Put in more profound terms, we are “the created of Creation” and as such we have the power to create and manifest. It is up to us to decide what we want to create. This is “free will.” We can continue to strive to manifest our Ego’s desires for “material abundance–fame, fortune, and power” and struggle to control Life, to control situations and others. And as women, we can continue to feel oppressed and thus be resentful. Or we can become more conscious, stand tall, and take responsibility to admit that this way of living does not fulfill our soul. Being our egoistic, small-minded, closed-hearted, resentful self, who depends upon others and material things to make us happy, to make us feel important, creates only drama–separation, confusion, tension, disharmony, struggle, illness and loneliness: nothing productive or creative. We need to admit that this is dysfunctional and unhealthy. And it makes us look awful. We love drama…and you have to ask yourself “why.” And the answer: it is an addiction of our Ego. Continue to slouch and be closed off or stand tall and open up to the Universe? It’s up to you.

The Ego thrives on self-centeredness and thus on drama–it’s all about me and what I have and what others think about me–I need to know who loves me and respects me and notices me and hates me and ignores me and why. Our Ego needs to try to control everything and everyone, including ourselves, so it feels important and gets what it thinks it needs to be happy–the “right” job, relationship, family, money, home/car, etc. The Ego is always in survival-mode, fighting against lack–an incessant stream of fearful, self-defeating thoughts for more. And the Ego is very powerful and cunning because it knows that by convincing us to stay loyal to the delusions of its values–achieve, accomplish, control–we will never be satisfied and always wanting, always egoistic. It keeps us in the grip of believing we are never good enough, life is never good enough, our partner is not quite good enough, our job is not quite good enough, our friends are not quite good enough, and on and on and on. This dissatisfaction drives our every thought, feeling, and action. This drives our identity–a person who is working hard to succeed. Yet underneath this is the subconscious identity that “I never will be successful or happy because I am not good enough.” And actually, it is true. We will never be successful yet not because we are not good enough but because what we want is not what will make us fulfilled in the end. There is no peace in life when you live solely from your Ego–because the life you create and attempt to create is delusional. Continue to slouch or stand tall? It’s up to you.

Are you a drama-queen or the Divine Feminine?

You know your Ego is dysfunctional because when you sit back and take a few deep breathes and allow yourself to relax, you feel a vibration that is something other than your Ego and you awaken to Divine Truth–Life is meant to feel good, like this. You know this is true because it feels natural. Taking this pause just “to Be”, you feel so much better…your body feels good, your mood lifts, and you are more positive. This is the real you–your True Self. Deep down you know that you are not meant to always be so afraid and insecure, so tense and competitive, frustrated and dissatisfied…so why are you? And you begin to realize that these moments of profound peace and clarity, these moments of fullness of Heart, are very rare for you–and you have to work to create them because they are not your normal disposition. And you begin to wonder why. The answer is because we are addicted to suffering and dysfunction, addicted to the adrenalin of drama…because we live in a society that is conditioned to certain beliefs that cause us to see our whole life through the filter of our Ego. We have a habit of mind and body that focuses on creating competition rather than cooperation, individuality/independence at the expense of community and a healthy Earth.Continue to slouch or stand tall? It’s up to you.

You are brainwashed to believe in the egoistic-way of life and yet in this moment of stillness, you can’t deny an awareness of something better. Your “aha” is that Ego is a result of being disconnected from your spiritual self, disconnected from your True Heart, disconnected from your inner Being that is always calm and content–peaceful, joyful, loving. Because you are disconnected, you are easily swayed by what others tell you to believe…you lose your discernment about what is really right for you. Yet, now centered in this moment of stillness, greater consciousness arises and you become aware that your purpose is to embrace life as an adventure of evolution rather than that which must be conquered. These perspectives are mutually exclusive–one leads to eternity and the other to death. Continue to slouch or stand tall? It’s up to you.

OUr Ego is emotionally Dysfunctional. Our heart is rationally objective.

