The 6Bs of Transformation!


“I have struggled with self-confidence much of my life. Yet I have discovered something wonderful that helps me feel stronger. ITS MY BODY. When I feel deeply insecure, I posture my Body in a healthy way and within moments I feel calm and clear-minded. When I feel self-centered, I do something kind for someone and remember we are all connected. Paying attention to the yummy sensations of a deep breath and a smile, my anxiety begins to give way to feeling more confident, more compassionate. I feel good. Therefore, whenever I am going into an important meeting at work or having an emotional conversation with family or lover, or about to give a presentation to a large group or simply feeling uncertain about life, or especially when I catch my cranky-looking expression and slouching posture in my reflection, I take a moment to shift, a moment to adjust my Body and stand tall, open my heart, breathe deeply, and smile, BIG…and I know I will be my best self.

As a fitness professional, I realize how powerful my Body is in shaping who I am…helping me feel good about who I am. My fit body has become my greatest inspiration in life…my physical strength, flexibility, balance, and healthy posture help me feel confident, open-minded, intelligent, resilient, and kind…my clients have the same experience. Now, not all of us have decided to exercise on a regular basis yet we still can experience the strength and balance of good posture and how that makes us feel confident, instantly. This awareness of the innate wisdom and power of our Body has impassioned me to dedicate my creativity to this program, PosturePowerYoga. 

I have developed the concept of The 6Bs of Transformation to help us understand how our Body shapes who we are. This concept comes alive through The MAGIC Formula for Good Posture & Personal Power, a terrific tool to interrupt stress and elevate your personal power instantly. The MAGIC Formula in essence has 4 concepts of healthy body-alignment: Ground, LIFT, Open, and Center. I wanted to share this with you with the hope it will be helpful in improving your life as it has mine. I am a student of mediation for 20 years and this is a cornerstone of my spiritual practice. Yet unlike the more traditional focus while meditating of breathing and watching our thoughts and feelings and trying to disengage to calm the mind, my practice centers soulyon calming my Bodyfor this is what calms our mind.”

PPY Program Message: “Our power and influence in Life come from connecting with our Body. Our Body, not our mind, is our sacred guide and is our most important relationship.”



RECIPROCATING INFLUENCES: Strengthening Your Connection to Your True Self and Accessing Your Personal Power “to LOVE Unconditionally”

Our Body Shapes Who We Are—The Research

Research in behavioral psychology from universities such as the University of Chicago (Sian Beilock) and Harvard University (Amy Cuddy) shares with us how our body language directly influences what we think and feel. Hormones and neuro-transmitters are triggered by our Body’s posture and movements influencing the processes of our brain. Many of us have heard the statistic that 93% of how we communicate with others is with our body language; our posture, facial expression, tone of voice, gestures, pace of walking, and energy or vibe. This influences what others think and feel about us. But more importantly, we are learning that this body language significantly influences how we think and feel about ourselves. And how we feel about our self, affects how we interact with others and influences the choices we make and the outcomes of our life. And this reciprocates influencing what you believe about yourself and how you behave, influences who you become. Who you are influences the world around you, for better or worse. We are all connected. The World needs a lot more of the “better.”

Our Body Shapes Who We Are

And there is something more profound. Ancient Yogic, Sufi, and Chinese-medicine traditions have told us that our Body holds sacred vibrations and energies that flow through centers or chakras that help awaken us to our inner knowing. This is our sacred consciousness, our inner Being, our soul connection with the Divine. We experience a yummy feeling and an intrinsic knowing that we are connected to something other than just this World—a Sacred Consciousness that completely accepts and loves us. This is what helps keep us physically healthy and in a positive frame of mind…what helps keep us aware of our innate heart qualities. Awake to this connection is what keeps us happy. Through yoga and meditation, we align in good posture and open our chakra centers so this life-force energy flows freely and “our vibe” is strong. We feel more relaxed, grounded and centered, more optimistic…more us.


“My body feels holy in some way and I believe in myself. That nagging inner tape changes from “I am not good enough” to “I am more than enough. I am unique, beautiful, and priceless to this world.”

