Three Daily Body-Meditations™

What you are going to experience 

Before we learn these body-meditations it is helpful to summarized what we are looking to experience. You will notice that these meditations have different poses and movements. Yet they all work with the same essential technique which is to “allow yourself to feel the sensations.” Your goal is to make a strong conscious connection with what your body is feeling by helping the positive sensation grow in power and then focus on how the  growing yummy sensation is making you feel emotionally and mentally. Saying to yourself that this “feels good” helps the good-vibes grow…body, belief, become…breathe. And actually, this mantra is a magical chant and powerful positive vibration of transformation in and of itself.

your mantra: “this feels good.”

These meditations will all have the same affect in shifting you from your negative vibe to your positive, powerful, yummy vibe. Yet each pose or posture will also have a unique vibrational experience. As you perform each different pose pay attention to the particular part of the body and different muscles you are using…I like to call this process “mind in the muscle”. Each different pose uses different muscles which creates different vibrations…aware of these you become awake to your body’s remarkable consciousness. You begin to realize the power of the connection between your body’s vibrations and your emotions as well as your body’s vibrations and your thoughts. For example, curled up on the floor all your muscles are relaxed and your body is small…you feel soft and humbled. Beginning to stand up you feel your energy and thus your power rising. You are using the muscles in your legs which you use to get around in life, to navigate to where you are going. This makes you feel purposeful and powerful. Lifting your arms you feel the awareness of reaching up toward Heaven. This uplifts and opens your body and you begin to feel spiritual. Opening your chest you are activating energy in your heart and you begin to feel compassionate and empathetic. Placing your hands on your heart and belly you feel your body and the sacredness within. Your body is the part of you in the present moment and thus mentally and emotionally you feel centered, solid in You–you feel present and that makes you feel that you matter. Feeling your body tall and open and smiling you feel all these vibrations–earth and cosmic–merge into your unique signature, into your Divine Feminine Vibration. Aware of the energy you feel your solar plexus become powerful a sense of deep confidence rises. Standing still your body feels good and you are calm and content and happy…you are literally the meaning of life.

Three Short, Powerful and Very Yummy Meditations for Your Day
  1. Empress Morning Rebirth
  2. Empress Mid-Day Refresher
  3. Empress Evening Renewal

There are three times during your day when it is powerful to meditate. It is vital to your well-being to take a few minutes, even just one minute, to reconnect with your body, your true self…morning, mid-day and evening. Taking a moment in your day will have a huge impact on the quality of your day…and your life….because it transforms who you are. Calming your body calms your mind…improving your health, mood, mental sharpness, and productivity…activating your Empress-Vibe so you look and feel great.

breathe and be…just this breath, just this body, just this moment, 

She is confident, smart, kind….very friendly and attractive.

She is confident, smart, kind….very friendly and attractive.

You may doubt these “minute body-meditations” are helpful because you have heard that a good meditation practice is 30 minutes and that you should find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. It is true, a 30-minute-a-day practice is very powerful. However, unfortunately most of us are challenged by this given how we structure our day. Also, most of these practices work primarily with our mind trying to calm down our thoughts and that does take a bit of time and quiet space. With our mentally overly stimulated society it can be very hard to calm our mind. These things can make starting a practice of meditation in our life feel unaccessible. However, a body-meditation helps you feel immediate benefits and you can do them no matter where you are or what you are doing. That actually is their power. Right in the middle of a big meeting can be a perfect time because the primary focus of the body-meditation is to bring you back to you by getting you back in your body so that you feel re-empowered…business meetings can  make us feel so uncomfortable and insecure that they are a great chance to practice regaining and holding on to your confidence.

Compared to more traditional meditation practices which are more mind-focused, the benefit of the body-centric technique of body-meditations happens almost instantly…connecting with your body which is the present moment and the grail of your true self you begin to instantly feel more calm and confident right now. And no one around you even knows your doing it…that you are transforming right before their eyes.The most powerful example is to notice how you feel when you take a moment to close your eyes, stand in good posture and take several deep breathes…immediately you begin to feel grounded, uplifted, opened and centered…you begin to feel empowered. Placing your hands on your belly and chest make this transformational sensation even more powerful. Not only do these meditations help you to regain your calms and confidence in a stressful day but having a practice of doing these throughout your day you will interrupt the stress before it really gets going.

