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PosturePowerYoga helps us RAISE OUR VIBE! 

Women are powerful healers and innately channel the Sacred into the world. Yet the Divine Feminine Vibration has been deeply suppressed under the weight of the objectification of the feminine body and mind. Dismissing the Feminine and over-valuing the Masculine have been at the root of the world’s egoistic value system for millennium. We have over developed our Ego as a result of disrespecting the power of the Heart…resulting in a very unbalanced, hateful society and abused planet. The antidote? When a woman stands tall, opens her heart, and smiles, she awakens and radiates the Divine Feminine VIBE…the VIBE of kindness, compassion, wisdom, acceptance, nurture, generosity, and joy. She is the LOVEVIBE and all those around Her are infused and thus transformed. All are inspired to come together in love to thrive rather than compete against one another in fear of survival.

When a Woman Walks into the Room, the Whole World Changes.


PosturePowerYoga (PPY) helps a woman gain back her power. Not her power to compete with men and become “successful” in terms of our egoist and materialistic worldview–gaining wealth and fame. Yet rather, her power to bring reason and love into this distraught world and thus fulfill her life purpose by Being Her True Self. PPY helps the world reclaim it’s Divine Feminine essence.

PosturePowerYogahelps you get back in touch with your Body and reconnect with your True Self. You align your Body and awaken to your yummy, innate vibes of the Divine Feminine–those soft, yet profoundly powerful, discerning, and deeply loving qualities of the Heart. You awaken to the realization that the greatest power you have in life is how you respond…is how you choose to create this moment right now. And so, your greatest power is who you are, is Your Vibe. Meaning, unlike what we might like to believe, our power to change the world for the better is not so much in our words and trying to convince others of what they should believe and controlling them in what they should do. For us women, our power is not in trying to convince men we are just as good as they are. In fact, we’ve done this for the last 30 years and unfortunately to little results. This aggression just perpetuates the mind-centric, egoistic, patriarchal personality–arrogant, competitive, judgmental, manipulative, and dominating. Rather, our power is our open Heart, is our Being, our LOVEVIBE, our heart-centric view and vibration of Life. We are not men, so why are we trying to be?

Our influence, our contribution to the world, is the fact that we are “the Feminine.” We are the curve to the line, the inclusive to the exclusion, the color and texture to the form, the acceptance to the objection, the consideration to the discerning, the heart to the mind. We are the missing half. Without stating the obvious, we are different than men, than the masculine. Therefore, we have a different connection with the sacred, a different inner vibe or inner Being. We have a different purpose. As such, our beliefs and behaviors are different than men…how we see Life and Love is different than men. To oversimplify, the Divine Feminine vibration is related more to “presence, to BEING, to holding the space of Love so that the Divine channels into the world.” The Sacred Masculine vibration is related more to “doing, to BEHAVING, in order to manifest the Divine in the world.” As a society, and within our own psyche, we need both in equal strength, in equal power to create a healthy world. Yet, we have become very obsessed with the “doing” and “manifesting,” very obsessed with the “material, with having,” very obsessed with the mind. We have become so obsessed that we have forgotten why we are here. We have become disconnected from our spiritual nature and have not only forgotten, but more so, have dismissed the Heart as having any real value to our Life and evolution. A huge mistake we all have to admit (yet men find this harder to admit). Without the tempering of the Heart, our Ego has become unconscionably aggressive perpetrating horrific acts upon human beings, animals and the planet. However, rather than sit in judgment, for we all took part, we must bring compassion and forgiveness to our past. And as awful as the outcome facing us now is, we are not meant to regret it for regret and guilt are what keeps us repeating it and at the very least stuck in it. Rather our past Life is something to be learned from and resolved…and the beauty is that is can be in an instant, with LOVE. And there is no time like the PRESENT.

For centuries now, we women have struggled against men…fighting for recognition, respect, a show of decency…even having to fight them for our survival—the right to speak our truth and to be equally, financially compensated. In most recent years, we have believed that the way to become important was to prove we were as good, if not better than men, at men things. The irony is that in effect, women powerfully colluded in suppressing the Feminine Vibration further.

