Good Posture, a Big Smile and a Long, Slow, Smooth Breath


Our personal power is the choice we make about how to respond to LIFE. How we respond is evidence of our spiritual awakening. A conscious person responds with Faith and Love. An unenlightened person responds with Drama. A person who is aligned in Good Posture is more conscious of Faith and Love.

Changing your Body changes your Beliefs changes your Behavior changes Who you Become. Breathe. Changing your Posture activates your Personal Power—your Power to generate Love or Hate.

The greatest power we have in life is how we choose to feel and how we choose to respond to others and to what is happening. We can’t control others or everything that happens and at times will face some daunting challenges. Yet, if we respond calmly and with courage, then we contribute to making things better rather than worse. We can respond/behave in only one of two ways; either calmly or dramatically….with either gratitude or disappointment, confidence or insecurity, acceptance or resistance, kindness or meanness, love or fear. And of course, which we choose influences positive or negative outcomes and interactions.

How we choose to behave/respond depends upon how we feel about our self. And how we feel about our self depends upon what we believe about The Divine…what we believe about our relationship with The Divine. Do we believe in our True Self, that we have an innate divinity that is an expression of The Divine …and thus that we and The Divine are One? Or do we believe that we are separate, apart from divine energy, and thus that we need to live life trying to prove that we are worthy of “God’s” love? Do we believe we are accepted or rejected? This is the root of all human joy and suffering…whether we believe we are accepted or rejected defines what we feel and think about our self. Loving or hating our self directly affects whether we are loving or hateful in the world.

We respond at our best when we are calm and compassionately confident. These feelings are expressions of our True Self, the proof that we are of The Divine. Connected to our True Self, we feel warm, empowering, sacred energy flowing through us. We feel sacred. And we begin to realize that in this moment we feel good about our self (before we allow our ego to begin to comment). Feeling this self-love, we are open to accepting and loving others. The good feelings of good posture, of a slow, full breath, and of a smile help us feel more “centered” in our Body. We are connected to our True Self. Our Body dwells in the present moment and so we feel awake to our self and present to the moment—in other words, we are Embodied. We are in a positive body/mind/spirit cycle…good posture activating good sensations and feelings inspiring good thoughts motivating good posture. We have faith and respond to life as our best, most loving self. The Truth is we are unconditionally accepted and loved, YET tempted by the delusions of our world…

…we forget this and get DISCONNECTED…a lot!

Most of us have a hard time in life. We believe life is hard. We can get caught in a negative body-mind cycle because we get disconnected from our Spirit, from our inner Being…we get triggered by our egoic external world values and feel afraid. We think we are alone and have to fight for Love, fight for our survival. We completely forgot that we are all connected: to each other, to the animals, to the planet. We completely forgot that the only way to survive is to feel and honor this connection, to honor and respect the gifts within the differences between humans and to worship and thus respect our interdependency with nature. We completely forgot about the need for balance between the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine to create balance and harmony—where all earthly and divine vibrations flow easily integrating to create a healthy planet and world. We forgot.

However, if we choose, we can begin to remember. We can align more with Life and even begin to accept it as it is. Most of our anxiety in Life is because we resist Life…thinking and wishing it should be different, easier, happier—more the way we want it to be. This is the epitome of “egoism and entitlement.” The more we calm down and relax and align, we feel spontaneously more humble and thus appreciative because we are “reconnecting.” In this enlightened vibration, we surprisingly find that Life becomes less disappointing, less hard. What we thought we wanted we don’t really want so much anymore.“Ah, its all in our perspective and attitude.”And in fact, the more we align, literally stand in good posture, breathe and smile, and raise our vibe, we find our Heart-space within and we begin to realize that we were judging Life too harshly, expecting too much, maybe even wanting the wrong things. Actually, we begin to realize that our resistance to Life is rooted in our resistance to our Self, rooted in our harsh self-judgment, rooted in our belief that God, The Universe, does not love us. Because we feel bad about our self, we run around looking for others and Life to make us feel good. Yet the external can never fulfill our Soul.

