Empress-Vibe Body-Meditation

RaisE your Vibe!

The Empress is Sensual, Nurturing, and Wise
Being present in your “full sensuality” is all you need to do to be the woman you are meant to be. Do a Kegel contraction and move that yummy vibe of passion and creativity up through your body…your sexuality meets loving-kindness and wisdom and you become sensual.

This is a very powerful body-meditation for women. It is so easy to become disconnected from yourself through your day. And particularly living in a masculine culture, we easily lose our feminine vibe. We compete with men much of the time to make our way in the world and thus become rather over-masculine–aggressive and strident. Our feminine-vibe becomes dull and we look and feel dull. We lose our confidence to express ourselves fully and to manifest what we desire in life. Yet there is a quick and easy way to reconnect with your inner sovereign self and raise your Empress-Vibe, anywhere, anytime.

This Body-Meditation is focused on activating your root and sacral chakras…activating your Empress-Vibe. Your Empress-Vibe is your sensual nature, that vibration of you that is connected to Earth, to all things and to LIFE itself. It is your human energy blended with divine wisdom…your sexuality blended with your sacredness, your creative passions blended with your deep heart-felt values. It is your soul mission and lust for life. It is your SENSUALITY. (More of this is discussed in Q’s Body.)

Your Empress-Vibe is the energy flowing through you that is your most creative, calm and fully confident self…that is the vibe of your true self.  We have all felt it at one time or other but seem to let it escape us. Yet we can use this practice to help ourselves keep it activated.  Your sensuality is your personal power. It flows through your chakras and is the merging of all the vibrations from Earth and Cosmos that make you uniquely you and make you woman…it is your inner wisdom: a blending of your erotic, nurturing and wise selves. Your erotic self is the integration of the exotic, sexual and creative energies of your root and sacral chakras: giving you a lust for life (1st/2nd). Your nurturing self is the integration of the personal will-power energies of your solar plexus with the empathetic and compassionate energies of your heart chakra giving you confidence about your life-purpose (3rd/4th).  And your wise self is the integration of the energies of your throat, third eye, and crown chakras which is the awareness of your inner knowing and sacred consciousness giving you the courage to communicate your personal truth (5th, 6th and 7th chakras).

The most important of these is your root and sacral chakras–this where your Empress-Vibe gets ignited. It also is the most important because it is the most suppressed. The source of a woman’s power is her sexual, creative, passionate spirit…the source of which is within her first two chakras. These are located in her hips–the part of you that is your sexual organs and belly of birth.  A woman’s self-esteem is dependent upon the health of her root chakra because it is the aspect of yourself that initiates your connection to the world…it is the chakra through which earth energy enters your body giving you a sense of being here, present and therefore that you matter. Your sacral chakra is in your belly and is your sexual orientation. This is the part of you that gives birth to your creativity–it is your emotional center and that which influences your connection with the Divine Feminine. If your root and sacral chakras are shut down your sense of confidence, the emotion of feeling strong in your feminine power, is very weak. You disconnect from your true self and lose your zest for life and become disengaged and confused about your soul mission and life-purpose. In this masculine-dominated world culture it is challenging to keep this vibration activated and vibrant. Our religious world-view has suppressed the feminine-vibe by relegating it to second-class and even imprisoning in chastity belts. As a result the world belittles a woman’s natural desire for sex, eroticism and lust into the profane and inappropriate. And as a result, the world has very little respect and appreciation for the Feminine, for Mother Earth…for the perspective of our human nature that contributes creativity, compassion, nurture, kindness and generosity. This is the current world-crisis–our society is imbalanced and harsh and our planet in trouble.

I would rather be a woman in her own power than a powerful woman.”


Your power in life as a woman is in your loving relationship with your body…the most important relationship in your life.

This meditation helps you activate and raise your sensual vibe and reclaim your feminine power. You will reclaim your lust for life and be inspired to go forward and contribute what you are meant to in this lifetime.…the Divine Feminine is to love and support others and the planet. Most particularly it is important now for women to bring temperance and balance to the masculine vibe. And it is important to realize that to do this, to love others, you must love yourself first…and that means you must nurture and love your body first. This meditation helps you take a moment in the middle of your day to re-ground yourself in your feminine power: to acknowledge your body, help it release its stress, and thus experience yourself as valuable and sovereign…as Empress. You reground yourself into the Earth and activate your root and sacral chakras, igniting the flame of your yummy, vibrant, sensual wisdom. Instantly you feel a remarkable vibration begin to flow through your body and you start to feel energized, passionate, and confident. Your nagging inner chatter starts to dissolve and you begin to remember your Divine Truth…that you are EMPRESS.

