YOUR BODY awakens you to your divine feminine

PosturePowerYoga–yoga poses, postural exercises, myofascial release and gentle spinal-traction techniques plus body-meditations–helps you learn how to work with your body’s energy and access your innate wisdom to RAISE YOUR VIBE. You experience how good posture and positive body language activate your personal power, instantly. Aligned, a vibrant, smooth energy flows through you. Feeling calm, confident, and compassionate, fully present and energized, you become the Queen you truly are—a woman unto herself, a woman centered in her body and connected to her inner knowing, a woman who embraces both her light and dark sides, a woman who handles challenges with courage and grace. You are a woman who is committed to living from her passionate, kind, wise heart and relating to others from your Truth. You take responsibility for your beliefs and behavior in order to express only peace. You commit to connect with that which is resonant and walk away from that which is not, rather than trying to control things and create drama. You are a woman living her most happy, adventurous, generous life. Your aura glows–you are radiant and magnetize to you that which is for your highest good.

and the greatest of these is


love is not an emotion. rather LOVE is a State of Being (a Way of Relating).

LOVE is bringing the best of who you are to all situations and interactions…

showing up as your True Self…as LOVE.

good posture

aligns your body so you attune to the LOVE-Vibe flowing through you.


What does Every woman want?
  • WE WANT to feel good about ourselves.
  • WE WANT to be calm, confident, and energized.
  • WE WANT to look beautiful…no matter our shape, weight, size, age, or challenge we’re facing.
  • WE WANT to be our most gracious and powerful selves always and live the life of our dreams.
  • WE WANT to have healthy, supportive relationships…personally and professionally.
  • WE WANT to express our full feminine potential and have it valued in the world as equally important as the masculine—in business, religion, politics, education, and the arts.
  • WE WANT to contribute to the peace of our society and the health of our planet.
  • WE WANT to be sexy and sensual…letting passion flow.
  • WE WANT to feel loved and be loving.

We need to awaken to our power and true beauty.

A woman’s power and beauty are IN HER VIBE…not so much in her physical appearance as we believe. Our body is filled with sacred wisdom and it is bright and beautiful. When we walk with confidence and grace we access our sacred energy and raise our vibe. We step out of the drama of the world and into the peace of our True Self, into our power to create and manifest. We feel like the true sovereign we are and our “presence” exudes radiance, sensuality and wisdom…LOVE. We become magnetizing. Our uplifting presence uplifts the world around us.

It’s in our vibe.