We need to understand that the root cause of all our suffering is self-disappointment, and for most of us this goes as deep as self-hate. However, this is simply because we choose to “disconnect.” We can choose otherwise. When we are centered in our Body connected to our Being, we begin to awaken to our higher consciousness and regain our personal power. We awaken to the Divine Truth that we are part of the Divine, and therefore that judging our self to be less than is judging and resisting the Divine. We begin to believe in our Self…believe in LOVE. Choosing to align in good posture, we experience our Sacred Self and our sense of empowerment grows. We awaken from our nightmare and realize that our life’s purpose isn’t meant to become perfect but rather to become more loving…to behave with greater tolerance and compassion. We begin to realize that we actually are the ones making life harder than it really is because we have adopted a victim attitude—“poor me, I never get what I want and everyone else does, and they think I am weak.” The ‘aha’ is that it doesn’t matter what others think—they have their own insecurities—and second, we are the ones in full control and creating this suffering. Yet the great news is that if we are the ones that chose to think like this then we can choose differently. We can choose to connect with the flow of Life or resist it. We can continue to slouch in victimhood or instead, we can stand tall in our personal power and create a remarkable Life.


For millennia, we have adopted the lower dimensional 3D world-view of our Ego. Our Ego causes us so much pain as it incessantly tries to convince us that life is a struggle, that it is about survival. Our Ego wants us to believe that Life is a problem to be solved. When in Truth, our Life is a mystery, an adventure, a miracle, to be experienced to its fullest…meaning LIFE involves both sadness and joy, struggle and ease. Our Ego wants us to constantly focus on what is wrong with us, with our Life, what is missing, how we are not enough, so we stay small—this is the 3D worldview. This view drives our economy, politics, religion and education…our social order.

Our Ego is rooted in the belief that the meaning of Life is fame and fortune, in getting what you want and feel you deserve. The Ego’s core belief is that you can never expect too much, because you can never have enough to prove you are enough, that you are “successful,” that you are worthy…and so we are perpetually disappointed. We are disconnected from any certainty, disconnected from the One Stable Certainty, and as a result spend our Life in Fear…constantly grasping for more. We are afraid that we will never get what we want –glass half empty–and will lose what we have—glass half full. Either perspective is a perspective of Fear—anxiety perpetrated through the belief that “what we have defines who we are.” The paradox is that, all the stuff that we want so we can be happy will never make us happy. And we project this anxiety into our relationships—trying to get “stuff—emotional fulfillment”from the other, from the planet, while protecting our self and determined not to be too open and lose control.” We desperately seek “love,” without the courage to love. Our understanding of Love becomes one of “victimhood—depending upon another to make us happy, to fulfill us, to give us what we want so we can feel good about ourselves…while never being generous with Love ourselves.
This is heart-breaking and the Ego has won. Why is the Ego so strong? Because we have disconnected from our Body, from our Heart, from our inner BEING.


In this dynamic, which is our current social modus operandi, we have given away our power to be happy—we have given it to someone else. As the victim, we have decided to make someone else responsible for our well-being and self-esteem and become terribly disappointed and blaming when they don’ t do that for us. Yet of course, they can’t. This is such a mess of misunderstanding and only creates drama. In other words, we are looking for Love on the worldly plane and it exists only in the ethereal, not out there in some “thing” or in some other person but in our own Heart, in our Love-Relationship with The Divine. Love is not really something you get but is really only an energy you can BE and thus VIBE—it emits into the world around you, infuses the other—human, plant, animal. Our sense of self, our sense of being lovable and valuable comes only in the awareness of our True Self, only when we align and open our channels to the divine energy—energies of Earth and Cosmos. And all we need to do is…

…Stand Tall, Open Your Heart, Smile Big and breathe fully. You become your True Self, centered in your own Heart. Here you awaken to the Divine Truth about LOVE.