Hand on heart and belly, feel the flow of your empress-vibe.

Hand on heart and belly, feel the flow of your empress-vibe.

As we have discussed on previous pages, to summarize the impact of Body-meditation: you are taking a moment or two to reconnect with your body which is the holy grail of your true self…the manifested vibrations of who you truly are. The sensation of standing tall, taking slow, smooth, deep breaths, and touching your body has the immediate effect of bringing your attention into “the here and now” because your body exists only in the present. Your touch soothes your body…awakens your parasympathetic nervous system and your body’s natural calm and easy vibe begin to flow. And this begins to interrupt your mental and emotional stress helping you to reconnect with your true self. Your mind can only focus on one thing at a time and thus regrets and worries begin to dissolve away…your mind calms down. You are in a positive body/mind cycle. You feel calm, open-minded, open-hearted and you look great…”resting bitch face and schlumpy body” shift into “resting smiley face and power posture” which further reciprocates influencing your consciousness with clarity and confidence…you become your powerful, beautiful self…The 6Bs of Transformation.

Raising your sovereign vibe you are “calm and can carry on.” You feel confident, beautiful and happy.

Daily Body-Meditation

There are three great times to take a moment or two to meditate during your day. Having that said, you actually can do any of them any time and any where to give you desired benefit you are needing. All of them Raise Your Vibe by taking you through transformational process of The 6Bs of Transformation: Being—Body—Belief—Behavior—Become—Breathe.

  1. Empress Morning Rebirth–Grounding: starting each day as your new self: awakening your creativity and passion and creating your intentions. This grounds you in your true self and activates your core Belief in yourself. Sets you up for a great day!
  2. Empress Mid-Day Refresher–Uplifting & Opening: releasing stress and raising your vibe to stay calm and present in the midst of chaos. You reach up and open your chest and feel uplifted and open regaining your confidence and remembering your true intentions for the day. This generates positive Behavior…that which resonates with your true self.
  3. Empress Evening Renewal–Centering: releasing the negative energy of your day and centering in your true self–coming back home to your body you come back home to your inner wisdom, inner Being. You sleep well.

1. Empress Morning Rebirth–Grounding

This is the most important meditation of your day. It helps ground you in your true self and activate your personal power…you become more conscious of how you want to create your day and you strengthen your commitment to make it happen by creating an intention. When you have a plan/intention then your day has much greater probability of turning out the way you want it to. Consciously connecting with your body before you get caught-up in the busyness of your day grounds you in your belief in yourself so you set the intention to live your day as the woman you want to be, behaving as a Queen…and therefore avoid becoming disempowered by the stress of your day and turning into the negative, strident woman you don’t want to be.

STEP 1: GET IN YOUR BODY: Start this meditation by simply sitting up in bed for a minute before you get up. Just focus on connecting with your body and yourself. Take a few deep breaths, with your hand on your heart and feel the calming sensations in your body. Then wish yourself a good day.

How can even a minute of breathing in bed make a difference? Usually you start rushing through your day before you have even gotten out of bed, thinking about all you have to do, what you didn’t do, and regretting what you did yesterday or even months ago. Your heart rate, blood pressure and adrenalin rise and so does your anxiety…and you haven’t even moved yet. You are not focused on yourself or who you are or your life-purpose but rather stressed about who you think you “should be.” Thus you are not grounded in your personal power. This anxiety begins to cloud your mood and you begin your day with a negative outlook. This will not only dull your judgment but will also stifle your creativity.  As a result you will default into disempowering habits of behavior during your day that are sourced from your self-critical, negative ego and false beliefs…you doubt yourself. You are “at the effect of” the world and what it wants…a victim, rather than centered in your own knowing and being a creator of what you want. Unfortunately, that means you are going to experience today much like yesterday…once again holding yourself back from your greatest potential in life.

