Body-Meditations for Anywhere


In the boardroom or the bathroom. The ultimate benefit of this body-centric technique is that it can be done anywhere, anytime. You may think that the benefits of meditation only come from the more traditional prescriptions of “meditating at least 30 minutes a day in a quiet space”. Not true. Any moment that you do something to interrupt your stress and help yourself feel calmer and more “present” is a very powerful practice. You instantly regain control of your negative mind-set and shift it to be more confident and hopeful. Taking this moment to calm down and “give your body some love” is a huge relief and reboot to your immune system. And the great thing is that these brief Body-Meditations will help motivate you to go to the meditation mat and begin a more in-depth practice–where there is a miraculous, permanently transforming journey to be experienced.

These quick body-meditations can be done easily and without embarrassment. They are extremely powerful in helping you ground, uplift, open and center yourself within moments. While standing tall in line at the grocery store, driving in the car or sitting in a board meeting (even one that happens to be mostly men), you can place your hands on your thighs or for a quick moment on your heart and instantly you are “back in your body” and back in you. You become aware of your body relaxing and this creates a conscious connection to the innate love-vibe that is always flowing through your body–and you feel good. With a few deep breathes you can make the vibe stronger so it flows into your consciousness–you become more aware of yourself and of what is happening…and less over-emotional and more clear-minded. You have all of you, your body, mind, and soul, all activated to help you choose your best response in this moment–expressing yourself fully and authentically and calmly and becoming the woman you want to be.


Manifest your Dreams–a moment by moment reality

What we are thinking or doing this moment sets us up for the next moment of our lives. And that becomes our future.

No matter where you are or what you are doing you can activate these wonderful empowering sensations and “raise your vibe” within a moment. Taking a moment to be in good posture, take a deep breath and feel the sensation in your body several times during your day may be the most important thing you can do to change your life and manifest your dreams. This moment interrupts a stress cycle and calms you while boosting your immune system. This moment activates clear-thinking and calm, positive responses in the midst of chaos and keep your from saying or doing something you regret–and generating bad karma. And you can stay with the body-meditation a few more minutes and let your Empress-Vibe saturate your whole body and rejuvenate and renew you in a more depth-ful way.


Here are some times you can easily work one-minute body-meditations into your day. There are many times when we find ourselves having to wait…in line at the grocery, in traffic, riding a train, on an elevator, for your order at lunch, for a meeting to start, on hold, on the elevator…and most of us feel frustrated. Yet these are the greatest opportunities to practice “mindfulness”–being calm and positive–and to “raise your vibe”, to center yourself in your true self and connect with your inner knowing. And aaaaallllso and which you may not realize, it is excellent to do a minute body-meditation right in the middle of something else you are doing. For example, you can do this body-meditation while driving in traffic, in a business meeting while someone else is speaking, at your desk while clearing emails, while watching TV, in your morning shower, walking to the train, hiking a mountain, swimming in a pool…these are “active” meditating as apposed to “passive”. The point being that any moment we stand or sit or move in good posture, take slow, smooth, full breaths and place our hand on our body we are in the most important place in the world–the here and now–and thus a chance to be our best, best self. The optimal place to start to begin to integrate a minute body-meditations into your day is to do your first one in bed.

bed-woman-stretching-in-bed-after-wake-up-back-view-292934846BEFORE GETTING OUT OF BED. Before you get out of bed in the morning take a moment to sit up tall and ground, uplift, open and center. This will be the most powerful of all minute body-meditations of your day. It releases what tension may have come from your sleep as well as helps to align and energize your body. You physically and mentally have set your intention for the day…to be calm, present and kind and start anew…this is the first day of the rest of your life.