We are beginning to realize something hugely important—that how this sacred energy flows affects what we believe and thus how we create what we want or don’t want in life. It is BodyWisdom. In quantum physics language, this points to the process of manifestation. In other words, you were once vibrations that have become matter–your body is evidence of this, of the sacred becoming manifest. Your body is the container, the Holy Grail if you will, of energies from Earth and Cosmos that blend into a unique vibration that makes you you. In other words, this is your Personal Power, Your VIBE. Therefore, just as you were created from vibration, so too you have the power to create from vibration. You have the power to create from thought. This personal power to create is what turns The 6Bs of Transformation cycle (see below) in one direction or the other. 

Most of think that Personal Power means our ability to manifest the desires of our Ego,“getting”what you want, getting the stuff you want out of Life. Pretty much all of us are obsessed with money, fame, possession, and power over others—“the more stuff I amass, the more respected and lovable I am and the more safe I am.”Yet as Life goes on and we look at the world around us, we cannot deny that something is off and that this way of being in life is not the power that fulfills our destiny, it is not the power that fulfills our Heart and makes us feel calm. To put it more succinctly, when you lie on your death bed will you feel good about how much wealth and possessions you have amass or about how many Hearts you have touched with your kindness? 

The 6Bs of Transformation

Personal Power is the power to create this moment the way we want. Personal Power is not about amassing fame and fortune—that is an egoistic belief of our Patriarchal society. This value-proposition about Life only creates drama—drama, that over-emotional, over reactive interaction between people that creates tension, struggle, tug o war, leading only to dislike, even hate. Connecting with our Body and Heart instead, we create Love and Peace. In other words, Life is rather a simple proposition. We can choose to create either Drama or Peace. We can choose to connect with our inner Being or not. If we decide that we want to manifest our life as a more loving and meaningful experience, then we must find a way to direct our personal power toward creating peace and that requires us to find “a way”to consciously connect with our Heart…and that means in our current global psyche that we need to figure out how “to get out of our mind and connect with our Body.”The 6Bs of Transformation is “the way.”


Here is a bit of context before explaining the process of The 6Bs of Transformation. 

We Have Become Insane

Many think we create and have the answers to our life in our MIND. Not so—if by create you mean manifest something “new”and if by “the answers”you mean the “best”answers, our Mind is inept for the task. Though a remarkable thing, our Mind is merely a tool, a tool to help us reason and express ourselves. Yet unfortunately, over the past millennia, we have disconnected our Mind from our Heart and so our Mind is purely EGO. And our EGO is committed to the“belief in control”and therefore our Mind only regenerates the past, holding onto the same beliefs and behaviors, in order to be able to control our life. This seems reasonable accept we can see that this leads to an unexciting and un-evolved Life. 

Our Mind only knows what is knows and has become insane with it’s obsession over survival and materialism—meaning we have become self-focused and thus fearful. Our Mind has lost its objectivity and its ability to reason and has become emotionally immature and solely focused on drama: attached to the material as its identity we are terrified of not being safe—so we compete for everything. Our Mind sees the “Meaning of Life”only through this one lens and so recreates the same experience, the same drama, over and over again…this is what gives us the false sense of control, a false sense of security, in life. Our Mind is highly intellectual and analytical yet continues to look at Life and Love the same as it has for 2500 years—that we are a disconnected species and in competition for Earth’s resources, in competition for LOVE. As a result we feel victimized. The only path to liberation from this prison is to access the Divine, the realm of Creation…the gateway is through the Heart, through our Body

Our Mind is not able to access the Mystical, the Divine, because it has severed ties with our Body—considers our Body consciously inept compared to our Mind. Yet the truth is we misunderstand, or our Ego keeps us confused. Our Body holds the brilliance of the Wisdom of the Universe. It is held within our Heart. Life is not a problem to be solved as our Ego would have us believe but rather a mystery to be embraced, experienced and evolved.

Creation and Manifestation, creating something new, a New Earth, one focused on LOVE, for example, comes from our awakening to our power to create, awakening to who we truly are, awakening to our Being, to our connection to the Divine—The Divine as Creator. The peace and fullness we seek in Life comes only through our Heart, not our Mind. To connect with our own divinity, we need to connect with our Heart and thus with our Body. The most immediate way is through your Breath along with aligning your Body. Your Being’s divine-force energy flows into your consciousness, and now your Mind is useful. It has regained its purity and thus its imagination and now is in service to your Destiny, rather than your past as your Ego would have it. 

