Have you wanted to look and feel wonderful always…no matter what you are wearing, your weight, shape, size or age? Have you wanted to feel more healthy and be fit?

You can–because your beauty is not in these aspects of you but rather in your feminine-vibration, your radiance. This is absolutely true…men of all ages have actually stated that what they are attracted to most is the energy of a woman more than how she looks. They say they like a woman’s aire of confidence–a woman who is wise and knows what she wants–and who is also calm yet light-hearted, kind and fun. A woman they can be comfortable with and laugh with is the one they find sexy. This may seem like a conversation about the intimate relationship between men and women yet this all applies at work. It is not about looking sexy but rather exuding confidence. A woman who feels sexual and sensual feels more powerful. And men see and feel that confidence and begin to see us as competent.

We have all seen women who may not be the best dressed or in the best shape and who are much older than we are and we are drawn to them, want to get to know them, feel inspired by them and find them utterly beautiful. We have also seen women who are dressed in the ultimate fashion and in great shape and yet we may not find them very attractive, let alone beautiful. It’s all in their vibe.


Queen Is YOU

QisYOU (She) is about helping you activate your vibe!” She helps you connect with your feminine creativity and feel your sexy, vibrant self. She helps you express who you truly are. She shows you how to start your day centered in your most powerful and vivacious self…and how to reconnect with your inner knowing in times of self-doubt and worry. You will learn how to quickly shift your negativity–stress puts a pallor over your outlook, drains your energy, and dims your beauty–look at your face and posture in the mirror and you see it in your vibe. You will help you learn how to transform yourself instantly from feeling and thus appearing like a woman who is insecure and shy or stressed and irritated to one who is confident, sensual, engaging, kind, loving and fun! You connect with your authentic, gracious inner sovereignty and become inspired to treat yourself as you deserve to be treated…as a Queen.

QisYOU will show you how to deepen this instant “magical make-over” into your journey for transformation of who you are and thus of your life. She will show you how to have a deep and loving relationship with your body–key to living your happiest life. The things you have always wanted to feel in life are all within you and now it is time to bring them forth and create the quality of life you deeply desire.

the greatest accomplishment in life is to be the best version of your self–meaning to live your life according to your “higher-purpose”–that which is to be kind and loving.

the greatest accomplishment for a woman is to be her true, vivacious feminine self–sharing her qualities of creativity that nurture, love, accept, appreciate, consider, include and inspire others…her power to build communities and “help others live well.” 

 QisYOU offers you a simple yet magic formula to instantly become the woman you want to be.

You are your posture–and learning good posture you can change your life. You will be transformed when you “stand tall, open your heart, and smile, BIG!”…and breathe. Trying it you experience a shift in your body’s vibration and awaken to your power to make this your greatest day. You discover your unique, sacred, “signature-vibe” and become exquisitely beautiful–you look radiant! Centered, you are awake to your inner knowing and feel calm, wise, even sovereign–happy!

stand tall, open your heart and smile, BIG!

stand tall, open your heart and smile, BIG!

This magic formula is the culminating experience of the transformational concepts, postural exercises and body-meditations™ discussed in QisYOU–they help you cultivate your body-mind-spirit consciousness and learn how to access your inner knowing and personal power easily.

Body-meditations™ and good posture exercises deepen your relationship with your body and open you to your true self–your inspiration to live your greatest life and be happy. Good posture is important to a great life. There is a very powerful, even magical, body-mind-spirit experience to good posture. It affects how you look, yet is vital to how you feel and to who you are–the magic! Overtime, good posture helps shift inhibiting, false, negative core beliefs to a loving self-image–you become aware of “the innate perfection of your imperfections” and that you are “more than good enough, exquisite.” This improves your mood, your outlook, your creativity, your health, your appearance and how you think and behave–more magic! Good posture is powerfully influential to how others see you and to the quality of interactions in your relationships–magic! You feel good and look great and life becomes more fulfilling!

Good Posture  —   Loving Vibes   —   Great Life!!


A Woman's Body: Her Divine Truth

A Woman’s Body: Her Divine Truth

Our body essentially knows two kinds of experiences–relaxed in faith or tense in fear. And depending upon how our body is “vibrating”, either yummy, soothing, sensual, sacred vibes or irritating, anxious, frenetic vibes, we will experience emotions of either love or hate, respectfully. And these will influence how much we accept or judge our body and our selves which will influence whether we feel grateful or resentful of life which will influence whether we are kind or mean to ourselves which will influence whether we are kind or mean to others which will influence how they respond to us which will influence the quality and outcomes of our life which will influence whether we are on our path to fulfilling our destiny or not which will influence whether we are happy or sad, content or miserable. Therefore knowing this, we gain so much power over our life experience and how to create the quality of life we deeply desire…we may not control the events necessarily but we can control how we feel about them and thus how we respond making them either more or less stressful or enjoyable. The key to a good, happy life for a woman, the key to changing our beliefs and thus our behaviors and lifestyle, is to love our self so that we can love others and respond well.