Empress-Morning Rebirth Meditation will interrupt this and bring you back to your body and help you remember that this stress is just ideas in your mind. You will again remember that you are a powerful, smart, beautiful woman and are completely capable of handling what comes along in life and creating your dreams. You will begin to let go of the past that drains you with regret and perpetuates self-doubt. This distracts you from today, the only day you have to live the life you really want. Instead you will replant yourself into the realm of creation and allow yourself to be newly born as your true self–released of  the past and open to the future. You will rise up and open to the inspiration of the Cosmos which will imbue you with the sensations of your Divine Truth–that you are an Empress-Queen.

Now one thing worth pointing out that is very powerful about this meditation is the experience and sensation of the art of surrendering…to be reborn and renewed you need to surrender all that you think you know and be open to feeling the Divine Truth of your life come through you and help you evolve. It may seem ironic but our greatest power is in our vulnerability and humility…this keeps our ego from controlling our lives. Our ego really only knows what it knows…the past…and then it projects that into the future. New ideas, inspiring ahas, only come from the mystical realm of creativity and that only dwells within our body.

STEP 2-SURRENDER. Now, get out of bed and bend down and curl up over your thighs with your forehead on the ground. Feel the sensations in your body as you bow down–humbling yourself before the Divine. Think of this experience as surrendering to be reborn, into a new you, into a new day. With each exhale release your body more…imagine it emptying, releasing the tension of regrets and worry and “todos.” This posture should feel so relaxing, so loving, so peaceful….and so humble.

Curled up, experience your stillness, experience “being”—being a “soul-seed” deep within the Earth that has yet to be impressed upon by life. Conscious of this physical sensation, imagine with your inhales your body is being infused with sacred vibrations from Earth and Cosmos…as if you are being recreated. These are the vibrations of the potential of your life and support you to stay true to your soul-mission and life-purpose. Imagine yourself going through your day feeling humble and open to what may come along and set the intention that you will be grateful…even for the challenges. Set the intention to be kind and compassionate with yourself because it is when we are hard on ourself that we become disempowered. Stressful moments will happen and yet with a deep breath you will reconnect with these vibrations of your true self, remember these intentions and will respond with more grace.

STEP 3. RISE UP. Now begin to slowly rise until you are standing tall. As you slowly roll up imagine you are filling with positive, healing, energizing vibrations from Earth. Let this energy uplift you and help you feel open to life…to all possibility, like you are reborn. Take your time. Then reach your arms overhead. Imagine as you reach up that you are filling with radiant cosmic vibrations…filling with possibility. You are being filled with inspiration of who you are to become. Take a long, slow, smooth breaths as you bring your arms and hands down to your sides.

Simple Chakra cropSTEP 4. BECOME. Now to activate your personal power. Stand tall and place one hand on your heart and the other on your belly. Feel your conscious connection to this new, empowered you through the sensation of your hands. Realize that you are touching your physical core which is also your emotional and spiritual core…one hand is activating your heart-chakra and the other your creative, emotional sacral-chakra. And in between these chakra centers is your solar plexus. This is the center of you–where your passionate and compassionate energies merge forming your personal will–your humanness merged with your divinity.

Feel your feet, legs and hips grounded into the Earth. Imagine the energy of your body is flowing down through your legs and feet into the center of the Earth as you deeply exhale. This energy is cleansed and recycled back up from the earth and rejuvenates you as you deeply inhale. Begin to do gentle Kegel contractions to capture this energy in your hips and to activate your root and sacral chakras–this initiates your sensuality, the flame of your personal power.

Continue to uplift your torso. Feeling your hand on your chest feel your torso lengthen and make the conscious connection of feeling your heart opening. Feel the energy coming up from your hips through your solar plexus and into your heart. As you feel your heart chakra become energized (warm, open, excited sensations) imagine this energy flowing into your your solar plexus just below. The energy of your heart chakra tempers your will power, your sense of purpose, with kindness and compassion. Lengthen your neck and tuck your chin back to hold your head high…activating your throat chakra (communication of truth). Soften your face into a gentle smile and bring your attention to the center of your forehead, your third eye (center of your intuition). Then imagine you are wearing a golden crown (your sacred consciousness). Now connect your crown and third eye chakras to your heart and solar plexus chakras by imagining their energy flowing into your torso…as you imagine these vibrations merging with the vibrations of your body you are awakening your inner knowing…you have just activated and raised your vibe! Feel the sensations of your body, strong, energized and calm and realize this is your personal power.

