“Being a fitness professional I have learned the power of our body to shape who we are…how we feel, think and behave.”

Patricia has been in the fitness industry for 25 years. A highly respected corporate executive and motivational speaker. She delivers high-vibration, fun seminars that encourage participants to find their best, personalized formula for maximizing their life experience.

Her expertise is in managing large scope, multi-service, luxurious fitness club sites within urban settings—East Bank Club, Equinox, Sports Club/LA, and Club One Fitness. Patricia focuses on cultivating “high-vibration” club cultures to create great employee and member experiences–very high-level personalized service. Having been a student of Vipassana meditation for over 15 years, she incorporates many mind/body concepts on-the-job.

We all need to be inspired to live our life to the fullest, personally and professionally. Our fit body is our greatest inspiration in life.”

To that end, Patricia’s leadership style mentors colleagues to find their inspiration in life from within. She employs unprecedented organizational paradigms that are ’spiral ‘ rather than hierarchal in nature…encouraging greater communication, open relationship, and creative collaboration through all levels of the organization.

Patricia is also a personal trainer and life coach. Her particular interest is the “psychological-side” of fitness…meaning the positive impacts to our self-esteem and personal perspective through exercise. Her area of particular focus is women in fitness and the power of good posture, in her words, “…the psycho-spiritual benefits of a very healthy and intimate relationship with our body. Our fit body is the strongest source of true inspiration.” Her first book, The Rugged Walker: Great Workouts for The Great Outdoors, demonstrates this perspective. It focuses on the physical conditioning of rugged-trail walking and circuit-training using the natural props of the great outdoors while absorbing the psycho-spiritual benefits of connecting with nature. Patricia has taught fitness programs for women for the past 8 years.

M.S., Exercise Science and Cardiac Rehabilitation, Northeastern Illinois University and UC Berkeley.

BA, Economics/German, University of Notre Dame, University of Innsbruck.

Publishing: free-lance writer for IDEA Fitness Manager, Book: The Rugged Walker: Great Workouts for the Great Outdoors, Human Kinetics Publishers.


MY JOURNEY: “I have not been the happiest person all my life…successful yes, but not happy. Maybe I am not alone.  I wanted to feel loved just for being me, but I never really did. I always felt an emptiness that drove me to achieve, incessantly yearning to reach some sort of goal thinking it would make me lovable. I became the good little, catholic girl to see if people would love me then, gave gifts to see if people would love me then, tried to be the “rescuer” to alcoholic relatives to see if people would love me then, became the perfect student to see if people would love me then, became a good wife to see if people would love me then, became a bright professional to see if people would love me then, strove to be as powerful, as well respected and as important, as men to see if people would love me then. I kept waiting for the ‘right’ reaction from my parents, from the Church, from men at work, and many others to make me feel loved. I saw my life through a filter of constant disappointment as a result. And it wasn’t till I realized that no matter what others think of me or how they treat me I am responsible for how I I feel. I am responsible for feeling loved or not. I am responsible for feeling like a victim or feeling like a creator. And I am responsible for being the love-vibration in the world.  

SELF-LOVE--the green of compassion and the blue of personal truth

SELF-LOVE–the green of compassion and the blue of personal truth

A GREAT BREAKTHROUGH. I became a devoted spiritual student stepping away from religious practices and beliefs to explore what the heck was going on in my psyche. In my practice I realized just how much I disliked myself–I loathed my self and hated my body. I was shocked to be so conflicted about being a woman…because I so envied the power men had. It was stunning when I discovered a strident woman in the back of my mind incessantly berating me for everything I thought, did and said, and of course for how I looked…I was brushing my teeth one morning at a 10-day silent meditation retreat in the desert and while looking at myself in the mirror I heard her screaming at me, “you look awful and you are brushing your teeth wrong.” She went on and on. I needed to become that quiet after 5 days of meditating and no conversation or connection with others to be able to finally hear how loud she was and how adamant and unforgiving…and how she kept influencing me to believe I was inadequate and that my life was a disappointment. More profoundly, I was stunned to realize how much she drove me to achieve in life to the extent that I set myself up to compete, especially with men, to gain power, recognition and success. I was so surprised to realize how much of a “man-women” I had become–hard, strident, aggressive, competitive. Nothing about me felt soft, or sensual or beautiful.  I realized that I didn’t really have any sense of my femininity and feminine sexuality.  I was brought up to ignore my body and sexual desires…feeling horribly guilty for many years for wanting to have sex and explore it for more than the purpose of having children. 

