Our power is in our relationship with our body. A loving, intimate relationship with our body is not about improving body-image but rather is a spiritual journey.

You must honor your body and your self as sovereign. The truest act of loving yourself is to love your body. The truest act of loving others is to love yourself. Loving yourself and loving others is the truest act of loving the planet.


Sit tall and place your hand on your heart. Smile gently. Did anything happen? Breathe slowly and you will probably notice that yummy sensations are beginning to flow through your body.

our body is love…how can we not love it back?”

Hand on heart and belly, feel the flow of your empress-vibe.

Hand on heart and belly, feel the flow of your empress-vibe.

Simply touching your chest activates your heart chakra and paying attention to the sensations you will feel emotions of compassion and loving-kindness…and you realize that they are the flow of innate love for yourself.

Psychologists and spiritual teachers tell us that to love ourself is the root of our happiness–that to have the confidence to pursue our dreams and to love others genuinely we need to love our selves.

The great news is that we were created for the purpose of loving ourselves. And we need to understand that this is different than the ego-form of selfish love. Selfish love actually comes from self-hate–the root of all our unhappiness in life. The pain of self-hate causes us to desperately seek love from others in the the desperate hope that if someone else loves us we will finally love our self–yet this projects onto someone else the responsibility for how we feel and thus only activates our identity as a victim. Their love will never fulfill us.

Selflove is a sacred love…it is the experience of Love-vibrations flowing through your body, raising your consciousness and confidence as a creator.  We realize we are of the Divine and in this awareness is the inherent experience of feeling loved and being loving. Science reveals that when you are “good to your body,” by simply touching your chest with kind attention and taking a deep breath for example, you activate feel-good hormones and neurotransmitters that generate sensations in your body that relax you. You begin to feel a wave of warm, calming, and nurturing energy…feeling good physically you become awake to your body’s sovereign power and thus you become more respectful of your body…and of yourself…and help you remember “that you are sacred, that all is well.”

Q is You suggests that loving your body is the seed of self-love…

Our body is not just a vessel that holds our mind and ego but rather is our touchstone…it is the manifestation of our soul. And as such, it needs to become our partner in life. This means it is not good enough to just accept our body, rather we need to fall in love with it…or we will never actualize our full personal potential in this lifetime. Through Q is YOU, you are discovering simple, yet very effective ways that bring you back to the Divine Truth…that you are truly priceless and are gifted with the greatest power in the universe…to love and be loved. You are learning ways to activate this truth and raise your confidence and thus happiness in life…and to do it instantly–by getting back in your body.

we dislike our body

be still, breathe and listen

be still, breathe and listen

A woman’s relationship with her body is so important because she relates to others and everything in her life more through her body, her feeling–sensations and emotions– than she does from her mind (the opposite for men.) It is not to say she is not intelligent but rather that her instinctive nature is to gather and sift information about her relationship to life and others through her body and emotions and then begin to think about how best to proceed–in order to fulfill her destiny which is essentially to create relationship and community with others and connection with the planet.

Many of us have a very hard time loving our body or ourself because of how we let our ego take control over our mind and heart. Your ego is filled with judgmental worldly and religious values that make you think less of yourself…”I am not good enough and never will be.”

Whether we accept it or not, our body and our self are one and the same…how we feel about one is how we feel about the other. Now here is the problem, we live in a world that for the most part believes our body is imperfect and thus ours to manipulate for our own agenda and ego-gratification. Yet disrespecting our body we disrespect and thus suppress our true self. If we don’t like our body we basically don’t like our selves and we limit our power as a result…floundering in endless self-doubt and holding ourselves back. We are disconnected from our inner sovereign nature and thus are clueless about our soul-mission and life-purpose. We allow our worldly view and values to become stronger than our inner knowing  and our sense of self-worth as a result. Living in a world that is telling us to believe that we are not good enough, not as good as men, we become the victim rather than creator. Depressed we are unable to feel the Love-vibe in our body and become unclear about how to love and confused about how to be happy. We are not sure of our true purpose and not sure where to direct our energies–we feel dismayed, lost and unfulfilled.

We are unaware of how powerful and beautiful we are and instead hear the incessant critical-voice in the back of our mind always nagging us to “be better, look better, have a better body, do better, think better” and that translates into a core self-belief that “I will never fit in and never be loved.” This pain makes us resentful and unkind. Feeling rejected, we sabotage ourself with a false belief in “the power of perfection”…fueling selfhate. The truth is that this conversation of perfection is a great distraction from our true spiritual path–it keeps us locked into our fear because , as we know, perfection is unattainable–change happens constantly, it’s the law of the Universe. Interestingly enough it seems that having this type of “dominant relationship over our body” has been a primary focus of religious belief–in an effort to keep us controlled. If you suppress our sexuality you suppress our true self and thus our connection with the divine is in “your” control. The important thing to realize is that for most of us “not liking our body” is the “core stressor” in our life and as a result drives our low-self-esteem and unhealthy choices and behaviors in life.

