The 6 Bs of Transformation

IMG_4227“I have struggled with self-confidence often in life. Yet I have discovered something wonderful that helps me feel stronger, and instantly. IT’S MY BODY. When I posture my body in a healthy way I feel calm and clear-minded. Paying attention to the yummy sensations of a deep breath and a smile my anxiety begins to give way to feeling more confident. Therefore, whenever I am going into an important meeting at work or having an emotional conversation with family or about to give a presentation to a large group or simply feeling uncertain about life or especially when I catch my cranky-looking expression in a reflection, I take a moment to stand tall, open my heart, breathe deeply and smile, BIG…and I know I will be my best self.

As a fitness professional, I realize how powerful my body is in shaping who I am…helping me feel good about who I am. My fit body has become my greatest inspiration in life…my physical strength, flexibility, balance, and healthy posture help me feel confident, open-minded, intelligent, resilient, and kind…my clients have the same experience. Now, not all of us have decided to exercise on a regular basis yet we still can experience the strength and balance of good posture and how that makes us feel confident instantly. This has impassioned me to dedicate my creativity to this program, Q is YOU. I have developed the concept of THE 6 Bs of Transformation to help us understand how our body shapes who we are. This concept comes alive through The MAGIC Formula for Good Posture & Personal Power, a terrific tool to interrupt stress by improving your posture. I wanted to share this with you with the hope it will be helpful.”

Q’s Message: “our power and influence come from connecting with our body. our body is our guide in life and is our most important relationship.

our Body Shapes Who we Are

Research in behavioral psychology from universities such as the University of Chicago (Sian Beilock) and Harvard University (Amy Cuddy) shares with us how our body language directly influences what we think and feel. Hormones and neuro-transmitters are triggered by our body’s posture and movements influencing the processes of our brain. Many of us have heard the statistic that 93% of how we communicate with others is with our body language; our posture, facial expression, tone of voice, gestures, pace of walking, and energy or vibration. This influences what others think and feel about us. But more importantly, we are learning that this body language significantly influences how we think and feel about ourselves. And how we feel about ourself affects how we interact with others and influences the choices we make and the outcomes of our life. What you believe about yourself and how you behave is who you become.

And there is something more profound. Ancient Yogic, Sufi and Chinese-medicine traditions have told us that our body holds sacred vibrations and energies that flow through centers or chakras that help awaken us to our inner knowing. This is our sacred consciousness, our inner Being. It is what helps keep us physically healthy and in a positive frame of mind…what helps keep us happy. We experience a yummy feeling and an intrinsic knowing that we are connected to something other than just this world. It’s a sense of our soul-connection. Through yoga and meditation we align in good posture and open our chakra centers so our energy flows freely and “our vibe” is strong. We feel more relaxed, grounded and centered, more optimistic.

“My body feels holy in some way and I believe in myself. That nagging inner tape changes from “I am not good enough” to “I am more than enough. I am unique, beautiful, and priceless to this world.”

We are beginning to realize something hugely important—that how this energy flows affects what we believe and thus how we create what we want or don’t want in life. In quantum physics language, this points to the process of manifestation. In other words, you were once vibrations that have become matter–your body is evidence of this. Your body is the container, the Holy Grail if you will, of energies from Earth and Cosmos that blend into a unique vibration that makes you you. This is your personal power. Therefore, just as you were created from vibration so too do you have the power to create from vibration. This is the turn of The 6Bs of Transformation cycle: connected to Being through your breath and aligning your body the thoughts and feelings of your true self flow easily into your mind and influence what you believe. What you believe is the motivation for how you behave. Your behavior  becomes an outcome, this becomes who you are in life. This is the manifestation of you.

Why is this so important? Think about how you might look most of the time. Ever heard of “resting bitch face?” Well most of us have “resting schlump body” too. This chronic negative body language disconnects you from Being and negatively influences what you think about yourself, triggering limiting beliefs about yourself…lowering your sense of confidence and self-esteem, diminishing your power to create the life you want.

“It’s all in our VIBE.”