At first I was appalled and hated her, this nag in the back of my mind. I felt so hurt and betrayed by the world. Yet then I began to feel an overwhelming vibration of compassion for her. Wow,how hurt she must feel to be this angry. Wow, how hurt I must feel to be this angry. I could feel it all. And now my journey began. During my meditations for the next 5 days, I just felt my body. I felt how ravaged it felt having carried all this anger and hurt for so long. Then I felt the relief of the deep breath and the calming sensations as I sat still. And the powerful vibes of confidence that rose up when I sat tall–like a queen upon her meditation mat. I became witness to my self and with a more objective perspective could see that all that I believed that made me unhappy were things I was taught…and they were false. The sensations in my body were the truth, there was no denying that. And they were awakening me to my power, my compassion, my wisdom and beauty–to my true self. They were my connection to something grander than my ego. This was my “aha” moment, my body helped me experience an aspect of myself that I had not fully engaged in my life…my sacred, sensual, sovereign self, my sensual, sexual self. “She” has always been within yet over-shadowed by my strong, arrogant ego–things I believed telling me to suppress her. Awake to this remarkable, yummy vibration flowing through my body I knew I was tapped into the Divine Truth and I began to fall in love with my body…with my self and my life.”

I made the remarkable and hugely relieving discovery that through much of my life i had suppressed my sexual desires and as a result I was stifling my sensuality and creative spirit. I was relieved because I found an answer and with that hope. Getting back in my body on the meditation mat Something profound dropped into place. I felt an amazing calmness come over me and yet felt so energized…unlike anything I have felt before.

bodylove, selflove, otherlove, planetlove

As many of us do when children, I believed my parents didn’t love me and so I believed I was unlovable…only to realize later in life they did love me in their way…and it counts. And it is up to me to accept it and let it in…or not. Everyone in life is just doing the best they can. And more importantly though is the realization that whether they loved me the way I wanted them to or not doesn’t have to affect whether I love myself or not. I have learned that when we depend so much on others approval we give our power away, our power to create and love the way that is our unique gift to the world. It is not what others feel and think about me that is important but rather how I feel about me. It is not so much how much others love me but rather how much I love myself that is important. In this moment on the mat I realized I needed to call my power back. Loving myself is a choice–a choice to place my hand on my heart, on my body, and feel the Love-vibe that resides within, a divine love meant just for me. Feeling the yummy vibrations of this love I am reminded of how unique, special, sensual, sacred and beautiful I am–I am reminded of the message of the gods. Only when I learn to love my body, will I love myself, with I love others, will I love the planet. And through this experience and connection with my body I have awakened to my greatest ‘aha’ in my life thus far–that learning to love myself doesn’t have to take years…it can happen in an instant…it happens every time I feel grounded, uplifted and centered in my body, when I

stand tall, open my heart and smile, BIG!



I developed QisYOU to remind me that when I feel disappointed and discouraged, it is a signal that I am disconnected from my true self, disconnected from my inner self-love and wisdom. I have become unconscious to the Divine flowing through me.

Using the tools in this program I raise my unique, signature vibration and once again feel the soothing, sensual, sacred sensations of my sovereign self. I become conscious of my innate core belief and values. I become the best version of myself, the woman I want to be instantly. I am empowered to respond to life from my innate sovereign self with love and wisdom…and make this moment, and thus the beginning of the rest of my life, the greatest it can be.

The postural exercises and body-meditations™ help “get me back in my body”—I am my body, my body is me—the Holy Grail of my life-purpose and destiny. I feel better, happier…more loving of my body and myself instantly. I become more gracious, accepting, kind and loving toward others…helping me to fulfill my calling–to support others, women particularly, to live well. I become radiant, beautiful, and magnetize to me all good things in life. And I walk on in life feeling contented because I have realized that the greatest success in life is to be happy and to love and be loved–and I have discovered that the happiness I seek is in my relationship with my body and comes from loving all of myself.

Awake to Divine Truth: that happiness is within…we are born innately sacred and the journey of life is to stay awake to this inner vibe of love so that we create our most beautiful, stunning, brilliant human selves. 


These adventures were key in my awakening to the sacredness of my body as the gateway to my spiritual path and inner knowing. I realized my most loving partner in life is my body–so wise, compassionate, capable and loving.

Sitting at a 10-Day Silent Meditation Retreat in Yucca Valley, Climbing Half Dome, Volunteering for the Red Cross Katrina/Rita Disaster.


-story to come.

El Capitan, Half Dome, Bridal Veil Falls

El Capitan, Half Dome, Bridal Veil Falls

She is majestic. She is the divine!

I think of Half Dome as the divine feminine power manifested here on Earth. And as seen in this picture of Ansel Adams famous view of Yosemite Valley, she sits way back in the valley protected by her beloved, El Capitan.