The Ego is a construct of the mind, and the mind is the masculine aspect of ourselves. The Heart is our Feminine. And because the world worships the Ego, the Divine Feminine, and our Heart, have been suppressed for millennia–suppressed in both men and women. As a result, we are all overly masculine–meaning we are all focused on “manifesting”, making things things happen, and have lost connection with our Soul’s purpose. We have lost connection with Meaning. Being focused in our “materialistic” or 3-dimensional perspective of reality, we think this world is all there is. Therefore we believe we need to conquer others and Earth for survival, for sole-dominion–to fulfill our purpose if we are going to be saved, if we are going to be happy–it’s all about ME. Continue to slouch or stand tall? It’s up to you.

In order to survive in this man’s world, women felt we needed to learn how to compete with men and as a result developed our masculine qualities…and have become egoistic, strident and edgy. Ironically, though “fighting” for our liberation to be acknowledged as women, we actually have become more man-like…stifling our softness, patience, compassion, ease, flow, and creativity. And to make it more oppressive, we have tried to figure out what men like and thus manipulate our bodies to please them. We are realizing now that denying our sacred self, the sovereign feminine consciousness that we are, we pay a huge price–we suffer the deepest misery in life, the misery that comes from self-disrespect and denial, that comes from being disconnected from our Truth…and thus we experience spiritual starvation. And of course as a result of being inauthentic, we grouch and crank, we stoop and doubt, we complain and criticize, we worry and over-react…all the time. We blame men. We create drama. Continue to slouch or stand tall? It’s up to you.

In our masculine perspective, we have disconnected from our body, our Heart, and have lost our power to create positive vibrations–which is the power and purpose of the feminine. We are focused more on “achieving”, driven to manifest something” rather than on “who we are.” The Divine Feminine is the energy of creation itself and once we become obsessed with what it is we are creating we begin to actually disconnect from this power and thus suppress our spirit as a woman. “Manifesting something,” which is the power of the masculine, is worthwhile of course, yet left unbalanced by the creative energy of the feminine, untempered and infused by heart-felt and soulful vibrations, what we create loses its value, its purpose, its meaning. It becomes instead egoistic and runs amuck into greed, competition, and dominance. For example, “abundance” has taken on a 3rd-dimensional meaning of “manifesting lots of material stuff, lots of wealth”–money, possessions, notable friends, job titles, awards/achievements, etc. Yet from a spiritual perspective, our Soul doesn’t really care about all this. And even more poignant, we see that these things inhibit our Soul’s growth and expansion and thus we feel limited and small–unfulfilled, flat, disappointed, stifled and so on. We actually don’t feel abundant at all. Rather, with expanded consciousness, in 4th-dimensional reality that is, “abundance” means “high-vibration”, lightness of being, fullness of heart, fitness and health of body, peace of mind, calm and easy personality–abundance is creativity-consciousness. Abundance is simply vibrations of “feeling good, whole, natural, joyful, peaceful, happy.” Continue to slouch or stand tall? It’s up to you.

Living from our 3rd-dimensional perspective, we are obsessed with goals and thus are perpetually focused on “getting somewhere, getting something, becoming someone,” meaning we are focused on the future and thus we never see the beauty or various opportunities of the realm of possibility that lay before us in this very moment. And more importantly, we never see the Being that we truly are–that there is nowhere we need to go, nor “someone we need to become.” Rather we only need to bloom into our True Self. We shut ourselves off from spontaneity, from possibility, from miracles, from fun, from joy, from LOVE because we have shut ourselves off from Creation. The only place creativity can happen, the only place miracles can manifest, the only place we are our True Self, is in this moment…because when conscious of this moment we become conscious of our Self, of our Body, of our Heart, of our Soul, of the Consciousness that is “I”. Continue to slouch or stand tall? It’s up to you.