The key to loving our selves is to love our body. Though many of us think that loving our body is complicated it is actually quite simple…an really fairly easy. The key to self-love is to give your body the attention, affection, comfort, kindness and love it deserves by doing simple acts of self-loving kindness rather than the incessant criticism we typically feel. Such expressions and acts of self-love would be to place your hand on your heart and belly and/or stand tall and/or open your chest and/or smile, big!…any such simple act begins to deepen your love for your body. You are giving your body your attention and it will instinctively relax and calm it’s vibration. Try it now as you read on. As a result, you awaken to your sacred self immediately because of the sensations in your body–your sacred self is you and “she” loves you. Infused with this feeling we become more and more inspired, confident and motivated about what to do and say. We enjoy life more.

In other words, we need to take the time to deepen our relationship with our body. This is simple and easy if we know what to do and do it. And what to do is simple and easy because it means taking only a few minutes to pay attention to what our body feels and then responding to it with these acts of love. We begin by taking a moment or two to be still and breathe deeply until we feel calm. Feeling relaxed, we feel a yummy vibration flow through us and if we let it completely infuse and envelop us we realize that we are both human and divine…feeling innate love and harmony flowing through us. And then we have our “aha” moment…how could we not love and respect that which is divinely given…the Holy Grail of our divine nature. Where once we may have thought of our body as merely our vessel in life to control and manipulate for our own agenda trying help ourselves feel better about who we are, we begin to delightedly understand our body is our most sacred advisor and BFF.

Right now, practically every woman has a terrible relationship with her body and this essentially holds her back from expressing herself creatively and fulfilling her dreams. We feel hate…the only other option is love and that clearly is not what is going on in our culture. As a result of our body-hate, we dislike ourselves and thus our life tends to be one of misery. We may try to hide this yet it is evident because our vibe is low and our light is dim. Without a doubt we need to change this…and not just for ourselves. The world is waiting for this healing of our Divine Feminine Vibration!

QisYOU offers this “magic formula”…experiencing in this very brief body-meditation™ we now have a reference point and can use it to give us the power to reconnect with our body and activate our personal power any time we choose–instant makeover! Being in good posture and meditating on our sensations our vibration rises and our light shines bright…we become radiant!




QisYOU is about our happiness. We want to be happier and more content in life and many of us keep looking for the right relationship, the right job, the right family dynamics, the right _____, so we can feel like the right woman. Yet these won’t make us happier unless we are essentially already happy and content. Given that we are hard on our selves and critical of our bodies we wonder if genuinely loving ourselves is really possible. Feeling stressed by life most of the time we wonder if genuine happiness is possible. They are possible! The proof is the magical truth that when we awaken to the yummy vibe within that is our sacred nature we feel our innate beauty and perfection and realize that the woman we want to be is within–a loving, vibrant, sensual, wise woman. We simply need to activate her and bring her out. It must be pointed out that takes practice–part of our human psychology is to default to fear and doubt and therefore we need to find ways to consistently interrupt this kind of thinking and ultimately condition to a positive outlook. QisYou shows us that the way is through our body.

“its all in our vibration!”

Many of us struggle with loving ourselves–because we hold on to a false, core belief that “I am not good enough”…the result of incessantly comparing ourselves to worldly standards that don’t honor the divine feminine. These negative beliefs become the filters through which we interpret our life and as a result we feel discouraged. Living in a guilt-ridden society we turn disappointments inward as personal weaknesses and failings. To relieve our unhappiness we often pursue psycho-therapy and prayer to help us sort out our feelings, beliefs and perspectives. Yet what we will experience in QisYOU is that personal transformation seems to become more authentic and permanent in our psyche and life-spirit when we also engage our body in the process.

adventurous heart

adventurous heart

QisYOU shows us how to open to our Divine Truth and the sacred, core belief that “I am more than enough, I am special, I am beautiful, exquisite,” through a deepening relationship with our body and soul. We begin to experience that true happiness comes only from within. By opening to our body and feeling that soothing, sensual, sacred, yummy vibration of our soulful, true nature we awaken to a sense of innate peace and contentment. We feel loved and the filter through which we evaluate our life becomes one of self-love.

Centered within our soulful self, we start to realize that disappointments are the experiences we need to grow into the best and most sacred version of ourself. As a result, our obsessive drive to fulfill our dissatisfied ego softens. Ego-driven pursuits rarely satisfy our souls. Delightedly, we start to realize we become much less concerned about the “right” anything…often what we thought we so desperately wanted changes. Instead of being passionate about getting to a particular goal we become passionate about the juicy journey of love and life itself…awakening to that powerful feeling and sense-of-self we have been seeking all along.