One of the most remarkable and transformative experiences of my life was climbing Half Dome. It was a gorgeous day in fall of 2009. The day long journey began just before sunrise so I could be at  on top of the Dome no later than noon. Being the end of the season there were not many of us making the hike and yet by the time we got to the top we sort of knew each other…passing each other as we took our rests along the way. Though hiking alone I was not alone–the grace of mother nature is a very bonding experience. I was so fortunate to befriend a father and his 13-year old daughter. After 5 or so hours of high sierra rugged hiking comes the deciding moment just before you get on the cables that I started to back out and this man gave me the gentle encouragement to do it. So after hiking for 3hours climbing up the sheer face holding on for dear life my mind was screaming that this was completely insane–but for the slip of my hand or foot I would be gone, there is nothing to stop me in a 4000 ft drop if I were to fall off. And then it dawned on me why we do this, why people climb so high and risk so much to do it…to get a glimpse of the Divine–the view of nature from so high in the sky makes you realize there is a powerful, remarkable, creative cosmos that is completely here for our benefit—love and happiness. My picture below was taken by my angel of encouragement to make the climb.

I made it to the top! 2009

I made it to the top! 2009

AT THE TOP. It was during this climb that I felt such a remarkable vibration in my body that is “aha” moment for this program. Not only did I appreciate my body and her fitness to provide me such a remarkable experience but when I was on top of Half Dome my body felt so relaxed and invigorated all at the same time…a sense of ease and contentment that I knew was none other the flow of the divine through me. I realized my body has a sacred consciousness of its own. And that when I listen to her she takes me to some of the most remarkable places both within myself and out in the world.

Standing atop Her Majesty’s Crown I realized that I am both human and divine.


One of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. I was in awe of the courage and grace of the people of New Orleans and Beaumont. Though the victims of a horrendous disaster, the appreciation they extended to us and their tremendous gratitude for the help was overwhelming. They opened my heart in the biggest way possible…I have never known a love like that.


earthly elegance, 

magnetic vitality

adventurous heart 

yummy intensity

in progress

I chose my career in fitness because I always had an innate awareness about a powerful energy in my body and that it influenced how I felt. Through my 18 years of classical ballet, masters in exercise science and my 25-year career as a fitness professional I realize this is true…there is a very strong body/mind connection. My fitness, meaning my physical strength, flexibility and endurance, directly influences my sense of confidence, open-mindedness and perseverance. I know I feel more clear-minded and creative after I workout. With good fitness I perform better (sport or recreational activities), am at less risk of injury, stand taller, function well in everyday activities and tasks and have less back aches and pains…and this all makes me feel capable and competent. And through my spiritual practice I realize the incredible power my body has to open my consciousness to a sense of the sacred, of the divine…for example sitting tall/standing in good posture I feel my head reaching skyward into the Cosmos and I become mentally uplifted and actually begin to consider “spiritual concepts”. And kneeling for example I feel a sense of humility run through my body and I remember that I am a mere human. And then when I look up I know I am loved by something mystical. I feel it in my body. Therefore using my good posture (which takes fitness) together with positive gestures I am always using my body to improve my vibrations to regain my confidence to enjoy life more and particularly when facing life’s hardships and disappointments. And it works like a charm!

What really crystalized this understanding of my body/mind consciousness was when I broke my back. At age 35 I crushed my T-7 vertebrae. It was damaged anteriorly which meant I was a candidate for severe kyphosis or collapsing of my chest and rounding of my shoulders…you know, that dowager hump we are all afraid of. Feeling this drop in my chest and droop in my stature, I began to feel the exact same thing emotionally…a drop in my mood and droop in my outlook. I lost my self-confidence and became very grumpy and unkind. Yet when I started working with my body to condition and maintain good posture, I realized I started to feel better and more confident. And the most remarkable thing of all that I noticed was when I was doing exercises to open my chest. lift my sternum and lengthen my upper back I also felt a rush of easy energy from my heart through my body. Emotionally I felt more compassion for myself and an overall sense of feeling more loved and loving (our chest is our heart-chakra, center of the vibration of loving-kindness). I became kind again…and that reciprocated and made me feel good about me which supported me to make good choices in life. As a result I went on a quest to understand more about this body-mind connection…to see if it was true that as humans we embody the vibrations of love and compassion and that they flow more into our consciousness when we use our body in healthy ways.

And so I became a convert

My body is the Holy Grail. Using my body in a healthy way helps me keep my life stuff–my sense of self and purpose, my successes and failures, and my relationship issues–in perspective. It helps me stay connected with my deep spiritual center and be my greatest self. It’s all in my good vibes!

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