A Woman’s Body is the Temple of Her Soul holding the Chalice of her Heart

PosturePowerYoga helps you learn how to cultivate a gentle attention on your Body so you are “present,” so you are aware of your sacred self, of your inner Being and Truth, as much as you can be throughout your day. PPY helps you be aware of your Body so you are conscious of your Heart. This helps you be “present to the moment” and to all that is before you. Centered in your True Self you have the posturepower to handle Life with grace and wisdom.

The reason PosturePowerYoga focuses on our Body is because we are all rather remarkably disconnected from our Body, and this means we are disconnected from our Heart. And this is the crux of all our suffering…not just women’s but the worlds’ as well. In fact, as a culture, we have deep resentment toward our Body, wishing our Body was “better,” was more attractive (whatever that means), never got sick or aged, and was fit enough to do all the things we want it to. Women particularly have a strained relationship because we worry about whether our Body will please men. We collude in objectifying our Body and so we blame our Body for never getting us the love-partner we really want. We blame our Body for never being beautiful enough so we can feel good about ourselves. We blame our Body for getting sick or injured, for aging or for being overweight or unfit. We need to heal this because this contentious relationship with our Body is the suppression of our Divine Feminine vibration, and THIS is the root of our low self-esteem and self-hatred. Blaming our Body, we are Blaming Our Self. And as a result, we women hide ourselves. We dampen the presence of the Divine Feminine in the world and THIS is the root of the world’s strife. She needs to come forward more now than ever…bringing with Her the sacred feminine virtues of grace, respect, kindness, beauty, radiance, nurture, and generosity.

This disconnect between Mind and Body is the disconnect between our Mind and Heart. Without full consciousness of Heart, we default to egoistic, patriarchal beliefs. We ground our values in materialism and worldly power. Our personality becomes fearful and insecure and we become competitive and aggressive towards each other and have complete disregard for our planet. It begins with the fact that our Ego has been conditioned to think it controls everything, all the events of our life and even the innate sacred processes of our Body. Our Ego believes that our Body, as well as the planet, are in service to our worldly desires rather than understanding that our Body is the Holy Grail of Divine Wisdom. Our Body is “Divine Vibration.’ The planet is the vibration of the Divine Feminine. We are a part of the Earth and Universe vibrations, the vibrations that created us and keep us alive. And we have the power to effect the quality, the frequency and flow, of this energy through us—we have the power to keep it consistent and flowing freely or to interrupt it. The Heart is the chakra center that is most powerful in regulating this flow. When our Heart is dismissed, the flow of energy within our Body is weak and we are unhealthy and unhappy. 

Because of the disconnect from our Body, we are unable to fully comprehend the nature of this healthy and essential connection. We cannot feel The Sacred energy of our Hearth then because we do not allow ourselves to feel the vibrations of the Heart. We dominate or dismiss the wisdom of our Heart with the rationalizations of our Ego. Rather than being focused on protecting and cherishing our Body and being open to its’ wisdom, we instead try to manipulate it. Rather than sitting quietly in our Body, in the Seat of the ONE as in meditation, and allowing our inner knowing to arise, we wrestle with our thoughts instead commanding ourselves to do a better job of figuring out our life and regaining control. We have no capacity or strength because of our masculine cultural belief that emotions are of “weak character” to feel our sadness and fears and learn from them. As a result, we become traumatized by them instead and so press them down and try to escape them with “stuff or drug.”  The problem is however, that these are energies of the Heart and as we suppress our fear and dismiss our hurt as weakness, we also suppress our ability to love authentically. 

Disconnected from our Body, we are disconnected from our Soul, and as a result we have no Faith. We have no access to our healthy, inner guiding principles, nor a sense of connection with a Loving Power. We feel desperately alone. Frightened, we become self-absorbed and selfish. Disconnected from our Body and Heart, we misunderstand who we are and so believe in the delusion that our self-worth is tied to the material world rather than to the riches of The Universe. And thus, we believe our value, our importance, is measured by what we “accomplish,” how much money we have, and what others think of us. This is all so very painful because it does not fill our Heart with Love, because it does not support us to express our self openly, freely, because it does not help us fulfill our potential, our destiny, and so we feel miserable. 

