Power of Alignment!


Raise Your Vibe, Raise Your Personal Power

Our quality of life is better with Good Posture. We experience less back and joint pain, stronger immunity, healthier digestion, and better breathing. We are more clear-minded and emotionally balanced. Our spiritual practice requires healthy, physical alignment as this is essential for rooting us to Earth and raising our consciousness to the Divine. The point being, that we transform and improve our lives instantly when we shift our Body into Good Posture. Said another way, Good Posture is the quintessential body/mind/spirit experience and when we cultivate a PosturePower Lifestyle, we elevate our perspective and our outlook is more balanced and positive. We have greater faith in our selves and thus in LIFE. Our relationships, both professionally and personally, become healthier, happier. Our Life becomes rooted, rooted in Heart rather than ungrounded in EGO. And we raise our personal power to expand LOVE in the world.

Most especially, practicing and conditioning ourselves to Good Posture, we begin to cultivate a more respectful, healthy, and loving relationship with our Body. This is essential to our spiritual path and evolution. This is essential to a healthier self-esteem—the foundation of a happy life. We have a very estranged relationship with our Body in our world-culture, particularly with the female Body. We objectify it. We are always trying to change it because we think it needs to look and be a certain way…and mostly to please others. Women wish her body were perfect to please men. This disconnect from our Body disconnects us from our inner truth, disconnects us from being aware of our Soul’s calling and our life-purpose, disconnects us from Who we truly are. We cannot follow our passions and fulfill our greatest potential in Life, to LOVE others and the planet, without first loving and respecting our Body, our Self—they are one and the same. When centered in our Body, we are centered in the vibrations of our own divinity and thus feel innately confident, kind, and compassionate. LOVE is who we are and it flows only through our Body, not our Mind. When centered in our True Self, we offer unconditional love and “good vibes” to the world…our only real power to help heal the planet.

Our Most Important Relationship is Our Body.  Our Most Important Purpose is TO LOVE.


MEANING, we need to align with LIFE first.

The purpose of our Life is to transform. The meaning of our life is to discover who we truly are and why we are here. The purpose of our Life is to evolve our selves and the consciousness of this World into a Society of Love. Therefore, the purpose of our Life is to take responsibility to awaken to the Truth of Who we are and harness our personal power to be kind and loving. 

In order to evolve, we need to experience a lot of things. This is why the greatest constant in life is change—we need to experience all kinds of situations and different experiences to understand more about Love and Life and the Divine. If we endeavor to be of higher consciousness, we need to commit to take notice of our selves and how we respond within each experience and interaction of our Life and reflect on how we impact others and the planet. Are we a positive or negative influence, do we have a positive or negative vibe? We need to take a moment to notice how we feel about our self as a result—do we feel more loving or hateful toward our self. Do we like our self and what we are creating in this moment? This vigilance of our selves in the moment is mindfulness. And it is mindfulness that gives us the power to change our life. For we can only create the NOW…the past is gone and the future is yet to come. And yet the quality of the future is dependent upon the now. And the only power we have to create a powerful, loving NOW is to take responsibility for how we choose to behave and what we choose to believe…which is rooted in our self-esteem and spiritual beliefs. We cannot change others. We can only BE the Change we wish to see in the World. 

Therefore if we commit to be a person of greater awareness, we need to cultivate our courage to be humble enough to admit that most often we respond, or rather react from our Ego. We need to notice how our Ego instantly grabs hold to a perspective of fear and greed and how we become afraid and judgmental as a result. Being mindful, we notice how our reaction makes our selves and others feel irritated and negative. We begin to understand that this makes us feel even more afraid, or in other words further disconnected from the Divine. Innately, we know there is a better way of living than this, than what our Ego continues to direct us toward. Through spontaneous, wonderful connections and experiences, we get glimpses of a way of living that is more loving and joyous. We start to understand that this is a more fulfilling way to create our lives and fulfill our “true destiny.”