We certainly want a degree of dissatisfaction in life, and even in our self, so that we awaken to a deep desire to pursue our dreams and destiny. Yet it is vital this drive be tempered with inner wisdom and feminine creativity in order that we can be sure our dreams are of our soul’s desire–that which resides only within our body. More conscious, our understanding of the mystery of life expands and we start to cultivate a sense of greater acceptance of its challenges.

We awaken to our personal power and sovereign authority opening to new ways of thinking and thus of responding to life–making our journey most meaningful. We learn to allow our feminine creativity to flow through us and flourish in the daily living of our lives…we begin to feel a gentle true happiness.


earthly elegance

earthly elegance



QisYOU is about our earthly elegance, magnetic vitality and adventurous heart. 



inner guide to the top!

inner guide to the top!

Realizing that our body is the sacred vessel of divine wisdom we begin a very fun, fascinating  and meaningful relationship. We learn to awaken to the vibrations of our body and use them as our guide through life. We begin to feel a deep sense of love and respect for our body. Our body becomes our most trusted advisor and best friend. Partnered with our body, our sacred-self, we realize our authentic personal power in life is how we choose to respond. Our best response comes when we are aware of our vibe and raise it from negative to positive, from fear to faith, from hate to love.  Conscious of our inner knowing we behave with grace and kindness toward ourselves and others.

Loving ourselves is the power to genuinely love others…and in various unexpected ways our love-vibe comes back to us. We experience what we call “reciprocating influences”–being in good posture and smiling, I feel good about me and feeling good about me I am in good posture and smiling…and being in good posture and smiling I feel empowered and behave with greater love and kindness making others feel good–and who often reciprocate in kind making me feel good. The world becomes a kinder, happier place.

couples aura 22Our relationships improve. One of the greatest secrets about our posture and vibration is that they affect how we interact with others and how comfortable others feel interacting with us–our vibe is contagious! As we experience our transformation in good posture our understanding about “personal power” becomes one less about control and manipulation to get our way and rather one about offering the best of who we are to others. We begin to realize our judgement of others only creates negative vibrations within ourselves and between us, never resulting in anything positive. More accepting of ourselves, we accept and allow others to respond as they need to without ridicule or judgement–our communication becomes more collaborative than competitive. Our relationships with men become stronger. Centered in our true self, we see more of the best in men and look for healthier ways to communicate and connect. All our relationships are more honest and authentic, more intimate and fun.

nature's aura and beautiful vibe

nature’s aura and beautiful vibe

We see this in nature all the time. We may think that we are looking at a beautiful flower and of course we do see the flower. Yet we see much more than that…we see its vibration, its aura. And we see this vibration because we actually feel this vibration. Plant life aura is incredibly beautiful to us and makes us feel wonderful because it is a resonant vibration with our true nature. Nature is an true aphrodisiac. Our own aura shifts to be in harmony with it…why we love nature so much–we see and feel our true selves. The point being that we too have an incredibly beautiful aura that others can sense and see…they not only sense it but their aura becomes positively influenced by it. As they feel good in our presence they see us as the source of this beauty.

Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder but rather in your vibration and how it makes them feel.

magnetic vitality

magnetic vitality

And through this brilliant journey inward with QisYou, we begin to realize that our beauty is not so much in our appearance but rather in the radiance of our vibration–we each have a very special and unique, a signature, vibe which comes alive when we stand tall, open our heart and smile, BIG! We become conscious of our inner BEING and believe in our own perfection and behave with grace–we exude this inner beauty and become vibrantly  magnetic!

Candidly, we are all attracted to what looks and feels sexy. Why is a flower an aphrodisiac? Why is iPhone the biggest selling smart phone? Because they are sexy. There is nothing more sexy and attractive than a woman who is in good posture, walking slowly and smiling brightly. She radiates confidence, kindness, wisdom, delight, passion, fun and love! She loves who she is and has faith in the goodness of life–we see and feel it in her vibration. She looks like someone we can be inspired by and comfortable with…have fun with feeling loved and accepted.


A Reflection: What we believe drives how we behave and thus what we become. Do you respond from your BEing, the woman you want to be, or from your egoistic self, the woman you wished you weren’t sometimes?

I have come to realize that our life-purpose it to love and be loved…and thus our most adventurous journey is to learn to love ourselves. For women this means we must learn to love our body.” 

PLEASE JOIN US for a sexy, uplifting conversation!

QisYOU is where we can share our experiences, challenges and joys…through this blog we support each other on our journeys to have a healthy and loving relationship with our body.

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