A strained relationship with your body endangers your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Your perspective becomes warped, you feel victimized…and thus become over-emotional and respond and behave badly…at least not as your spiritually-mature self. You walk around thinking negatively and feeling cranky…this self-disappointment completely undermines your power to be happy in life. You look awful, “resting bitch face and resting schlumpy body,” and this only fuels more disappointment–in your body and your self. You see your whole life through this negative filter and it distracts you from your self-confidence–undermining the quality of your work, interfering with your relationships, and destroying your happiness. You find it hard to be fully present and focused and thus not able to offer your best self to each moment. Your life becomes hard…one negative moment leading into another.Yet the great news is that once we awaken to this Aha and begin to cultivate a more loving, intimate relationship with our body we begin to  feel more focused, empowered, and happier in life.


yet it is absolutely lovable! It is your BFF.

Our body is not perfect and it is hard to love it unconditionally. The truth is that we don’t need to love our body unconditionally, we just need to love it. There are and always will be things we don’t like about our body and wish were different–that it would have better health or fitness or less flab and weight or a better shape (bigger breasts, smaller hips)…that it was sexier. These judgments and thoughts are not just about our body though–they become about ourself…and that activates the negative body/mind/spirit cycle that is our undoing.

Yet there is liberation from our suffering.

Experiencing your body’s sovereign vibration changes all this. It is quite possible that the things we don’t like about our body will never go away…yet it is also possible that you can learn to accept and yes, even love, those flaws. And it may be that the part of your body that you don’t like is your greatest opportunity–learning to love your body with its imperfections helps you love yourself with your imperfections. And honestly that’s all there is. Expanding your capacity to love your body and your self with all its flaws, you cultivate greater capacity to love others despite their flaws. In fact, in the vibration of love you begin to stop seeing the flaws as flaws, they are a part of what makes you, and others, unique. And what is a blessing is that as you love and accept your body more you will love and accept life more.

What also is powerful to understand is that we hate our bodies because of how much we focus on how imperfect it is. We usually find some part of our body that we really dislike–breasts, hips, neck, face and so on–and let that color our attitude toward our whole body, toward our whole self. Well just in the same way, we can begin to cultivate a more respectful, loving attitude toward our body, and our self, by focusing on the parts of our body that we do like…and letting this open us up to a respectful attitude toward our whole body, our whole self. We all have at least one part of our body we like (truly you do) and if you start to look at why you like this particular part you will be amazed to realize some powerful things it tells you about your self–“I like my eyes because I think they are kind and honest–I am kind and honest. I like my legs because they are strong enough to hike me up a beautiful mountain–I am strong enough to hike up the beautiful mountain of life.” Our body is our guide and it is up to us to decide how we want to relate to it.

In combination to the above exploration, the most powerful way to cultivate your loving and intimate relationship with your body is by feeling your body’s yummy sacred vibrations of Divine Truth. You are a Love-Vibe and this feels wonderful. When you tap into it you cannot deny it. In this experience, you wake up to the uniqueness of who you are, to your talents and gifts–because these are vibrations. Feeling this flow of inner knowing, you begin to trust your body and its messages. Most importantly, you gain a knowing of your divine femininity…your sensuality, your nurturing compassion, your considerate intellect, your unique creativity, and your sacred wisdom. Supporting these vibes to flow freely, you begin to recalibrate the relationship between your inner masculine and feminine nature and feel more mentally and emotionally balanced. Your external relationships positively change as a result. And then you have the biggest realization of all–that your body is more than your body, more than its shape, its size and its function, it is the source of your inspiration and guidance in life. You realize that connecting with your body you become centered in your true power–to handle chaos and disappointments and to create joy and love. You begin to like your body more and feel good about yourself. And your body soon becomes your most important relationship.,,your BFF.

Coming back to your body you feel calm and happy. Hugs, self-massage, looking your self in the mirror, scratching your back, putting on lotion, etc….brings you back…and particularly by paying attention that you are nurturing your body you help yourself realize that you do love your body and yourself.

you are learning how to “fall in love” with your body.