And so the ‘aha’becomes that the paradox about Life is that we journey far and wide only to realize that the fulfillment, the peace and contentment we seek resides at home, within our self, within our own Heart, within our own BodyBeing. From this seat in our Heart, we can watch how attracted we are to the external world and its material temptations and begin to understand the deeply negative impact of materialism on our life. We are awakening to the loneliness of such a way of living. And the blessing of this suffering is to realize that we need to come home to our own Heart to find the answers we seek—to the questions of who am I and why am I here…in order to find peace. We come home to our True Self because it is the only place we awaken to The Divine Truth–that the only fulfilling experience in LIFE is to LOVE Unconditionally. So now the question becomes how to continue to elevate our experience and awareness into greater consciousness of the Divine until we experience Unconditional Love? 


Finding a way to be consciously-connected to your Heart as much as possible is the only way to navigate Life with grace and ease. This is easier than we might think because the brilliance of our human nature is the Body/Mind/Spirit Connection—we point to this extensively throughout PPY in a system called The 6Bs of Transformation.This formula helps us easily and effectively strengthen our b/m/s connection and change our lives. The underlying Core Truth of this formula is our Body is our Holy Grail of Divine Vibration. The underlying Core Premise is that our Body and Mind communicate instantly: in other words, Good Vibe of Body influence Good Vibe of Mind or said another way, Good Posture of Body influences Good Posture of Mind influences Good Posture of Body…and slouching encourages slouching mind, bad Body vibe, bad mind vibe. In Good Posture, we are aligned, our energy channels are open and now the vibrations of our Heart can temper our Ego. We become Present—and you are in command of yourself. In a moment of stress, when you want to react, act out egoistically, defensively/offensively, creating only more negativity, more drama, you will find yourself in poor posture and there is your moment. Instead of staying cranky, you can interrupt this negative cycle of negative body language and negative mindset and instead shift into positive body language and thus begin to become more mindful. You stand tall and open your heart, and smile, big, and you will find yourself spontaneously reconsidering your behavior, reconsidering your responses. And most often with this moment of calm, you gain clarity and decide to refrain from the reaction you first intended. You create a moment of pause which then creates unfolding moments of ease rather than drama. This moment is the first moment of the rest of your life—setting the tone, the quality, the vibe, of your future. How do you want your future to feel?

COMMAND PRESENCE—The Body/Mind/Spirit Connection

The 6Bs of TRANSFORMATION formula—Being, Body, Belief, Behavior, Become, Breathe—works like this. In healthy alignment (good posture), our chakras are open and flowing powerfully and we become conscious of our inner Divine BEING, our True Self. Taking a deep, slow, smooth BREATH, we tap into the wisdom of our Heart and the sacred power of our BODY. Our thoughts become tempered with goodness. Awake to this Divine Truth, we cultivate a healthy, holy, core BELIEF in our Self/in the Divine, which spontaneously generates kind BEHAVIOR. We are centered and calm in the midst of Life’s challenges and experience greater peace and happiness, the endowment of the Human Spirit. We raise our vibe and exude kind energy, we vibe LOVE, changing the world around us. We BECOME the person we are meant to be…evolving our Destiny with confidence, goodness and grace.

The 6Bs of Transformation

“Learning to keep a gentle awareness on your Body’s tension throughout your day is the opportunity to be in command of yourself and employ The 6 Bs of Transformation. Your Body’s tension alerts you to your stress and this alerts you to realize that you are disconnected and ungrounded—in Doubt and Fear, rather than rooted in Faith and Love. In a nutshell, when slouching and feeling your physical tension, shift yourself into Good Posture. Standing tall and open, aligned in your BODY, and smiling is without a doubt your most important and powerful BEHAVIOR of BECOMING. Granted at first it may feel affected, yet in time because of the innate sacred consciousness and wisdom of your Body, you will awaken to the emergence of your True Self. And through this find your purpose and destiny.”  Pkirk.

We are the LOVEVIBE