LOVE-Vibing Good Vibes


Our life-purpose is to offer truth and ease and lightness of being to the world to support peace and harmony in the world. We cannot do that unless we are feeling peace and harmony within ourselves–and we are only able to experience peace if we are awake to our own divinity. Put more simply, our life-purpose is to offer goodvibes-godvibes to the world. In fact, this is all we CAN DO to make a positive difference. To explain–if we are not “vibing goodvibes, healthy vibes” then nothing we are “doing” is meaningful. Which means it’s up to us to make a choice. We can begin to live, to relate to others and the world, from our authentic Heart, from LOVE, or not. We can choose to live in alignment with Life and thus allow sacred vibrations, goodvibesgodvibes, to flow powerfully into our consciousness and guide us, or not. We can choose to raise our vibe and respond to life from our Whole Self, our mentally and emotionally balanced self, or we can continue to create drama. Stand tall or continue to slouch? It’s up to you.

the only true thing we can offer the world is how we choose to respond. if it is peace we want to offer then we must be peaceful–in heart, body and mind. our emotion and our behavior must be peaceful. it is the only way. 

We can choose either an Egostic or Spiritual orientation to our lives…these are mutually exclusive. If we decide we want to create greater spirituality, then we need to cultivate a partnership with life rather than keep trying to control it. We need to trust that the course of our life is a destined journey and our job is to decide who we want to be on the journey. This means we need to release the false beliefs and dysfunctional agendas of our Ego, of the patriarchal perspective, because these motivate us to respond as the worse version of ourselves. Our Ego is arrogant enough to think It knows the meaning of Life and has all the answers and thus It motivates us to respond in self-centered, competitive ways. Instead, we need to create a respectful and kind partnership with our self, a harmonious collaboration of our Body, Mind, and Heart so we remain centered and aware of our inner voice and therefore respond from our True Self. This means we have to address our addiction to control, to suffering, to being the wounded child…for these consume our attention and suppress the wisdom of our body and heart. We create Drama instead of Peace. We vibe bad vibes.

We need to pay attention to the low-level, depressive vibes we all experience because of patriarchal core beliefs, beliefs we each have adopted to define who we are–that “I am not good enough, and thus, unlovable, unworthy unless I am “successful.” I need to become a better person and prove myself so others, the patriarchy, think I am great and worth paying attention to, worth hiring, dating, marrying, befriending, collaborating with…worth loving.” This is a very painful perspective of life and we all have it. And because it is so deeply painful and we are unaware and/or afraid of it, we tend to act out. In other words, our pain finds its expression in drugs, alcohol, gambling, dysfunctional relationships, over-eating, arguing, violence, law suits, obsessions, and so on. We vibe our pain and it finds its expression in drama. And because we are such a dramatic culture, we see this behavior as normal–we allow this terrible behavior in ourselves and in others. And the only outcome is suffering…the cycle of addiction. We vibe bad vibes.

It is incredibly painful to feel “I am not wanted.” And without being willing to look at this, feel this, and get to the nut of it, it will continue to control every outcome of our life. It becomes an insidious obsession to find acceptance and respect that we become “righteous”–desperately trying to take control of everything and every one. Only to end up feeling more unwanted and others pull away. Take a moment right now to explore why you, we all, feel this pain. As mentioned, it comes from our patriarchal belief system, but what exactly does that mean? It means that the Feminine aspect of Life, of our self, the Feminine Vibration in the world, has been suppressed. As a result, the Masculine is the dominant vibration of Life–so what our mind focuses on is the singular–me–and on “manifestation,” and manifestation without the influence of the “true spiritual.” As a result, our psyche is intent solely on controlling the material world for “what I can get.” As a society, what we think holds value and meaning in Life, what we should pursue to fulfill ourselves, is defined by this single-focused, masculine perspective–is focused on the “abundance of material” as meaning. This is Ego and we are in trouble. We vibe bad vibes.

