Your body is your spiritual self made manifest. It is your feminine, your Empress-Vibe, brought to Earth in the unique energy that is you…your body is the organic Holy Grail of your True Self. Your vibe is the flow of energy through your chakras, the 7 energy centers of your body that channel earth and cosmic vibrations. The flow of energy through your chakras is what keeps you healthy and happy. Given the power of this body-consciousness, it is important for us to befriend and love our body so we can keep our vibe-energy flowing powerfully.

Empress McClelland

Empress–Cathy McClelland

Our Empress-Vibe is our sensual nature, that vibration of you that is connected to Earth, to all things and to LIFE itself. It is your human energy blended with divine wisdom…your sexuality blended with your sacredness, your creative passions blended with your deep heart-felt values. It is your soul mission and lust for life fueled by love. It is your SENSUALITY.

The Empress is the Universal Mother. The Goddess of love, beauty, abundance and creative power. The Empress is passionate and sensual. She births life. She is the feminine creator manifesting nature’s magic in the physical world.  All living creations spring forth from her and return to her. The Empress’ message is to love and understand yourself and those around you….Honor and live your heartfelt desires; they will guide you to a full and abundant life. Honor nature; bring more of it into your life.


Your Empress-Vibe is initiated in your hips. Your hips hold your root and sacral chakras, the energy-centers of survival, sexuality, and emotion…vibrations connecting you to the planet and to other human beings organically and energetically. It is in your pelvic bowl that you blend the energies of the Earth and Cosmos to create the unique vibration that is your true self…the blending of your human and divine energies–your vibe. Your Vibe is your power to create and manifest the experiences of your life to fulfill your life-purpose. This energy flows up and down your body and infuses your  consciousness with divine wisdom and practical insight inspiring you to wise action. It spills out like a fountain at the top of your head into your aura with color and pheromones exuding the yummy vibes that draw men to you in procreative-erotic love. And more powerfully, this is the energy of your divine power which draws people and opportunities to you in unconditional love to create spiritual understanding and loving community–agape love.

When your root and sacral chakras are open and their energy strong, you feel your zest for life…you feel a sense of being anchored to the Earth and thus confident that you are part of the bigger picture because “you are here.” You tap into your inner knowing and understand that what you create and who you are matters…that you are uniquely vital to the harmony and health of the world. When these chakras are congested you feel disengaged and disempowered; unappreciated; devalued and depressed. As we learn to work with our chakras it is important to focus much of our attention on our root and sacral chakras not only because this is where our sensual Empress-Vibe initiates but also because for most women these chakras are suppressed… because of the oppression of the feminine vibe on Earth.


Simple Chakra cropYour body is the manifestation of vibrations. These vibrations activate certain sensations or feelings in your body that move into your mind and generate certain emotions and thoughts…and of course our thoughts, being energy themselves, generate our beliefs and thus our behaviors. Your chakras are the merged vibrations of your life-force and divine-force energy in separate centers in your body. They spin in order to keep this energy flowing strongly between them so that you remain physically, mentally and emotionally, balanced, healthy and positive. You feel great. When they are congested you feel ungrounded and stressed.

There are 7 chakras. Each one is a different centralized vibration and depending upon its location in the body is associated with certain organs and physiological processes. Most especially, these vibrations generate certain emotions that relate to the functions of the associated muscles and organs…for example when we touch our chest we literally activate the healthy, soothing vibrations of our true self so touching our heart chakra we start to feel compassion, touching our belly activates  a calming and grounded affect and touching our solar plexus we feel confident.