It is time we wake up to how insane it is to look for the value of who we are in the eyes of others (others who are also dysfunctional by the way) or in the measure of money and fame…rather than looking within our own Heart for the Truth of Who You Are. We are a world gone insane because we believe that money means more than LOVE…we actually use Love to get money and think money will bring Love. The more money and the bigger the reputation the more important we are. Or put another way, we are insane with Ego because we have no real idea what LOVE truly is. 

We are realizing that for generations we have been separated from our true connection with the Divine and thus have no sense of our own divinity. And of course, women particularly, following patriarchal religious and spiritual practices for millennia, couldn’t help but feel worthless. We have been convinced that God was male. Religious doctrine says man was made in the image of God, yet actually, we made God into the likeness of man–personified with masculine qualities and emotions, setting rules and moral codes, judgmental and dogmatic; completely devoid of kindness, generosity, acceptance, nurture. Men and women alike have been riddled with guilt because of trying “to please HIM”and feeling we keep failing. We’ve felt separate from “God” rather than enveloped in GOD’S LOVE and so have become caught in the dilemma of survival rather than living out our spiritual potential with the courage of an adventurer. From this perspective, we could only look outside of ourselves to feel better–by pleasing others and having them please us. We looked for others to love us and blamed them when it wasn’t good enough. Women had the added struggle of looking to men for their self-worth, given the suppression of the feminine qualities in all aspects of society—religion, politics, education, business. 

Living inside the Patriarchal bubble, we’ve looked at our life as something to fix rather than as an adventure with ups and downs to experience for the sole purpose of gaining a deeper understanding of LOVE. We live life as a series of dramas, trying to fix what went wrong in the past and worrying about a better future. Yet we miss the point that Life is only in this moment right now and that the most important experience is LOVE. Having that said, we are beginning to awaken. We are beginning to admit that we are drama junkies and obsessed with money and “stuff”and thankfully are becoming tired of the addiction. Through our suffering, we are beginning to surrender and are discovering that the only real moment of Life is the HERE and NOW, and the only full expression of LIFE is LOVE…YET NOT the “love” we have known. We are awakening to a NEW LOVE, or rather to a new realization of what LOVE really is. Though hard to accept given our Egoistic conditioning, we are beginning to understand that LOVE is really the capacity to simply be with what is and face whatever challenges present themselves with a generous, open Heart as best we can. We have wanted Love to be about success and conquering, getting what we want and believe is good for us and is what we deserve. Yet most of this thinking comes from our Ego and not our humble Heart. We have been taught that to “be successful”is more important than to be generous and kind. We have been taught that Life is here to serve us rather than us serve Life. This arrogant attitude only creates resistance to what is and strife among us…and a very unhealthy planet. We have become so arrogant questioning the Life we were given, that we “should have a better life, we deserve more and shouldn’t have to struggle.”Our Egoistic value system is the antithesis and so is pushing away the very thing we deeply desire…LOVE. 

We misunderstand. We think Love is about a comfortable life, is having others think you are the greatest and will give you everything you want so you are happy. When in Truth, Life is merely what is happening now and Love is showing up as the best, more humble, heart-felt version of your self.

Women have a remarkable strength to embrace this new awakening, as the Feminine is closer to the emotional body, closer to Heart vibrations. Women seem to have more courage to experience both the depth of her own broken heart and suffering as well as the suffering of society, and of our planet…though living in a very egoic world, she holds onto the values of the Heart. Meaning, she feels the disparity of our world and yet never relinquishes her ability to be that which reveals the presence of the Divine and the power of LOVE to heal. Perhaps men would too yet have been so conditioned to believe that this way of being is weak and thus this is why they have such a hard time seeing what women are pointing to today…i.e. the destruction of our society and planet. It’s astonishing that men just can’t seem to see it and thus stay stuck in revolving around on themselves and old ways of patriarchy rather than looking for new ways to solve the worlds problems. They refuse to see that the only answers that will serve the good of all reside within the Heart. The very thing they need to begin to abolish is the very thing that keeps them from seeing this Truth…their arrogance, their fear, their EGO. 

