken to our Divine Truth that “I am more than enough, I am special and unique.” Awake, we begin to understand how sacred our body is–the Holy Grail of our sovereign, sacred power. We become innately respectful and appreciative of our body and begin to forgive and even appreciate its imperfections. Centered in our true self we find we delight in who we are and feel confident and lovable–as a result we have greater loving-kindness and acceptance for others. We become conscious of our true purpose and power in life and this raises our feminine-vibe. We feel sexy and radiate sensuality–a woman’s most yummy, attractive and creative self. We respond in ways that help to fulfill our destiny–making healthy lifestyle choices becomes natural and enjoyable. Learning how to work with our body’s vibration we shift the negative aspects of who we are and open to the positive, loving, beautiful vibration we are–we fall in love with our body and become the woman we want to be. We are happy and look gorgeous.

no matter what weight, size, shape, age you are, your beauty is in your vibe, your radiance!”

Living our greatest life is the result of how we respond…right now!

Our greatest power in life is how we choose to respond to people and events right now! Our greatest opportunity to respond with grace, empathy, compassion and wisdom is when we are “present-minded”–when we are conscious of our body. Only our body dwells in the present moment and since it holds the vibrations of our feminine knowing it is key that we become conscious of her sacred messages. Dwelling on our past and worrying about our future will never bring us the the happiness we seek. The past is gone and the future is not yet here, both of which are fabrications of our mind. We have no real control over what has gone or is yet to come–making us feel out of control and helpless. Our responses are usually negatively dramatic as a result.

6Bs WHTThis moment is the only real opportunity for magical creativity and is the first moment of our future! We can choose to create this moment, and thus the quality of our lives, in any way that we want. Centered in our Body we have access to our true selves, our Being, and awake to our true core Belief–“I am sacred, special and beautiful”. Conscious of the Divine Truth, our true power we begin to choose Behaviors that respond to life with love. We begin to Become the lovely, radiant woman we want to be. Remembering to stand tall, smile brightly and take slow, smooth, deep Breathes often throughout our day keeps us calm and centered and thus our unique light bright. Radiant we attract wonderful relationships and extraordinary experiences and opportunities. Our body feels good, we feel great and we think good thoughts and behave graciously and these good-vibes reciprocate and our body feels even better. Our sacred nature, our being, rather than our ego, becomes that which determines our response to life and our behavior toward others.

Our smile is our crown jewel, and our sex appeal!


true happiness!

The most powerful response in life is to stand tall, open your heart and SMILE, BIG!  Science tells us that when we smile we activate muscles in our face that trigger hormones and neurotransmitters that stimulate our brain with good feelings…and these good feelings make us smile more. QisYou looks at this more metaphysically…smiling activates the yummy vibrations of our true self. Standing tall we strengthen the flow of this divine energy through our chakra channels and begin an instant remarkable transformation. Our body gets a wonderful, healthy boost to our immune system. Feeling great physically and feeling super positive emotionally, we become the kind, compassionate and beautiful woman we want to be. We feel calm and more confident about our self and life. We smile more. We feel happy and innately inspired to love…particularly we feel more loving toward our self. Filled with self-love we experience unconditional love for others and begin to treat others with greater respect, kindness and love. Filled with self-love we feel happy and we look gorgeous and sexy! We smile more. Others are attracted to our radiance and they feel good. They smile…and feel sexy too! The whole world is smiling.

Some of the greatest advice in life is to smile even though you don’t feel happy in the moment…you will.

Meditation is essential in activating our personal power.

our channels of sacred vibrations

our channels of sacred vibrations

Any meditation practice is hugely powerful in helping us feel grounded, uplifted, opened and centered. Some believe it is the only activity that can help us consciously connect with our inner wisdom. More traditional meditation practices focus on quieting the mind while QisYOU takes a more “body-centric” approach, i.e. quieting and calming the body. Taking a moment to stand tall, close our eyes, smile gently, touch our heart while taking several slow, smooth, deep breathes is a hugely powerful meditation. The slow breathes instantly slow our heart rate and lowers and our blood pressure. Our touch activates the sensation of being soothed. We have stopped the negative, stressful cycle we were just in and created the chance to feel, think and act differently. Acknowledging our body with this act of love by touching our heart we have honored the sovereign, lovely woman that we are…we have activated our heart chakra, our innate vibrations of compassion and loving-kindness. This is the greatest meditation experience and this moment of attention and appreciation for our body puts us instantly in touch with our true self and back on our path to our destiny.

QisYOU guides you toward the best relationship with your body becoming the woman you want to be–a gift to the world of beauty, love and spirit.t The best response and gift a woman can offer the world is to stand tall, open your heart and smile, BIG! 

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