Starting a Sexy, Uplifting Conversation… about Our Bodies

QisYou is a conversation with other women about what I believe is the most important relationship in our life – our relationship with our body. I have been having this conversation in fitness and meditation classes and wellness retreats all over the country and found over the years that it is a very uplifting and sexy conversation. Turns out we all want to be more sexy because it fuels our vibrant, creative, loving self and makes us look beautiful. Feeling sexy lifts us up with enthusiasm for life. This inspired me to design the program QisYou, and this blog as a way to share it with you. Enjoy! Life is all about our vibration!

QisYou helps keep our sexy, sacred, soothing vibration strong by showing us techniques for good posture and body-meditation™. This supports us to be connected with our inner truth and wisdom. We recognize our body as holy and thus feel intrinsically motivated to make the choices to live and love well…to become the women we want to be. We experience life with greater ease, joy, love, faith and fun. The truth for me…how we experience life and enjoy it comes down to how we respond to it– and our best response comes from our inner knowing. “Its all about our vibration!”

My new philosophy on life: Our body always knows the best answer! And our fit body is our greatest inspiration!”

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