Activating Your Personal Power

This takes just one minute…use this any time and any where to activate your personal power. Having this tool gives you the power to control how you respond in difficult times and thus positively affect the outcome.

P BOWLjpgPlace one on your heart and one on your belly. Feel your feet, legs and hips weighted into the Earth. Imagine the energy of your body is flowing down through your legs and feet into the center of the Earth as you deeply exhale. This energy is cleansed and recycled back up from the earth and rejuvenates you as you deeply inhale. Begin to do gentle Kegel contractions. Feel your pelvic floor contract and lift up into your belly by contracting your lower ABS as well. Imagine with these contractions you are activating your root and sacral chakras (your metaphysical connection to Earth and your sensation of sensuality) and feel the sensation of your body being uplifted. Your hand on your belly helps you make the conscious connection of the sensations of feeling grounded…your feet, legs and hips planted firmly on the ground. Notice that this is your foundation from which to lift up.

Continue to uplift your torso by compressing your ABS wall (navel toward spine) while also using your upper back muscles to pull your shoulders back and down to open your chest…you should feel your sternum lift slightly (a slight arch to your upper back). Feeling your hand on your chest feel your torso lengthen and make the conscious connection of feeling your heart opening. As you feel your heart chakra become energized (warm, open, excited sensations) imagine this energy flowing into your your solar plexus just below (you may begin to feel more confidence and compassion). Your solar plexus, which is between your hands, is the center of your personal will…it is the core of your body and thus the core of who you are. The energy of your heart chakra tempers your will power, your sense of purpose, with kindness and compassion. Having felt this sensation in this body-meditation, whenever you place your hand on your heart and/or belly you will feel more centered in yourself, you will feel more powerful and altruistic.

Lengthen your neck and tuck your chin back to hold your head high…activating your throat chakra (communication of truth). Soften your face into a gentle smile and bring your attention to the center of your forehead, your third eye (center of your intuition…a sense about things). Then imagine you are wearing a golden crown (activating your sacred consciousness). Focus attention in the center of your head, behind your third eye, and feel a sense of empty or neutral mind (your intuition and sacred consciousness merging)…this is your mind without ego or judgment and thus you feel you are simply witnessing with wisdom what is happening right now (your connection to the mystical, your knowing).Now connect your crown and third eye chakras to your solar plexus by imagining their energy, sacred consciousness, flowing into your torso…as you imagine these vibrations merging with the vibrations of your body you are awakening your inner knowing. Take a moment to feel your hands on your core and this yummy, relaxed energy flowing through you. You are now at ease…non-attached. Then take several slow, smooth, deep breathes to absorb this throughout your body, and then move the breath then a bit more quickly through your body …you have just activated and raised your vibe!

AURA-VIBENow for your aura, your radiance. Feel or imagine this yummy-vibe of who you truly are flowing up your body and out the top of your head and begin to envelop the space around you…about 18 inches around your whole body. Imagine its vibrancy and color. This is your aura, your glow…it is the way to communicate with the world the soul-vibe of who you are…your unique vibration and coloring. Notice how this energy is both calming yet empowering, relaxing and energizing, at the same time. It creates a sense of ease and confidence about living life…you feel peaceful and excited.

This feels calming, sensual, even “yummy”…your Empress-Vibe, the essence of your creative energy, flows gently through you and you awaken to what you are meant to do and the power you have to do it. This helps you start each day anew, reborn…reconnected with your core Belief and inner knowing you set wise intentions and begin to create your day from your sovereign self…running a little video of yourself, noticing how you look and interact with others as you go through your day and noticing the vibe in your body as you see yourself doing it and noticing it is the same vibe in your body right now. In fact, see yourself project your body vibe into the future of your day by infusing it into the video of you…a rehearsal. Actors, athletes, politicians and public speakers do this all the time.

This is your radiance…the reflection of your personal power. It can be dull or vibrant…it is up to you.