A woman’s relationship with her body is her spiritual journey

If you decide you want more spirituality in your life, that you want to partner with LIFE, QUEEN IS YOU points to a way to help ourselves commit to this journey and feel confident…to feel aligned with our Sacred Self. Q IS YOU helps you understand that your mind has no answers…because it knows nothing else but Ego. A woman’s body is her only guide and her relationship with her body is her spiritual journey. Choosing to befriend our body awakens us to LOVE…LOVE shows us our path in life. Now a word of caution, many of us may at first feel selfish pursuing this State of Being, helping ourselves to feel good, to be at peace, to be happy…we think others should come first, we think we should sacrifice ourselves for others, family, partner, co-workers, community, society. We think we should look other than we do…for men in competition with other women. However, take a moment to think about this. Wouldn’t you admit that when you are happy, you offer others the best of yourself…your family, partner, co-workers, community and society. They feel happy and loved, accepted and appreciated by you…and you can only offer that if you have it for yourself. And think about what it would feel like to express your own style because you feel good about who you are. To feel free to be you rather than living in the stress of trying to impress someone else. Love your body, love yourself and you love others and the planet. Continue to slouch or stand tall? It’s up to you.

It is up to us. We can continue to try to control everything and everyone, creating drama and stress. We can continue to slouch and experience low-vibe energy and be negatively focused and emotionally unbalanced…and thus feel bad and sad for ourselves…and treat others and Earth poorly. We can continue to value the masculine over the feminine and thus be strident and hard on life, resentful. We can continue to worship Ego rather than Spirit. We can continue to live small and miss the adventure of journeying into the mystical and see what magic may arise. Continue to slouch or stand tall? It’s up to you.

It’s up to us. We can embody our true, sovereign nature and change the world or not. We can stand tall and take a deep breath, open our Hearts, smile big, and Raise Our Vibe. We can be adventurous and allow ourselves to let go of control, even for just a moment, and see what the Universe might be showing us as options for remarkable ways to live our life that we may never have thought of. We can let go of drama and find ease and simplicity–a lightness about our self and our life. QUEEN IS YOU helps you understand the power of good posture because it lifts you up out of your Ego. It changes your disposition, physically, mentally and emotionally. You become less dramatic and judgmental, less heavy and so serious about life and so critical of others. Aligned, our sacred energy flows freely and it quiets our Ego and helps it understand that it now is in service to “our calling”, in service to our Heart and Spirit. We realize that the “success” we desperately sought all our lives was not of our True Self, but of our Ego. Awake now, we stand tall in the peace of our sacred wisdom and love our self and thus accept and love others authentically, without expectation or judgment. We have the wisdom to look at how we connect and relate with another, personally and professionally, and evaluate whether together we create drama or peace. And if it is drama, we take responsibility and work together to try to change the dynamics of our relationship, relinquishing our Ego-need to control and manipulate the other, or we accept the other and realize that it is better for us to separate. And we never stop looking within to find deep, abiding peace, for this is the only way we can contribute the same to the world. We are always willing to self-reflect and be aware of when we are caught in the dysfunction of our Ego, for we will be from time to time, and do what we need to do to transform ourself so we reconnect with our true purpose–LOVE. Continue to slouch or stand tall?  It’s up to you.

be here now, be her now…it’s up to you

It is so important women embark on this journey…we have work to do and we don’t have time to keep wasting it in this dysfunctional tug o war with our patriarchal culture. This patriarchal world suppresses our creativity, and the feminine vibe is what holds the solutions to our world-suffering–quite simply because it fuels our consciousness with sacred vibes that help us make more compassionate, healthy, loving, wise decisions about how to live and LOVE–how to do business, government, education, religion, etc.

The most important step to BE HER NOW, to accept the realization that we have absolutely no control over Life what so ever. We only have control over how we respond. And the purpose of how we respond is to BE HER–be the vibration of the Divine Feminine…that’s it. What we do is secondary. Our Ego wants to keep jumping in and telling us that we need to produce something, especially something worthy, and now we are caught again in the values of this world, caught in materialism, rather than Heart, as the meaning of life. So our attention needs to be on this moment, on who we are right now. Are we HER, are we the Divine Feminine Vibe? Once we get that and decide to respond as our Sovereign Self, as LOVE, in all situations, then life becomes remarkable.