Now feel or imagine this yummy-vibe of who you truly are flowing up your body and out the top of your head and begin to envelop the space around you…about 18 inches around your whole body. Imagine its vibrancy and color. This is your aura, your glow…it is the way you communicate with the world the soul-vibe of who you are. Take a moment to absorb all this. Now while standing tall and feeling these sensations create a little video of yourself as you are going through your day–noticing how you look and your vibe as interact with others–is it the same vibe in your body right now. This is your rehearsal of your intention–to go through your day centered in your true self…as the queen you are. This imaginary practice will serve as a reference point, if you will. In the middle of your day if you become stressed, stand still and place your hands on your chest and belly and instantly you will calm down and reset and remember your intentions.

Take a few final slow deep breaths now as you feel vibrations of confidence and competence flow from your body into your consciousness preparing you to walk out into the world as your best self. Intend to live this day in partnership with your true self, with gratitude, compassion, and respect for your body and who you are.

Keep in mind that you can only create the loving, “successful” day you are hoping for when you are grounded, uplifted, opened, and centered in your true loving, wise self.

 2. Empress Mid-Day Refresher–Uplifting and Opening

As your day goes on you become disconnected from your true self…stimulated by so much activity and information and interactions. Particularly for women it is important to take a few moments to reconnect with yourself because in this more masculine-oriented society you lose connection with your feminine vibe rather easily…very disempowering. Going through your day, you tend to primarily use your masculine energy particularly at work…analyzing, evaluating, using logic and taking action. Yet you also need to use your creative thinking and skills of collaborating and connecting so you relate well with others–these are qualities of your feminine side.

Because the feminine is your innate vibe, losing connection with your divine feminine nature you lose self-confidence. Interacting with men particularly can become a challenge rather than a fluid, enjoyable, healthy connection and easy flow of communication. Disconnected from your true self you become tense, cranky and discouraged…strident. This is the sign that you have given away your power and need to take a moment to reclaim it–draw your energy back from whatever stress you let it slip away into. This will help to rebalance your masculine and feminine energies so you are at your best and happiest, your most clear-minded and productive.

This meditation can take 60 seconds or 3 or 30 minutes. Up to you. The longer you do the meditation the calmer you will feel. The key to the power of this meditation is that you are consciously choosing to simply “stop what you are doing and get back in your body”…choosing to put yourself first…and to connect with your true self. Also, taking a minute during your day to reconnect with your body helps you reconnect with the rich experience of your Empress Rebirth Meditation from this morning. You reconnect with your personal power and feel confident again. You remember your intention to infuse all that you do today with your unique, sacred vibe…this is what empowers you to create a joyful, meaningful life…it is what you bring forth through you to the world that matters most not so much what you accomplish. Feeling meaningful is the meaning of life.

place your hands on your heart and belly and your confidence and faith and happiness will immediately be restored.

STEP 1. “Just stop” what you are doing and stand still. This instantly interrupts your over-working masculine vibration. Feel the stillness of your body and notice how this calms you down. Take a few, slow, smooth breaths to ground yourself…feel your feet rooted and let your stress flow down through your legs into Earth. Empty yourself. Continue your slow breathes and imagine rejuvenating energy flowing back up your legs and through your body. Feel this uplifting energy begin to encourage your to float your arms up out at your sides…raising your vibe. As you raise your arms do it gracefully like a ballet dancer–this activates your feminine vibration. Then reach your arms overhead and feel an energy from above come down through the crown of your head into your body.

Keep breathing deeply. Bring your arms down and open them wide behind you to open your chest, open your heart. Arch your upper back a bit…yet be sure to keep your Kegels and ABS tight to keep your low back from arching and feeling tension. Focus on the open sensation of your chest and begin to notice how this makes you feel…perhaps calm, happy, loving. Opening your chest automatically activates your chakra vibes of loving-kindness and compassion. Bring your hands down at your sides and stand a moment to feel your energized chest. You may want to reach your arms back again for another stretch. Then stand still a moment and just feel your heart chakra. Then bring your hands to your torso, to your heart and belly and do the same steps in STEP 4 BECOME in the morning body-meditation (above)…this activates your personal power. Feel earth and cosmic vibrations merge within your core, particularly in your solar plexus. Use you full, slow, smooth breaths to help this energy flow throughout your body–experience your yummy, unique, signature vibe. You begin to feel renewed and energized, inspired and more alive. Remember to recharge your aura, your radiance. Imagine your signature color becoming vibrant.

