PosturePowerYoga is Heart-Opening and Consciousness-Raising. 

PosturePowerYoga is Transformation through Alignment.

PosturePowerYoga (PPY) is dedicated to ALIGNMENT and AWAKENING. We align our Body and awaken to our inner wisdom and power. PPY activates our vibrations of LOVE.

PosturePowerYoga guides us through the Yoga of Good Posture. PPY is a yoga, body-meditation practice as well as a collection of products that awaken you to the power of good posture, or more profoundly, that awaken you to the power of your Body. We transform ourselves through yoga poses, fitness exercises, fascia-release techniques, and body-meditations as we align and strengthen toward the most advanced and powerful pose of Yoga and of Life–TADASANA or “Good-Posture Pose.” We awaken to our BodyWisdom and cultivate a genuine, intimate, fun-loving relationship with our Body. Our Body is our sacred guide.

life is good with good posture.

Tadasana, or Good-Posture Pose, generates the foundational alignment and energy engagement required for all yoga poses, and for healthy posture. Good-Posture Pose aligns our chakras and we are the conduit between Earth and Cosmos. We become conscious of sacred vibrations, conscious of the LOVEVIBE, flowing through us. We are aligned with our TRUE SELF and embody our personal power.

ताडासन– TADASANA

PPY is rooted in the premise that our Body is the Holy Grail of the Vibrations and Truths of the Universe. Alignment in our Body is alignment with our True Self, is alignment with others, is alignment with the planet, is alignment with the Divine. To align our Body, we “ground, LIFT, open, and center.” We ground our self into the Earth and LIFT up into the Cosmos, open our Heart to the Sacred, and center into the Truth of Who We Are—Tadasana Pose. Tadasana means “Mountain Posture.” We are on top of the Mountain, standing tall yet easeful, and we have a spectacular view of the Divine. As such, we understand the true meaning of LIFE and LOVE and thus commit to cultivate the good posture of a wise, powerful, and generous person.

ground, LIFT, open, center…and smile         

In Good-Posture, we stand strong and beautiful in the Divine Truth of who we are. Our HEART opens and our EGO is tempered. We awake from our disappointments and delusions and become less self-absorbed. Our quality of life is better as we experience less back and joint pain, stronger immunity, healthier digestion, and better breathing. We are more clear-minded and emotionally balanced. We experience Life with greater loving-kindness and compassion, with greater acceptance, ease, and joy. We experience Life with a greater sense of connection and belonging and so become conscious of our core-purpose in the World—we are here to Love and Be Loved…to BE LOVE. In Good Posture, we find authentic passion and motivation to express our unique self fully. Standing tall and centered, we find inner peace and happiness.


The Power of our Posture influences whether we are highly conscious or spiritually unaware. When we slouch in FEAR, we are close-hearted and unconscious. We fall into victimhood and become powerless and resentful. This mental and emotional state reciprocates and we slouch more. Not only does our Body slouch so does our face. We are rather uninspired and dull-looking. Yet, when we stand tall in LOVE, we are empowered and creative. We are uplifted and vibrant. We are energized to face whatever appears in Life with grace.

In Good Posture, we find ourselves spontaneously smiling—our alignment activates our innate confidence and joy which encourages its expression on our face. It is almost impossible to be sad and egoistic, when one is smiling. Our gentle smile intrinsically reciprocates and influences us to continue to stand tall expanding our good feelings. We believe in the goodness of Life. Standing tall, with our heart open, and smiling changes the world.











The Author’s Comment: “Without a strong inner knowing of the Divine, we can only live in FEAR. We need to cultivate this inner connection with our Soul in order to deepen our faith in LOVE. We need a strong spiritual practice, a practice of body and mind, to keep us focused on Spirit, every moment of our day. We need a practice that brings us into the HERE and NOW for this is the realm of our Soul. It is the only real moment there is and thus the only moment where we get to create our Life. Without such a discipline, we will continue to be distracted from our True Self by our egoic, materialistic world. And the only way this worldview will change and begin to move toward the values of the Heart, is when we each loosen our grip on the greedy, patriarchal belief that “material success”–that heady mix of fame, fortune, and power–is the meaning of life. Our Body is our sacred guide into the NOW, into the Center of Who We Truly Are.”

Stand Tall, Open Your Heart, and Smile…BIG!

PKirk ‘19