Many of us think emotions are formulated by our mind and thought and that is true. Thoughts and emotions are literally chords of vibration that influence each other and that flow through our body. These vibrations resonate in certain areas of our body and these sensations send feelings into our consciousness…making us feel good or bad. It is why we have a heavy sensation in our heart when we break up or an uplifting one when we fall in love, or feel tense in our solar plexus when we feel judged by others. Yet the remarkable thing is that our body also has it’s own innate, unique vibration, the signature vibration of our True Self. This vibration is sacred, unfiltered by thought, and feels great. The key to feeling confident and happy is to keep “your vibe” flowing strongly through your chakras. However life is filled with many challenges that stress us mentally and physically and we often find ourselves disconnected or in other words feeling suppressed–your vibe is low.

How you feel about yourself and life depends upon the “low” or “high” nature of these vibrations that flow through you…meaning are your natural vibes flowing strongly, are they “negative or positive, respectfully?” It really is that simple. How you experience your life is only up to you…you choose how you feel and what you think, how you respond to things. So you can choose to be low or high vibe and feel worried or confident about life. Knowing this you have just empowered yourself. When you feel low-vibe or stressed you can look at what is activating these vibrations–negative thoughts, negative postures, low vibes, or  change them to positive thoughts, positive postures. high-vibes. To experience your body as vibration you can simply listen to different types of music or even just notice how your body feels when you hear the words “hate” or “love.”

Looking at what activated your low vibes–what were you just thinking or what were you just doing or how were you just postured–gives you the chance to change it to something more positive and thus “raise your vibe.”

a note of clarification: low vibe does not mean calm but rather the opposite–a depressed feeling because you feel suppressed to be who you are. high-vibe does not mean elation or frenetic energy but rather calm, confident happiness.


  • First/Root Chakra–red: connection to Earth, tailbone and pelvic floor area and related to your spine; survival, connection to Earth. Low vibe: doubting self–“Can I support myself, I am afraid I won’t survive” High-vibe: trusting self– “I can support myself…I am safe always.”
  • Second Chakra–orange: belly area–sexual organs; creativity, passion…Low vibe: doubting self–Am I passionate and creative?”  High-vibe: trusting self– “I am emotionally balanced and passionately creative.”
  • Third Chakra/Solar Plexus–yellow: at mid-torso: digestion and lungs; personal power…Low-vibe: doubting self–“Am I confident and powerful?” High-vibe: trusting–“I am confident and powerful.”
  • Fourth Chakra/Heart–green: chest and heart area; compassion, kindness, love…Low-vibe: doubting self–“do I love myself and am I open to loving and willing to be loved…unconditionally?” High-vibe: trusting self “I am loving and loved.”
  • Fifth Chakra/Throat–blue: voice; base of throat; openness, honesty truth…doubting self–“do I speak my truth?” High-vibe: trusting self– “I speak my truth always.”
  • Sixth Chakra/Third Eye–indigo: center of forehead; intuition, awareness…Low-vibe: doubting self–“do I trust myself? who am I really, do I trust the world?” High-vibe: trusting self– “I trust and embrace this world.”
  • Seventh Chakra/Crown–violet: connection to Cosmos, crown of your head; empathy, unity-oneness…Low-vibe: doubting self–“can I feel my own divinity and hear my inner knowing, do I feel connected to something greater than me?” High-vibe: trusting self–“I am both divine and human…a vibration of the Universe made manifest.”

your body shapes who you are


Let’s walk through the vibe and emotion of each chakra so you can understand how these all work together to support you to be your best self and live your most fulfilling, healthy life.

the merging of earth and cosmic vibrations into who you are.

Your Root Chakra (red) is what grounds you and connects you with the Earth. Through this chakra you release tension into the earth as well as receive rejuvenating and energizing vibrations from the earth…keeping you alive and healthy. Grounding or rooting your body into Earth–feeling your feet and hips grounded in the rich soils of Earth–is the experience of feeling “present”–connected to Earth you feel connected to your body. This sensation is the most important sensation of all  because it is our grounding force–without feeling strongly connected to the Earth it is difficult to feel confident about who you are and why you are here. Your body is the manifestation of your true self and your root chakra initiates the sensation and thus emotions that you matter “because you are here” and have the power to create–this is the foundation from which you begin to cultivate your trust in yourself to manifest your best life.