In the matter of a minute you are immediately back in your body, and are grounded, uplifted and opened and centered–reconnected with your sacred consciousness of your true self, back in the moment. You feel instantly more alert and confident…feeling much wiser and more powerful. Going through the rest of your day you are once again the creator–calm, productive and personable. Your day is good.

BE calm and carry on.”

3. Empress Evening Renewal–Centering

SURRENNNDER…let your whole body sink into the Earth.

SURRENDER…let your whole body sink into the Earth.

Your day is filled with so much activity and so much thinking which depletes most of your energy. As well,  you have absorbed a lot of negative energy from others and from the environment that it is important to take the time at the end of your day to release it all and replenish yourself. Otherwise you will carry it into your sleep and dreams and thus into your next day.

You have spent a good part of your day in your head and have disconnected from your body and your true Self. As a result you have given your ego most of the control. Your ego is a wonderful tool yet your ego only knows what it has learned to believe…the past. Your ego tends to see your present and future from old, self-limiting beliefs that were created from your childhood and throughout your life. Living from the perspective of the past does not allow you to create newly, to live differently, to breakthrough old patterns and become the woman you want to be. This possibility only exists in the here and now, in this moment, within your sacred consciousness–within your body.Therefore it is important to release this stress and negativity and surrender into the mystical realm from which you were created so that you open to new possibilities…this is where our “ahas” come from.

Having responded most of your day with your masculine energy it is important to reactivate your feminine power–so you rebalance your masculine and feminine energies and are once again your whole self. Released of your day’s stress and re-centered in your true self you will remember your heart-felt values and your life’s passion and truth. You begin to feel good and smile again. Relaxed you begin to have remarkable ahas…these come from your inner knowing, from your soul. And you begin to feel confident again. You will sleep well and our spirit will become renewed. You will be more open to receive messages from the dream-realm. You wake feeling refreshed and filled with your “empress-vibe.” Then performing Empress Morning Rebirth you are more open to inspiration for powerful intentions for your new day–the first day of the rest of your life.

The most important thing about this body-meditation is to make sure you have gotten in the best position to allow your body to relax and surrender. Follow these steps to get aligned and then let go.

Place the towel-roll along your upper spine under your sternum.

GENTLE-TRACTION RELAXATION–Place the towel-roll along your spine under your sternum.

STEP 1. GETTING IN POSITION. Most likely you  have been “hunched” all day over computers, smartphones and commuting. Your heart chakra is where most of your stress during the day becomes trapped. Your chest muscles tighten and your upper back muscles weaken and your chest sinks. Your sunken chest causes your upper back to over-stretch, becoming weak and achy, even burning. Lying on the floor (or sand)and surrendering your body into the Earth helps to release your body of physical tension and emotional stress. This opens your chest and lengthens your spine. As your heart chakra opens, innate vibrations of love and compassion begin to flow freely through your body and soothe you…this is your innate Love-vibe. And whether you believe this or not, doing this meditation is one of the simplest and most effective ways in life to start loving yourself more and renewing your faith in the goodness of life. This begins to dissolve your negative self-belief “I am not good enough” and you begin to awaken to your Divine Truth that “I am very unique and extremely lovable and very important–priceless beyond measure.” Lying still you feel as if you are coming home to yourself and to the Universe…and begin to remember you are a valuable part of the fabric of all Life and thus worthy of love.

Key to the particular magic of this meditation is the “gentle-traction relaxation”.  Place a short 6-inch towel-roll  along your spine under your sternum (breastbone). A bath hand-towel provides the perfect prop–simply fold it lengthwise in half and then roll it from one end. It is important that the roll is not too thick so it feels comfortable. It should be small enough so that as it gently arches your upper spine. Make sure your neck is relaxed and your chin tucked slightly in/down toward your heart (not poking up at the ceiling). You may want to place your head on a folded towel. Note: if the roll under your breastbone feels like too much pressure do not use it. The floor itself will provide enough traction.

simply surrender your whole body and self into the bed of your soul…and feel the divine truth of who you are.



