The Age of the IHUNCH: Modern Time and Our Spine

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Like any young millennial, I have a bevy of tech devices that I use everyday to make my life simpler and more streamlined. My iPhone connects to my MacBook which is synched with my iPad, all communicating with each other merrily –and silently – in the background of my busy modern life. I am a serious advocate for certain aspects of tech. As a freelancer, making sure my schedules are aligned and my content is shared is part of my livelihood! So you can imagine how often I am sitting at my computer writing emails or checking my iPhone for messages. Its great! Never before has the entire world been at the tips of our fingers.

There’s just one, small, tiny caveat to all this convenience. We are literally breaking our backs.

Seriously – for every inch forward we lean our head over our devices, we are adding between 12 and 15 pounds of weight to our spine. Even as I sit here writing this, I have about 30 extra pounds weighing down on me. That’s a lot! And as I think about how far our posture has come since the dawn of time, I have to admit – as a proud technology driven millennial, I’m worried.

We are the first generation to have these wonderful devices! There is no long-term evidence of how they will effect us. There is no doubt in my mind that they will add greatly to our productivity and creativity for years to come – but we may pay a high price. We may pay with our spines. We may be a generation of 60-year-old hunchbacks, with back pain and resulting mental health issues abounding. So I have a plea for all my fellow tech enthusiasts out there – Just straighten up. Bring your phone up to eye level. Make sure you’re not looking down all the time. Even better, check out our website ( for daily exercises and techniques that will relax, reground and strengthen your core and spine. You can even hit up our founder, Patricia Kirk, for one of her Posture Bands. They align your spine and remind you to sit up straight throughout the day. But please, do something. Because technology is awesome but lifelong back problems are not.

Light and Love,

Christine Ahanotu

image-2Christine is a the fashion director and guest blogger for Q is You. 

Christine is the creator and founder of Isle of Light, a jewelry and lifestyle brand dedicated to the spread, empowerment and understanding of the Light – the growth of Love, the power of self and the connectedness of all living things. 


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