feel happier, think smarter, and look beautiful!

Q IS YOU helps women realize that our relationship with our body is our most important relationship in life. Our body is the holy vessel of Divine Truth. Good Posture aligns our body so the sacred energies of LOVE flow vibrantly through us and guide us toward creating our best life. 

A Woman centered in her body is centered in her True Self. She is grounded in the world yet uplifted to Heaven–she is the channel of Divine LOVE. She holds the realization of the Powerful Partnership between the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine. And she is aware of how she and the world have suppressed the feminine in service to the masculine–both within her own psyche and out in the world. She understands that she now needs to learn to embody her Sovereign Self so she awakens to her full potential. For men and woman to rise together and manifest LOVE and a healthy world, we need to cultivate equal respect and admiration for the unique importance of the other to our society (and to each other). The Future is Partnership.

The World awaits Her Presence. In Her eyes He sees Himself.

Q is you awakens you to your divine feminine

Q IS YOU helps you get back in touch with your body and reconnect with your True Self. You awaken to the realization that the greatest power you have in life is how you respond…is how you choose to create this moment right now. Your greatest power is who you are. Q IS YOU helps you cultivate a gentle attention on your body so you are “present,” aware of your sacred self in this moment–Be HERE Now. Be HER Now.

The MAGIC FORMULA of postural exercises, and myofascial release and gentle spinal-traction techniques plus body-meditations helps you learn how to work with your body’s energy and access your innate wisdom to RAISE YOUR VIBE. You experience how good posture and positive body language activate your personal power, instantly. Aligned, a vibrant, smooth energy flows through you. Feeling calm, confident, and compassionate, fully present and energized, you become the Queen you truly are—a woman unto herself, a woman centered in her body and connected to her inner knowing, a woman who embraces both her light and dark sides, a woman who handles challenges with courage and grace. You are a woman who is committed to living from her passionate, kind, wise heart and relating to others from your Truth. You take responsibility for your beliefs and behavior in order to express only peace. You commit to connect with that which is resonant and walk away from that which is not, rather than trying to control things and create drama. You are a woman living her most happy, adventurous, generous life. Your aura glows–you are radiant and magnetize to you that which is for your highest good.

and the greatest of these is


love is not an emotion. rather LOVE is a State of Being (a Way of Relating).

LOVE is bringing the best of who you are to all situations and interactions…

showing up as your True Self…as LOVE.

good posture

aligns your body so you attune to the LOVE-Vibe flowing through you.


What does Every woman want?
  • WE WANT to feel good about ourselves.
  • WE WANT to be calm, confident, and energized.
  • WE WANT to look beautiful…no matter our shape, weight, size, age, or challenge we’re facing.
  • WE WANT to be our most gracious and powerful selves always and live the life of our dreams.
  • WE WANT to have healthy, supportive relationships…personally and professionally.
  • WE WANT to express our full feminine potential and have it valued in the world as equally important as the masculine—in business, religion, politics, education, and the arts.
  • WE WANT to contribute to the peace of our society and the health of our planet.
  • WE WANT to be sexy and sensual…letting passion flow.
  • WE WANT to feel loved and be loving.

We need to awaken to our power and true beauty.

A woman’s power and beauty are IN HER VIBE…not so much in her physical appearance as we believe. Our body is filled with sacred wisdom and it is bright and beautiful. When we walk with confidence and grace we access our sacred energy and raise our vibe. We step out of the drama of the world and into the peace of our True Self, into our power to create and manifest. We feel like the true sovereign we are and our “presence” exudes radiance, sensuality and wisdom…LOVE. We become magnetizing. Our uplifting presence uplifts the world around us.

It’s in our vibe.


Q IS YOU guides you to experience how your posture and body language shape who you are.

Q IS YOU helps you realize that your body is the manifestation of a unique blend of Earth and Cosmic energies that make you you…YOUR VIBE. Good posture is more than body-alignment…it is a psycho-spiritual experience. Good posture and positive body language allow your vibe to flow powerfully into your consciousness and you feel good and think more clearly…about yourself and about life. “Feeling good” is the experience of feeling loved by Something Greater Than You yet is also a part of you…you are both human and divine. You feel both humble and powerful and this is the sensation of SELFLOVE. In this experience, you realize that loving your body and yourself is not something you have to try to convince yourself to do, but rather it is something you awaken to. Experiencing the Divine Truth, that you are not alone and are supported by, infused with, the energy of the Universe, you feel empowered to express your talents and gifts and create the healthy relationships and opportunities in life you deeply desire. You feel confident to venture into the unknown to awaken to your destiny and fulfill your purpose…you feel confident to be who you truly want to be. You love yourself and you get a kick out of who you are.