LOVE is the chemical of alchemy—transforming the pain of the past. LOVE helps us open to self-compassion and then we see our failings as lessons instead. LOVE is the chemical of creativity—creating Life anew—using our awareness of how we behaved in the past and now we can behave newly. LOVE is the consciousness of accepting Life at it is. We will find that though Life is hard at times, yet rooted in our Heart, in LOVE, we have the courage and sacred reasonability to handle it, to transform our Fear into Love and respond with greater wisdom to whatever is happening. We have greater capacity to respond with grace rather than suspicion toward others. Standing tall and open in LOVE, we are also more intrinsically inspired to create more joy and love, excited to be kinder and more courteous, to create a fun, light moment.

LIFE is the present moment, is what’s happening now. LOVE is showing up the best version of yourself to all that LIFE is.

In summary, it is time to learn to stay calm, good posture helps tremendously, and to accept that the glass with water in it is just a glass with water in it. We need to stop judging it as “half full” or “half empty.” Instead, let’s just open to its beauty. Take in possibility—you could drink the water or put a flower in it, simply marvel at its clarity, or pour it on a plant or animal that needs it. Finding a way to be generous of spirit rather than stingy in fear is the greatest happiness in life. This means standing tall rather than slouching, smiling rather than frowning, walking slowly rather than rushing, accepting others as they are rather than criticizing. Rather than responding to Life with Fear and Drama, we respond with more kindness and Love. In this way, we make Life meaningful and fulfilling and thus though Life is hard, it can feel like such an amazing, and fun, adventure of awakening. And that is worth everything—you become the catalyst to transforming an Ego-World into one lit up by LOVE.
Finding a way to be generous of spirit rather than stingy in fear is the greatest happiness in life.


The PosturePowerLifestyle is to cultivate a gentle attention on your self and whenever you notice you are cranky and slouching into fear, stand taller, open your heart, and smile, Big with LOVE. Take a long, slow, smooth breath and feel the LOVEVIBE flow through you. Now you have access to all that you are—body, mind, spirit—to be your best self, to love yourself and others, to respond with love, to make the world a better place.

To help us live a powerful life, we need to have a practice, a discipline, that will help us shift our Mind-Set—that will help us get out of our Ego and into our Heart–which means a way to become centered in our Body. Many believe that if we can change how we think, we will be happier. And that is true. Yet, the challenge is that it is almost impossible to change our mind and its beliefs by using our mind. We are a very Ego-driven society and our Ego is immensely strong. Our mind thinks 60,000 thoughts a day and research shows us that over 95% of them are repeats—thus we are reliving our stories and dramas over and over again and recreating our past over and over again. The only way to create a new life is to interrupt this cycle and connect with our Creative Self. She is your True Self. The only way to change your mind and begin to think more positively and creatively is to awaken to the Divine Truth of the innate goodness of Life flowing through you…and the gateway to this inner knowing is your Body.

We need to get back in our Body. Our Body is the Holy Grail and when we center our self in our Body, we begin to become conscious of our Divine Self. We calm down and see things more clearly and so make better choices and good decisions. So the key is to “get out of your mind and back in your Body.” Shifting into good posture reconnects you with your Body. This changes your life instantly because it gives a moment of personal power. This is the moment you have just changed how you feel: like standing/sitting tall (> confidence), smiling (> happiness), walking slowly (>present-mindedness), holding the door for someone (>kindness). You feel good, a sort of “organic generous, meaningful happiness.” Staying with this positive sensation for a few minutes, your thoughts and actions in general become more positive…and the body/mind cycle begins to turn in a positive direction…good posture, good feelings, good mood, good thoughts, good behavior, good self-esteem, good life…good posture. This changes your life because this “behavior” changes who you are. The behavior of Good Posture and positive gestures, change how you feel, changing what you think, changing how you behave, changing who you become, changing the world.


