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Body-Meditations help you “befriend” your body…they help you use your body to calm your mind, regain your confidence, feel beautiful, and strengthen your faith in the goodness of life. Body-Meditations help you to release your stress and learn how to tap into your body’s innate rhythms and open to your inner knowing.

Body-Meditation is a unique body-centric technique…compared to the traditional mind-centric meditation practices. It helps you experience the wise consciousness of your body…your body becomes your guide. Put simply, you learn how to become a better breather and how to work with your body’s postures and sensations to activate your personal power. Sitting tall, you will feel your good posture align and connect you with the energies of Earth and Cosmos. A Kegel contraction will capture these earth and cosmic vibrations in your hips as they merge into a unique vibration that is you–your vibe. You will feel grounded. Activated by your breath your body lifts and opens and these healthy, soothing, and rejuvenating energies  flow up through your body into your consciousness and help calm your mind. You begin to remember your Divine Truth and soul purpose. You become centered and filled with the energy to create and manifest. You become radiant. You feel good. You are here.

calm your body, calm your mind   

Your Body, Your BFF

IMG_4454.JPGBefriending your body is key in using this technique. Meaning you need to consider how you feel about your body…and whether or not you are open to learning to like your body much more than you might right now. And not only is this important for getting the most out of the body-meditation technique but it is critical for your happiness and success in life. In today’s culture, women are encouraged to not like our body, at all, and as a result it has become quite a challenge for us to embrace and express our true self. We are always dissatisfied and critical of our body in some way…leading us at times to even loathe our body. This only fosters low self-esteem, “I am not good enough,” motivating us to constantly try to change who we are according to some cultural and social standards. And research is telling us a weak body-image generates poor physical and emotional health. From a metaphysical perspective, disliking our body we shut down our connection to the mystical, life-force vibrations that innately flow through us and is the source of our good health and happiness, our connection to the Divine.

Now the good news. The body-meditation technique helps you cultivate more respect and trust for your body. Taking the time to do something to make your body feel good begins to forge a very respectful, loving, intimate and trusting relationship with your body. Your body actually begins to become your guide in life. At first this may feel forced yet remember that your body and mind reciprocate….doing kind things for your body makes it feel good and it reciprocates by infusing your mind with positive chemistry, with love-vibrations that are messages to remind you of how priceless your body is and how valuable you are.

Remember The 6Bs of Transformation…your behavior influences your beliefs and what you believe drives your behaviors…and your body responds. The more you practice these moments of loving-kindness toward your body the more your body opens its channels of your inner wisdom. Giving your body attention is the first step to body-love which is the first step to self-love. Taking several deep breaths so your body relaxes is a very powerful act of self-respect and love. Centered in your body through body-meditations, you will experience natural vibrations of gratitude, compassion, and love. You will experience your unique signature vibe and feel your feminine power to create and manifest. You will feel these yummy vibrations of your Divine Truth infuse your mind with inspirations, ahas and practical ideas for your life-purpose.  As a result, you will feel more resilient in life. And you begin to understand that your body is holy and wise…loving. You will experience that it is beautiful (in the most important sense of the word)–radiating a beautiful energy and vibe. And you will discover that your body is you. You become motivated to express yourself authentically and release the need to hide your true power (in this masculine world). You will begin to feel innately motivated to love your body…to love yourself. Your inner Being influences your becoming and you feel good about yourself. You feel happy. Believe it or not your body becomes your BFF.

be still, breathe and listen

be still, breathe and listen

Take a moment right now to awaken to your sensual and creative confidence and feel your vibe. Imagine you are on a beach. Sit tall as the Empress upon her throne. Feel your hips weighted upon the ground, chair or sand and take slow, smooth, deep breaths. Feel the breath fill your lungs and create a sense of ease, lift and openness in your body. Place your palms upon your thighs as you would gently touch a friend, with kind and gentle affection…and notice that you are becoming conscious of your body perhaps for the first time today. You feel grounded and centered. Smile gently and acknowledge your precious body. You may begin to become aware of soft energy in your body and start to feel loved and loving. You are the woman you want to be…Q is YOU.

Coming back home to your body and reconnecting with your Divine Truth starts a sexy, uplifting conversation with the Universe. And you realize your relationship with your body is the most important in life.”

STRESS: What is it Exactly?

Stress drains your energy and power…physically and mentally. You may have begun to realize that your stress in life is pretty much all in your mind–incessant, obsessive worry and regret…founded in fear. Our stress is not because of what happens or what others do to us but rather more about how we are choosing to respond, how we are choosing to feel and think about, what happens. We can either feel really upset about injustices in life or we can breathe and let them flow through us until our emotions clear and then decide how we might better respond. You may be also willing to realize that your mind does not really know the truth about life…yet it thinks it does. In your hectic-paced life, you are over-stimulated by your interactions at work and at home and constantly distracted and stressed by information from in and around the world. You give a lot of your mental, emotional and physical energy to these things–you give a lot of yourself. You may not realize it, yet you also absorb a lot of energy into your body–much of it other people’s stress and negativity as well as environmental stress. You become depleted…your “energy” becomes used up during the day and you lose your perspective drifting into doubt and fear. Your resilience and vitality weaken.

Your ego begins to take over and control your day, control your destiny. Since much of what your ego thinks does not resonate with your true self you begin to become down-trodden…”resting bitch face and resting schlump body.” You feel like you have lost your inner compass and “sold out”…and you have. As a result, you doubt your passionate pursuits. You miss the chance to create your life the way you deeply desire…because this chance only exists in the present moment and that has slipped away into regrets of the past and worries of the future. Not only are you mentally anxious but this is so bad for your health. Elevated heart rate, blood pressure and cortisol in your blood become your chronic condition often leading to major illness. You don’t feel or look so good. And the tragic thing is many of us spend practically our whole lives “worked up like this.”

