Let’s get a bit more practical and take a look at our day to day to make this conversation more applicable. Think about how you might look and feel most of the time. Ever heard of “resting bitch face?” Well most of us have “resting schlump bod” too. This chronic negative body language disconnects you from Being and negatively influences what you think about yourself. The postures and other negative gestures shut down our healthy flow of energy and this triggers limiting beliefs about yourself which generate limiting beliefs about Life…and LOVE…lowering your sense of confidence and self-esteem, diminishing your power to create the life you want. However, there is a very easy way to “remember your true self and raise your vibe.”

“It’s all in our VIBE.”

The concept of The 6 Bs of Transformation—Being, Body, Belief, Behavior, Become, Breathe—exhibits the power of our Body-Mind-Soul connection. It demonstrates that our body, beliefs, and behaviors reciprocate energies influencing who we become. This cycle reveals that to maintain a strong self-esteem, one uses the Breath to connect to our Body so you are awake to your inner Being, aware of the Truth of who you are. Connected to your inner Being, your Beliefs are rooted in LOVE. This Transformation cycle (see below) turns in a positive direction keeping our outlook and relationship with Life healthy. 

The brilliance of this cycle is that it demonstrates a proof-positive way in which we can instantaneously change our lives. Many believe that if we can change how we think, we will be happier. And that is true. Yet, as we mentioned, the challenge is that it is almost impossible to change our mind and its beliefs by using our mind. We think about 60,000 thoughts a day and research shows us that over 95% of them are repeats—thus we are reliving our stories and dramas over and over again. There is nothing new here…so how can you change your mind? The Key is to interrupt this habit of negative thought with an experience that awakens us to our creative self. The Key is to connect with our True Self and connect with the magic within our Heart. The Key is to“raise our vibe”…finding a way to allow our HeartVibe to rise into our awareness. Now we see things as they truly…we see clearly what is required of us. We see things with compassion and discernment rather than fear and judgment. Now something “new”is possible. 

We are all relatively depressed because, holding onto low vibrations and stressed, because we are disconnected from our inner Spirit and have no Faith. When you are stressed, you are disconnected from your Body and from the moment, often completely unaware of what you are feeling, physically or mentally. Stress makes us contract and dramatically slows the positive flow of energy through your Body—thus the low vibe. You feel down and thus your response to situations and toward others is negative. The Transformation cycle slows and even reverses spiraling back upon itself keeping our outlook dim and Life becomes more difficult.  However, your full breath and good posture helps your Body to align and relax…helps you open your energy channels and “raise your vibe.”You become conscious of the vibrations of your BEING. You feel good, enthusiastic, and behave with positive, kind intentions. This conscious choice to stay alert to how you feel and raise your vibe by shifting your Body is your PERSONAL POWER to create the Life you deeply desire.

“raising your vibe raises your self-esteem raising your self-esteem raises your vibe.” 

RAISE YOUR VIBE: Experience Your Personal Power

Experience the Sensations of The 6Bs of Transformation.


It takes just a few minutes to connect with your Body and experience the evidence of how your Body shapes your life. This brief body-meditation takes you through various poses and helps you consciously embody your Being. Each pose organically initiates a particular sensation in your Body and you begin to experience your Body’s wisdom–BodyWisdom. You experience how your sensations foster feelings and generate emotions. And how these generate thoughts. More profoundly, you notice how when you are connected to Being the sensations feel good and that these good feelings foster a sense of well being and freedom, the foundational energy of creativity. Within a short time of practicing, you begin to become familiar with your Body’s energy and how to use good posture and a full breath to “raise your vibe!”You will experience the sensation of your True Self, and how this ignites your self-confidence and personal power. This is PersonalPowerYoga.

Connecting with your BODY, by taking a long, slow, smooth BREATH and aligning in good posture, you begin to awaken to your inner BEING. Feeling relaxed and connected to your Body, you experience awareness of the Divine and feel a strong BELIEFin yourself.…”I feel good about me.”  You feel inspired to choose BEHAVIOR that resonates with your deep heart-felt values…respect, gratitude, acceptance, compassion, kindness, and love. And in reciprocation, the vibe of this behavior influences your awareness of your inner BEING. You become calm, compassionately confident, and feel generous, think positively, and look great…you BECOME the woman you want to be.

“uplifting my body, I uplift myself.”

