This Program helps you engage the power of your body-mind-spirit consciousness to become the woman you want to be…a happy, confident, empowered woman, right now. The primary focus of the program is to help you improve your posture and to learn to cultivate a gentle attention on yourself so you are aware when you are stressed and slouching and not your best self. How your Body feels helps you become conscious of how your energy is flowing…only in self-awareness can you change it.

This Program titled Raise Your Vibe!: Posture for Happiness and Personal Power is an unprecedented program that includes postural exercises, gentle spinal-traction techniques, body-meditations, and short-journaling exercises to help you connect with your body’s innate wisdom. You will learn how to activate your power instantly through The Magic Formula for Good Posture. What is unique about this Formula is the emphasis on the sensational experience of good posture. Meaning, we pay attention to the sensations that are generated because of the corrective techniques of aligning your body in good posture and how they make you feel. As a result, you become skillful at using these to raise your vibe. The Formula activates a series of sensations integrating into an overall “feel-good,” confident, experience of yourself. You have opened to the woman you are meant to be, your true self.

ground, uplift and open, and center into you
First, ground and feel your feet upon the Earth. Then, breathe, uplift and open and feel your energy rise and your heart open. Finally, center and feel the calm within you with your hands on your heart and belly.

1. Ground. 2. Uplift and Open. 3. Center

This picture of The Magic Formula in action shows you how improving your posture changes the energy flow in your body and helps raise your vibe. You feel, think and look better.

First, Ground and feel your feet rooting into the Earth. Then, breathe and Uplift and Open. Lengthen your body and feel your energy rise and your heart open to the Cosmos. Finally, Center. With your hands on your heart and belly feel the calm within…the merging of earth and cosmic vibrations that make you you. Feel the enlivening sensation in your solar plexus rise into your consciousness. This is the experience of true happiness, contentment, and wisdom…Queen is You.

GOOD VIBES! Good Posture is a feel-good sensation! You know when you are in it and when you are not.