Good posture is very powerful. The truth is–good posture feels good. Most of us think of good posture as important to how we look. Yet it is even more vital to how we feel, what we think and do. Good posture is essential for safe body mechanics and keeping us free from injuries and back/neck aches ‘n pains allowing us to do all the things we want to do. Good posture also significantly boosts our health–good alignment allows a good flow of energy and blood through our systems. And the most exciting thing about good posture is it connects us with our inner Being. It generates yummy sensations in our body that make us feel sensual, confident and beautiful. We remember who we truly are and feel empowered…we feel good about ourselves and about life.


People can tell a lot about our demeanor from our posture, our vibe, and the way we walk–and of course from whether or not we are smiling. And this affects your relationships, personal and professional. Research tells us that 93% of how we communicate is with our body. You make a first impression in 3 seconds without saying a word! The bad news is a negative impression can take a lifetime to change. Yet! The good news is you can change your bad posture (including your frown) and get a dramatic “instant makeover” and confidence booster. You make a great first impression…look in the mirror and try it now! Stand tall, open your heart and smile, big! Beautiful!! Experiencing how positive this feels helps you be motivated to do exercises to improve your posture and to remember to be in good posture all the time–so you look and feel great. No more “cranky face and schlumpy body!”

A Woman’s Beauty is in How She Carries Herself

smile big, blogGood posture is important for women because our feminine vibe, the essence of our true nature, flows most strongly when we are in good posture. The way a woman carries herself shares with the world who she is. The way a woman carries herself shares with herself who she is…allowing the vibes of her inner Being to flow into her consciousness.

A woman’s most feminine feature you would think is her breasts. True. Yet her feminine power, and thus her beauty, is how she ‘presents’ her breasts…actually how she presents her heart. In other words, a woman’s most feminine feature is her breasts, chest and neck…the part of her body that is her solar, heart and voice chakras. Standing tall with her heart lifted and open, she is lifted and open…physically, mentally, emotionally. She is spiritually centered. She exudes  sensuality, that which is the blending of the vibrations of nurture and compassion, empathy and love, acceptance and connection, passion and creativity, truth and wisdom. These are the vibrations of her heart and soul, of her true self. This energy prompts her smile and she is magnetizing.

Think of a ballet dancer, a queen, a woman president, the women in Downton Abby. They all carry themselves in a way that is open and intentional. It makes us think they are important, women of substance we want to know. They don’t stoop to hide their breasts, to hide their femininity, but rather stand tall and emminate a strong, positive feminine vibe. We like the confidence they exude and they softly command our respect. They are both awe-inspiring, yet approachable as well. We may not have thought of it, yet seeing a woman with such  “presence” we are  transformed. We are absorbing her vibe. We begin to believe she is a powerful creator and sub-consciously regard her as a gracious queen. We like how it feels to be in her presence…and thus we unknowingly feel motivated to be like her and this makes us feel good about ourselves. We become more conscious of our inner queen.

A Woman’s Power is Her Sensuality, is in her presence

A woman’s power is not in what she says or even does or in her physical appearance so much as it is in her “presence”, is in her sensuality. This sacred vibe is fueled by her lust for life, her passionate physical and emotional connection to earth and cosmic vibration. Feeling this yummy energy running through her she has access to her inner wisdom and responds to life, no matter what is happening, with grace…creating her best moment, her greatest life right now. So it is very important that we pay attention to our sensual vibe…do we feel this energy flowing strongly through our body always or do we feel flat, dulled, uninspired most of the time? Given our patriarchal world culture and typical lifestyle it is understandable that most of us feel the later. Yet we can easily keep our inner fires burning always. Our sensual vibe is ignited by our sexual vibe which we can activate instantly by doing Kegel contractions. And our Kegel muscles are the foundation of good posture. So a few Kegel contractions help us adjust our posture and activate our feminine vibe awakening ourselves to our True Self instantly. More about this later but think about it…

“Kegel contractions connect a woman to her lust for life, to her soul’s passion, to her power to create.”

Also, Kegel contractions make a woman smile…well it should. Try it. And a woman’s smile is the expression of her radiant vibe, of her sensual connection with life. And it is so powerful that it changes the world around her. Practicing becoming a better “smiler” is a very powerful way to change our lives. Many resist this recommendation saying they don’t want to be fake. Yet a smile in and of itself is not fake. When you smile it activates hormones and neurotransmitters that awaken you to your true self and you feel good, not fake.  A smile raises your vibe and this raises your self-esteem. You start to genuinely feel happier and think more positive thoughts. And…when you smile you often naturally shift into good posture. And soon others around you are standing tall and smiling too.

“A woman’s smile is the crown jewel of good posture.”


You are Your Posture. Your Posture is You.

To condition good posture effectively it is important to understand our powerful body-mind-spirit connection…the expression of our soul. We learn from metaphysics that our body and mind are the manifestation of our spirit in this world…a unique blend of cosmic energies present here on Earth that make you you. We learn from the study of Somatics* that you are your posture, your posture is you. From a somatic point of view, your posture is your conditioned physical response to your personality. For example, if you tend to be shy or cranky, always doubting or worrying, your posture conditions to this negativity and tends to be stooped, dropping your head and chest and rounding your shoulders–you are literally withdrawing from life. And come to find out as we discuss through The 6Bs of Transformation,  this body-language reciprocates and makes you more shy and cranky…conditioning your personality.