Only in the present moment can we become conscious of our body, the holy grail of our Divine Self. Our body is our barometer of how aware we are of our True Self–meaning how our body feels vibrationally is a measure of how open or not we are to experience a connection with our Soul. And our Soul is the portal to the Universe. When we focus on our body and help it relax, the vibration, the power of God The Universe, flows through us–goodvibes are godvibes–and the portal opens. As the vibes flow through us, we become more open-minded and open-hearted. We become creative–having access to our True Self and thus new ideas to create a new reality, one of greater joy and peace begin to form. We can “access our power to create” at any moment. We simply need to step out of the very limiting illusion of our current egoistic beliefs and social structures. To find the strength to do this, all we need to do is just consider that perhaps there is a better way to live and love–better things to believe in and thus better ways to behave. Continue to slouch or stand tall? It’s up to you.

The Divine Feminine has been veiled from the world and therefore we have been unable to access the mystical, the realm of the unknown, Creation, easily. As a result, we can only create from what we know, from the past, and thus what we create only comes from the 3rd-dimension, this world. We keep repeating the past and expecting our egoistic perspective to make us happy. As a result of no imagination or mystical quality to our awareness, we are slowing the evolution of our consciousness, dulling our ability to become more embodied in Spirit and thus thwarting our power to generate a better, a more fulfilling and joyful, way of living. And also, with the feminine suppressed there can be no authentic, genuine partnership between the masculine and feminine spirit and thus the single-focused, masculine Ego, within each of us and within our relationships, continues to dominate and generate an unhealthy self, society, and planet. Continue to slouch or stand tall? It’s up to you.

However, given how much we are suffering we are beginning to become more motivated to wake up and realize that the world needs more balance so there is more peace–we are waking up to realize that we want to be more content, that the planet needs to heal, and thus the “masculine/material way” we live our life is not healthy. We realize we need to make a new choice and that it needs to be soon. It is up to us to choose; whether we want to remain in this “limbo of the same ole, same ole” single-minded and self-centered focus or be liberated; whether we want to continue to be small and live small and literally weighed down by our material world or set ourselves free into the lightness of Spirit. We need to decide if we want to expand into the powerful vibrations of our True Self and ascend to a greater, more loving, more peaceful consciousness or not? It is up to us to decide if we want to embrace the challenge of living our life to the fullest, living with authenticity and integrity, living from an open, true heart and wise mind, or not. It is up to us to decide if we are ready to step up and become a spiritually mature adult, ready to change the way we feel, what we believe, and how we behave, or continue to be the wounded child and create more drama and resentment. Continue to slouch or stand tall? It’s up to you.

We can keep living inside of our belief that we are wounded and need to be healed and thus hold onto our desperate need to try to get the love and affection we feel we missed as a child from someone else now in our adulthood. This can only lead to blaming them like we do our mom when they are not loving us just the way we want them to. We can stay wounded, and by the way thus continue to mentor woundedness in our own children, or we can embody our True Self. We can step out of our personality and the story of our wounded childhood, mostly constructed from our Ego, and choose to experience the more expansive, more sovereign, vibration that we are. Stepping into our True Self, we will realize that our parents were just people on their life journey, like we are now, doing the best they could with the consciousness they had at the time. We can stay stuck or we can run free? Continue to slouch or stand tall? It’s up to you.

Being still and breathing fully right now, we become aware of an expanded awareness flowing through our body. And remarkably it begins to dissolve our arrogance in thinking that our parents “should have done better.” And this realization helps us to find compassion for ourself, and for them, and embrace our pain to the point of actually becoming appreciative of how it helps wake us up to how victimized we think we are in life. We are not victims. Awake to this false belief, we now can be more objective–we see how judging our parents and blaming them is our addiction to living small, to being egoistic, to finding an excuse to stay stuck in low, unimaginative, resentful vibrations. And how this is the root of all our other addictions and obsessions, the root of our desperate search for “material abundance”–in order to feel safe, important, and fulfilled. And that we are addicted because we have no spiritual underpinning. Despite how much pain we believe our parents made us feel, we can choose to see that we were destined to experience what we have with our parents for the sole purpose of our evolution–for the purpose of helping us re-establish connection with the Divine. We can begin to understand that this pain is to help us wake up to realize that we have looked at life, for generations, from a lower vibration of consciousness, from a vibration that is not of the “abundance” of Heart and thus leads to a small-minded belief of who we are–I am a victim. Seeing this we now have a chance to evolve, we now have a chance to see our childhood as a gift rather than a crisis. Continue to slouch or stand tall? It’s up to you.

