YOUR BODY SHAPES WHO YOU ARE: A woman’s body is the holy grail of her true self.

Some of the most powerful research is showing up on the news lately. Behavioral Psychology is making popular what the fitness industry has known for several decades…”that your body shapes who you are.” I have been a fitness professional for over 30 years and have always known that “a fit body, supports a fit mind and vibrant spirit.” Fitness and good posture improves our health and keeps us moving with ease and we all know how that makes us feel more confident and happier. It makes us look a heck of a lot better too…more beautiful actually.

images-1BeilockCUDDY copyTwo behavioral psychologists that I have come to admire as of late, offer us very compelling evidence of how real this is…Amy Cuddy, Harvard, her new book, Presence (2015), and Sian Beilock, University of Chicago, her new book, How the Body Knows Its Mind (2015).

This research points to something very important for all of us, particularly women, to understand…that our body has a sacred consciousness. It points to how powerful our body/mind/spirit connection is in the course of our lives. And this is great motivation for people to create a more healthy and respectful relationship with their body.

I think this research encourages us women to learn to “befriend our body” rather than always feel so frustrated by it…not being good enough, thin enough, fit enough, healthy enough, beautiful enough. Instead, realizing the remarkable power of our body to help us feel more confident and powerful, we begin to respect our body so much more. For example, think about how you feel when you stand tall and graceful…do it now and notice if by standing taller, opening your chest and smiling, BIG, that you feel better.  The results are undeniable…you feel an easy, yummy energy flow through your body. Through metaphysics I have learned that when this energy is strong we are mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy. We have a “great vibe and we like ourselves so much more. Our good vibes are contagious and people like us more. And that feels good.

I hope you will check out the TedTalk by Amy Cuddy and both of these books by these remarkable women.

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