The Feminine is the remarkable power “to create”…She channels the Divine. She is an energy in our Body keeping our Heart and Mind open to authentic compassion and kindness, keeping our consciousness open to the spiritual world. Feeling a part of a “grand wholeness,” we genuinely connect and relate with each other…and have a deep respect for Earth. However, at some point in history, the masculine wanted to control this and so it started to dominate the Feminine. As a result, the Feminine became suppressed in all of us and the Masculine became over-developed into the perverse masculine–obsessed with our selves and thus with power over others and the planet. This is Ego, that which values only control, dominance, wealth, fame, possession, and power. And it is extremely powerful and we are in trouble. We vibe bad vibes.

From this self-centered belief structure, we all separated from each other and thus became competitive…and hierarchy was born…one at the top, others better than and less than others, competition. We became consumed with getting what we want, obsessed with how much others have and we don’t, obsessed with someone getting what should be ours…we became frantic because of a belief in lack and that we aren’t going to get what we need because no one really likes me, no one really cares. We are obsessed with being judged “less than” and have let this pain consume our attention–instead of paying attention to “the good” in life, we focus and thus contribute to the negative vibes of life. We feel the low vibrations of our social structure and ultimately feel the deep pain of “not being wanted” for just who we are, the deep pain of always feeling we need to become “better.” We feel an incredible pain of being born different, woman, latino, hispanic, black, eastern, native, etc. because everyone sees this as less than the “chosen.” To survive we need to compete and prove ourselves, struggle to be seen and heard, fight to be valued, respected, accepted, LOVED. And now the Un-oprressed and the Oppressed alike compete, fight, and conquer just so we could get what we want…and who cares about the other guy. We believe if we can be “successful” at getting wealth, possession, power, if we can win, then we will be safe–someone has to “love us–they have to accept us and save us…and when they love us it proves we are worthy, that we were going to be ok and not end up alone, and worse, judged as less than.” And we believe this will help us feel we lived our life well, we are “successful.” And as a result, of this misguided mindset, we believe the biggest lie of all…that this way of living Life will bring us peace and goodness. We are in trouble. We vibe bad vibes.

We must admit that even when we “get these things,” are “successful,” we are stunned to find that we are no happier and perhaps even more miserable. It is because these “pursuits” that we believe are”so meaningful” have been defined by the Ego mindset and will never bring us peace and fulfillment. It is hard to see this because we are so conditioned by it, we are floating around in a system that depends upon a mindset of anti-christ consciousness, the anti-LOVE (anti-peace, anti-goodness) consciousness. And most concerning, is that most of us are not aware of it, or what is more true, is that we don’t want to face it because it will mean the collapse of all that we have known. Yet our pain is very real…and it won’t stop until we face it. It hurts when others won’t recognize or love you the way you want and that you needed as a child. It hurts when your love relationship won’t recognize and love you the way you want and that you needed as child. It hurts when you have to keep trying to earn God’s love because you couldn’t feel it when you were a child. And if we deny how painful this is–by trying to convince ourselves: “oh I don’t need their love or I should be able to love myself enough because I have a strong spiritual practice and I have healed my childhood wounds” and so on–we will continue to let it drive our identity…and thus our behavior–as our worst self. Probably push this pain even deeper into our subconscious. This is a guarantee to our continued misery and unhappiness…because it continues to drive our addictions and unhealthy choices and behaviors in life. We become so hurt and angry and continue to vibe bad vibes.

And for women this pain is more profound–we do not get the chance to express ourselves openly in the world–it’s a man’s world after all. And when we find the courage to stand tall and speak, what we offer is not valued…at all. It makes sense, because men currently have things comfortable for themselves–the masculine is the “favored.” Our world culture is masculine and strokes the male Ego particularly, so why would they want to change. What women have to offer is insight into how to shift world values and culture in ways that will calm things down, create a sense of connection, community and care. What women have to offer is the voice of reason, decency, and spirit in the midst of this chaos of fear and fanaticism. What women have to share is that “drama does not work.” We should know because we can be quite the drama-queens.