Men have no trust in other men. Women however have some degree of trust in all women and in some men. She knows that deep down, she and all humans, carry the voice, the Vibe, of God-The Universe within, and that when we tap into it, we know we are loved and supported. From this sense of fulfillment, we have the capacity to relate to others and to the planet with healthier, kinder, more loving energy. We begin to understand that the only power we have to fulfill, or rather evolve, our destiny, is to reawaken our consciousness of the presence of the Divine in our lives, actually that we are of the Divine, and thus make this moment our very best…to take this next breath with complete consciousness and “simply be” with the beauty or ugliness around us. Staying awake to this, builds trust and faith…in Life, in God, in others, in one’s Self. This is LOVE.

Unconditional Love has no drama…LOVE is best described as the vibration or feeling of freedom. Worrying about the past and wishing for a better future, wishing others and our life were different, easier, more comfortable, on and on, keeps us stuck in a prison of disappointment and hurt. Our outlook and judgment keep us mired in a fear of survival rather than grounded in the joy of the Magic that this moment right now is revealing. Living in a Patriarchal world, we find ourselves chained to the material, chained by the fear that we are not safe, we need more money and stuff to be safe, we need other people to be safe…this is the root of our obsession with Fear. As a result, we are distracted by our regrets of the past and worries of the future—thinking that we can control our lives by controlling these. Yet that is impossible because they don’t exist. Instead, when one connects with their Body, breathes deeply and feels the divine vibrations of LOVE flowing through one’s Body, we remember the Truth, we awake to this moment and what is REAL–that we are safe, we are loved, and only need to pay attention to this breath, this body, this moment to know how to live well.  

We need to realize how immature we are behaving in this egoistic world…these are my toys and I dont want to share them, this is my money and my water and my comfort and I dont want to share them. I need to spend all this money on looking attractive so I will be loved and respected by others, so men will find me desirable.We need to see how this inhibits us from fulfilling our true potential—the potential of the Heart. We need to see that we have so many more qualities than just these juvenile, narrow-minded, pride-stroking, heart-numbing values. We need to wake up and understand that we need to stop trying to prove we are worth loving “by becoming better than everyone else, by becoming as beautiful as the worlds tells me I should be.” We need to stop the Hollywood drama…the delusions of what Love is, what Beauty is, stop the obsession of materialism, stop the glamorization of spirituality. Ironically, this all pushes away the very thing we are trying to get through them…genuine connection and authentic love. We need to step back into our Body and into Nature and reconnect with our True Self. She/He can only be found in absolute aloneness because only there will distractions and triggers of the world be minimized and your body become calm enough to help your mind calm down and begin to understand how we are all interconnected, and connected to the planet–that you are a part of al-oneness and not alone. It is the patriarch’s warped view that allows one man to make a billion dollars while millions of children go on starving.

We need to begin to see that the only way for us to feel generous—or in other words compassionate toward all sentient beings, including ourselves, is for us to know we are lovable and loved–it is just an illusion that we are not. The only way to feel lovable is to feel lovable, literally feel “lovable vibrations”in our Body. And the reality is that they are there all the time, we just can’t feel them given how distracted we are from ourselves. We need to see how out of balance we have become, how caught up we are in an unhealthy value-system—looking for love outside of our selves, “looking for love in all the wrong places.”We merely need to look around us to see this is true—everyone is desperately seeking Love. The key word here is “desperately.”We need to see how needy, judgmental, unkind, selfish, and greedy we have become as a result our values. And we also need to consider that perhaps the “love”we are desperately seeking is not really a “healthy love,”actually not really Love at all but rather a form of control. And so, we need to go on the greatest adventure of our lives, the journey into the depths of who we truly are, a journey to become Free.  