The 6 Bs of Transformation: RECIPROCATING INFLUENCES

6Bs WHTThe concept of The 6 Bs of Transformation exhibits the power of our body-mind-soul connection. It demonstrates that our body, beliefs, and behaviors reciprocate energies influencing who we become. This cycle suggests that to maintain a strong self-esteem you want to stay connected to your Body. The Breathe is key…a deep breathe connects you instantly.

When you are stressed, you are disconnected, often completely unaware of what you are feeling, physically or mentally. Stress makes us contract and dramatically slows the positive flow of your vibe and thus your response to situations and toward others is from your low vibe and is negative. However, your full breath and good posture help you relax…help you open  your  energy channels and raise your vibe and you become conscious to the vibrations of your Being. You feel good and behave with positive, kind intentions.

“raising your vibe raises your self-esteem” 
Experience the Sensations of The 6Bs of transformation.

It takes just a few minutes to connect with your body and experience your new understanding of how your body shapes your life. This brief body-meditation takes you through various poses and helps you consciously embody your Being. Each pose organically initiates a particular sensation in your body and you begin to experience your body’s wisdom. You experience how your sensations foster feelings and generate emotions. You will begin to become familiar with your body’s energy and how to move it through you to “raise your vibe!”…and experience the sensation of your True Self.

Connecting with your BODY, by taking a slow, smooth BREATH and aligning in good posture, you begin to awaken to your inner BEING. Feeling relaxed and connected to your body, you experience strong BELIEF in yourself.…”I feel good about me.”  You feel inspired to choose BEHAVIOR that resonates with your deep heart-felt values…respect, gratitude, acceptance, compassion and love. And in reciprocation the vibe of this behavior influences your awareness of your inner BEING. You become calm and feel confident, think positively, and look great…you BECOME the woman you want to be.

“uplifting my body, I uplift myself.”
  1. BEING. Lie curled up on the floor over your legs with your head down. Allow yourself to feel the sensations of surrender, of release, of humility and worship. Empty your mind and body of stress and worry. Feel like a seed deep within the rich dark soils of the Earth. You are being held. Allow yourself to relax and feel connected to your inner BEING…you are tapping into energies of creativity and renewal. Take 3 breathes.
  2. BREATH. Begin to take slow, smooth, full breathes and slowly rise. Feel the soles of your feet connecting with Earth. Rolling up through your body feel life-force come up through your legs and into your torso…this is the sensation of rebirth. Draw the breath up through your spine as you uncurl to stand tall. You are being re-created newly for a new day.
  3. BODY. Stand in good posture with your spine long, head lifted and heart open. Draw the breath up through your body and allow yourself to feel filled with love. Place your hands on your belly and feel your feet your body upon the Earth. You are the holy grail, the sacred vessel.
  4. BELIEF. Feeling uplifted by the life-force of Earth reach upward and open to creative energy coming down from the Cosmos through the crown of your head. Let it flow into your heart. As it flows into your torso do a gentle Kegel Contraction to capture both Earth and Cosmic energy in your body. As the cup, fill your body with inspiration, fill your body with Being. As this energy flows through you feel  your sacred, your “sovereign, queen-like” nature. Notice that you begin to awaken to your true self. Your core BELIEF is in yourself and in the goodness of the Universe.
  5. BEHAVIOR. Standing tall, place each hand on your heart and belly, soften your face, and feel your BODY…this is the experience of your soul embodied. This is the manifestation of the energies that make you you. Feel the sensations in your chest and mid-torso. This is your CORE. the center of you. The energy here in your solar plexus holds your soul mission.  Notice that this energy is informed by your heart chakra from above (cosmos) which is your loving-kindness, and your belly chakra below which is your lust for life. Conscious of this enlivening sensation in your body you feel inspired to behave with more integrity and kindness and calm intelligence, to act more in line with your soul’s calling and life purpose.
  6. BECOME. By remembering to breathe fully and gesture/move in positive ways throughout your day you will keep your heart open. The sensations flowing through your body resonate with your inner BEING and guide you to BECOME the woman you are meant to be.