This sensation is the most important sensation of all because it is our grounding force

Feeling grounded in your lower body lengthen your upper body and bring your attention now to your belly, to your Sacral Chakra (orange). This chakra center is your innate emotional center, the chakra center of your passion and creativity…literally holding your sexual organs and thus your power to connect and create with others in the world…children or art or a life experience. When this chakra is balanced you feel emotionally balanced. You feel vibrant with passion and are aware of your creative pursuits and excited to manifest them.

As the energy flows up your torso, you activate your Solar Plexus Chakra (yellow), just below your heart chakra. Your solar plexus is the center of your personal will. It is the Core of who you are in the world–it  holds your intention and identity. It is the center of your body and infused with the grounding vibrations of your root chakra and your passionate vibrations of your sacral chakra, from below, and the wisdom of your heart and crown consciousness, from above. Focusing your attention here you become aware of your life purpose. When the vibe in your solar plexus is strong you feel confident of who you are and what you are meant to do in life. You express yourself with calm, confident enthusiasm.

As the energy flows up further and into your heart-chakra you begin to awake to the sensations of loving-kindness and compassion. As the energy of your will power from your solar plexus flows into your heart center it becomes infused with these vibes of love. Your personal, passionate pursuits begin to become directed toward the benefit of others, of all, rather than just for your own benefit…energetically you begin to become aware of your connection to others and to the world…you become aware of relationship and community–of romantic and unconditional love.

As you move the energy up your torso into your Throat Chakra (blue), feel a vibration in your throat. The vocal chords are like the chords on a piano–they carry a specific vibration making a specific sound. And this sound is your signature. Feeling the energy at the base of your throat, notice that you begin to realize a sense of commitment, a deep, authentic desire to be open and committed to the Truth. Organically you know that to speak the truth is the strongest and most healthy way to live. We have all known the sensation of a knot in our throat. That is often a congestion in the chakra as result of your fear to speak your truth.

As you move your energy up through your throat and to the center of your forehead, feel the sensation between your eyes, your Third Eye (Indigo). The vibration here supports your intuition, your ability to sense into things beyond the physical senses. You are able to tap into the mystical and understand things on a deeper level, to sense things from the aspect of your true self rather than just from your ego-mind. You have a keener, wiser assessment of this moment and thus of your life.

As you move your energy up to the crown of your head, your Crown Chakra (violet), feel your whole body reaching up toward Heaven. Feel the top of your head open to the cosmos…literally feel space above your head. Sitting tall, balanced and open and with a gentle smile on your face, imagine a bright golden-white vibration that is your unique cosmic self coming down from the cosmos and into your body. See it perhaps turn your crown to gold. Notice how flows down through your chakras into your feet and into Earth. How do you feel? Perhaps your head feels light and then your body warm and energized. This is the vibe of your direct connection with the Creator of the Universe (you as a finger of the Universe)…this is the vibration of your Divine Self coming down to Earth. You are reborn every time you do this meditation.

Now as you sit tall use your breath to move the energy of Earth up and the energy of Cosmos down your spine and feel these flowing and merging easily in your body. Bring your awareness to your pelvic bowl and with a Kegel contraction capture this energy– it is becoming a more dense or manifested energy– your body, your vibe. Imagine that as these energies merge they are creating the very uniqueness of you and that they have a certain color, texture, resonance, density. Sitting tall do a few more Kegel contractions and use the muscles in your torso (your ABS and upper back) to create gentle contractions that elongate your spine lifting you up and align your chakras–imagine the energy moving up through your chakras. As you feel the energy moving up through each chakra, bring the energy of each chakra spiral into the size of about a quarter. This gives you the sense of feeling all your sacred energy flowing strongly through you rather than the chakras being over-expanded and their energy weak or diluted–feel the colors and energy of each chakra is vibrant and flowing with ease and intention. As the energy moves further up see it flow out the top of your head—you are activating your personal power–raising your vibe. See your vibe pour out the top of your head into your aura (a force-field about 18 inches around you.) This is what others will see and perceive about you today. As you do this you may have experienced your vibe was a certain color…this color is resonant with the type of vibration that flows into your aura influencing what you put out into the world.

