Body-Meditation Technique

getting back in your body

Good posture, deep breathing and a gentle touch combine to get you back into your body. Your body is the holy grail of your true self and the part of you in the here and now.

Traditional meditation techniques are more”mind-centric”. Body-Meditations are “body-centric”…meaning literally “getting back in your body.” The focus of this technique is to learn to notice how your body is feeling and to help your body feel good. And then to notice how this positively impacts your mood and what you think. In the more traditional “mind-centric” practice, the meditation student is encouraged to work with their mind–to try to slow it down and think more positive things. They are often instructed to focus on letting go of thoughts–perhaps by “searching for the empty space between thoughts.” Some techniques also suggest that when you are in a obsessive thinking pattern that you may be able to quiet it by acknowledging it is happening and saying to yourself the word “thinking”…trying to interrupt the onslaught of thoughts with a”single-focused thought.” It does work… somewhat. Yet because our ego is so strong and our minds so conditioned to being over-stimulated, mind-focused techniques like these often only get us in a tug-a-war with our thoughts instead and we actually feel more stressed. Then we judge ourself for not meditating ‘the right way’ because we can’t seem to quiet our mind and therefore decide “meditation doesn’t work.”

The difference you will experience with Body-Meditations is that if you first try to help your body to relax, help it to feel aligned and comfortable, the chemistry of your body, your hormones, enzymes, and neurotransmitters, will cause the chemistry in your mind to slow down. And your thoughts will spread out and shift…and now you really do have access to the “space between your thoughts.” Sitting consciously in this “space” in your body and in your mind,  you begin to feel your inner calm, your inner wisdom. The truth of who you are and what matters to you begin to flow up and fill your heart and consciousness through good-feeling vibrations. These sensations positively influence how you are thinking and help to put things in better perspective. You become clear-minded and inspired by new thinking. You begin to feel more confident–innately willing to take more responsibility for your stress realizing that it is your mind-set and that you can change it.

When you take a moment in the middle of your day and pay attention to how your body is feeling often you discover your body is tense, aching, sluggish and tired. Looking in the mirror you see your cranky face and schlumpy body. Learning how to have this gentle attention on yourself during your day and noticing this about yourself is ‘the first step’ in the body-meditation technique. It is what initiates your power to change. Being aware of your achyness and low vibe, you have clues that you are disconnected from your inner knowing and true self. Looking deeper you will most likely admit that you are worn out by an underlying thought pattern that is constantly telling you that you “are not doing things well enough, you are not good enough.” For most of us this nagging voice is always in the back of our mind and thus we feel incessantly unhappy. And it becomes louder and more debilitating when we are tired or in a bad mood. And it can be difficult, often impossible, to release this anxiety by trying to convince ourselves to thinking differently.

Frequent bouts of body-mediations make you so much more powerful during your day. They bring you back to the present moment and to your true self by getting you out of your head and back into your body…and quickly. The focus of this program is to help you realize that doing this as often as you can during the day is so valuable to your mental and physical health…and to the outcomes of your day. You can admit there are times when you wish you had a “do over,” when you wish you could have responded calmer to something or someone. Yet because you were so distracted by doubt and worry you made it all more negative and stressful than it needed to be. With an ongoing body-meditation practice, you will become more consistently centered in your true self–taking many moments to pause and breathe. You will be less controlled by your ego self and as a result much less “reactive.” Feeling grounded, you will become more accountable for what you will do and say–you will respond as your best self, with greater clarity, objectively, and grace (love) and make this challenging moment a moment of opportunity rather than one that disempowers you. And when you do blow it, body-meditations help you find self-forgiveness instinctively—because forgiveness is an innate vibe in your body not a function of your mind. Why is that a big deal? Because without self-forgiveness you will blame others for your trouble and this will only hold you back.

The program offers you easy-to-do, 1-minute body-meditations you can do anywhere, anytime. Interrupting your negative stress cycle many times throughout your day is a much more effective practice than going to the meditation mat for 30-minutes just once a week. One, these short body-meditations  have an instant positive impact and are instant gratification–you feel good and more in control immediately. And two, you have stopped the stress cycle in your body and prevented the unhealthy impact of chronic stress. Now don’t misunderstand that 30 minutes is not valuable…on the contrary, adding this to your ongoing daily practice deepens your experience.