There is great tension between the sexes–as men are not willing “to share the power and influence,”and we women continue to fight back. And there is a great cost to us all. Whether we believe it or not, the simple truth, though hardly an easy one to accept, is that the strife between men and women, between the profane masculine and profane feminine is the root cause of our global warfare, of our devolving society and dying planet. And it seems we are still stuck in this horrific struggle–that we would rather prove our righteousness more than being willing to kneel down together in worship of The Divine. It is somewhat amazing that so many do not see this connection. Yet the truth is that the feminine energy is not capable of war, torture, rape, dominance, and competition. If there had been more balance of men and women in leadership their would have been a more tempered Ego in society—men’s heart would have been opened and women’s logic sharpened…yet this was not the “game”we wanted to play for some reason these past thousands of years. Until we awaken to this and take responsibility to heal this disconnect, the world cannot begin to heal.

One of us must show up in humility, not to the other yet rather to The Divine. One of us must lead the way in admitting that we have lost our authentic partnership and complement to one another and as a result have gone astray. We must admit our arrogance and seek divine guidance to understand how to reawaken to who we truly are—how to shift what we believe and how we behave, shift away from our Ego toward our Heart., shift away from sexual competition and back into genuine partnership. Women must take the lead in this awakening. Women are now meant to remember their purpose, to reconnect with our divine feminine power so that we may take the lead and help rebalance the world, rebalance the masculine and feminine vibrations so that the sanctity of Life may be restored. We need to awaken to the realization that our power is not in becoming better than men yet rather becoming more of the Divine Feminine…embodying Heart-centric values and virtues and making these guide into a fulfilling meaning of LIFE.

Women must awaken and remember.

As part of our evolution, we women need to work now to find a way to relieve ourselves of our aggression, we need to heal our hurts rather than continue to blame and have resentment…even take some of the responsibility for how this has happened. We need to stop being strident in our demeanor and competing with men. We are not men and need to stop trying to beat them. We need to stop looking for our value in the eyes of men and thus submitting in unhealthy ways. Women have more resources and means now than ever and can come together to create healthier cultures and society—realizing the community as a whole is responsible for the quality of life of all. Currently as a society, we speak to this so we feel better about ourselves, yet in truth do nothing. Women realize that there is a destiny to our earthly path and that some of us are destined for wealth, a gift of wealth from God, while others to poverty. The key is how clear are we that “free will”is not meant to prove how “successful you can be in life,”but rather how “generous you can be.”

Many are awakening to the realization that the only way to resolve our global issues is collaboration between men and women—definitely not between men. Men still do not realize this, so it will be hard for women to keep moving forward. Yet think of Gandhi, Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mandela, and let’s follow in their footsteps. This does not mean that we do not speak up for what is good and healthy, for equality, for LOVE, yet it does mean that we continue to check ourselves in our motivations—are they steeped in Greed or founded in Love. And this points to the truth that the power to change the world is not so much in our words of aggression but rather in our Being and Behavior of kindness and generosity.

Though we could say, women have a “right”to be furious about being objectified and horribly mistreated, we need to awaken to the truth that this resentment will not forge a connection, an authentic relationship, with men. And instead, we need to embrace society’s past as an opportunity to have gained a deeper understanding of who humankind is and who “God” is and what our relationship is to The Divine. On this path, we begin to awaken from our Egoistic delusion and see clearly…we are realizing how we have gone widely astray and how vital it is now that the masculine and feminine partner equally, and yet do so in a manner that allows their unique differences full expression. Meaning, women don’t need to be equal to men in “men-things.”Rather we need to be equal to men in the acknowledgement and respect now afforded only to the masculine. How a woman encourages this is not to chase men and pontificate how they have gone wrong. Instead, our power to change the world is to become our True Divine Feminine.