Seeing this about our selves and how trapped in unhappiness we are requires a lot of courage and self-compassion because as you awake, like warming up from frostbite, it hurts. Yet we need to go through it. We need to allow our self to feel the deep pain of our underlying self-disappointment and self-hatred. We need to feel our fear of being alone. And we will discover a brilliant paradox, Faith helps us withstand the pain and withstanding the pain helps us develop Faith. Surrendering into the pain, surrendering into a Faith in Goodness, we can let it this help break down the walls of arrogance and blame. We can let it help us see how we grasp on too hard to needing to be comfortable in life and how afraid of aging and death we are and as a result how we blame others and feel scared and resentful. Yet being uncomfortable in life, being hurt and hurting others, being afraid of being alone and of aging and dying are all inevitable in this human experience. So perhaps we could learn to be a little less afraid about how much things hurt some times, and instead embrace it so we soften and grow and thus become more accepting of ourselves and others. Perhaps we could be a bit less dramatic about life and more calm and accepting of our disappointments rather than always trying to gloss over or fix them. And perhaps we could learn to simply allow Life to be Life. We would probably have more fun.


To find the“freedom”of a True Heart, to find the Truth of who we are and accept our self with deep self-love, is not a journey through your mind…it is not a visit to the psychologist. Many of us search our mind for the answers, search through all the journals of what we know. And that is where we make our first mistake. For when we engage our mind, our Ego has permission to take advantage of our vulnerability and direct our thoughts towards that which keeps us fearful and close-hearted, imprisoned in regrets and worry, in the past and future. Our Ego does not hold any positive or productive or compassionate insight to our Life and knows nothing about Love. Our Ego believes it is meant to keep things controlled, meaning it works hard to keep us convinced that we need to conform to society rather than following our own Heart. Our Ego only knows about fear and scarcity, about “not having enough, not being enough.”Our Ego worries about what others think”—they know better than we do—the church, government, teachers, parents, bosses, friends, lovers–about who we “should be.”We are discouraged from being creative and expressive and we are taught that self-love and self-respect means we should have the discipline to conform and “become successful.”If we break out of the norm, then only making millions will justify it—in our world money is power. And this couldn’t be a more inelegant, and unsophisticated measure of “success,”—rather it is such an unconscious and unsophisticated view of the meaning of Life. This egoistic view of Life is rooted in the linear, logical, limiting masculine expression of Life, and it is completely unbalanced by the Feminine. Untempered by the Feminine, it has become extremely profane. And we have to admit we don’t really feel happy…no matter how “successful”we might be. However, when we hold ourselves with our Heart rather than our mind, we find only LOVE and True Happiness. 

LOVE is not a mental construct but rather a physical experience. Our Ego would find this a silly consideration. Yet the truth is that LOVE is literally a vibration in our Body…a yummy, soft, expansive vibration that originates in our Heart and flows gracefully through our Body. It is that energy in our Body that gives us a sense of certainty, compassion, kindness, tolerance, generosity. It is the Vibe that lets us know we are loved by something greater than ourselves and this world and that we are supported, we are safe. We feel calm and confidence. 

The problem is that we are completely unaware of our Body and thus easily swayed then by our Ego…meaning we know our Body is part of us, we feel it when it is tired, hungry, energized, sick, and so on. Yet we rarely are conscious of our Body’s sacred energy and we never really consider our Body as a sacred being. As a result, we don’t really have a relationship with our Body—or we could all at least agree our relationship with our Body in not very respectful or loving. We actually treat our Body as our “servant”and sometimes even our nemesis. Our Ego is always chattering in the background about our body’s imperfection and convincing us it is at fault for much of our struggles and disappointments in life. This of course would keep us from trusting our Body to guide us through Life. The irony is we blame our Body for our unhappiness when in truth it is our only source for true happiness. 

It is time we come home and befriend our Body. We need to get out of our head and into our Body.

True Happiness is literally feeling the physical fullness of one’s own heart and following this truth toward that which brings you peace.

Our EGO must convince us to stay disconnected from our Body, to objectify it. Primarily because this keeps us from having Faith. If we have Faith, we cannot be controlled by the Patriarchal value-system, the Ego mind. The “worldly”values keep us disconnected from our Body because when we are connected, we become conscious of the LOVEVIBE in our Heart and we realize that this is the energy of the Divine, this is our own Divinity. Awake to this energy, we realize that we are of the Divine—we have Faith. Awake, we begin to become less interested in what this egoistic, materialistic world order has to offer us and our Ego is terrified of this because it could mean its undoing, the undoing of our economy, our government, our society—of our identity of being a capitalistic world order, of being a “success.”Yet, as we have to admit this only leads to suffering and there is a reformation under way. 