LET LIFE LIVE YOU…being your Best Self, your True Self is vibing LOVE…is being awake to Life and taking a moment to pause and feel before you think and do. Will your response create Drama or LOVE?.

Here’s HOW to BE HER Now

  1. BE CALM–learn to breathe better.
  2. BE SELF-AWARE–cultivate an abiding gentle attention on yourself and this present moment.
  3. BE CONFIDENT–condition to good posture and shift back into it when stressed, when slouching. Stand tall, open your heart,  smile big, and take a deep breath.
  4. BE COMPASSIONATE–evaluate whether you are about to create drama or peace by what you say, do, or think.
  5. BE LOVE AND WISDOM–decide which you want to create–separation or connection
  6. BE ALONE–take time to be alone and notice if your thoughts and especially self-talk is negative.
  7. BE HER NOW–What are you projecting in your body language and vibe–your egoistic strident women or your Divine Feminine Vibe?


Learn to breathe better..slower, deeper, smoother. That’s it…and it will dramatically improve your life. Learning to slow your breath to a count of 4 in and out, and then maybe holding it for 2 counts before inhaling and exhaling can make a huge Actually, this may be all you need to do to feel better about yourself and transform your life. When you take slower, smoother, deeper breathes you become calm. This is good for your health. Your body and mind receives the oxygen it needs to function well and a deep breath triggers your parasympathetic nervous system–helping the body to relax. As a result, a spontaneous, easy, more open vibration flows through your body helping you mentally and emotionally calm down. You become more focused in the present moment. You become more aware of your kind nature and inner wisdom, your Sovereign Self. A deep, slow, smooth breath gives you a moment to make a choice–about who you want to be and thus how you want to respond to whatever/whoever is in front of you, in this moment. Your response significantly influences the quality and outcome of the next moment…and thus you create the quality of your life. When you are calm, you are connected to your True Self, innately kinder, more considerate and compassionate, wiser and content…happier. A bad moment becomes a good one.


Cultivate a gentle abiding attention on yourself and the present moment. Notice yourself and what is happening around you. Using your breath to become centered, notice if you are stressed or at ease. If stressed, notice if you are feeling depressed, hurt, angry. Notice if you are feeling the adrenalin rush, the drama, of wanting to try to fix what’s wrong, if you are judging and criticizing others or yourself or Life? Do you want to blame someone else for your suffering? Do you feel afraid? Notice if you are having a run of negative, pessimistic thoughts. Now be honest with yourself–you probably want to stay angry or hurt. Notice if you feel like yelling, telling someone something they should be doing or how they should behave or how they did something wrong. Let yourself feel this and yet don’t act on it. We are conditioned to think these feelings and thoughts are normal YET DON’T ACT ON THEM. Now decide what you want to do…stay in this uncomfortable energy or change it. Ask yourself why would you, what are you getting out of feeling negative and then creating drama with another person, or simply within yourself. It is hard, yet take this moment to realize that you are in your addiction to Ego. Now ask yourself what really is your ultimate goal–to feel righteous or loving??  Now, whether you process all your answers/insights or not, finally notice if you are slouching. Even if you are not sure about all that you are thinking and feeling, you do know that slouching is not good for you. It only activates more negative emotions and thinking. Nor does it look good.


Condition to good posture and shift back into it when stressed, when slouching. Shift into good posture and let the magic begin–simply be still for a moment and begin to feel the sensations of standing tall, opening your heart and smiling big. Feel the sensation of confidence. Notice if this feels good. It does. Notice if you begin to feel better–does your anxiety drop and do you feel a bit more relaxed? Do you feel lighter and more confident? Notice if you are feeling less hurt, less wounded, less stressed…and so on. Notice if you feel calmer and if your mood is lifting. Notice if your thoughts are turning more positive. Noticing and becoming aware of what is happening is The Key to Transformation. In your awareness of the power you have in this very moment to change your experience and thus your mood and outlook and therefore how you respond, how you behave is incredibly empowering. And feeling empowered is our innate being. And because it feels so natural when we find it, then we can find it again, and more easily the next time, and the next, and the next…until it becomes our habit. We have cultivated a new habit to stand tall, open our heart and smile big as our natural disposition and thus we use it whenever we find that stress has gotten the better of us and we are slouching.