LIFE IS HARD…YET your body guides you trough

It is important to realize that life is hard…and it is meant to be. This is Buddha’s First Noble Truth. A bit daunting for sure, yet true understanding about yourself and your life does not actually come when things are easy. The tough times of life are necessary to open your heart, challenge your moral fiber, and awaken your wisdom…sometimes we need to be brought to our knees before we are willing to let go of our ego control and surrender into the knowing that the Universe is here for us. And this leads us to Buddha’s Second Noble Truth–that our experiences in life are made worse by how we choose to think about them and ourselves–and therefore how we choose to respond.

Yet life doesn’t have to feel as hard and miserable because we can change how we think–Buddha’s Third Noble Truth. There are many moments of lightness and joy and there can be many more when we learn that joy and happiness is a choice. Happiness, as is misery, is of our creation–it is an attitude and outlook, a point of view. Meaning, you can look at something that happens either from a victim perspective or from your creative self. What Buddha is helping us understand is that with meditation we can help train our mind to focus on the positive, the spiritual and less on the negative or ego-mind. This is his Fourth Noble Truth.

This mindfulness-meditation technique works for many yet for others trying to get our mind to think more positively is so difficult. We are such a mentally, ego- driven society that it can feel impossible to change our mind. Q is YOU believes we can use the sacredness of our body instead. Unlike what many of us may think, our innate strength to maintain a positive attitude is really in our body rather than in our mind…it is a feeling…actually it is a vibe. We have an innate Love -Vibe that is flowing through us always–connecting us to the love of the Earth and Cosmos…there for us to call on at any moment. Yet so much of the time we ignore this energy…caught up in the pursuits of our ego mind. This flow of compassion is a very empowering and transformative feeling–the power of your heart–and thus when we activate it, for example by placing our hand on our chest and taking a slow, smooth breath, the hard moments, the low vibes, become infused with compassion, with higher vibes. and don’t feel so low. Quite remarkably, as your body calms down and begins to feel energized, you begin to feel love, to feel the yummy vibe of Love, and to think more positive thoughts and feel creative and hopeful about the future as a result…your life begins to feel a bit lighter, better, right now.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t allow yourself to feel the pain and disappointment, which are low vibes, yet this means that you also allow yourself to feel your joy and happiness as well, which are high-vibes and which feel better. In other words, you can change the vibe you are feeling in your body right now by using your body. Calming your body first then calms the mind and positive thoughts become organic.

A consistent spiritual practice of body-meditations helps to keep you connected with your body and heart–regularly awakening you to the loving vibrations and the truth of who you are each moment. Allowing yourself to feel the soothing innate Love-vibe that is always flowing through you helps good times feel wonderful and hard times feel more exciting…rather than overwhelming. The opportunity of life then becomes how you choose you to respond to it…resentful and with the attitude of “poor me” or gracious and with the attitude of “confident me.” We begin to understand and to believe that the meaning of life is not what we accomplish but rather who we are while accomplishing it. And this is completely up to us.

It helps us realize that the truth of who we are is a spiritual being walking the Earth with practical feet…rather than merely a lowly human trying to find her spiritual way.

we are spirit beings walking the path with practical feet.


Place the towel-roll along your upper spine under your sternum.

Buddha’s 4 Noble Truths a bit freely interpreted

  1. All life is suffering
  2. It is because we think it is
  3. Yet there is liberation from this suffering
  4. Our Body-Meditation

Body-Meditation restores your conscious connection with your vibe and through your healthy posture and correct breathing you raise your vibe–you activate your personal power and begin to experience life with greater ease and equanimity.

conclusion: bodyhate is passion and sexuality lost

Disconnected from our inner knowing and true self.

Women have learned to dislike our body because of cultural and societal pressures. Society has tried hard to separate our sexuality from our sacred self–the feminine deities often seen as virginal…and since most of us are not, how can we relate? Losing our perspective that our sexuality is sacred we have lost our spirituality.

In essence human sexuality has been filtered through an egoic-masculine perspective. Sex and the feminine vibration on Earth has been suppressed and thus the value of a person’s sexuality–both woman’s and man’s–have been distorted into the profane. In response, women have learned to repress our sensual vibration–this is our energy for creativity, it is our passion and confidence, and thus our lust for life is dull. Without strong sensuality we are unable to manifest dreams and be happy.

Q is YOU supports all women to consider what this means for ourselves personally and then what it means collectively, globally. And if in your exploration you realize it is not good, then perhaps you will consider beginning to revive your feminine vibe, to love your body. The essence of a woman is her consideration of what is loving and healthy for all–by nature she is nurturing and desires a peaceful, loving community on Earth and a healthy planet. Yet she only feels the fullness of this calling and the courage to fulfill it when she feels the fullness of her feminine passion and power…when she is connected to her body, her sexuality. Doing a few Kegel contractions is a great start!