Given the emptiness in our Hearts, we are struggling to understand, we are beginning to awaken. We are beginning to trust ourselves more—deciding to honor our own heart more than what others judge about us. We may not know what is going to happen in our life—we are not meant to—yet we are beginning to trust that it is important to be on “the path with Heart.”We are beginning to understand that it is not so important where you are going or what you achieve but rather how to get there and how you achieve it. This is a rather heretical way of Being in comparison to the Establishment—“success at all costs.”We beginning to see the value of the HeartPath not so much because “it is the right thing to do”—the traditional patriarchal moral judgment, but rather because “it is the healthy thing to do.”IT JUST FEELS GOOD, HARMONIOUS, KIND, HEALHTY—the new “right”, meaning we are releasing the moralistic view of “the right thing to do”and redefining it to mean “the healthy, loving, happy”thing to do…the HeartPath. 

On this Path we have Faith, and so we heed the call to serve, to share with others, to honor others. We heed the call to respect ourselves, to hold ourselves in the highest regard no matter what anyone else thinks or says. We stop the incessant need to be something or someone other than we are and instead begin to take delight in our own talent, treasures, gifts, personality. Whereas the Ego needs us to heed the call to  conform in order that it may continue to dominate, to control, to own our life journey. To stay in power, our EGO must continue to convince us that wealth and fame, not spirituality, are the goals that will keep us safe. It convinces us that we are “weak and less than”if we are not of the “elite,”if we don’t have more than others, if we are not the winner and they the loser.”As a result, we live a life of “pursuit, competition, dominance” doing all we can to amass “things” under the delusion that these will fulfill our heart and make us happy and at peace. Since this is impossible, we are in “the incessant, endless chase”into perpetual misery and we end up living a most unfulfilling life…missing the chance to experience our own true, spiritual potential.”The Patriarchy is happy.

Our EGO only knows FEAR and as such, it’s goal is to control. Our EGO is not interested in creating something new or evolving because it cannot control the unknown. Therefore, our EGO continually re-directs our attention toward the past and motivates us to be afraid of the future and that we will loose everything we “have” if we pursue the Mystery of Life, if we pursue the knowing of our own Heart. 

Our Body only knows LOVE. And as such, it holds absolute Faith and it’s goal is freedom; creativity and evolution. It is completely open to the unknown and it our connection with the present moment, the connection with LIFE. It the Holy Grail of our Divine Nature. It is time now that we come back to our Body and begin to awaken to who we truly are–a vibration of the Universe–meaning a LOVEVIBE BEING. This is our only option to re-awaken to all that is good and sacred. It is our only option to reawaken to the Divine Feminine in the World. It is the only way women can regain their Power–to lift our selves up out of the feminine oppression and express our true self in the world. Therefore, women must be more intentional than men and take the time to cultivate a truly intimate and loving relationship with our Body. Not only is this the way that women will regain her own confidence and compassion and inner strength, it is the only way she will begin to forgive men…and this is the only way that we will all begin to heal.

A Woman’s Power is in her Relationship with Her Body. Her Self-Esteem is Strong and Rooted in Love. Now she has powerful influence in the World.


A woman’s Body is the true Holy Grail. It is the sacred vessel of Divine Vibration, of LOVE. Reconnected with your Body, you begin to awaken from the “delusions of EGO”–you begin to see that all the “success–fame and fortune” that you have valued is of little meaning to your Heart. More so, you begin to wake up to the absurd selfishness of this patriarchal world culture and wonder what the heck it is all for? We are all only ending up alone and on impoverish planet. You begin to understand how our way of consumerist, comfort living does not, and never could, fulfill the Heart, does not fulfill your Soul’s purpose as you have so ardently believed. You awaken to realize that accomplishment, money, and power over others is a ridiculous measure of self-worth—embarrassing really. You awaken to realize that what you believed Love to be, was not LOVE, but a conditional, manipulative way of making others feel guilty and responsible for our sense of self, for our self-worth, for our happiness—again ridiculous. We put our identity in the hands of others–giving them the power to determine whether we are lovable or not, successful or not, smart or not, attractive or not, good enough or not. We must be mad.