The meditation can be done in a minute or 30 minutes depending upon your need. The body-meditation technique helps you ground, uplift, open and center into your true self…using the same concepts of The Magic Formula for Good Posture. Feeling rooted into Earth while reaching your body up to the Cosmos, you will align and open your chakras and activate the yummy, unique vibration that is who you truly are…Q is YOU.

  • GROUND your body into the rich soils of the Earth. Your body is the Holy Grail made manifest.
  • UPLIFT & OPEN your body so it fills with the wisdom of the Universe.
  • CENTER into your body as you experience the merging of Earth and Cosmic energies that make you uniquely you…and raise your vibe.

IMG_4462 copy Med blog Pg copyTAKE THE SEAT OF THE ONE. Sit in a chair (or on a mat) in good posture and feel your feet( or hips) flat on the ground. Reach your arms over head and stretch through your torso. Then bring your arms down to your lap and place your palms on your thighs. Close your eyes and take 3 full, energetic breathes and as you exhale help your body release tension–inhale through the nose and exhale out through the mouth. Begin to soften your face, even your scalp and around your ears. Feel your hands upon your thighs–making this  conscious connection with your body you immediately come into the present moment. Begin to take slow, smooth, full breathes in and out through your nose. Now notice that doing these few things begins to help your body calm down–the yummy feeling of your true self starts to flow. (Make a mental note that just even doing this–sitting still in a chair taking a few breathes –is a great body-meditation. You feel good instantly.)

GROUNDING. Ground Yourself in Your Feminine Vibe and Activate Your Sensuality

Now, feel your feet on the ground and the weight of your body in the chair or on the mat. Lift or contract your pelvic floor (Kegels/ABS) and imagine you feel a weighted-tether hanging from your tailbone pulling down to the center of the Earth. This weighted feeling from your tailbone and the sensations of your contracted Kegels will tip your hips upright and lengthen your low back…helping you sit taller. Feel both your spine lengthening up while your body is becoming rooted, heavy and weighted–grounded. Next, while continuing to breathe slow, smooth, deep breathes in and out through your nose imagine an empty column as wide as your hips extending down into the center of the earth. Let all of your body’s tension and negative vibrations flow down this column or cord into the center of the Earth–it recycled. Feel your body’s vibration begin to calm…feel released, relaxed, open, empty and here. Now not only does the Earth take your stress but it enlivens you as well–further grounding you. Take several breathes and draw vibrant energy from the Earth up through your feet and legs and into your body–feel new, healthy, refreshing and positive energy.  Do a few Kegel contractions (pelvic floor muscles) to capture this earth-energy in your hips/body.

Your Kegel contraction begins to activate your sensual-vibe. Just be still and breathe while saying the mantra: “just this breath, just this body, just this moment.” You are coming back to your body from the future or the past of your mind. Begin to realize you are becoming conscious of your very existence…you are here now. Focus on the sensations in your body and particularly in your pelvic floor. Your root chakra connects you to Earth, connects you to your body, to your humanness…connects you to this present moment. This is the sensation that you are manifested and have the power to manifest. This is the initial sensation of your sensuality…that you are connected to Earth, that you are organic, that you are creative power. You are beginning to become aware of your own existence and that you matter–your presence in the world is vital to all that is good and healthy.

A woman’s presence, her body, is her power. She need not say a word. 

UPLIFT & OPENing. Uplift and Open Yourself to the spiritual

Now stand up from the chair (mat) and feel your feet rooted into Earth. Reach your body long and tall to Heaven. Feel lifted up and revitalized as Mother Earth flows upward…allow yourself to feel connected to nature and all its rhythms and vibes. Contracting your Kegels/ABS will activate this flow. Continue to lengthen your spine and neck and tuck your chin to hold your head high…keep your crown from falling off. Using your slow, smooth, full breaths move this energy up your spine through your sacral, solar plexus and heart chakras and further up through your throat, third eye and crown chakras and out the top of your head.

Become aware of your breath and the energy moving into the space between your eyebrows…this is your third eye. Feel how this sensation begins to activate another type of awareness. As you breathe in and out from this space feel it energize your mind–feel it refresh your thinking as it clears away foggy confusion. You have now activated your intuition…an awareness of both the physical (your body) and non-physical (the space above your head). Then bring your awareness to the top of your head and feel a crown sitting gently upon your head…this is your sacred consciousness chakra. Breathing deeply feel the top your head open and as you inhale become aware of bringing cosmic energy down into your body and let it flow through your chakras. This cosmic energy is the vibration of spirit, it is inspiration. Keep your breath full and easy.