Q IS YOU helps you make the realization that loving your body is critical to loving yourself is critical to loving others is critical to loving the planet…and living your best life.



She is shy, insecure, unhappy..somewhat unattractive.

Shy, unhappy, unattractive.

Have you ever caught your reflection walking by a storefront window and thought, “Oh god, I look awful. I look so cranky and serious. That’s not who I am, is it?” You realize that you don’t look or feel very feminine. And instinctively, you stand taller, take a deep breath and open your heart, and smile? You not only look much, much better, you feel much better. And if you pay attention, you notice your crankiness and self-doubt begin to dissolve.

YET, most of us let this sense of calm confidence and good energy be a fleeting moment rather than a way of life, rather than our way of being.

Compelling research by Sian Beilock at the University of Chicago and Amy Cuddy at Harvard University tells us that our body shapes how we think and feel. Unfortunately, most of us are in a negative cycle of bad body language and bad moods. And with all our IT devices, our slouching  seems to be getting worse and our moods darker. Our bad backs are becoming a major national health care crisis and huge business expense. However, the good news is that if we improve our posture, our body interrupts this negative physical/emotional cycle and turns it in a positive direction: realigning our bones realigns our energy centers and we feel waves of positive vibrations flow into our consciousness. Feeling better physically, we feel better emotionally and mentally. Our self-esteem rises and our perspective becomes brighter. We are lifted up out of our “poor me” victim-mood and feel happier, think smarter, and look better. We are more creative and productive. And it happens instantly too.

4. She is confident, smart, kind….very friendly and attractive.

Confident, Smart, Attractive

Q IS YOU primarily points to the experience that these good-feeling sensations are spiritual as well as psychological. Quantum physics, metaphysical work, Chinese medicine, and the ancient Science of Yoga teach us about the chakra-channels of our body through which life-force AND spiritual energies flow…this is your sacred power. This is your LOVE-Vibe. Tadasana (good posture) is the essential pose of yoga and is the foundation on which all yoga poses build–supporting  our energy to flow fully. Good Posture is the quintessential body/mind/spirit pose of everyday life and is the foundation on which we sustain our most healthy and powerful self. It is our “presentation” to the world of the woman that we are.

Q IS YOU helps us realize that when we slouch we congest our Heart-Chakra, the energy center in our body where Earth and Cosmic vibrations blend. Shifting into and maintaining good posture and positive body-language allows these vibrations to merge in a balanced, healthy way and then flow powerfully through us into our consciousness. We awaken to our Divine Feminine nature, our True Self. LOVE becomes our State of Being…and we have the greatest realization of all…that what we thought Love was, was nothing more than emotion used to control ourselves and others. As such, it created only drama and suffering. We now understand that LOVE is who we are and the way we respond to Life that creates peace and connection.

Good Posture keeps our Heart Chakra open.

It is quite remarkable to think that our body shapes our perspective and outlook. As the science of Somatics expresses it…”our posture shapes who we are and who we are shapes our posture.” This author expresses it this way—our body is the vessel of our sacred Being and how our Body is aligned hinders or enhances our energy flow helping us be more or less aware of our True Self. This energy flow influences our emotions and thoughts, our Beliefs, which of course influences our Behavior, which of course influences who we Become. Standing in Tadasana, in good posture, we find mental and emotional balance and feel intrinsically motivated to change our life and take better care of ourselves. Standing tall, with our heart open and a gentle smile we have tapped into our “inner knowing”…breathing fully we are treating ourselves with respect…and as a result we treat others and the planet with the same. Our good posture helps us feel Love energy and so we think more loving  thoughts and our behavior expresses Love. Standing tall we become the sacred sovereign, the Divine Feminine. We become the Being and Behavior of LOVE–receptivity, kindness, compassion, nurture, softness, flow, connection, cooperation and calm.



Are you a drama-queen or the Divine Feminine?

Put in more profound terms, we are “the created of Creation” and as such we have the power to create and manifest. It is up to us to decide what we want to create. This is “free will.” We can continue to strive to create our Ego’s desires for “material abundance–fame, fortune, and power” and struggle to control Life, to control situations and others. And as women, we can continue to feel oppressed and thus be resentful. Or we can become more conscious, stand tall, and take responsibility to admit that this way of being does not fulfill our soul. Being our small-minded, closed-hearted self, who depends upon another and material things to make us happy, to make us feel important, creates only drama–confusion, tension, disharmony, struggle and illness: nothing productive or creative. We need to admit that this is dysfunctional and unhealthy. And it makes us look awful. We love drama…and you have to ask yourself “why.” And the answer: it is an addiction of our Ego. Continue to slouch or stand tall? It’s up to you.