What women have to share is a new understanding of LOVE. Are men interested? Are egoistic women interested? Women have begun to awaken and what we have to share is a healing salve. Yet the world seems not interested…the Ego is still in charge. If we think we are going to convince the Ego of anything, we are mistaken. There is no breaking through to the Ego because it is just not made that way. It couldn’t even begin to comprehend feminine concepts to be open to the new, the creative, the spiritual. Even the concept of God to the Ego is a masculine definition. It would seem then that the only way for the world to become more peaceful and harmonious is for us to experience a shift in our consciousness which requires a shift in our mental construct, a shift in how we define the meaning of LIFE, of LOVE, of GOD. This means learning how to manage our Ego so it does not control us and our lives. This transition from Ego-dominance to Wisdom may come only when our pain becomes so unbearable that it brings us to rock bottom, to our knees, that it almost kills us. Only when we realize that the directions our Ego takes us in are so unhealthy and unhappy will we collapse and thus be unable to hold on anymore to our Egoistic self. And only when we begin to disconnect from our Ego will we begin to feel the gentle vibe of goodness, of Love, of Spirit pulsing through our Body and begin to  expand our consciousness, will we begin to awaken to Heart-Consciousness and thus a new world order can begin to emerge.

Our Pain May Never Go Away

The only place to start to create a more peaceful, less drama-focused life, is to accept that this pain may never completely go away, actually probably not. Ironically, we seem to keep setting ourselves up for more pain thinking that if we could just find the “right” this or that, we could heal and finally be happy. This pain is a part of us forever…we can never heal it completely. And perhaps that is very important. Though this pain has made our life a challenge and is so uncomfortable to face, it is also the thing that we need to use to awaken to Divine Truth. Our pain is a pointer to the truth that we are not honoring ourselves and our True Spirit–that we are living by values and beliefs that can only cause us pain. Though we have gotten ourselves in a challenging situation and it seems almost impossible to unravel, the positive thing to keep in mind is that our pain can be managed so it does not continue to be the driving motivation of our life but rather an energy to help us awaken. It can be embraced and used to support us to continue to cultivate more humility and compassion in life…the vibes that open our awareness to the Divine. Our pain is the cathartic energy to help us see how dysfunctional our patriarchal beliefs are as well as help us realize we have the power to let them go and begin anew.

We are all in a very challenging place–competing to be “happy,” competing for “recognition” and “abundance,” competing for “love”–all of which have been defined from a patriarchal perspective and thus will never make us genuinely happy or rather will never bring us peace. And because we are disconnected from each other and competing, we feel the deep pain of this and are all walking around and relating to the world, to others–our partners, friends, family, co-workers, bosses–in ways that are motivated by our wounded child. Frankly, we are scared to death–that no one really loves us and that we will be alone forever. And we may struggle feeling this way for the rest of our lives..because this egoistic mindset is so deeply ingrained. We have no understanding of what it means to genuinely relate, to connect, to collaborate, to cooperate, to love. Put another way, we have chosen to live our life in misery and drama, egoistically, because we completely misunderstand what LOVE is. Without a well-developed feminine side to balance our masculine, we continue to see Love from the masculine perspective, from the Ego–therefore we believe it means to get something from another and give something to another that ultimately helps us feel good about ourself--“to get” attention, affection, recognition, compassion, help, support and above all else affection. Because we are trying desperately to get these things we compete, dominate, control, and manipulate others and our life so we can fulfill our selfish wants–to satisfy our “needy needs.” Believing this is Love, we can only blame someone else for our unhappiness–making them responsible for making us happy by being who we need them to be. And because on some level of our subconscious we know this will never work–that trying to fill empty selves up with this kind of Love only makes us feel even more empty. We relate to the world from deep-seated fear…we vibe fear…low, heavy, frenetic energy that keeps us stuck and incapacitated. We are caught in a cycle of blame and shame. How very painful for us all. We vibe bad vibes.

Would We Be Willing to Start Over?

