i do something I can do something about. I align my energy with the universe (inspired by Gabriel Halern, renown yoga teacher in Chicago)


Learning to cultivate a gentle attention on yourself will help you navigate your life with more clarity and grace. As you are now aware from the information about your chakras, your different emotions are associated with particular chakras and with particular muscles and organs in your body. And as such your emotions (and sensations in your body) become your guides.

Learning what chakra carries which emotion as well as feeling the various vibrations of each chakra helps lead you to what concerns you are dealing with in your life and this gives you the power to help soothe and heal yourself. For example, your root chakra is associated with your sense of survival–finances and safety…if it feels heavy or you are dealing with constipation these are clues that you are concerned about these things. Or if you are feeling alone in life this would effect your sacral chakra and you would become overly emotional and perhaps have trouble with your digestion. You may feel your solar plexus activated if you feel challenged in your willpower to get what you want in life or your heart chakra may feel heavy with love concerns like after a break up. You may feel your throat chakra congested like a “knot in your throat” when you are afraid to share your true feelings or you may feel a pressure  in your third eye when you can sense something negative in your space. And at times you may feel heaviness on the top of your head if you are feeling very occupied with negative stories your ego is telling you–your crown chakra becomes imbalanced by these negative feelings and vibrations. Any negative emotion and sensation in your body are telling you that you are “disconnected”–in essence you have become overly concerned about something in your life and have let your mind machinate on it rather than continue to keep yourself centered and allowing your inner knowing to counsel you.

Being aware of the type of negative emotions you are having and/or the physical aches or illnesses you are experiencing will let you know which chakras are congested or overly-expanded (weak), out of balance, and will help you focus in on what specifically is bothering you. Aware, you can hold this issue in your consciousness and then use breathing and postural exercises and body-mediations to help alleviate the physical negativity which will help to shift your emotional and mental perspective. From this perspective you can look at your concern with greater objectivity and the “right amount of emotion” and become empowered to make a better decision about how to move forward. This relief and healing is usually much easier, quicker and more effective than trying to “figure it all out in your mind.”

Now on the other side of things, your positive emotions let you know that you are connected to the Universe through your inner being and depending on the type of emotion it is, it will also be associate with a particular chakra and thus particular issue in life. We need to prime and expand our positive emotions and vibes because they are critical to envisioning the best outcome for yourself and are vital to manifesting it. Again breathing, good posture and smiling will help you to do this.

The purpose and meaning of life is to keep vibing LOVE. It is that simple. Good vibes attract good vibes. Low vibes attract the same. How do you vibe LOVE?  Love yourself first and smile and be kind to others…it works every time.


We can work with our body’s vibration to help us manifest what we need in life. It can be understood very simply by realizing that when we help our body to feel good–to feel relaxed, balanced, and at ease–we are helping our chakras recalibrate and rebalance and thus support the flow of our authentic true self vibration. As we “raise our vibe” in our body we become aware of our Divine Truth and our purpose, we actually become that vibration. This vibration will then infuse our aura and as such we become the “beacon” to our dreams and destiny–we magnetize to us the the best people and opportunities that support our highest good.

If you are feeling down, you can work with your posture and the energy in a particular chakra to change the energy flow in your body and consciously assist your body back into balance.

She is shy, insecure, unhappy..somewhat unattractive.

She is shy, insecure, unhappy..somewhat unattractive.

For example, often when we feel hurt or rejected we feel a palpable heaviness in our chest…a congestion. You may become aware that you feel aches and pains in your upper back and your chest is sunken and tight. Feels like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders…a victim. You slouch and your body’s bad posture reciprocates negative vibes and thus reinforces these negative emotions…making the issue even bigger. You want to just break down and cry.

Now to help yourself, you could  try to sift through your emotions and thoughts and try to talk yourself into not feeling hurt…yet often trying to talk ourselves into feeling better takes quite a bit of time and usually is not that effective and maybe even makes things worse. Our ego wants us to believe we should have done something different to prevent this pain…making it all our fault–and this in the end takes us nowhere.

Yet you could instead let the tears flow. Tears are good as they help release emotional as well as physical energy. Many are afraid that if you let yourself feel the pain it will get worse. Yet it actually is just the opposite. As you let the tears of hurt and despair flow, you actually also begin to feel courageous enough to begin to explore…facing your pain you allow yourself to feel the depth of it. Feeling the ache in your chest, you begin to explore what you might be angry and hurt about and then you begin to realize you are feeling unloved and unappreciated. Going a bit deeper you begin to understand that you are letting what others think about you affect what you think about yourself…if they don’t love you then you must not be lovable. You explore the sensations this creates in your body. You realize your vibe is low. You realize that this is lowering yourself-esteem and making you feel disempowered…and causing you to slouch more. You are caught in a negative cycle. Aware this slouching makes you feel worse, you have just found the doorway into unraveling your negative experience and begin to help heal the hurt and find the truth…you spontaneously take a deep. full, slow breath because you body needs it and the truth begins to be revealed…that you are lovable beyond words.

With your breath you have made conscious connection with your body. You can now begin to work with the energy in your body and heal yourself. Taking  a moment to practice a Body-Meditation you can shift your body into the powerful posture of a gracious queen which will realign and open your chakra-channels and begin to raise your sovereign vibration…and your self-esteem. You will reawaken to the truth of who you are and your anxiety and hurt will begin to dissolve.

Body LOVE DTStanding tall in better posture, breathing deeply and placing your hand on your chest, you become fully conscious of what you are feeling both physically and emotionally. With your breath you relax and feel grounded, the energy from your root and sacral chakras moves up more freely into your solar plexus and heart-chakras and you start to feel safe, less overly emotional, calm and more confident. And you let this powerful energy flow further up. With your breath you then move your energy up and down your spine through all your chakras…opening, relaxing and reenergizing your body. Your crown chakra opens wider and you feel connected to something very sacred. Feeling this yummy vibration, you begin to awaken to your inner wisdom. You allow yourself to feel your pain while at the same time finding compassion for yourself–the sensation of your gentle touch on your chest is activating your heart’s innate loving-kindness and compassion for you. You begin to feel empowered with emotional balance and begin to reconsider your issues from a “higher” perspective, sitting tall as the queen upon your throne in the center of your head. You are able to take a more neutral and objective view of everything. You begin to tell yourself that you will be ok, that you are loved and lovable and that this is all for the best, for your happiness even when it does not feel like it…and you will know this the Divine Truth. Now we have body, mind and spirit working in reciprocation to help us move forward in a healthy, loving and positive way.