SLOUCHING…”resting schlump body AND CRANKY face”

Slide02 crop copyYou can’t talk about the power of good posture without talking about the power of bad posture. Slouching is the number one cause of bad posture. It is one of the worst things we can do to ourselves…and it is getting worse. Slouching is bad for our physical and emotional health. And we look awful. In today’s culture, we are slouching more than ever…over computers, smartPhones, iPads. We ihunch over our devices which makes us hunch over life. Slouching is the number one cause of back pain which will affect over 80% of us at one point in our life. Not only do our necks and backs ache but this affects our immune system as well and we feel sluggish.  When we slouch we shut down the energy flow in our body…our chakra centers become congested, our muscles, joints and organs become congested. Aches and pains become worse, illnesses more common and our mind becomes foggy. And this costs tons of money…over $240 billions a year in medical care and lost work.

Slouching over our computer and smartphone puts our head out of alignment and it can weigh as much as 60 pounds (normal is about 10 pounds). Not only is our head becoming ridiculously heavy but we are filling it with so much negative information that we literally are carrying the weight of the world around on our shoulders. Ironically CONNECTED to the world at large, we are DISCONNECTING from ourselves and from others. Our social skills are becoming atrocious as we interact more with our devices than with each other. As a result, we are feeling more isolated, lonely and depressed–all things that cause bad posture.

DID YOU KNOW THAT SLOUCHING CLOGS YOUR THINKING AND MAKES YOU UNABLE TO FOCUS? did you know that when you are in bad posture your are more than likely in a bad mood as well? DID YOU KNOW THAT YOU TEND TO OVER-REACT WHEN YOU ARE IN BAD POSTURE?

Bad posture is bad for our careers, relationships and sense of self. Metaphysically speaking our back is our “backbone” in life…our spine holds a sense of strength in who you are and our confidence in our ability to move in whatever way we need to to create the life we desire. Back aches and pains distract us making us less confident and less powerful…we feel “ungrounded”– unsure of our self and our life choices. We feel bad about ourselves.

“life is bad with bad posture”



From a metaphysical perspective, your posture is the alignment of your chakra-centers so that earth and cosmic vibrations flow and merge through you. The point being that this helps us realize that though many of us have thought of our posture as the way to align our bones and muscles it is just as much about enhancing the flow of our body’s energy–our posture either helps this flow or shuts it down. This is body-consciousness–you are both physical and non-physical. And according to the concept of “reciprocating influences” in The 6Bs of Transformation our posture affects our beliefs and thus our behaviors and therefore either enhances or hinders positive outcomes.

Simple Chakra cropGood posture aligns the chakra-channels of our body so the energies of Earth and Cosmos flow freely through us. As we focus on standing tall by grounding our feet, lengthening our spine and opening our chest we experience the sensation of “centering”–anchoring and stabilizing into our body, into our Solar Plexus to be exact. This sensation in our body helps us activate our body-mind-spirit consciousness. With a healthy, vibrant flow of energy through our body we start to awake to our soothing, sacred, sensual, sovereign self, our “soul-self.”

Feeling “sovereign (Queen is You) you are more inclined to treat yourself with greater respect and wellbeing, treating yourself like royalty. This is hugely powerful. You feel less a victim of life and instead step forward as a creator accessing your personal power to respond to life with more resilience, confidence and compassion. You have the power to create a good vibe in your body which generates a good attitude and creative thinking which in turn reciprocates and supports a good vibe. You become inspired to support yourself to create a happy life (The 6Bs of Transformation). In the words of a somatic therapist, “practicing good posture over time will begin to change who we are.” Improving your posture and smiling more helps you be more outgoing. making more frequent eye contact, opening doors for others every now and then and striking up spontaneous conversations. You feel more confident about connecting with others and your life changes. Magical synchronicities and opportunities come into your life. And when life is going rather well, good posture helps to keep us feeling good, thinking positively and behaving with grace and spontaneity. Life is more fun…”life is good with good posture.”

“In good posture you feel less a victim in life and awaken to your creative power.”


Choosing to improve your posture is quite possibly the difference between choosing to be happy or unhappy…improving your posture is possibly one of the most important decisions you can make to improve the quality of your life.

Bad posture makes you feel bad about yourself and good posture makes you feel good about yourself. And as we’ve discussed how you feel about yourself drives how you behave and who you become. Given today’s climate of computers and mobile devices  and stressful issues, you are hunching over life.

The antidote is GOOD POSTURE. Good Posture opens the channels for a healthier, happier you. And taking a moment to improved you posture is one of the best and most powerful meditations you can do–it is the ultimate “body-meditation”. It brings you instantly into the present moment, the most powerful moment of your life, the only real moment of your life. Shifting into good posture calms our body which instantly begins to calm your emotions and your mind. You become present to your self and what is happening and are clear-minded.  You become conscious of your personal power and inspired by your inner knowing to make wise choices about how to respond, what best next step to take, who to be…right now. Cultivating this physical and emotional posture in life will in a relatively short period of time improve work, family-life, social situations, spiritual practice as well as intimate relationships.



“We have to thank our mothers for they certainly knew what they were talking about when they constantly reminded us…”don’t slouch honey, stand up tall, you are so beautiful when you do.” It was not only a message about looking good but it was especially about feeling good. Somehow she knew we were our best selves then.

Transforming “resting cranky face and resting schlumpy body” into “resting smiley face and resting power posture” is the formula for becoming who we truly want to be.