Our power is not so much in what we think about life but rather how we feel about life–our body’s experience of life. Our power is how we “vibe with life.” Our confidence and wisdom reside within our body not our mind. Connecting with our body we feel centered in our  inner knowing…a sacred energy shapes our consciousness with our soul-mission and life-purpose.

Your BODY is holy. your body is YOU

smile big, blogIn our culture, we have a tendency to separate body from self…thinking our body is just a vessel rather than a being. Q is YOU guides you to experience that your body is the manifestation of the unique blend of Earth and Cosmic vibrations that make you you…YOUR VIBE. Experiencing this Empress-Vibe, you become aware of your body’s sacred consciousness and start to understand that you are innately sovereign–that you have a queen-like nature and power…your body is holy, is the manifestation of Love and Divine Wisdom.


Your body is your guide

Research tells us that over 90% of how we communicate is with our body (posture, gestures, facial expression, tone of voice and VIBE). In other words, how you stand and act influences how others see you and what they think about you. Yet more important, is that your posture/body language directly affects how you feel and what you think about yourself. Western research, metaphysics and the science of yoga tells us that our body influences our sense of self and who we are in the world. How you stand, sit, and walk, and how you gesture, smile/frown, speak, and even how you breathe—effect the healthy flow of energy through your body. In other words, good posture (and your smile) strengthens your self-esteem and bad posture (and frowny face) weakens it.

Being aware of your mood and body sensations will clue you into whether or not you are consciously connected to your true, sacred self. Aches and pains and feeling stressed are “love messages” from your body asking you to become aware of your present moment and how you are choosing to experience it…what you are thinking and feeling. It presents this pain/discomfort as a wake up call and a plea to help it feel better…to help yourself feel better. Your body knows that as you help it feel better you begin to reclaim and restore your energy, your power in life. Facing your pain or discomfort with compassion and an open-mind helps to soften the discomfort instantly and often brings forth wonderful Ahas. Yet most importantly is it an act of bodylove…selflove.

“Your body shapes who you are. Good posture, good self-esteem…bad posture not so much.”


The 21st century woman is disconnected from her body and thus from her true self. Because we have believed the feminine is second-class to the masculine and continue to feel suppressed, our vibe is low and we slouch. Feeling in service to masculine values, we have relegated our body to something we control for our ego’s agenda–“to please others”– rather than regard it as our partner, or even as our wise-counsel, along our journey through life. Feeling disconnected we are easily predisposed to stress, regret, and worry causing us emotional pain and we slouch more…to hide our breasts, our belly, our weight, our intelligence…to hide our radiant, feminine energy.

Slide5To make this worse, we are in an epidemic of slouching…over our smart devices and desks and even in our bucket-shaped car seats.  Our bad posture becomes chronic and reinforces our disconnect and low self esteem.

Bad posture is the number one cause of back pain which  compromises our mood and ability to think clearly and feel confident. It also inhibits our breathing and negatively affects our health. Bad posture limits your fitness and thus your ability to do the things you want to do…and safely. (Back/neck pain affects over 80% of us at some time in our life…costing over $240 Billion in health care and lost work).

And noticing yourself in a mirror you become discouraged by how awful you look. You are caught in a negative cycle of body, belief, and behavior.

Changing your posture dramatically changes your life

Good Posture aligns your body in a way that helps you engage your muscles most effectively and therefore you move more efficiently and safely. And good posture is more than a healthy, fitness thing…it is a psycho-spiritual thing…because it opens up the holiness of you.

You feel good, think smarter, look great…you are a happier you.


BP-GP copyShifting into good posture, taking several slow, smooth breaths, walking slowly, and smiling you instantly become your best self. You begin to relieve physical tension and activate YOUR VIBE and start to feel the connection with your true self. You start feeling good. Walking tall you feel connected to the Earth and you begin to feel stronger and more confident. Breathing slow, smooth breathes, you “raise your vibe” and open to the Cosmos…your mood lifts, your mind clears, and you like who you are. Feeling good you awaken to your positive core belief—that you are a special and lovable, compassionate and wise person. You instantly start to believe in yourself and feel a general sense of well-being.

Good posture and body-meditations help to keep the chakra-channels in your body open so your Empress-Vibe flows powerfully. Standing tall you are grounded, uplifted and open, and centered, and you become aware of your inner divine energy, of your Empress-Vibe…and you feel an important part of something larger than just the physical world. You remember the Divine Truth of who you are and feel confident of your talents and gifts. Your life starts to fall in perspective. You  feel good about yourself and feel guided to be your best self. You start to think more positively improving your outlook on life.…feeling empowered to make good choices about your health, fitness, career, relationships and happiness. This fuels your personal power…you are becoming the woman you’ve always wanted to be…a happy woman.

With good posture “your vibe” is strong and spills out into your aura…you sparkle. You look positively radiant!

“Use your body to awaken and regain your self-confidence instantly. Feel the energy of divine love flowing through you. It’s all in your vibe!

Your BODY shapes your BECOMING

Q is YOU explains this “process of becoming”, this process of shifting into good posture, as an experience of using your body (rather than your mind) to activate your personal power. Called Reciprocating Influences: The 6 Bs of Transformation, this process is the power of the body/mind/spirit cycle.

BBBBBB Photos“helping your body feel good, you feel good and feeling good you think good thoughts and do good things and feel even better.”

6Bs WHTThis cycle demonstrates that you are connected to your Being through deep Breathing which helps connect and ground you in your Body. Being aware of these yummy vibes, of your body’s sacred consciousness,  your Divine Truth begins to shape your core Belief--that you are of the Divine. Your Belief informs your Behavior. And this begins the powerful experience of “reciprocating influences”–the good-feeling vibrations of your actions reciprocate and reinforce your Belief and so on back and forth through the BBBBBB-cycle…you Become your best self.

Stress or slouching disrupts this flow of energy and you become disconnected from Being. Good Posture is one of the most powerful ways to interrupt this negative flow and re-activate a positive cycle. Good posture and Body-Meditations help “get you back in your body.”



Becoming aware of the power of your body, you begin to cultivate more respect for your body.

Awake to this sacred sensation, you begin to relate to your body differently…you begin to feel a partnership that ultimately becomes the understanding that you and your body are one. Your relationship with your body grows stronger and you begin to become more intrinsically motivated to get in the habit of maintaining good posture and doing body-meditations throughout your day to keep your channels to your inner Being open and keep your vibe strong. Your body becomes your guide, your body becomes your BFF.

life is good with good posture…and your smile.

Your power is in how you “vibe” with life!