Our 3rd dimensional thinking, our obsession with “material abundance” and blaming our parents, blocks our creativity–we become distracted from evolving by being obsessed with trying to “fix the past.” Might we breathe and awaken to a different interpretation of the “reality” of our childhood and realize that it was our training-ground from which we learned about the dysfunction of society, and of ourselves and our parents, to help us evolve. Many of us misunderstand–we think we came into this world and were supposed to learn the current belief structures and become better at living according to these concepts and constructs than previous generations did. That is wrong. We were born to evolve, which means we were born to challenge and evolve these beliefs and constructs not get better at them than our parents were. And this requires change, which always seems to require pain and suffering as the impetus for breakthroughs. We all know change is inevitable, we witness it at the passing of every moment of everyday. The only way we can relieve ourselves of our suffering, of our wishing things wouldn’t change, is to shift our perspective from resisting to accepting, and ultimately, embracing change. The only way is to find the courage to open to our sacred selves because Ego will do all it can to prevent change, to prevent the expansion of our Heart Consciousness. To embrace change takes courage because it means you are going to start dissolving all you think you know about who you are and should be and this will cause fear–suffering. Yet ironically, suffering is the only way we will be set free from suffering–it is the catalyst that helps us realize that we have caused our suffering because of the shallow beliefs we hold, and the lack of connection with the Divine. Awake to this, now we begin to consider new thoughts and beliefs, ones that will liberate us and help us gain peace. Continue to slouch or stand tall? It’s up to you.

It is up to us if we want to be courageous enough to take responsibility and be accountable for the Divine Truth that only we can love ourselves the way we need to be loved–only we can decide on the life path, the life values, that are true for us. Unlike what we have come to believe from our culture–that it is selfish to follow our heart and live our truth–we now must do just that if world peace is going to be restored. Because unless we take responsibility and learn to honor and respect ourselves, and find inner contentment and joy, we will continue to blame others for our unhappiness. And thus we will continue to be cranky and unkind, angry and bitter, controlling, competitive and dominating or submissive, victimized and small. We will be suppressed from expressing our True Self and be in terrible depression. We will be ugly. Our society and religions continue to try to make us feel guilty and selfish for being our True Selves and this pressure is pure Ego…a brilliantly contrived and cunning belief system to keep us trapped in dysfunction. We are so steeped in it like teabags that we are not even aware of our dysfunction. We feel guilty if we don’t try to live up to the expectations of these patriarchal constructs and yet we will continue to suffer deeply if we do. Continue to slouch or stand tall.? It’s up to you.

To keep trying to get acknowledgement from someone else, especially from a construct, an entity, that is completely unable and unwilling, and holds only egoistic beliefs, is insanity. To keep trying to please our parents and priests is insanity. To keep sacrificing ourselves for these beliefs and for others when we are discontent in our own Heart is insanity. Considering that we are insane can feel rather harsh and daunting to admit. Yet if we breathe and sit back and extend compassion toward ourselves, we actually feel relieved to finally admit it…because now we have a place to start. We can see that we did the best we could with the consciousness we possessed put to now and yet we are awakening and need to face the Truth. We have been insane, and generations before us have been insane. We are not coming to this realization so we can make ourselves feel worse but rather so we can begin to understand and thus evolve. We have been insane to think that others are responsible for our happiness and contentment in life. Trying to live up to the expectations of others was not wrong, just not healthy, insane–this is the victim complex. Victimhood is insanity. Trying to be noble and save others was not wrong, just not healthy, insane–this is the savior/martyrdom complex. Judging situations and others because you thought there was a “right” way was not wrong, just separating and exclusionary, insane–this is the persecutor complex. These perspectives and behaviors are unhealthy personas because they arise out of Ego and our Ego has power because we are disconnected from our inner true nature. We need to go inward. Continue to slouch or stand tall? It’s up to you.