Good Posture in everyday Life is our most powerful spiritual practice. It keeps us awake to our LOVEVIBE, to our kinder, more courteous, self. Standing tall in good posture, we are more conscious and break free of the old paradigms of patriarchy and materialism, paradigms of fear and anxiety, paradigms of Ego and selfishness. These only sabotage our happiness. We feel empowered to begin to formulate a New Earth…a World awakening to the vibrations of “real” LOVE. We are more tolerant yet also discerning…we respect all differences yet deflect against the negative. In Good Posture, we look more attractive, open, and trustworthy, and thus our interactions with strangers are more genuine creating healthy community. Centered in our True Self, our personal relationships are healthier, more authentic, and honest…genuinely unconditional. We each take responsibility for our own happiness and contentment in Life. The relationship between men and women, between the masculine and the feminine, becomes more balanced…and thus The Healing of the World can begin. In Good Posture, we become better Leaders and Mentors and society is elevated.

“In Good Posture, I am shifting paradigms”

The MAGIC FORMULA of Good Posture & Personal Power helps you work with The 6 Bs of Transformation to change your life. And the effect is instantaneous. We only need to remember to do it. Good posture, healthy alignment, is the antidote to stress: activating the magic that “raises your vibe” helping you stay grounded in your personal power.


“my body is my guide”

The postural exercises and body-meditations of PosturePowerYoga are designed so that you can do them anywhere and anytime for an instant makeover…they easily become part of your lifestyle. The workouts you do in the gym are good yet practicing good posture and positive body language at your computer, in your office, in the classroom, in the car, on the train, in your kitchen, on a date, in a business meeting, even standing in line in the grocery store or while walking down the street is the only real way to permanently condition your posture. A gym workout may work your body in healthy alignment yet the effects are short-lived if not practiced through your everyday activity. Because of the stress we find our selves for most of the day, we need to continue to prevent ourselves from conditioning to poor posture…by literally remembering to hold and carry our Body in Good Posture.

Learning to have a gentle, kind attention on yourself during your day, makes you very powerful in every moment of your life. You can be in the most challenging situation and about to respond negatively and make things worse because you feel afraid and upset or if you can remember to take a “sacred pause,” even just a minute, your Life transforms. Choosing to “ground, LIFT, open, and center” into your True Self, choosing good posture, you will feel better and thus respond from your best self instead. Not only will you look great, yet you will most importantly raise your vibe, raise our self-esteem…and your outlook on Life. Instantly, Life just got better because you decided take control of yourself—with your feet rooted into the Earth and your body reaching up to the Cosmos, you are immediately calmer and feeling more confident. As a result, you are more productive, and interactions are more positive. Your decisions just got healthier and Life becomes more satisfying because standing tall, with an open heart, smiling, and taking a long, slow, smooth, breath, you just transformed into The Creator of Your Life.

the power of “the sacred pause”—changing your life instantly and permanently


PosturePowerYoga also provides products that support your good posture.

The Buddha Band and CarSeat Posture Support are designed to help prevent slouching, the #1 cause of bad posture and back pain…the primary causes of bad moods and low productivity. The Band you can wear anytime—while at your computer, running for exercise, shopping for example. The CarSeat Support attaches to your headrest and sits just behind your upper back to help you lengthen up and open your chest—counteracting the poor postural design of the typical car-seat helping you to sit tall. Both products are meant to be used as a “training accessory.” Rather than being orthopedic in feature, their design provides gentle traction to remind you to use your muscles and practice The Magic Formula of Good Posture. This magic’ is the technique of engaging your Body’s core-l-CORE CONNECTION. CORE_CONNECTION is explained on another page here yet in short—it is learning how to engage, literally activate your whole core (muscles of your Torso) by toning all 5 muscles—psoas, perineum (pelvic floor), multifidus, diaphragm, and abdominals. They work together to keep your sacrum and spine aligned, to keep us conscious of our sacred nature and thus awake to our True Self.

Posture Band is sold by


“In our materialistic world culture, we are a rather depressed and disappointed people. We see life through egoic values and thus nothing is ever good enough and so we are perpetually disappointed. Our vibe is extremely low. And so we relate to each other through our wounds. Let’s begin to heal ourselves so we see the world through our Heart, with kindness and compassion and thus we can begin to relate to each other through our gifts and joys instead.” pkirk