Awakening to your Body, you are awakening to your inner Being and your thoughts and feelings emerge from your True Self and influence what you Believe. What you Believe is the motivation for how you Behave. Your Behavior becomes an outcome, and this Becomes who you are in life. This is your personal power in action. In other words, this is your power to create, your power of manifestation. Just as each of us were once a sacred vibration that became a sacred thought that became a human body, a manifested entity in this world, so in like fashion our thoughts are made manifest. Meaning, if we are connected to our divine essence, our mind is filled with good thoughts that become our core belief in the Divine. And the experiences and the material things we create are for the good, the health and happiness, of all. However, if we are disconnected from our Heart, then our mind is filled with fear and vulnerable to the misguided impressions of the world and we become Ego. We try to create and manifest for our own personal gain…the irony being that even when we get what we want, it isn’t what we really wanted because it does not fulfill our Heart and Soul. Only those actions that manifest from the Heart-vibration bring us fulfillment. 

Whichever we choose, to manifest from the Ego or from our Being/Heart, will become the experience of our Life—cranky thoughts, cranky interactions, cranky life or loving thoughts, loving interactions, loving life. It truly is as easy as that…we may not be able to control what happens in life, yet we certainly have full control over how we feel. 

Now knowing the evidence provided by this powerful research, it is worth taking a few minutes to reconsider what we think is the way best way to help ourselves heal. Psycho-therapy and spiritual teachings help us consider “how to live our best life—how to heal old wounds and improve our outlook”by encouraging us to change what we think. meaning think more positively. That is true. Yet, HOW to change what you think and believe is the KEY. Changing your mind by simply changing your mind does not work. Trying to watch for your negative thoughts and trying to change them right now in this moment is hugely difficult to do and actually rather unsuccessful in the long run. Through a few minutes of telling yourself to stop thinking negatively, writing “gratitude lists and journals,”talking to psycho-therapists and reading self-books and venting to a friend and getting their perspective can be helpful yet they are not really helpful in the long-term. Usually we feel a bit better yet only for a short while until some “drama triggers us”again. And we are triggered again because we haven’t really gotten to the core of who we are…the core of our beliefs about our self, and about Love and about Life and about God. These exercises are crucial as a support to your transformation yet they should not be the core of your work to heal because they do not really get to the core of you. To really change how we think about our Life and Love we have to change how we think about our self, and this means changing our relationship with our Self and this means changing our relationship with our Body. And what this really points to is AWAKENING. We need to find a way to awaken to “who we truly are,”awaken to our Heart, rather than continue to believe in what our Ego tell us is true, tells us who we should be and the meaning of our Life.

Our sense of identity resides it seems in our subconscious. And these subconscious beliefs about our self drive our behavior, and who we are in the world. If our subconscious, core belief about our self is that we are “not good enough”then we are in survival mode, and even though we may take a moment to pause and stop our negative thoughts, if we deeply believe that we are a victim, then trying to be“grateful”feels contrived and will not really take hold in helping us feel more peaceful. It actually may be counter productive creating more disappointment and resentment—trying to make ourselves feel a certain way when we don’t genuinely feel that way. With a core belief like this, we are always in survival mode and depending upon the world to take care of us and make us feel good. We have handed our happiness over to the control of the external world and that never works. So no matter how you work to change your thoughts, you have not uprooted this negative self-esteem and thus you will default back to negative thinking in your normal daily living. 

INTERRUPTING our thoughts about who we think we are is HOW to begin to awaken to who we truly are. Ego is immensely strong and thus our mind thinks over 60,000 thoughts a day and research tells us that over 95% of them are repeats. Therefore, we are thinking the same things over and over and thus reliving our stories and dramas over and over and therefore recreating our past over and over. The only way to create a new life is to create new thoughts—beliefs—and the only way to create new thoughts is to connect with your Creative Self. She is your True Self. And the only way to connect with your True Self is to connect with your Body. And the only way to connect with your Body is to Love your Body. And the only way to Love your Body is to connect with your Body and experience its sacred consciousness. In other worlds you need to get on the spiral of The 6Bs of Transformation. In conclusion, to change your mind and begin to think more positively and creatively requires that we awaken to the Divine Truth of the innate goodness of Life…and that vibration of inner knowing is your Body. 