1.BEING.  BALASANA (worship of Inner Being—the Sacred)


Lie curled up on the floor over your legs with your head down. Allow yourself to feel this pose of worship and feel its innate sensations of surrender, of release, of humility. Empty your mind and body of stress and worry before God the Universe and into Mother Earth. Feel like a seed deep within the rich dark soils of the Earth. You are being held. Allow yourself to relax and feel connected to your inner BEING…you are soaking in energies of creativity and renewal. Take 3 breathes.

2. BREATH. PRANA OM (the breath of LIFE and LOVE

2. BREATHE–Love Infusion

Begin to take slow, smooth, full breathes as you slowly rise. Feel the soles of your feet connecting with Earth. Rolling up through your body feel life-force come up through your legs and into your torso…this is the sensation of rebirth. Draw Earth energy up your inner legs and feel it converge and flow into your pelvic floor. Draw the breath and energy up through your perineum and up your spine as you uncurl to stand tall. You are being re-created newly for a new day.

3. BODY. TADASANA (Awakening to One’s Divine truth)

Stand in good posture with the soles of your feet rooted into the Earth. As you root your feet down, you raise up with your spine long and head lifted. Keep lifting up through your legs, hips and spine, keeping your chin parallel to the ground. As you lift up through your “core”, pull your shoulders and shoulder blades down. Finally draw your shoulders back and lift your sternum to the sky. Feel your heart open. Draw the breath up through your body and allow yourself to feel filled with love. Place your hands on your belly and feel your feet your body upon the Earth. You are the holy grail, the sacred vessel. You are HERE Now. You are HER Now.

4. BELIEF. URDHVA HASTASANA (Offering One’s Faith in the Universe to the World

Feeling uplifted by the life-force of Earth reach your arms upward and open to creative energy coming down from the Cosmos through the crown of your head. Let it flow into your heart. As it flows into your torso do a gentle Kegel Contraction (tone and lift your Perineum) to capture both Earth and Cosmic energy in your body. Your feet are rooted, your torso toned and your arms creating the funnel as your body now becomes the sacred cup, the Holy Grail. Let your body fill with inspiration, with awareness of your connection to the Divine, awareness of your inner Being. As this energy flows through you, feel your sacred, your “sovereign, queen-like” nature. Notice that you begin to awaken to your own True Self. Your core BELIEF is in yourself and in the goodness of the Universe.

5. BEHAVIOR. TADASANA—Utthita Tadasana (Extending Yourself and LOVE to the World)

Standing tall, place one hand on your heart and belly, soften your face, and feel your BODY…this is the experience of your soul embodied. This is the manifestation of the energies that make you you. Take several long, slow, smooth full breaths through your full torso. Begin by allowing the Perineum (your pelvic floor) to relax and soften along with all the muscles of your Core and inhale. Pause on the full breath. Then begin to tone your Perineum and all muscles of your Core gently forcing the exhale. Feel the sensations from your Perineum, Psoas, Multifidus (spinal muscles), Diaphragm, Abs and Upper Back that support the dynamics of your torso. This is your CORE. the center of you. The energy merging here in your Solar Plexus, just below your sternum, holds your soul mission and personal power.  Notice that this energy is informed by your heart chakra from above (cosmos) which is your loving-kindness, and your belly chakras (Root and Sacral) below which is your lust for life. Above this Heart Chakra, are your Throat Chakra—speaking Truth, Third Eye Chakra—holding insight, and your Crown Chakra–Divine Consciousness. Conscious of this enlivening energy flowing through your body from Earth and Cosmos and merging in the center of you, you realize that you are the divine made manifest—vibrations of goodness manifesting as you. You feel inspired by this to behave with more integrity and kindness and calm intelligence, to act more in line with your soul’s calling and life purpose.

6. BECOME. TADASANA (Centered in Your True Self)

3. BODY–Kegel grounding

By remembering to breathe fully and gesture/move in positive ways throughout your day you will keep your Heart open, you will stay consciously connected to The Divine. The sensations flowing through your body are of your inner BEING and guide you to BECOME the woman you are meant to be.


Having experienced for yourself now that confidence and self-love are not a function of your mind but rather are innate feelings and sensations in your body, you become convinced of the power of your body to help you feel good and live well. You awaken to the understanding that your BODY is your GUIDE…your best friend forever And as a result, your relationship with your body begins to become the most important one in your life…you don’t struggle so much anymore to figure out how to love yourself, you just do. And as a result, you default to “resting smiley face and resting power posture.” Loving-kindness and compassion become your “way of being.”