Evaluate whether you are about to create drama or peace by what you say, do, or think. Be aware you don’t want to let go of your suffering. No one does because we believe so much in our Ego perspective–righteous, critical, arrogant, entitled and so on–it feels so normal that we can’t see its dysfunction. To become our best self, our Sovereign self, we need to give this up or at least try to. And as we all know recovering from addiction is hard. So don’t expect this to be easy, yet expect it to be so rewarding if you can find the courage to LIVE LOVE rather than LIVE EGO. Having found your center by standing tall, opening your heart, smiling big and breathing, having connected with your enlightened self, ask yourself “how am I relating to this situation or person? Am I standing tall in LOVE or slouching in dysfunctional Ego? Am I going to create drama or peace and understanding by what I am about to do or say, by what I am thinking and “vibing?” Take a moment to play out what you see happening between you and another, or you and a situation based upon how you respond and behave. See yourself at your worst, your most upset and dramatic, and then see if there is a way you can offer the best of you to this moment–a calmer, more objective, compassionate, more solution-oriented, creative self. Can you see others differently–consider their feelings and their perspective? Can you be more compassionate, see the situation more positively–even if only as a challenge to grow from? Does it seem that as you relax, there is more ease and this seems to improve the situation or interaction at hand? And be sure to give yourself compassion, self-empathy.


Decide which you want to create–separation or connection. Decide whether you want to be “right” and take a position that creates drama and separation or do I want to be open and create space for honesty, truth and wisdom? Decide if you have the courage to be more conscious or to stay stuck in the old beliefs of our dysfunctional, patriarchal society. Can you be LOVE and WISDOM and help this world evolve?

Take action. The most important action is to continue to stand tall, open your heart, and smile big… and breathe fully. Face the situation, look others in the eye, keep your body open, keep your voice calm, and speak slowly. Keep breathing fully. Have a pleasing expression. Take your time before you speak and LISTEN–listen more than talk. Less is more. If you listen you will hear more information that will help you better understand and the other will feel acknowledged and let down their guard.

Now make your final decision. From your centered self and this more conscious perspective, become discerning (different than judgmental) and look at the job or relationship. Take a look at the situation or the relationship that is your current focus. Ask yourself these powerful questions. Does it serve you, does it fuel you–check with your body first: does it make you feel lighter and at ease…inspired and adventurous? Does it resonate with you? Or does it make you feel heavy, depleted, discouraged–stressed? Watch out for the trickery of the Ego–you may have to look a bit deeper than your initial response in that the Ego will do all it can to keep you stuck. If it does not resonate with you or if others you are not willing to interact in a way that creates a more healthy, honest way of relating with each other then it is time…it is time to say NAMASTE and leave. In the expression of NAMASTE you wish them well, offer them compassion and kindness and express the truth–that you hold them completely harmless for what has transpired. And that you also realize that the relationship is complete and thus there is no reason to continue on. If on the other hand, the situation or job or relationship has a vibration that resonates, that makes you feel light, easy, and simple, it is a time to say NAMASTE, and sit down and get to know the job or the other person better. In this expression of NAMASTE, you are saying, I see the spirit you are and I know the spirit I am and we have a vibration that resonates and so it is worth pursuing this further.


Take time to be alone and notice if your thoughts and especially self-talk is negative. And more profoundly is your State of Being when you are alone. Can you remain calm and centered when you are alone…the foundational experience of our Life Journey. Can you partner with your Spirit and step out of the drama of your own thoughts, the negative, critical judgments of yourself and of your life–step out of the core vibe of your Ego even when it is all you have known? Can you stay connected to your True Self? Continue to slouch or stand tall? It’s up to you.

7) BE HER NOW–What are you projecting in your body language and vibe–your egoistic strident women or your Divine Feminine Vibe