How do we begin to do this? Start by making the decision to pay attention to how you feel—what emotions are you having and how does your body feel? Some people are able to feel the body first and then realize that it’s tension is pointing to negative thinking. Some people are able to realize they are cranky first and then feel the physical tension. Either is a great way to find the doorway into this healing process. Bringing our attention to our emotional stress and the tension in our Body, awakens us to our disconnect from our divinity. Awake, we now have the opportunity to change our Body, to help it relax and calm down. As we connect with our Body, our Heart naturally opens and our heart-hormones begin to flow strongly and thus our innate vibrations of loving-kindness and compassion arise. We experience good vibes. The goodvibes are godvibes flowing freely through us and we begin to remember Who We Truly Are. And our thoughts begin to automatically shift into more positive perspectives. These thought vibes begin to flow through The 6Bs of Transformation spiral (cycle pictured here) and influence our beliefs and behavior, they influence and create our experience in this moment. We have remembered our True nature and thus of course think more positively. 

As we work with the process of The 6Bs of Transformation, we are realizing that psyho-therapy may be less effective than we once thought. The process of looking at our past, we begin to see how retelling our negative stories in order to analyze them and find some answers may actually only keep re-triggering us into our pain—we are literally experiencing tension today because of stuff that happened years ago. Now it is true, that trauma does live in our mind and body. Yet it is proving to be true that reliving it in our mind without engaging the body will not help it resolve. If instead, we open in this moment to our Divine Truth, by centering ourselves in our Body and helping it relax and sit tall in good posture, while reflecting on the painful past, the trauma now has some space to resolve. In this moment, we are connected to our True Self and now have a more healthy perspective to reflect on the past. We now have divine energies, such as self-compassion and self love us transform. Opening our Body while remembering we now have the physical and emotional capacity to hold the pain and being aware of the sacred energy in our Body in is this moment, we can literally watch the transmutation happen—we can literally feel the clenching pain in our stomach and shoulders release. And being conscious of this, mindful, we now have a new reference point about how this particular life-story affects how we see our selves and our life. We have a more sacred context in which to hold the story of our past and thus we begin to realize these were powerful experiences to help us grow, to be the experiences we needed in order to awaken and evolve. If it wasn’t those, it would have been some other challenging situations. As we transform in this moment, we begin to hold our painful past in a mindset of gratitude for what we learned about ourselves, and Life and Love rather than continue to allow it power in negatively defining who we are. In other words, we have become conscious of our LOVEVIBE and through this have activated the alchemical process of changing our pain into joy—the joy of a peaceful heart that comes from reconnecting with our inner Being and divinity and raising our consciousness to understand the real meaning of LOVE…or as others would call it Unconditional LOVE.

So rather than working to change our thoughts, we have instead worked to reconnect our mind to our Divine Truth, to Source, by becoming AWARE OF OUR BODY. The brilliance of this process is that the more we work to pay attention to our Body, the more we awake to its sacredness, and thus the more we begin to respect and honor it. The more we “worship our Body,”the more we honor our Self…our self-esteem rises and now we are complete—we are not needing to look outside our self  to others for affirmation of who we are. We are centered in our True Self. And it feels just great, a constant yummy vibe flowing through our Heart, throughout our Body. We are safe, because we are connected to the Divine. We feel loved.

So rather than trying to change what you are thinking right now to something more loving and positive. Try sitting taller, place your hand on your heart, take a long, slow, smooth, breath, and gently smile. Now notice how your body feels, how you feel. Now notice what you are thinking. 

REMEMBERING WHO YOU TRULY ARE WILL TRANSFORM YOUR NEGATIVE THINKING. Connecting with your Body and relaxing and energizing it will reawaken you to your yummy LoveVibe and help you to remember.