EVEN IN TRAFFIC. It may seem odd to say that you can meditate while in a traffic jam, yet it may be one of the most powerful times to do it. If you focus on the fact that meditation is about learning how to stay calm in the middle of chaos, you will realize that driving in traffic can be one of the best training grounds.

supports your upper spine so you sit taller

shift your bad posture to good and feel your body in the seat…slow, smooth, breaths

Traffic challenges us to our core…we basically get very stressed in traffic because we essentially have no control. We get frustrated, angry, even depressed. Therefore what could be a more perfect chance to practice calming your body and thus calming your mind. And the negative emotions we have in traffic also gives us a fantastic opportunity to practice one of the most beloved of meditation practices…Metta or “loving-kindness” meditation. Loving-Kindness meditation, where we cultivate a more compassionate and tolerant attitude toward ourselves and others, is held as the most important and powerful of meditation practices because it is focused on strengthening the greatest power we have in life…to feel loved and to express love.  The body-meditation technique helps you awaken this vibe in your body (rather than try to conjure it up in your mind.) What you will realize by learning this art of metta and feeling the vibration of loving-kindness flow through your body and into your consciousness that metta is the most calming and sacred of all vibrations…it is the essential vibration of your inner knowing, that which is LOVE. What better place to cultivate more patience and acceptance of others, to extend more patience and kindness to others, than when you are in a traffic jam…where everyone else is being a jerk.

Now remember the key is to let your body be your guide. Instead of trying to tell yourself that you shouldn’t think other people are jerks and idiots and that you should extend to them more kind and compassionate thoughts, just focus on calming your body. If you try to change your mood and mind by directly trying to change your mood and mind it will never work. Calming your body and feeling good will…because when good vibes infuse your consciousness they influence a more positive mood and kinder thoughts…calming your body and activating your chakras will activate the innate vibration of metta, of loving-kindness every time. You will become pleasantly surprised that with this yummy vibe flowing through you, you are willing to relax and go with the slow flow of the traffic. And this greater sense of acceptance of this moment will help you feel more at ease and thus less critical of others, of your friends on the road.

Traffic is so perfect to learn so much about yourself: your impatience, your critical and unkind mind, your willingness to lose control and be easily angered, and your sense of victimhood…you against the world. The worst traffic jam is one of the best experiences to challenge yourself and practice a healthier way to manage your stress and cultivate a more positive perspective about life and yourself…to become the woman you want to be.

Sit tall and contract your Kegels

Sit tall and contract your Kegels and raise your Empress-Vibe!

AT YOUR DESK WITH EMAILS. Like driving in traffic emails can wreak havoc on your state of mind and emotions and cause lots of stress. Therefore it is another perfect opportunity to practice your Empress-Vibe meditation. Often times we come across an email that feels negative…someone comes across derogatory or even accusing or hurtful or aggressive. Our guard immediately goes up. And you feel challenged and want to whip off a response in your defense. Yet you won’t. Having worked with your Empress-Vibe you have begun to cultivate a gentle attention to yourself and know when you are in danger of overreacting. So you stop and simply take a slow, smooth, full breath. You feel your body in the chair, your feet on the floor, and you become aware of lifting up and becoming aware of the vibrations in your body. You use your breath to allow the negative energy in your body, just activated by negative defensive thinking, to flow down your spine and legs into Earth. Then you take several breaths and a few kegel contractions to sit tall and use your shoulder blades to open your chest. You feel the energy in your heart chakra begin to flow up and down your body. You have activated your yummy Empress-Vibe. Grounded, uplifted, opened and centered you feel calm and relaxed. Though the other person may have been actually attacking you in the email, you have regained your center and will not respond in kind. You will respond with more objectivity…creating the chance for much better, more authentic communication.

OTHER TIMES that are very powerful to practice your Empress-Vibe body-meditation is whenever you feel uncomfortable with someone.  For example, often times you can find yourself feeling insecure in an important meeting. You can immediately become confident and feel powerful by sitting tall and placing your hands on your thighs and use your breath to “raise your vibe” while listening. You’ll regain confidence. Or perhaps you are the one who is going to give the presentation in the meeting and you are very nervous. Taking a moment to do this body-meditation before you go in will shift your anxiety into calm, powerful confidence in yourself, instantly. Particularly for women when communicating with men, this is a significantly powerful technique to help you stay calm and confident–sit tall, breath deeply, place your hands on your thighs,  face them squarely and look them in the eye. When on a date or at a party, where we all tend to get self-conscious,  you can activate your radiance and sparkle by Standing Tall, Opening Your Heart and Smiling, BiG! Remember your beauty and attractiveness is in your vibe more than how you look.

THERE ARE MANY OPPORTUNE TIMES to practice…”staying calm in the midst of chaos.”