Once you are lying down with the roll under your chest (sternum), bend your knees and put your feet flat on the floor. Then lift your hips off the floor a bit and tuck your hips under by reaching your tailbone toward your feet so you lengthen your low back. Place your hips back down on the floor. Now lengthen your neck by tucking your chin slightly in and toward your chest (sternum). Pick up your right shoulder and place it back down on the floor by gliding your right shoulder blade toward your spine to help open your shoulder and externally rotate your right arm. Do the same with your left shoulder. Your chest and shoulders should feel more open. Your shoulders and head should rest easily on the floor.

Now holding your Kegels and ABS tight and pressing our navel toward your spine slowly lower your legs. If with your legs flat you feel an arching or tension in your low back put a large towel-roll under your knees. When you are finished adjusting yourself take a moment to be sure you feel comfortable and properly aligned and balanced side to side…as we have learned in yoga this is key to being able to relax fully.

STEP 2. RELEASE UPPER BACK TENSION. This part of the body-meditation will seem like a bit of exercise…it is focused on activating/contracting your upper back muscles so that you help them release some of their tension.  Part A–With your arms straight down by your sides begin to raise them and reach both arms up to the sky over your chest (sternum). With your palms facing each other begin to lower your arms out wide to the floor with the back of your hands and arms lying on the floor. Part B–With your hands on the floor press the back of your hands and arms into the floor. Feel your shoulder blades squeeze toward your spine and remember to glide them down your back toward your hips so your shoulders are away from ears and your neck is long. Do a few of these floor presses and as you contract your upper back muscles feel the tension being squeezed out of your upper back. Part C–Now bring your arms back down to your sides and again do a few more contractions of your upper back and shoulder muscles. Press your arms and shoulders into the floor by externally rotating your shoulders by contracting your shoulder blades toward your spine and rotating your palms and inner arms away from your body. Make sure that while you are doing these upper back contractions that you are also holding your torso steady– contracting your ABS and Kegels to keep your lower back form over-arching. And remember to pay attention to how your body is feeling as you do these upper back contractions to release tension. And most especially feel the sensation of your Kegel contractions waking up your sensual vibrations. Be sure to let the Kegels contraction send a ripple of energy up the core of your body–through your chakra-centers and feel it lengthen your spine and activate your vibe.

Part A

Part A

STEP 3. GENTLE-TRACTION RELAXATION AND SURRENDER. Now just lie still and begin to relax. Focus on your breathing and begin to take bigger, slower, smoother breathes…let go. Let your body become heavy, let any physical tension and negative emotional vibrations sink into Earth each time to exhale. Imagine the Earth drawing these from your body like a magnet. Soften your face, the muscles around your eyes and temple–feel your whole face and scalp soften and melt into the floor. Now open your mouth wide like you are yawning and release tension in your jaw. Relax and smile gently, softly. Now become completely still and continue to take easy, slow, smooth, full breathes. After several breathes do a gentle scan of your body and see if you can relax it a bit more. Start with your feet and legs. Do you notice if your feet are tense or that you may be contracting muscles there. If you notice it, simply try to release the muscles more. Do the same as you move up through your body. Pay particular attention to you hips and butt–we tend to contract them unknowingly. The tension and contraction in your body may or may not release…either is fine…do not struggle with it…let it be. This body-meditation is focused on surrendering–surrendering your body into the floor and also surrendering to what it happening without trying to force or make things be different. Surrender also means acceptance. This body-meditaiton helps us cultivate a more accepting and calm response to life. SURRENDER into the fact that part of your body may not be able to relax right now. Simply continue to breathe and just let Earth hold you completely. You are Earth’s and Cosmos’ most precious treasure. Lie there as long as it feels good…a minute or 20 or more. You will know.

Let go and BREATHE—TRUST the Universe has you…
We need to surrender stress and “old beliefs” in order to create space for new ahas that will allow us to live our greatest life!

Just this breath, Just this body, Just this moment…Queen is YOU!


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