Raise your arms overhead in the gesture of exaltation. You may feel something like a cosmic sprinkle, a sacred energy, flowing down into your body and may feel it enliven and uplift and open you even more. Then open your arms wide and begin to bring them down behind you. Feel your chest open and your breastbone lift–by pulling your shoulders back and gliding your shoulder blades in toward your spine and down your back. Your sternum will lift slightly. This creates a gentle arch in your upper back yet hold your ABS and Kegels in tight to keep your lower back from over-arching. Keep your shoulders down and your torso strong. Feel your heart opening while you arch your upper back slightly and look up. Breathe. Then bring your arms down to your sides and bring your chin down level to the ground. Feel the uplifted and open sensations in your body. Feel the strength and courage in your body. This begins to help you understand the concept of “carriage”, of how to hold your upper body so that you exude the “presence of a sacred woman.” You feel more confident about yourself. Consider how dancers carry themselves…they have a look of elegance, grace and importance. For a woman this way of carrying yourself is your “presentation” of your heart, of your wisdom, of who you are as a woman…as Empress.

How a woman carries herself tells the world of her power and purpose: she is the gracious vibration of the divine feminine.

CENTERING. Center Yourself in Your True Self, in your Empress-Vibe:

Now bring your hands to your heart and belly…this is your Center, your Chakra-Core (your root, sacral, solar plexus and heart chakras). Placing your hands upon your body immediately activates the sensation of “centering” yourself…i.e. bringing your awareness to your body, to your true self, and thus to this present moment. You become aware of what is happening and aware of your body’s sensations and thus aware of what you are feeling. This mental and physical focus helps eliminate the distraction of worry and regret and gives you the chance to focus on the truth of the moment and of yourself. You become centered.

NAVEL: compress ABS Wall

NAVEL: compress ABS Wall

With your hands providing a bit of pressure on your body, keep lengthening your torso and neck and opening your chest. Breathe slowly, smoothly and deeply becoming more conscious of the sensations in the area in your torso between your hands. Feel your belly and chest rise and fall. Continue to feel energy flowing up from the Earth and down from the Cosmos. Now do a Kegel contraction to capture these energies in your pelvic bowl and imagine them blending…they are blending into the unique vibration that is you…this is the moment when you re-create who you are, and when you begin to manifest the vibrations of your destiny. Take a moment to notice the color and texture, vibration and sensation of your unique vibe–they feel pure, positive, uplifting and true to you. (P.S. This is a very positive thing to do each day because your unique vibe can become dull and because you are always evolving this helps you to keep pace in body and mind with your life changes.)

Focus now on your hands on your belly and make the conscious connection to your hips and sexuality. Squeeze your pelvic floor muscles and draw the sensations up through your belly and body. Feel a rippling up your spine to help you stand tall. As you contract your Kegels, feel the sexual/sensual vibration this creates–the initial sensations of an orgasm. This is what activates your sexual energies and ignites your sensual vibration. It is vital for you to allow yourself to feel this sexual energy. Some of us may try to dampen this sensual/sexual vibration because you feel it inappropriate and you become embarrassed by feeling sexual/erotic anywhere else but during sex…and even then you might feel unsure about it. Yet try to be more tolerant and move past your insecurity and guilt about enjoying the sexual sensation. This yummy vibration is the key to your creativity, passion and magnetic vitality…it is the essential energy of your Empress-Vibe. It may be worth taking some time to reflect on where your sexual inhibitions came from and challenge the underlying beliefs. Your sexual nature is your connection to the Life-force, that which keeps you passionate and creative–the fires that stoke the energy of your life-purpose. They burn up self doubt and this is a very good thing. Try a few Kegel contractions for a minute right now and watch yourself transform.

Now use these pelvic floor contractions to help you contract your lower ABS. This helps move this yummy energy up your torso and spine. This is how you begin to “raise your vibe.” Feel your ABS begin to provide stability to your hips and torso. Continue to take slow, full breathes and lengthen your spine.  Begin to move your “unique vibe” up your torso and through each chakra. As this energy moves through each chakra create a gentle sensation/contraction in that area of your body to strengthen the flow of energy. Imagine that this energy is cleansing as well as activating and blending with the vibrations in each chakra. Imagine that the chakra disc is about the size of a quarter…if our chakras become too large their power is diluted.