Our power resides in our Beliefs as they exude through our Behavior and demeanor, our VIBE. For a long time now, we women have played the role of victim. It is understandable as to why, having been suppressed in religion, education, politics, economy–everything from being dismissed in daily decisions that effect our lives and our happiness to being killed for connecting with the mystical and fully veiled for being a woman, for over 2500 years. Yet, we must not allow ourselves to be victimized any longer…we must not allow our hearts to be hardened with resentment any longer. And in this moment, it is important to emphasize that this means we work to shift our own mindset and find our sense of self-worth from within the Seat of our own Heart rather than in the eyes of men. We need to stop trying to prove to them we are important and simply stand strong and discerning that we are. We need to step back and notice our own ego, our own patriarchal aggression, and awaken to its counter productive, even destructive, nature. We need to stop fighting for that CEO position. We need to stop fighting for being “at the top”and realize this in itself is dysfunctional. And we need to realize that “the top”we are seeking is of a dysfunctional world-order. Instead we need to become strong in standing for transformation. It is not the CEO position that we need to be after but rather the CEP—the Chief Executive Partnership. Put plainly, it is time we awaken and realize that the ONE at the top does not work (the 10% with all the wealth is ludicrous) and that we must forge a deeply respectful, unconditional, equal partnership if we want to move toward a healthier world.

Women need to stop fighting to be at the top of a very dysfunctional world-order. Instead we need to stand strongly (Tadasana–atop of the mountain) holding the vibration of transformation. She stands atop of the mountain to be the “channel”of Divine Wisdom into the World.




We women have the power to set the intention to come forth in strength, integrity, forgiveness, and compassionate confidence to express our self fully as the Divine Feminine…for She is the only one at this point in time who can see the value of all humans and of the planet and realize that cooperation is our only hope. She is the one who sees how we as a species have gotten ourselves into a very stressful, unhealthy situation and understands that only the values of the Heart will help us heal from the atrocities we as a society have inflicted on our selves and the planet. She is not interested in dominating and competing with men any longer but rather in partnering and collaborating with men to bring Love more fully into the world. (Note: the Feminine we speak of is that vibration that dwells in both women and men.)

Toward this great endeavor to reconnect with our Divine Feminine, PosturePowerYoga helps us awaken to BodyWisdom and to the realization how this is our guiding force as we attempt to navigate toward a more harmonious and healthy World. It is this Wisdom that will help us begin to understand the true meaning of LIFE and LOVE. A Woman’s Body is the Holy Grail of divine vibrations, of the energy of the Universe. These do not dwell in the mind.

Through the mind-body practice in PosturePowerYoga, we become aware that the vibrations in our Body helps us move toward or away from what is best for us. Yet more profoundly, we awaken to understand that the yummy, calm vibe in our Body is the vibration of Unconditional Love, the vibration of The Divine. It is the vibration of our inner BEING. Further, through our practice, we begin to understand that how we hold our posture, how we hold our Body, how we gesture, and our facial expression, affects how this vibration flows through us—with great ease and fullness or rather weak and inconsistent. How we VIBE is our greatest influence in the world. Our VIBE tells the world what we believe and who we are. Some believe as much as 93% if how we communicate to others and the world is through our Body—in other words, through our posture and vibration…through our Presence. And more importantly, what science is revealing is that how we posture and gesture, how we Behave reciprocates and reinforces what we Believe about our self. And we need to understand, that what we believe about our self, our self-esteem, is the root of our happiness or unhappiness in life…as it affects how we relate to others and to the planet…affects how we behave. In other words, slouching activates low self-esteem, an energy that encourages us to believe that we are the “downtrodden.” Feeling this way, we become self-absorbed and greedy always struggling to try to make ourselves feel better—always “giving to get”, attention, affection, love. Thus, a woman’s power to bring the Divine Feminine vibration forth into the World is reconnecting in a healthy way with her Body, raising her vibe and self-esteem…is reawakening to her True Self. A woman unto herself is a woman standing in compassion, generosity, integrity, and LOVE.

Aligned, and centered in your Body, your inner knowing of the Sacred Being that you are generates your Core Belief in the Truth of the Universe–goodness, balance, harmony, beauty, and LOVE. You become humble releasing your egoism and opening your heart. You become generous and thus spontaneously behave with grace. You “raise your vibe” and are radiant with Divine Vibration.

“a woman unto herself is a woman standing in compassion, generosity, kindness, and LOVE.”