It would seem that the only way to help ourselves release the intensity of this pain is to admit that how we look at things, what we believe is the meaning of Life, what we believe LOVE to be, is all completely misguided if what we are looking for is peace and fulfillment. Everything we currently value about how to relate to each other and to the Earth, in other words everything we call LOVE, is from an egoistic construct and thus is counter to what LOVE really is. For example, we all know that LOVE has an essential aspect or meaning of “bringing together,” yet the way we express LOVE in the world comes with such manipulation and control that it ultimately almost always leads to separation–competition, judgment, criticism, blame. It is not LOVE. Put simply, we need to throw out all that we have believed about LOVE, about what we think is meaningful and will fulfill us and accept we got it wrong. Then we need to forgive ourselves for letting our Ego get so big and powerful that we became completely brainwashed and believe in this dysfunctional grasp needy love. And now we need to trust that we can sit quietly in the vibration of our True Self and construct a new value system–that we can let the Truth of LOVE flow up through out body into our consciousness and a new understanding of Love arise–one that will create a more peaceful self, a more peaceful life, and thus, a more peaceful world.

To be able to create a new belief, we need to have a new experience. To begin to understand what LOVE is, we need to experience LOVE. LOVE is not a construct of the mind bur rather a state of being in the body, or in other words LOVE is a vibe. And it cannot be experienced when we are so distracted by the frantic energy of our Ego…which we are essentially experiencing all the time and which continues to reinforce our negative outlook, our egoistic outlook. LOVE is a smooth, easy, full vibration that flows through our body. It is a vibration that comes from the energy that flows through our body that gives us LIFE on Earth, while also keeps us conscious of the spiritual. Our Body is the manifestation of the Spiritual on Earth. This is Source or God energy. Other vibrations that flow through us are the reactions to thoughts–when those thoughts are “love-related” the vibes are softer, smoother, feel good. When those thoughts are “ego-related” those vibes are tense, heavy and feel bad. Since we have lived our lives from the patriarchal or egoistic perspective we are almost always vibing bad vibes.

HOW do we create a new experience of Love so we awaken to the Divine Truth of Love? We need to start a practice, a practice that will begin to elevate the Feminine consciousness within ourselves. This comes from a spiritual practice…from finding a way to access our innate divinity and thus being able to see all of who we are–human and divine, masculine and feminine. We are evolving into spiritually-wise people and thus instead of focusing on controlling our external world we are awakening to our inner world. We experience more of a sacred, high-vibration within our body and this begins to temper, even soothe and dissolve the pain. Feeling somewhat relieved, we are better able to begin to open to the consciousness of what is happening and how we are responding and how it feels. This gives us a moment of power, a moment to choose which vibrations we want to feel–the low-level, heavy, tense vibes of fear, of ego, or more light, easy, relaxing vibes of compassion, tolerance?  Having cultivated a practice of learning to be aware, aware of your pain, aware of how this pain influences your psyche and thus your behavior, aware that there is much more to who you are than the identity of your past, of your childhood, of your life story, aware of a divinity that is you, you now have stepped into the realm of creation. And you have the power to stand tall, open your heart, smile big and breathe and feel this tense, heavy vibe of fear dissolve and awaken to the underlying easy, open, soft vibe that resides deep within. All of a sudden the Ego agenda you were so sure was the “right way” to respond, the right way to live, is replaced with your more heartfelt acceptance of what is so…you have capacity to be more present and less obsessed with controlling the situation or the other. You are cultivating the strength and courage to step out of the dysfunctional beliefs and behavior of our society and into the peace of our own True Heart each moment of your life. In this your consciousness expands and you begin to see how deluded we have been in what we have believed and with great compassion and wisdom begin a new journey to construct a new world. It begins with understanding what Love really is. The Love we have known as a world is not LOVE.

And the only way to find some relief and peace from this pain is to embrace it, to feel it, is to begin to admit and accept that we have it. AND STOP THE the stillness we will begin to understand what love really is.