Hand on heart and belly, feel the flow of your empress-vibe.

Hand on heart and belly, feel the flow of your empress-vibe.

Body-Meditations are designed to help you focus on the sensations of your body, rather than the thought patterns of your mind. The focus is not to empty your mind but rather to feel your body…to consciously connect with your body. Part of the technique is to literally touch your body and pay attention to how that feels. For example by placing your hand on your chest and feeling the resulting sensation and vibration within your heart you become instantly aware of how your body is feeling. Being touched gently your body begins to instinctively calm down…heart rate, blood pressure and adrenalin output slow down. Combine this with good posture and slow, full breathes and you are in touch with your inner wisdom. In touch with your body you begin to consciously cross over into the present moment–from the stress of the past or future (which exist only in the mind). Being here now you are your best and most powerful self.

“mindfulness means becoming alert to the here and now…and responding with loving-kindness and wisdom.”

The Body-Meditation technique helps you ground, uplift, open and center into your true self…using the same concepts of The Magic Formula for Good Posture. Feeling rooted to Earth while reaching your body up to the Cosmos, you will align in good posture and open your chakras activating the energies of each. Then using the breath, you draw the energies of Earth up through your body while drawing Cosmic energies down into your body. You will move these energies through your body and into your pelvic bowl where you blend them into the yummy, unique vibration that is who you truly are. Continuing to breathe smoothly, you will raise this yummy vibration and run it through your body and consciousness and expand it out into your auric field…the vibrational field about 18 inches around your body. This is your radiance, this is your beauty–the authentic expression of your true self.

  • GROUND your body into the rich soils of the Earth. Your body is the Holy Grail made manifest.
  • UPLIFT & OPEN your body so it fills with the wisdom of the Universe.
  • CENTER into your body as you experience the merging of Earth and Cosmic energies that make you uniquely you…and raise your vibe.
  • BECOME the woman you are meant to be…Queen is YOU!
Random acts of kindness

There are different ways to do Body-Meditations. Essentially, the primary focus of the technique is to find the peaceful, yummy sensations and vibrations within your body–and the best ways to do this is by extending a gesture of kindness and compassion toward your body. Treat your body as you would a best friend…hug it, kiss it, touch it affectionately, feed it well, help it to exercise, help it to relax, help it to hold good posture, help it take a deep breath,  tell it it is beautiful, tell it you love it. In other words, do as many kind things as you can think of for your body AND then pay attention to how your body feels when you do them. The technique also works with experiencing the sensations of different poses, like we do in yoga. You will pay attention to the energy this creates in your body and notice how these vibes make you feel and think. As you do certain poses, you will feel certain emotions and begin to think certain things–like standing tall you feel strong and confident and think “I am capable of passing this test. I am as good as they are, I am valuable and good at what I do.” Knowing that different poses can cause different sensations and feelings in your body is so empowering–you have a cool toolbox of poses to choose from to change whatever you are feeling into what you want to feel influencing how you want to behave.

Let’s Walk Through the Technique

There are many different body-meditations. This list describes the basic things you want to remember to do in each one. The main thing to keep in mind is that the focus of this technique is to help your body relax and surrender–this will help your mind to surrender–into the truth of who you are. The focus of this technique is to help the body feel good–to feel balanced, open and calm.

  1. Find a comfortable, supported way to sit or lie down
  2. Align your posture–ground, uplift & open and center: activate your Core
  3. Soften your face and smile gently–begin to awake to who you truly are
  4. Take smooth, slow, full/deep breathes–let your body release tension and fill with health
  5. Gently touch your body–be present and acknowledge that it is priceless and beautiful
  6. Pay attention to the sensations–these are the source of understanding and inspiration
  7. Stay relaxed and fluid in your body even though you are still–don’t let yourself become stiff
  8. End your meditation with metta and namaste–blessing for yourself and for others
A ONE-MINUTE Body-Meditation