Your mind can drive you crazy yet your body can calm you down.

This moment in life is the only chance you have of changing yourself and thus your life and making sure you are headed in the direction of your dreams. Most people pursue the calm and clarity of the present moment by trying meditation. Most of us think of meditation as  working with your mind to try to shift worry into faith, or to simply stop thinking about something altogether. Yet trying to calm your mind by trying to calm your mind doesn’t works well. Your mind is conditioned to think and it likes thinking about the past and future, a lot. So much so that it  has the bad habit of thinking things over and over again–research tells us that 90% of our thoughts are repeats. It would seem the solution is that in order to help us to be creative and lead to greater fulfillment our mind needs new thoughts. We are discovering that they exist, and only exist, in our body. Your body exists in the now and is a conscious manifestation of the energy of the Universe…and thus holds great wisdom. Paying attention to your body brings your attention back to the present moment–the gateway to the mysteries of creation.

Calling Your Power Back

Body-Meditation brings you home to this moment, instantly, giving you the chance to reclaim your power. Part of the technique is to touch your body. Placing your hand over your heart, you are instantly conscious of your body and thus you become instantly conscious of the here and now. By improving your breathing, changing your posture and smiling you calm yourself and begin to raise your innate healthy vibe and you feel good, stronger, capable…you are becoming conscious of your true self and of the Universe. You are now experiencing the most unique and powerful aspect of body-meditation—you are calling your power back.

You become aware of how depleted you feel and how you have turned your power over to others letting yourself be manipulated by their opinions and values. If you try to free yourself from this emotional entanglement by convincing your mind to think and feel differently your anxiety will only get stronger–remember you only keep rethinking the same things. Yet if you become still, align in good posture and breathe fully, you will begin to release negative vibrations from your body and become empty…creating the chance to feel something new, something good.  Breathing fully you start to feel your yummy vibe that which always exists in the background of your body-being, that which is the life-force vibe of your sacred, inner knowing flowing through you. You begin to feel energetically aligned with this vibe and grounded and centered in your true core beliefs and values. You will literally breathe back into your body the control you let others have over you and begin to feel empowered. And you will release trying to control them. This helps you reclaim who you truly are. And now this becomes your moment of true power–a moment when you get to choose who you want to become today, right now. You get to choose what you believe and how you are going to behave. It is up to you–to choose to live life from your small, fearful mind and try to live up to expectations of others or to choose to live life from your innate sovereign self and become  the woman you are meant to be and to use your power wisely.

 The Optimal Meditation Technique For Women

Trying to think and “figure out” life rarely takes her on her path to her destiny. She just worries more. Rather, tapping into the calming vibrations of her inner knowing and letting this wisdom inform her thinking, her choices become aligned with her soul and life is much more fulfilling. This begins with her hand on her heart.”

A Woman’s Truth is in Her Body. 

It is important for women to meditate because we need to reclaim our personal power and activate our feminine vibe. And the body-meditation technique works very well for women because it is a practice of the body. Women are beings of the body.

The feminine vibration is so important to the world, particularly right now, because it is the energy of connection, compassion, consideration and care…it is the tickle of delight and the empathy of heart…it is the energy of relationship and it is missing. The world is tragically out of balance and only restoring balance between the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine will help to restore the harmony in world culture and the health of our planet.

It is still a “man’s world” and women feel dismissed. Because of this we have to work hard to process self-doubt constantly trying to hold on to a strong sense of self. Feeling “second-class”, we become uncertain of our power and withhold what we really think and feel…we become disconnected from our inner truth rather easily. Our vibe becomes low and our aura, our radiance, dull and unattractive. If a woman does not center herself in her innate Divine Feminine vibration, she becomes overly masculine and often strident and aggressive generating competition, misunderstanding and conflict. And of course this negatively affects the quality of our relationships, personal and professional…and this greatly affects society: politics, economics, education, health and business. Therefore, it is vital we find a way to reconnect with our feminine energy and raise our vibe, regularly. Body-meditation helps us access our inner sacred feminine qualities easily. We remember who we truly are and we remember to believe in our value—that which is unique yet just as important to the world as the masculine. As a result, we behave with more patience, tolerance and wisdom…we connect with our sovereign power and behave with more grace. We are better able to let the discrimination of our culture flow through us rather than triggering us into becoming combative. We become more skilled at being gracious in the midst of ridicule and suppression and picking the best way and right time to respond. Rather than put men on the defensive with our judgment and criticism about what they are doing wrong, we need to appreciate those times when they do “lean in” and genuinely connect and accept their support graciously–which will more likely encourage more dialogue and better relating. It is being centered in our feminine–being inclusive and accepting–rather than trying to be like men–competitive and dominating–that is our true power and that will begin to change the vibe of the world and thus begin to restore balance.

We women need to start meditating and walking in good posture if we want to “be the change” that need to happen in the world. 

Benefits of Meditation

6Bs WHTThe benefits of Body-Meditation Technique is that it activates your Reciprocating Influences: The 6 Bs of Transformation. When you meditate and relax your body, the yummy “aha-vibes” of your inner knowing start to flow and you become motivated to change your behavior and turn your life around.

The benefits of body-meditation are the following:

  • Lowers blood pressure, heart rate and adrenalin output
  • Decreases any tension-related pain, such as, tension headaches,
  • Increases serotonin production that improves mood and behavior
  • Improves the immune system
  • Increases the energy level, as you gain an inner source of energy
  • Anxiety decreases
  • Self-esteem and confidence rise
  • Emotional stability improves
  • Creativity increases
  • Happiness increases
  • Intuition develops
  • Gain clarity and peace of mind
  • Feel loved and loving

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