As the energy moves through your pelvis, your root chakra, feel it blend with the power of “presence: be here now (connection to Earth, alert to the moment); now as it is moving up through your sacral chakra feel it blend with your emotion and feminine creativity (your passion to give birth to life); further up into your solar plexus feel how it activates and merges with your personal power and will (your unique calling in life-your identity); further up feel it blend with compassion and loving kindness in your heart (relationship, connection to others) ; with truth in your throat chakra (speaking and standing for your inner truth); with intuition in your third eye (a deeper understanding of life than your senses); and as it moves out and above your head feel it blend with sacred wisdom in your crown chakra (an inner knowing of the sacred and an understanding of the communion of human and divine). As you feel this energy flowing through your body become aware that you are activating and controlling this flow of energy…that this is your ability to “raise your vibe”…is your power to create and manifest. This is your SENSUALITY

Now bring your attention to your heart center and as Earth and Cosmic energies flow into your heart-chakra it innately awakens the vibrations and feelings of compassion, love and kindness, generosity and connection. Feel how this begins to feel yummy and soothing as it flows throughout your whole body. Notice how opening your chest begins to activate softer emotions that help to relieve mental and emotional stress, loneliness and doubt. The Love-Vibe is all you need to know and feel in life. The Love-Vibe shapes our positive perspectives. You may even begin to feel relaxed and soft enough to see things in a new light…to let go of struggle and resistance and open to what you may learn instead. Let yourself begin to feel alive and passionate and happy. With your heart and gaze lifted to the Cosmos realize that the yumminess of who you are is the merging of the power of being human with the wisdom of being divine. You become radiant.

you are both human and divine, you are organic and spiritual, you are sensual.


Now bring your awareness into the the center of your head, just behind your third eye. Pay attention to a sense of space here, calm vibrations. We call this awareness “neutral mind”…sort of like a safe zone that is completely objective to all that is happening in your life and in the world. In this space your are completely aware of and in the sensation of your True Self. With this consciousness, you are not thinking about or judging anything, including most especially yourself (which by the way is your greatest sabotage in life). It is un-necessary. But rather you are cultivating an attitude of just being a witness…being a witness to yourself, to your life, and to this moment. Imagine you are sitting on a throne in the middle of your head like a queen sits upon her throne…you see this earthly realm as well as that of the sacred, the Infinite This begins to illuminate your crown a soft gold. Sitting tall begin to feel or imagine that you feel the wisdom that illuminates your crown beginning to flow through your body. You are experiencing your sovereignty and this is your inner wisdom that inspires your Empress-vibration.Take a moment to feel your whole body…to absorb this experience of your true self physically, mentally, emotional. Feel this yummy energy flowing up and down your body from feet to crown, and crown to feet–your Empress-Vibe. Now soften your face into a gentle smile…a smile of a woman who is calm and confident, in touch with her inner knowing and compassionate, sovereign nature. Because you have released your body of stress, grounded it and uplifted it with earth energy, opened it to cosmic vibration, you can now access this sacred, sovereign realm that helps you regain your perspective and reclaim your power in life…you are no longer victim of your life challenges but rather a resilient strategist and creator. You are now a woman who knows her own mind and feels the power of her Empress-Vibe flowing fully through her body and life.You have become the woman you are meant to be.

Now take just one more moment and create a little video of yourself getting up off the mat (char) and walking through your day…see yourself walking in good posture with a big smile and making eye contact with those you pass. Feel how this elegant and fun-loving vibe fuels your self-confidence and self-esteem–you are rehearsing how to stay strong and connected to your True Self in the midst of the chaos in a day that can stress you and make you feel disconnected. You stand tall, open your heart, smile big and breathe right through it. Bring your awareness back to your body now and take your final few slow deep breathes as you begin to bring your awareness back to the external world. Place your hands in prayer over your heart and wish yourself and the world Namaste— you acknowledge the divine being within yourself and within all those in the world.

Feeling sensual you are beautiful.


This meditation helps you remember that happiness and success in life is not about what you have done but who you are…it is about coming home to your Empress-Vibe by coming back to the sacred vessel of our inner knowing so you regain perspective and stop believing in false, defeating world-views and being so hard on yourself. You realize that the greatest power you have and thus the greatest purpose in life is to love and be kind and to let yourself be loved and treated with kindness…this is the greatest source of abundance and contentment…not all that money in the bank we think we need or should have. Your smile brings you instantly into focus with your Divine Truth. At first your smile may feel a little contrived. Yet know that just a moment or two of faking your smile and you will begin to feel and thus remember the truth of genuine happiness…

Also, having experienced this meditation you now have ‘a reference point of sensation’…meaning that anytime you place your hands upon your belly and chest you will instantly feel this sensation in your body–you will become immediately aware of the holy grail of your true self, your body…and you are instantly conscious of the present moment and your purpose. This is a very powerful quick way to “center” yourself, particularly in the midst of a stressful moment. You remember how to carry yourself so you present your true, gracious heart to the world. You begin to feel empowered and sovereign. Queen is you.

Just this breath, Just this body, JUST THIS MOMEnt…Queen is YOU!