We will start on the meditation mat or chair–whichever is more comfortable for you. Close your eyes and sit tall as the Empress upon her throne. Feel your feet on the ground. Feel your hips weighted upon the mat/chair and begin to take slow, smooth, full/deep breaths. Feel the breath fill your lungs and down to your belly. As you exhale feel your body begin to relax–releasing tension through your feet into the ground. Then as you inhale feel healthy energy return back into your body through your feet/legs and up into your hips–begin to feel grounded (weighted). Continue full, smooth breaths and now pay attention to creating a sense of ease, uplift and openess in your body. Open your chest by pulling your shoulders back and down. Gently lift your sternum upward–imagine a golden thread gently pulling your heart toward the sky. Contract your Kegels pulling your pelvic floor in and up toward your navel and compress your navel in–feel your lower back lengthen. Connecting the sensations of your shoulder blades gliding in and down your back, and your Kegels lifting in and up, and your navel compressing in toward your spine you are creating the sensation of a strong Core–feel how stable your torso is. Lengthening your spine hold your head high (your chin tucked slightly in). Sit and feel your spine long and your torso strong. How does this make your feel emotionally, mentally?

Now become conscious of your breathing. Place one hand on your chest and the other on your belly. Continuing to take slow, smooth, full breaths expand your body as much as you can with the breath and feel your hands rise and fall. Feel the sensation of the breath filling you up and helping you feel good and healthy and calm. Realize it is your life-force. Now bring your attention to your hand on your heart and pay attention to how this feels. Sitting tall, breathing deeply and smiling gently begin to feel the warmth and pressure of your hand. You may feel yourself starting to relax more. This sense of touch on your chest activates your heart center…hormones in your heart muscle activate your parasympathetic nervous system helping your body calm down. Vibrations and sensations of loving-kindness and compassion begin to flow from your chest. Continuing to breathe deeply helps to move this “yummy” love-vibe through your entire body. Allow your face to soften and smile more. See if you can relax more, letting your body surrender more into the chair. This helps to activate more yummy vibes and happy hormones.

There is a direct relationship between the more you physically relax and the more you feel innately loved. Focusing more on these sensations you begin to realize they are sacred and are vibrations of your own divinity. You feel a real experience of being loved by something greater than yourself. Loving emotions float into your mind and begin to influence what you are thinking about. You eventually start thinking about good and happy things, like fun times or people you love or your passionate pursuits. This then stimulates more relaxation and you begin to wander into the space between thoughts. Your mind has “emptied”—a natural symptom of the body’s surrender into creative, cosmic energy. This is experience of “bliss” or rather self-love.

Sitting tall with your hips grounded and your body uplifted and open, and continuing to take slow, full, easy breaths imagine energy from the Earth and Cosmos flowing up and down into your body. Feel that these energies flow freely and smoothly. Do a Kegel contraction to capture this energy in your hips. With your hand on your belly become aware that these energies are blending in the bowl of your hips and becoming your unique vibration–the vibe of your true self, the vibe of your personal power. Do a few more Kegel contractions and now feel this energy move up your spine and out the top of your head. This flows out around your body–your aura is now infused with your personal power. Keep breathing, expanding and relaxing and luxuriate in the yummy sensations.

When you feel complete with your meditation, take a final moment to become as conscious of these yummy vibes in your body as you can–this is the true you, the sacred you. Focus on creating an intention for the rest of your day that will help you keep this sensation awake in your body–“I intend to keep taking deep breathes today,” “I intend to keep smiling for the rest of the afternoon.” Before opening your eyes, fold your hands in prayer fashion over your chest and honor the sacredness within yourself and all beings by offering a prayer of loving-kindness to yourself and all beings–Namaste. Smile gentle and feel the overall sensation in your body and mind of your sacred, sovereign self–Q is YOU. Slowly open your eyes.

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Each slow, smooth, full breath you take is a body-mediation. As you breathe, awaken to the soothing, sensual, sacred vibration flowing gently through you. Your body opens and your mind expands. Your thoughts spread out and are at ease. You begin to become aware of your sovereign power and feel calm, confident and knowing. You feel loved and loving. You are the woman you want to be…Q is YOU.