A Journey Into You

QisYou helps you to learn how to access your inner wisdom and innate creativity easily and instantly.


QisYou takes you on the journey into your sacred self through deepening your relationship with your body. You travel through the gateway into your inner sanctum and awaken to your ethereal, vibrational body. You learn how to pay attention and awaken to the vibration of your body through body-meditations and good posture exercises. Becoming emotionally and mentally relaxed and physically balanced you will experience easy-flowing vibrations that are earth and cosmic energies merging together in your body–this is your body-consciousness, your inner knowing, your unique feminine-vibe. This vibration flowing freely through your chakras feels soothing, sensual, and sacred and you feel safe and deeply loved…and you awaken to the marvel of your own divinity.

E-V BM crop copyThrough your journey you become conscious of the vibrations of your unique Divine Truth, of your life-purpose and destiny–and feel a true contentment. You learn to become conscious of your emotions as guides to when you are aligned with your true self and when you are not. Feeling discontent activates you to empower yourself….to reclaim your sovereignty over your own life. Rather than give in to your slouching attitude about life, you remember to stand/sit tall, open your heart and smile, BIG and take a few, slow, smooth, deep breathes you become conscious of this yummy vibration–feeling calm, confident, content, playful, loving, happy, and wise. Smiling you feel a rush of feel-good, uplifting vibrations which is the experience of the “empress-vibrations” of the cosmos. Infused, you awaken to your feminine creativity, to who you truly are and to your life-purpose. This activates your spontaneity, your delight and passion with life. You sparkle–as only women can do. AND THIS MOMENT BECOMES YOUR BEST MOMENT IN LIFE.

The moment is the only opportunity you have to create your life. You will either create a great moment or a negative one. The proof is in your own experience. For example, unconscious of your self and that you are in a bad mood and bad posture, you default to your subconscious false, negative, fearful beliefs. As a result  you over-react–which invariably generates negative outcomes…which only reciprocates influencing more negative beliefs and outcomes…and you are caught in a negative cycle. Instead, you have the chance to begin this journey on which you cultivate ways and learn tools that help you interrupt this negative cycle and become more conscious so that you can transform your life into its greatest experiences–by transforming your self-doubt into self-love.

Freedom from this downward spiral exists  in changing your  mind…and you can do that by either changing your mind or changing your body. Changing your body which reciprocates and changes your mind is so much easier and faster and remarkably more powerful. For changing your mind only activates old thoughts in place of the ones you having now–your mind only knows what it knows–and as a result you tend to keep going over the same misery. Yet changing your body consciously connects you to the mystical realm from which you came and you now have “ahas”, new ideas. These are always positive and inspiring…activating your chakras, activating your true self. Your body’s vibrations and sensations influence how you feel and this influences what you think–about your self and your life. What you think and believe influences the ways you choose to respond to yourself in this moment and this drives how you respond to what is happening as well as how you treat others. Good posture helps these energies to flow and you are now grounded in your best self.

“grounding, uplifting, opening, centering”

Taking a moment to ground, uplift, open and center yourself is an act of self-love. Feeling your sacred, sovereign vibrations flowing through your body you awaken to its true holy nature and gain great respect…and you fall-in-love, with your body. You awaken to your sovereign power–the experience of faith in yourself…and thus you are in partnership with the Universe.