Why this Blog

This blog invites you to consider that good posture/positive body language is perhaps the most powerful way to help yourself manage your stress and feel good about who you are. It proposes that embracing your body is quite possibly the most effective way to become who you want to be. It may even be more effective than psychotherapy, or at least should be a critical complement to that process–helping you to ‘experience your best, your sacred, self helps you release self-doubt. You shift from feeling the victim to being the creator and thus begin to release bad moods and bad habits. Good Posture combined with psychotherapy and body-meditation supports powerful transformation. Giving you immediate positive feedback, good posture supports you to become happier in life, right now.

I invite you to share with all of us your experience of the difference that these concepts, exercises, and body-meditations may make in your life.

“Life is good with good posture!”