Having experienced for yourself that confidence and self-love are not just a function of your mind but more importantly are innate feelings and sensations in your body, you become convinced of the power of your body to help you feel good and live well. And as a result, your relationship with your body begins to  become the most important one in your life…you don’t struggle so much anymore to figure out how to love yourself, you just do. And as a result, you default to “resting smiley face and resting power posture.” This becomes your “way of being.”


our personal power

Changing your body changes your beliefs changes your behavior changes who you become.

The greatest power we have in life is how we choose to feel and how we respond to what is happening and to others. We can’t control all things and at times will face some daunting challenges. Yet if we respond calmly and with courage then we contribute to making things better rather than worse. We can respond/behave in only one of two ways; with either a sense of calm or stress…with either gratitude or disappointment, confidence or insecurity, acceptance or resistance, love or fear. And of course which we choose affects positive or negative outcomes and interactions.

How we choose to behave/respond depends upon how we feel about ourself.

We respond at our best when we are calm and confident. These feelings are expressions of our true self. Connected to our true self we feel good about ourself. Feeling this selflove we are open to loving others. We are calm when we are connected to our body–because it is that part of us that is sacred. The good feelings of good posture, a slow, full breath, and a smile helps us feel more “centered” and empowered. Our body dwells in the present moment and so we feel awake to ourself and present to the moment. We are in a positive body/mind cycle…good posture inspiring good thoughts motivating good posture. We have faith and respond to life as our best version..


Most of us have a hard time in life. We believe life is hard. We are caught in a negative body-mind cycle. We are disconnected.

Believing life is hard, we become stressed and disconnect from our inner BEING, from our inner knowing. Disconnected from our inner BEING, life becomes harder. It is a bit of a catch 22. Given our stressful world and the busyness of our lives there are so many things that trigger disappointment, doubt, and particularly self-blame, and shame. We keep defaulting to bad moods and bad attitudes and bad beliefs and bad behaviors…and bad postures. Life feels unhappy. And we become the unhappy person we don’t want to be.

We struggle to find “happiness.” However we make it really tough on ourselves, actually impossible,  because we have created a definition of “happiness” that is rather superficial–money, fame, power, success–and it will never bring us the happiness we seek. It will never bring us that sense of ease and contentment…”true happiness.” We have all experienced this. It seems we experience “true happiness” when we live through situations that open our hearts and expand our minds…that feel “meaningful,” situations  in which we feel we have contributed something meaningful, in which we have responded as our best self. Therefore, it would be better to change our perspective on how to “be happy” and seek “meaningful happiness” rather than “material happiness” Meaning has value to our soul and gives us strength. Looking for meaning expands our lives with all kinds of possibilities. And it helps us feel more accepting of our trials as opportunities for growth and we calm down.

How then do we help ourselves evolve into this higher-conscious perspective of “happiness?” We need to grapple with our negative core belief that we are “not good enough to deserve a good life, deserve to be happy.” When we love ourself and find meaning and value in who we are, we find meaning in life and we are truly happy. Now our negative core belief is so deeply ingrained that it is hard to shift. Many go to psychotherapy. However, this often becomes a “mind-game” getting us caught in a maze of trying to figure it out. Q is YOU suggests that the way to find “your meaning” is to experience who you truly are–to get back in your body. Simply practicing positive body language… standing tall and smiling will interrupt our negative spin and begin to raise our vibe. This infuses our mind with positive energy and a renewed sense of self. If we cultivate positive body-language as your lifestyle our old limiting beliefs begin to dissolve

Shifting into good posture changes your life because it changes who you are. Positive gestures, like standing/sitting tall (> confidence), smiling (> happiness), walking slowly (>present-mindedness), holding the door for someone (>kindness), you feel good, a sort of “organic generous, meaningful happiness.” Staying with this positive sensation for a few minutes, your thoughts and actions in general become more positive…and the body/mind cycle begins to turn in a positive direction…good posture, good mood, good thoughts, good behavior, good self-esteem, good life…good posture.

Slide4The MAGIC FORMULA of Good Posture & Personal Power  helps you work with The 6 Bs of Transformation to change your life. It is the antidote to stress, activating the magic that “raises your vibe” helping you stay grounded in your personal power.

“my body is my guide”