Many think it takes years of therapy to get through their wounded childhood, to heal their pain of LIFe trauma. it takes just a moment. Let your body help you. For there are more challenges to come and to face them with your heart and respond from the truth of your soul is the only “success” in life there is.
stand tall, open your heart, smile big, and wait a moment…soon you will feel a remarkable vibration flow through your body. and you begin to realize who you truly are.
continue to slouch or stand tall. it’s up to you.

Q IS YOU. It’s up to You.

Changing your body changes your mind…and changes how you behave and interact with others.Changing how you behave changes your mind.Changing your mind changes your body
changing your body gets you ouT of a bad mood and into a powerful you. Your life gets better.


This Program helps you engage the power of your body-mind-spirit consciousness to become the woman you want to be…a happy, confident, empowered woman, right now. The primary focus of the program is to help you improve your posture and to learn to cultivate a gentle attention on yourself so you are aware when you are stressed and slouching and not your best self. How your Body feels helps you become conscious of how your energy is flowing…only in self-awareness can you change it.

This Program titled Raise Your Vibe!: Posture for Happiness and Personal Power is an unprecedented program that includes postural exercises, gentle spinal-traction techniques, body-meditations, and short-journaling exercises to help you connect with your body’s innate wisdom. You will learn how to activate your power instantly through The Magic Formula for Good Posture. What is unique about this Formula is the emphasis on the sensational experience of good posture. Meaning, we pay attention to the sensations that are generated because of the corrective techniques of aligning your body in good posture and how they make you feel. As a result, you become skillful at using these to raise your vibe. The Formula activates a series of sensations integrating into an overall “feel-good,” confident, experience of yourself. You have opened to the woman you are meant to be, your true self.

ground, uplift and open, and center into you
First, ground and feel your feet upon the Earth. Then, breathe, uplift and open and feel your energy rise and your heart open. Finally, center and feel the calm within you with your hands on your heart and belly.

1. Ground. 2. Uplift and Open. 3. Center

This picture of The Magic Formula in action shows you how improving your posture changes the energy flow in your body and helps raise your vibe. You feel, think and look better.

First, Ground and feel your feet rooting into the Earth. Then, breathe and Uplift and Open. Lengthen your body and feel your energy rise and your heart open to the Cosmos. Finally, Center. With your hands on your heart and belly feel the calm within…the merging of earth and cosmic vibrations that make you you. Feel the enlivening sensation in your solar plexus rise into your consciousness. This is the experience of true happiness, contentment, and wisdom…Queen is You.

GOOD VIBES! Good Posture is a feel-good sensation! You know when you are in it and when you are not.

THE Q is you lifestyle

These postural exercises and body-meditations are designed so that you can do them anywhere and anytime for an instant makeover…so they become part of your lifestyle. The workouts you do in the gym are good yet practicing good posture and positive body language at your computer, in your office, in the classroom, in the car, on the train, in your kitchen, on a date, in a business meeting, even standing in line in the grocery is the only real way to condition your posture and improve your self-esteem and outlook on life. Learning this makes you very powerful in every moment of your life. You can be in the most challenging situation and about to respond negatively and make things worse…or you can change how you are feeling and who you are instantly and respond from your best self instead. Your decisions will be better and your life healthier.

A Supporting Accessory for Everyday: THE POSTURE BAND

This Band is designed to help prevent slouching, the #1 cause of bad posture and back pain…the primary causes of bad moods and low productivity. The Band is meant to be used as a “training accessory”…rather than being orthopedic in design, it instead provides gentle tension to remind you to use your muscles and practice The Magic Formula which includes an exercise technique called The Secret of Good Posture. This ‘secret’ technique engages your body’s core–upper body and abdominal working together–which aligns your spine activating your energetic core.

Posture Band is sold by


Why this Blog

This blog invites you to consider that good posture/positive body language is perhaps the most powerful way to help yourself manage your stress and feel good about who you are. It proposes that embracing your body is quite possibly the most effective way to become who you want to be. It may even be more effective than psychotherapy, or at least should be a critical complement to that process–helping you to ‘experience your best, your sacred, self helps you release self-doubt. You shift from feeling the victim to being the creator and thus begin to release bad moods and bad habits. Good Posture combined with psychotherapy and body-meditation supports powerful transformation. Giving you immediate positive feedback, good posture supports you to become happier in life, right now.

I invite you to share with all of us your experience of the difference that these concepts, exercises, and body-meditations may make in your life.

“Life is good with good posture!”