Now feeling your body calm and strong, our energy flowing with easy (slow ,smooth breathes helps maintain this),  bring your attention to the center of your head, behind your 6th chakra-Third Eye (center of your forehead)–you are beginning the conscious ascent into the spiritual realm of your psyche. Often you feel a yummy sensation in your body and a sense of spaciousness in your mind and your awareness turns to a sense of being connected to something greater than yourself–something very sacred. This body/mind awareness is your inner knowing. This sense of connection helps soothe any loneliness or disappointment–and inspires you with greater trust in life and in yourself. With this sacred energy flowing through you, you may begin to feel like a sovereign sitting on her throne–a gracious and benevolent queen with a radiant, luscious empress vibe. Notice that as you sit on the throne of your inner knowing you are willing to look at your life drama with much more objectivity. You realize the drama is not who you truly are and that you have the power to respond to life with much more equanimity and grace. You begin to awaken to your Divine Truth and hear the answers that you seek.

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a benevolent queen with a gracious empress vibe.

To finish this journey through your chakras, take a slow, smooth, deep breath and from your “seat of consciousness in your head, from your throne” bring your attention to your root chakra. With a full, flowing breath “raise you vibe” once again, raising your energy up your torso and out the top of your head. Now bring your “sovereign mind’s eye” attention to your  solar plexus–just below your sternum. Be still and listen and make no judgments. The solar plexus is the center of your torso, your Core…and thus it is the Core of You. When all chakra channels are open this center is energized and witnessing its energy from your “throne–your objective, balance sovereign-self,” you feel clear and confident about your life journey, about your purpose. You are grounded in the life-force energies of Earth and uplifted and opened by the divine-force energies of the Cosmos and now you are centering into the vibration of your True Self. You have reconnected to the essence of your soul and can re-calibrate any part of your life that has become disharmonious back into resonance with the vibrations of your soul. Bring to mind while sitting on your throne the issues in life you are facing. Fill your solar plexus with a white light and bring this energy and light up through your heart and up further to your head-bathe your mind in bright light–letting your right brain merge with your left brain merge with your heart and solar chakras–all communing into the  magical, divine collaboration of directing your life path–body, mind, heart and soul.

It is believed that our solar plexus chakra emits an effervescent vibration the color of yellow, of the sun–your light is bright and you feel happy. Feeling this vibration in the core of your body, you instinctively smile. Feel the sensations of your smile. Feel the literal vibrations that are flowing through your body. You might feel sensations of being “centered and content, vibrations that feel happy, energies that feel loving toward yourself.” Smile bigger. Feel or imagine your vibration rise higher from your solar plexus up through your heart and into your throat and head and notice if you feel a sense of profound confidence and knowing…motivated to speak about love and kindness. You may feel inspired to speak your truth and become clear about the wise action to take to manifest your dreams. Feel or imagine this energy flowing through your body and out into your aura–the eminence of your vibe is your power to create. Your light draws to you people and opportunities perfect for you manifestation. Imagine the radiance that is you–what color is it? Imagine how your radiance, your aura is impacting others? Is it the impact you want to have…are you the change you want to see in the world–love, kindness, happiness? If not, you can change it.

A vey powerful tool to use to check in with the vibe we are emitting is our emotions. Negative emotions let us know that we are in a “fearful” focus and thus disconnected from our inner knowing and thus emitting vibrations that do not serve us or the world. “Raising your vibe” you  reconnect with your true self and your emotions shift to joy and happiness.

The power of your smile changes the world! BE the smile you want to see.

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