PosturePowerYoga helps us awake from our nightmare and reconnect with who we truly are by reconnecting with our Body and aligning Her with the Universe. We connect with the power and sanctity of our Body, the chalice of our sacred Heart, and begin to experience TRUE LOVE, the LOVEVIBE. PosturePowerYoga helps us experience this divine vibration within and regain our power to love our selves deeply. PPY helps us find the present moment, the most important moment of our Life because it is the only time we can access our true personal power and respond with LOVE.

Be HERE Now. Be HER Now.

We stand on our own. We stand as a Woman Unto Herself.

PosturePowerYoga helps us women awaken and realize that our relationship with our Body is our most important relationship in life. Our Body is simply quite amazing no matter what we think of it. It is the most Holy thing on Earth for god’s sake…;-). PPY also helps us understand the necessity to develop Good Posture in order to align oneself to our True Self. Good Posture aligns our Body so the sacred energies of LOVE flow vibrantly through us and into our consciousness helping us remember. We are guided then guide us toward the true meaning of LOVE. It is unconditional. We Are supported in this experience to begin to understand what “unconditional”really means—it is not about compromising but rather really seeing what is so and learning to align with it. “Unconditional”is accepting ourselves as we are–never self-judging yet always exploring how we might grow and evolve. It is accepting others as they are and refraining from judging and trying to change others. For example, it is not about compromising with your love partner by suppressing your own self—which will feel like denial—but rather seeing what another may need, expressing what you need, and yet clearing making the decision to align with them. “Unconditional”is accepting Life as it is and learning how to release resistance and align with what is happening NOW…in this, we will begin to see something sacred, feel something fulfilling.

Our purpose in life becomes showing up in all situations to the best of our ability as the best of our selves. From this vibe, we create our best life. We resonate with like, loving energies and draw to us healthy connections, authentic partnerships. We offer our gifts and interact genuinely with others, supporting them and doing our best to steer clear of manipulative situations–willing to be alone rather than dysfunctional…staying in unhealthy relationships only prevents us from following our spiritual path. We are not meant to sacrifice our self for another…rather we are meant to offer our self to another and accept them to us…we never try to change each other, but rather partner with each other. This is what we seem to not understand how to do well and this is the disconnect between men and women. And this is the core of World Suffering. 


A Woman centered in her Body is centered in her True Self. A Woman centered in her self begins the healing in the World. She is grounded in the World yet uplifted to Heaven–She is the channel of Divine LOVE. She avoids drama and stays calm. We embodies the Divine Feminine in the World. SHE tempers the EGO. She becomes still, she “raises her vibe.” As the Divine Feminine, she is not able to stand by and collude any longer in the suppression of the Heart. She holds the realization of the Powerful Partnership between the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine. She is aware of how she and the world have suppressed the feminine in service to the masculine–both within her own psyche and out in the world. She understands now that she needs to learn to embody her Sovereign Self so she awakens to her full potential. She understands that when She does, He will see Himself…more men will awaken and realize the imbalance and strive to correct it. They will begin to see a new purpose and a new way. 

The healing of the World is this powerful partnership. For men and woman to rise together and manifest LOVE and a healthy world, we need to cultivate equal respect and admiration for the unique importance of the other to our society (and to each other). Neither one of us knows the answer, instead, it will reveal itself in the Union. The Future is Leadership of the Partnership. It is not in the CEO. It begins with women coming into their own. This may take some time and yet it is in the hands of women to accelerate it. This does not require what many of us might think…fighting back and convincing the men they are wrong. In fact this only makes it all worse. Rather, it means to stop finding our self worth in the eyes of men, stop playing the old, dysfunctional games of relationship–judging, blaming, giving to get. In a weird way, this may mean that many women need to be out of relationship with men and alone…our greatest fear. Yet this is the experience we need to find out True Self, our healthy relationship with the Divine. And the same for Him. Until we know who we truly are in the eyes of God The Universe, we will never find the kind of relationship with a man that fosters our potential and true purpose. We may need to go through some generations where we are on our own, both men and women, before we are capable of a True Union.

The World awaits Her Presence. In Her eyes He sees Himself.  

The World’s Healing is in this POWERFUL PARTNERSHIP.